I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 399

◈ Episode 399 Steel Wizard (2)

Belkat Benmark was famous as a magician belonging to the School of Truth in the past, but there was a title that made him more famous than that.

“The Wizard of Steel”

Belkat was a master of metal magic, and a master of the elements in this field was worthy of the title.

It was the popular perception that if he had become a single-attribute elemental mage, the title bestowed on him would have been the color of iron.

Belcart’s abilities did not stop there.

He wasn’t simply buried in metal magic.

He also trained the other elements he could use.

In this way, based on the metal element, he reached the level of the lightning element, and created a new magic by combining the two magics.

It was “Magnetic Magic”.

metal and electricity.

He created magnetism using two elements, and realized it as magical power, allowing him to manipulate it freely.

That was the reason why Belkat’s sword and Ludger’s staff stuck together and didn’t come off.

Ludger’s staff with a crow embossed on it looks like an ordinary staff from the outside, but inside it hides a sharp blade.

I couldn’t help but be influenced by the strong magnetism of Belkart’s Magneta Sword.

Rudger clicked his tongue and pulled out the silver thread from his left hand.

The silver thread stretched like a spider’s web caught the flying steel sword in the air, but it was a meaningless resistance.

“You write interesting stuff.”

Just by lightly generating mana, Belkat slowly loosened the gift, as if being led by something.

Even if it is an artifact, [Flowing Silver] is, after all, an object made of metal elements.

He, too, was naturally influenced by Belcart.

Rudger returned the flowing silver form to the bracelet, and at the same time infused the wand with magical energy to expand it outward.

Using the shockwave that erupted at the moment as a rebound, Ludger managed to distance himself from Belcart.

It induces a collision of magical powers and throws off the bondage of magnetic magic.

Shu Shu Shuk.

The stray steel sword turned in the air and aimed at Ludger again.

Ludgar shot down the steel swords one by one with magic.

At that moment, Rudger’s body rattled in the air.

Rudger realized why.

The black revolver hung on his waist and the hidden blade he wore on his wrist began to be attracted by their own power.

Ludgar glared at Belcart with a sunken gaze.

Belkat sneered at Ludger.

“You have so many metals for a wizard.”

All kinds of weapons that Ludger had were the ones that made him victorious in countless battlefields.

However, against Belcart, he is rather holding his ankle.

An opponent that creates a magnetic force that attracts all metals.

I had never met anyone who used the worst compatibility like this.

Ludger wrapped his entire body with magical energy and blocked the gravitational pull.

‘It’s not easy.’

An opponent that consumes mana just by standing still.

I could never have dragged it into a long game.


Countless metals were created in the air around Belcart.

A small rectangular parallelepiped, it was a cube made of metal.

“What the hell is that… … .”

“That sophisticated metal magic?”

The wizards on the cliff who saw it were astonished.

Basically, what gave magic its elemental properties was the nature of that element.

Fire is a diffuse property that burns everything.

Ice is a freezing property that freezes enemies and restricts their movements.

Wind is free, smooth and sharp cutting power.

A characteristic of metal elements is that they are very hard and heavy.

The same volume of metal has three times the mass of rock.

Ludgar glared at Belcart, who had activated his magic.

‘Currently, among the 10 elements that exist in the magical world, the one with the strongest physical power is the metal element.’

However, metal elements are not omnipotent.

Because steel is so hard, it is not easy to tune its shape.

That’s why even the steel sword I’m using right now is more about winning with the toughness of pressing down with mass rather than sharpness.

‘That’s why I have to use the metal attribute in parallel with [Alchemy (Ars Magna)], a materialization-type magic.’

Belkat ignored even the alchemy process and created a precise metal.

The increased number of cubes has now reached a point where it is difficult to count.

“Eleméntum Ex Machina.”

The cube began to draw a flow like a school of fish swimming in the air, guided by a certain force.

grip support.

The purple current flowing between the cubes continued like a line and drew a circle.

The circle behind Belcart’s back continued to rotate. It was like seeing permanent power.

“Infinítus Circĕn.”

infinite circle.

The circle split exactly to the left and right, then opened wide on both sides of Belcart.

Rudger thought that figure looked familiar somewhere.

When iron powder was sprinkled around the magnet, it came out just like that.

The metal, which seems to have brought the flow of the magnetic field as it is, seemed to have spread its wings of steel in a way.

What was even more vicious was that a gigantic electric current was wriggling through each metal cube that made up those steel wings.

Even a 6th tier wizard would have a hard time enduring that level of magic.

Rudger’s guess was confirmed the moment he saw Belkat’s complexion.

“… … He wasn’t in very good shape either.”

Belkat is expressionless, but his eyes are slightly dark, and his skin is pale.

In order to use this power now, he was doped.

“It wouldn’t be a drug sold on the market. How else did you get such a dangerous thing?”

“Did you forget? There are people who make very dangerous drugs.”

“… … Victor.”

When I asked where he got it, did he get it from Victor?

The lunatic would have handed it to Belcart when he said he would use a dangerous drug.

At the same time, I realized how sincere Belcart was in this matter.

Even though the aftereffects would not be normal for such a drug, he did not hesitate to use it.

‘Well, this isn’t something to say either.’

At least, Rudger himself said that he would use something stronger and not less.

However, Rudger was able to do such a dangerous thing because he had a special constitution called immunity to poison.

Belkat wouldn’t be like that, so of course he would feel all the side effects intact.

“To use drugs to the extent of putting one’s life in danger. Didn’t you intend to survive in the first place?”

“Don’t you have anything like that? It’s like a mission that must be fulfilled even at the cost of one’s own life.”

In Belcart’s voice, there was something like a firm conviction that could not be broken.

Rudgar didn’t answer, and Belkat wasn’t expecting an answer either.

“I will finish it as soon as possible.”

Belkat said that and stretched out her hand towards Ludger.

Several cubes in the magnetic field behind his back were fired at Ludgar like bullets.

Rudger used defensive magic to surround himself and at the same time evade.

Belcart relentlessly aimed at Ludger.

At that moment, a black shadow rose towards Belkart from directly below.

It was Barenchina who flew up with Derek’s wind magic on her back.

She surged up from below and swung her sword at Belkart.

Belcart snorted lightly.


Hundreds of metal cubes hovering around gathered in one place.

Like bricks stacked one after another, the cubes created a wall of steel.


A sword imbued with a powerful aura sliced ​​through the wall. But it didn’t reach Belcart.

Barencina clicked her tongue and fell back to the ground, pulled by gravity. It was Derek’s desire to accept it.

“Come to think of it, there were the most troublesome articles.”

Belkat reached out to the knights.

Then the knights could feel their swords being drawn to them.

“Resist with all Auras!”

If Barencina hadn’t shouted that, some would have had their swords taken away.

As the aura began to dwell on the sword, Belkat narrowed her eyes.

As expected, it can’t penetrate the mysterious power of the aura that the knights handle.

Thinking that it didn’t matter, Belkart dropped countless metal cubes towards the top of the cliff.

Original Metal Magic [Steel Rain]

Jigsaw Jigsaw!

Cubes emitting electric current in all directions like coils fell, like a meteor shower falling from the sky.

The wizards gritted their teeth and used defensive magic.

Some shot down the cubes by shooting magic.

The knights had to wield their auras and cut down the falling cubes.

I’m trying to block it somehow, but the number is too many.


At that moment, hot flames swirled in the air and shot towards Belcart.

Belkat used the cubes to make a shield.

The walls of the cube blocked the flames.

However, the cube, which was hot on the outside, lost its magnetic power and fell down the cliff.

Belkat stared at Ludger with sunken eyes.

“The idea is to heat the metal with sparks and lose its magnetism. But how possible is that?”

Metal cubes were continuously being created around Belcart.

There was not enough firepower to break through them and aim for Belcart.

“There is no end.”

Even if the metal is melted with heat, cubes will continue to be produced to replace it.

Victor’s drug-enhanced Belcart was literally a working steel mill.

Just then, Derek flew to Ludger’s side.

Barenchina, who floated in the air with Derek’s magic, was also there.

“It looks like the three of us will have to deal with Belcart.”

“damn. It wouldn’t have happened if only the mages of the old mage tower had remained.”

Wizards and high-ranking knights at the end of the 5th tier.

As a support force, it was absolutely reliable, but considering the opponent, it was still lacking.

But I couldn’t ask for more support than this.

The rest of us had to keep the cliffs from collapsing below us.

“Sir Rudger. What do you think? I don’t think this fight will end just by wasting time.”

“yes. Somehow, we have to defeat Belkat first.”

“Can I win? How do you defeat Belkat in that state?”

“When did we fight because we had numbers? If we don’t fight, we’ll die, so there’s nothing we can do about it.”

Barencina opened her mouth.

“But the situation is not good. Belkart can just ignore us and break the cliff. It’s not an equal fight in the first place.”

“So we have to make it impossible to ignore.”

Barenchina nodded at Rudger’s instruction.

“Me and Derek-nim should support the rear and create gaps in Belcart as much as possible. It is recommended to use mainly flame type.”

“Whoa. I can’t help it.”

After quickly sharing opinions, they adjusted their posture.

It was because Belkart started emitting mana more powerfully.

It wouldn’t matter if he took the advantage, but Belkat didn’t bother.

It was because there was nothing good for him if he dragged this situation on for a long time because of drugs.

“come. Golden Bird.”

Let’s go!

Cubes gathered under Belcart’s feet and eventually assembled into one shape.

It was a huge bird made of metal.

“In the end, I took that out too.”

“Is it magic you know?”

“I only heard rumors. Belcart, who rides a steel bird and flies, is an ace in aerial combat who has shot down countless wizards.”

Belkat’s magic wasn’t over yet.

“come. Thunder Dragon.”

Jigsaw Jigsaw!

A dragon with a huge body appeared in the center of Belcart.

The dragon, which glowed purple, had a ferocious look that would give you an electric shock just by looking at it.

Thunder Dragon Golden Bird.

Belkat Benmark’s Magic Beast and Alchemy Summons descended here.

Derek said he couldn’t lose and summoned his magic beast.

“request. Eluda.”

What appeared was a large owl with white feathers.

Derek put Barencina on the back of his magic beast, Eluda, and himself floated up using wind magic.


Geumjo roared and announced the start of the fight.

The golden bird wrapped a bluish electric current all over its body and charged towards Ludger’s group.

It was Ludger who stopped the lyrebird, leaving a long blue tail.

Ludgar created a magic circle in the air to block the golden bird’s path, and at the same time, he tried to warm him up by using fire magic.

At that moment, Keumjo made an incredible turn and turned in the air.

It was Barencina who was waiting for the golden bird there.

Geum-jo is a speed warfare specialist who lashes out at enemy lines at high speed.

He was the most troublesome guy in the fight, so he had to be eliminated first.

Barencina’s aura flashed and aimed at the golden bird’s body.

At that moment, the thunder dragon opened its mouth and charged at Barenchina.


Barencina clicked her tongue and had no choice but to correct the sword’s trajectory.

Barencina’s purple aura and intense purple current collided in the air.

Belkat did not let Barencina, who was in a contest of strength, stand still.

Kigigi Geek.

The metal cubes that floated around Belkat stretched and eventually changed into arrows.

The tip of the arrowhead was twisted into a spiral shape, and it was a design specialized for penetration.

The arrows of steel aimed at Barencina, who was confronting the Thunder Dragon.

Derek’s magical beast, Eluda, sensed the crisis and flapped its wings to retreat.

The arrow, which crossed the air, turned in the air and aimed again at Barenchina, but fell helplessly in front of her sword.

Belcart did not regret it and continued the next attack.

This time, a steel spear was created around him.

“Let’s see if we can avoid this too.”

After muttering that, Belcart realized something was wrong.

Ludgar Celisch was nowhere to be seen.

did you run away

no. He was not a great man to back down from here.

But that didn’t mean there was no cover to hide in the air.

Why can’t I see it anyway?

Belkat soon knew why.

He sensed something approaching through the iron dust scattered in the air.

appearance is not visible I don’t even feel a presence.

But that guy was over there.

As expected, magic was created in the air where Ludgar was supposed to be and flew towards Belcart.

The huge snake of flame left a long tail and tried to swallow Belkart.

Belkat shot Barencina with the steel spear she had made and at the same time called a golden bird.


The lyrebird, entangled in intense lightning, collided with the fiery snake and became entangled in the air.

Rudger, who appeared from the air, stuck out his tongue in regret.

One of the functions of Ather Nocturnus is to hide its presence and appearance.

I tried to use it to launch a surprise attack, but it was easier than expected.

Belkat’s response was quick, but it was because the weak but scattered iron dust in the surrounding area informed him of his location.

“You write something quite peculiar. Then I’ll show you something interesting too.”

Belkat said that and then gathered the cubes in the air and merged them into one.

The cube, put together like a puzzle piece, eventually took the form of a giant gun barrel.


A steel stake rested on the gun barrel, and a powerful electromagnetic force developed along the rail.

Rudger knew what kind of weapon it was.

Rail Gun.

The moment he recognized it, a dazzling flash of light shot towards Ludger.

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