I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 402

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◈ Episode 402: Earth’s movement (2)

What else is this?

As Ludgar and Belcart thought so, a large shadow suddenly jumped out of the gap between the two.

Rudger and Belcart, who were stuck together, had no choice but to distance themselves.

Seeing the new presence, Belcart narrowed her eyes inside the helmet.

“Right. Were you the master of this forest?”

It was a huge stag with a mane of mixed white and light blue.

The large horns on top of its head shone golden.

The stag, over 10m in size, was flying in the sky without wings.

To be precise, he was stepping on the air like a footstool with his four legs.

The lord of the forest and the spiritual beast that exists in the Kasar Basin.

Young-soo, who had only been rumored to exist and whose existence was unknown, appeared in person.

Yeong-soo glared at Belcart with a hostile gaze, shining the eyes of magical power in his eyes.

At this moment, Young-soo clearly knew who was the enemy and who was the ally.


A strange wind blew from Yeongsu’s body.

Right after that, a bluish mist began to wrap around her body.

He didn’t know that it was a phenomenon that occurred when mana was released.

magic fog.

A magical phenomenon that can be unfolded only when mana above a certain level and the control power to handle it are placed in the palm of your hand.

It was said that it could be used from the estimated 6th tier wizard, but even though it was said to be a sacred beast, the beast was using it.

The fog of magical power gathered around the heroine was concentrated into a single point, and then a huge pillar of magical energy was released.


Belkat reached over and unfolded the steel cube.

The rapidly rotating cube drew a ring and spread the shield.


The magic cannon and shield collided with each other.

The magic cannon blocked by the shield split into several branches and scattered in all directions.

However, the cubes that acted as shields also failed to overcome the heat and turned red and melted.

“That output makes no sense.”

Belcart, at this moment, raised the evaluation of Youngsoo.

The total amount of mana he had and the power he could emit was enough to threaten himself as a 6th tier wizard.


Youngsoo’s eyes exploded greatly.

Right after that, an orb of magical power floated around Yeongsoo and fired a magic cannon at Belcart.

Same power as before.

However, the number was 5.

Belkat spread her steel wings wide and went into defense.

The beam of magical power was bent or shattered and scattered, but the armor of the god of iron rods worn by Belkat also heated up considerably.


Belkat used ice magic to cool the inside of the armor and used the following magic.

“Anyway, a beast. I won’t shoot you.”

Belkart made a railgun by combining the cubes.

It was too much to shoot at people, but it was a shotgun aimed at prey that was perfect for Young-soo.


Electromagnetic force swirled around the long, massive gun barrel, and the railgun emitted light.

If it were Youngsoo, he would be very strong, so he thought of fighting with strong firepower.

However, the terrifying speed of the railgun bullets failed to hit the mark.

Young-soo’s body disappeared from the spot leaving only a flash of white light behind.

Inside the helmet, Belcart’s eyes widened greatly.

Did you avoid that street? Bullets faster than the speed of sound?

What was more unbelievable was Youngsoo’s mobility in the air.

Young-soo’s speed was beyond imagination.

“Are you putting magical energy all over your body and using it as propulsion to move?”

Incredible mobility for such a huge size.

Even the magic cannon, which shoots pure magic, is literally a siege weapon.

Belkat summoned the magical beast Thunder Dragon and at the same time called the gold bird to cling to Youngsu.

Flying around with mana enchanted all over, Young-soo was like a meteor with willpower.

However, this side has the firepower to intercept even meteorites falling from the sky.

Geumjo and Thunder Dragon collided several times in the air.

Traces of black, white, and purple intricately embroidered the air like tangled threads.

At that moment, Yeongsu flew aiming for Belcart.

The pure white traces that disturbed the eyes approached us before we knew it.

As if Belcart had been waiting, the cubes that floated in the air discharged the built-in electricity.

Jigsaw Jigsaw!

A net made of electric current was created and prevented Youngsu’s rush.

Young-soo did not stop, and the net also radiated strong magic to somehow endure.

The net was stretched, but not torn.



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Rather, it clung to Yeongsoo’s body like a sticky spatula.

Young-soo’s mobility was momentary, but it was lost.

Belkat combined the cubes to create a sword in the air.

A total of 5 of them, similar to the magnetar swords in his hand.

The change did not stop there.

Kaga angle.

Five magnetar swords gathered together and then twisted like a twist and merged into one.

“fusion. compression.”

Five swords each weighing more than a ton were combined into one, forming a gigantic long spear.

Clad in armor, Belkat grabbed the long spear and took a throwing stance.

Even the spirit beast will not be able to withstand this blow.

Belkat was determined to throw it away.

“… … !”

At that moment, Belcart couldn’t help but open her eyes.

I didn’t realize it because I was distracted by the sudden appearance of Young-Soo, but something was riding on Young-Soo’s back.

It was a small boy.

The boy, holding Yeongsoo’s white mane tight, was staring at Belcart with clear eyes from beyond the electromagnetic net.

“you you… … .”

Belkat recognized the boy and stuttered.

Rudgar dug into the gap created in that fleeting moment.


The sword stick wielded by Ludgar hit Belcart’s spearhead.

Belkat gritted his teeth and slammed the spear pole to shake off Ludger.

However, countless magical bombardments flew from below and swallowed Belcart’s body.


An explosion of pure magic that explodes in succession.

The size was not large and the power was not strong, but the number was hard to count.

All of them were attacks launched by beasts on the ground.

The magical powers soaring into the air were like a meteor shower in reverse.

Ludger, stepping back, admired the sight.

Beasts with only instinct left were trying to drive out Belkart by joining forces.

“Does all life on this earth not want them to die?”

The Cassar Basin is full of all sorts of mystical phenomena, but it was nothing compared to the mysteries of Mother Nature.

I thought that maybe, at this rate, I might be able to easily defeat Belcart.

But that was an act of belittling Belcart too much.


After gathering mana once, Belkat released it loudly.

The magic that spreads in the form of a giant sphere pulverized all the bullets of magic that were fired towards the sky.

It was an action that even Belkat had to endure a considerable amount of blood loss.

The armor of the god of iron rods, which was strong, was damaged in places, revealing Belkat’s bare body.

“ha. ha.”

Belkat took out the ampoule from within the armor and inserted it into her exposed bare skin.

When the contents were injected, thread veins sprung up on Belkat’s exposed skin.


Belkat’s brain felt like it was about to burn from the pain of the enormous force that ran through her entire body.

However, he did not lose his reason in the end and endured the force intact.

The pain that ran through his body quickly subsided.

The broken steel armor regenerated as if time went backwards.

No, on the contrary, it became much harder than before, and even its shape changed.

Horns rose above the helmet’s head, and the armor turned to sharp points.

Until then, if it had been an ordinary armor, now it resembled a male devil.

Ludgar stared at Belcart in disbelief.

“Belcat Benmark. What are you doing now… … .”

“why. Is this so strange?”

Belkat’s eyes flashed in the armor.

“Did you think that you were the only ones fighting with the determination to die at the cost of your life?”

Belkat spread the wings behind her back.

Even the steel wings resembling bird’s feathers had changed like demons.

The cubes in the air trembled in response.

“You are not the only ones who bet everything.”

The drug Belkat used was a special product created by Victor Dreadful.

However, the content was not simply Victor’s work.

A sample of the dead World Tree underground in the capital of the Exilion Empire.

And even the demon sample that Victor separately obtained.

The drug that mixed it all was the worst thing that humans dared not allow.

Even if you use it, you will go crazy with pain, or you will have to give up being human.

Belkat didn’t hesitate to use it.


Red bloody tears flowed down the outside of Belkat’s black helmet.

Inside the helmet, Belcart muttered in a small voice.

“Magnetar Sword.”

1,000 bags.

Cubes gathered to create countless swords in the air.

Not only Rudger, but also Youngsoo hesitated at the sight.

The tip of the blade that would crush everything headed toward the ground.

“Everything, break it down.”

With Belkat’s command, swords in the air fell to the ground.

Rudgar used magic to shoot down the swords in the air, but there were too many of them.

At that time, Young-soo, freed from bondage, also intervened in the situation.

Every time the pure white meteor crossed the air, a number of steel swords burst out.

The beasts of the earth did not run away, but confronted them.

The beasts, with their jaws thrusting into the air, fired magic bullets from their mouths and aimed at Belcart.

However, the Magneta Sword did not stop descending, penetrating such bullets of magic so easily.

If this continues, the ground will become a mess, and the leylines that have barely been blocked will burst again.

It just had to be stopped.

Ludger’s body floating in the air contracted into a point and disappeared.

It reappeared on the ground.

It was the center of the ruins where the leylines were stabilized.

Rudger squeezed out his remaining mana.

In order to prevent that thousand swords from falling all at once, this one also needed a big hit.

However, Rudgar’s condition was not very good right now.

After the fight with Rimray, he fought Belkart without even recovering his magic properly.

The potion for restoring magic that I had brought was also out of stock.

Even if he uses his remaining magical energy to cast magic, how long will he be able to protect it?

Just when Ludgar thought so, the bullets of magical power that soared into the air stopped all at once.

And Ludger could not help but be surprised again by the power of magical power that filled his body.

All the beasts in the seat were passing their magical energy to Rudger.

transfer of power.

Even the same magicians can cause conflicts of magical power if they make a mistake, so it is a method that is not used in any case.

However, the magic possessed by the beasts of the Cassar Basin was pure enough to be the same as that of Mother Nature.

Rudger’s lips curled slightly.

“okay. You all want to protect this place, too.”

All of the mana that had been consumed was filled up before I knew it.

This is possible.

Thinking so, Ludgar activated magic that he had never used before.

“Ather Nocturnus. I need your help too.”

Ludgar’s magic sword, which was wrapped around his body, responded to the call.

The shadow spread wide in all directions, spreading its huge wings.

It was so wide and huge that it covered the heads of all the beasts in its place.

‘I can’t block or knock them out one by one. So it sucks in everything that comes flying at once.’

Before long, the wings rotated in the form of a double helix.

It was as if a huge waterspout had formed in the air.

If ordinary waterspouts are light and long, the range of this waterspout expands bizarrely as it goes upward.

From a distance, it looks like a huge black funnel.

6th tier dark attribute magic.

[Mongmaeammyeonghon (懞眛暗冥昏)]

A thousand magnetar swords collided with the black vortex.

There was no crash sound.

As soon as the Magneta Sword touched the black vortex, it disappeared as if being sucked in.

Dark attribute magic.

Among the 10 elements, it is the most rare case with the light attribute.

Even if you use it, it’s all about covering the opponent’s vision or inciting fear.

However, the true power of the dark attribute lies in the predatory nature of devouring anything.

like right now

The sight of countless steel rains being sucked into the black vortex created in midair was spectacular.


Belkat couldn’t even finish her words at the sight in the air.

Eventually, the steel rain stopped and there was nothing left where the black whirlpool disappeared after the meal.

It was as if the very fact of using magic had been erased.

Ludgar and Belcart’s gazes intertwined in midair.

“Be happy. It’s a magic I’ve never shown to anyone.”

An extremely powerful counter that cannot damage the opponent, but on the contrary absorbs the opponent no matter what kind of magic is used.

It was a magic that made all matches necessarily a ‘draw’.

“At this point, a draw is enough. Isn’t it?”

Ludger looked up at Belcart in the sky and asked.

Belkat was fighting while burning her own life.

Conversely, Ludger’s magic has been somewhat restored.

As time dragged on, it was Belkat himself who was at a disadvantage after all.

“no. It is still.”

Belkat stretched out her arm, and the magic power was created again.

Red blood began to flow from the seams of his armor.

“Yet, I can do more. Because I, I… … .”

Belkat muttered like someone possessed.

1,000 Magneta Swords were created in the air again.

Belkat clenched a fist with her outstretched hand.

“Ah, axis.”

With that murmur, a thousand swords gathered into one in the air and formed a gigantic sword.

A huge sword 20m wide and 800m long.

Its power was inferior compared to the 6th tier metal magic, [Cheonpoong Fortune Jade], but it was a blow with enough power to pierce the blocked leyline.

“stop! Stop bullying them!”

The boy riding on Yeongsu’s back shouted.

Hearing that voice, Belcart hesitated for a moment.

“… … .”

Belkat’s gaze in the helmet met the boy’s.

The moment was short, but it felt long, as if it had been stretched like a rubber band.

Belkat dropped her sword to the ground as if she had made up her mind.

The giant sword, which accelerated in an instant in the air with magnetic force, fell toward the ground at a speed that was unbelievable for its gigantic size.

Rudger didn’t react properly either.

No way, he didn’t expect that he would squeeze out more attacks from there.

The vertically dropped sword was deeply embedded in the leyline that had barely been blocked.

That’s really the end of it.

The moment Belkat was so sure, the leyline where the sword was inserted swelled up.

I wondered if there was an explosion, but the expansive ground just became strangely huge.

It was only then that Belcart realized something strange.

It was the same with Ludger.

“… … what else is that?”

Mountains were rising from the ground.

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