I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 398

◈ Episode 398: The Wizard of Steel (1)

“Belcart! Why are you!”

Derek still didn’t understand.

The two weren’t close friends, but they knew each other.

At least, Derek couldn’t figure out why Belkat was doing this.

Rimray says it’s because of his daughter’s revenge, but what about Belcart?

Even using the name of the dead Leslie, what the hell was he thinking of doing?


Derek recalled a fact from the past that he had forgotten.

“Could it be that you want to avenge your friends?”

“… … friend?”

Rudger asked what that meant.

Derek said, staring at Belcart with a complicated face.

“Isabella, Leslie and Belcart have been friends for a long time. The three always stuck together as if they were one body. It was the same when I joined the School of Truth.”

Isabella was positive and bright in everything.

Leslie was foolish, but more thoughtful and kind than anyone else.

He’s cold-hearted, but that’s why Belcart acted as a brake.

They were three different people, but they were a team that fit together better than anyone else.

“But it was the accident that day, in the end, that ruined the relationship.”

Rudgar knew what Derek was talking about.

The day Isabella went to Kasar Basin and was caught in a magical storm.

From then on, the relationship between the three of them practically collapsed.

“Wasn’t Leslie dead then too?”

“Leslie wasn’t at Cassar Basin that day. It was a year after Isabella’s death that he went missing. Indeed, he disappeared all of a sudden. To such an extent that no one knew where he was.”

“That’s why I said it was impossible.”

“But I couldn’t deny the possibility.”

So Derek thought that Leslie was behind this incident.

He thought he was acting to avenge his fiancé, Isabella.

But I never thought that the real identity was Belcart.

Derek figured out how this happened.

“Come to think of it, I heard such a story. There is a sorcerer who claims to be able to find a missing person in Kasar Basin. But most of them thought it was a rumor and was quickly buried.”

had to be buried.

Because the person who made that claim disappeared after a year.

“Leslie went to Kasar Basin by herself. And he never came back.”

Isabella dies, Leslie dies too.

Of the three people who used to hang out together, there was only one left.

When two of his friends who had been together for over 10 years died, how would Belcart feel when he was left alone?

“Belcart. Is that why you are doing this?”

Derek’s eyes were full of confusion.

“To avenge your dead friends?”

They weren’t close friends.

However, as an alumnus of the School of Truth, I couldn’t help but be saddened by Belkat’s depravity.

A dead person is a dead person.

Shouldn’t the living be shaken off alive?

Belcart didn’t say anything in spite of Derek’s eyes.

Without an excuse or acceptance, it seemed as if this side was just letting them think on their own.

‘Was this the real First Order?’

Rudger thought Rimray was the First Order just a moment ago.

Rimray is a veteran 6th tier mage.

Who would have imagined that he, who is regarded as the best player anywhere he went, would have been just an outcast.


Belkat looked away from Derek and stared at Ludger.

“I don’t think he would have failed. I thought it ended successfully because the mansion completely collapsed.”

Belkat did not pretend to know Ludgar even when he saw him.

From the start, he knew that Rudger was here.

Even knowing that, he didn’t warn or tell Rudger about what was about to happen here.

Whether it’s the same First Order or whatever, as long as he’s in his mission area, if he gets in the way, just kill him.

In the first place, the executives of the Black Dawn were like this.

He does not hesitate to kill other executives in order to fulfill his mission or to survive.

Still, he even warned Rimray to be vigilant just in case.

If it was him, I thought he would be able to cope with it.

But John Doe was right in front of his eyes.

What that means is that Rimray failed to kill John Doe.

“is it. Is he dead?”

There was no emotion of sadness.

There is something ahead of you that you need to pay attention to right now.

‘It must be that man who defeated Rimray.’

First Order [John Doe]

At first, I didn’t pay much attention.

Even though he was the same First Order, John Doe was loyal only to the Zero Order and did not get along with the other officers.

That was the reason why he didn’t have subordinates under his command and worked mostly alone.

John Doe’s past has been specialized in infiltration, disguise, assassination, and information gathering.

Eliminate factors that seem to interfere with work, and spread false information to cause disputes.

I’ll probably move like that for the rest of my life.

I thought so.

However, John Dow began to reveal his skills in earnest when he infiltrated as Ceorn’s teacher.

As if what he has shown so far is only the tip of the iceberg, John Doe caused a lot of disturbance.

Sometimes, as the same First Order, they acted incomprehensibly.

Still, he didn’t say anything because he believed in the Zero Order.

But now, that John Doe came to stop him.

It was meaningless to say that he betrayed the Black Dawn.

Wasn’t he the one who tried to kill John Doe first?

‘Maybe it’s because I have the secret wish right in front of me, I’m having a lot of random thoughts.’

okay. Come now, what does that matter?

It has reached an irreversible situation.

Then, the only thing left is to die and kill each other.

‘Do you think so too? John Doe. No, Ludgar Chelsea.’

Ludgar also responded with a colder gaze, as if he had read the thoughts contained in Belcart’s gaze.

Derek exclaimed.

“Belcart! stop it! You are about to stage a carnage!”

“derrick. The act of being righteous without knowing the world is still the same. Do you think I am here without knowing what I am about to do?”

“Even if 2 leylines collapse, there are still leylines left! And all your men are dead.”

It was just as Derek said.

The Second Orders and Third Orders of the Black Dawn fought fiercely, but were unable to break the ley line.

“And the other side too. They would have been working at the same time, but there was only one place that exploded. Then the other one is that we blocked it.”

So surrender.

Derek warned.

Despite Derek’s warning, Belcart’s expression did not change.

“Do you know why I kept detonating bombs off the cliff?”

“Of course it’s to destroy the leyline, isn’t it?”

“That’s true, but not exactly for destruction. It would be nice, but conditions in this land are difficult for that.”

Belkat stared at the place where the traces of the explosion were left with an incomprehensible gaze.

“The leylines here flow under the strange rocks of the cliffs. Compared to other places, the leyline is located in a particularly deep place. Did I do that to burst the leyline? no. The process so far was just the beginning.”


“You will think you have stopped me. But is it really the right thing to do?”

As soon as Belkat finished speaking, the entire cliff began to shake.

Immediately afterward, everyone gathered at the table felt that something was slowly rising from below.

From all over the crater where the traces of the explosion were left, a weak but bluish mist began to flow.

It was high-density magic, and some of the mana flowing from the leyline was leaking.

Derek put on a puzzled expression, but realized that the leyline hadn’t completely collapsed yet.

“This is fine. It’s not even critical yet.”

“I guess so. However, the cliff reached a critical point right in front of us. What would it be like if magic landed here?”


“Until then, I stayed quiet to save energy, but now I don’t have to.”

Belkat floated into the air with floating magic.

He looked down at the 50 wizards and knights and declared.

“From now on, I will use all my strength to destroy that bluff.”

As if it wasn’t just a verbal warning, a huge magic power began to wriggle around Belkart.

“Let’s try to stop it somewhere.”

“Oh, no!”

It was an attack by a 6th tier wizard. Fighting him like that is crazy.

If 50 people gathered here fight in harmony, there is a possibility.

But the problem was their location.

A bluish mana was seeping out from the gap in the cliff.

As such, the leyline here is in a pretty precarious situation.

To fight a 6th tier wizard in a place like that?

This side has to be protected, but on the contrary, there is nothing to hold back from that side.

They have the upper hand in numbers alone, but everything else is against them.

It should be blocked.

The moment Derek thought that way and was about to make a decision, someone attacked before him.

A single flash of light soared into the air.

The flash of light with enormous heat was not simply a dazzling light, but a cannon that pierced everything.

Derek’s eyes widened when he realized that it was Ludgar Celish who opened it, and his mouth widened at the sight of Belcart blocking the attack as if he had waited for that to happen.

A huge amount of light collided with the shield, split into several branches, and soared high into the sky.

When the wizards were distracted by the sight, Ludgar sighed.

“What are you doing? Hurry up and don’t drive me away.”

The wizards, who came to their senses at those words, began to develop a spell to attack Belcart.

Belkat wasn’t watching it quietly.

While blocking Ludgar’s continuous attacks, he simultaneously performed other spells and created magic around him.

This method is often referred to as double casting.

Since the current defense magic was maintained first, the magic that switched to attack had no choice but to be simplified.

Belkat replaced it with a massive mana punch.

A simple release of magical power, and a method of creating orbs of magical power and dropping them without shooting them.

However, the amount of mana contained in that magic ball was only possible when a fair amount of wizards squeezed it out for a long time.

It was obvious what would happen if that thing crashed over the cliff.


“Use defense magic!”

The wizards waiting below hurriedly performed defensive spells.

They gathered their mana and spread a shield where Belkart’s magic sphere fell.

Immediately after, the shield and the magic ball collided, creating a huge shockwave.

Surprisingly, the battle between nearly 40 wizards and Belcart’s individual strength ended in a draw.

The magic orb and shield disappeared at the same time.

But the wizards felt it.

Unlike this side where I was out of breath by barely blocking it, Belcart’s expression was calm as if nothing was wrong.

The difference in level was so great.

“Don’t panic! If we get out of here anyway, everyone will die!”

Barencina’s aura-infused voice reverberated across the cliff.

Those words awakened the spirits of the frightened wizards.

“I will stop you! Everyone, focus on holding on!”

Barencina rushed towards Belcart.

Belkat, who uses floating magic, is high in the air.

Of course, it is a distance that cannot be reached by simply jumping.

Then Derek used his magic.

A huge stone pillar rose obliquely. Barenchna stepped on her stone pillar and approached the bell cart.

“Is it a high-ranking knight?”

Belkat knew from the amount of aura in Barencina’s voice that she was a high-ranking knight.

If so, it cannot be dealt with with halfway defensive magic.

The most terrifying thing about knights was the power they possessed.

The stronger the aura used by the knight, the more the shield that the magician put all his energy into is torn like a piece of paper.

“If you block it before it approaches, it will stop.”

Belkat worked her magic.

A huge metal cuboid appeared from the air and fell towards Barencina.

It was a huge size with a side length of 3m.

Barenchina swung the sword imbued with a light purple aura.

The metal magic scattered to the left and right in two pieces, revealing a bright red cross section.

At that moment, a huge current hidden inside the metal was released.


Barencina was taken aback, but with an aura wrapped around her body, she stepped back as if doing a back tumble.

Immediately after, a wave of electric current swept the stone pillar she was standing on.

Belcart’s attacks did not stop there.

The two metals, emitting coils of intense current around them, moved freely and pressed Barencina.

Derek, who was watching from behind, shouted.

“Careful! Belkat is a master of metal magic and electric magic! A simplistic approach is dangerous!”

Even when Belcart was hiding his identity as Leslie, he was a wizard who skillfully used metal and electricity attribute magic.

In that field, Belcart was comparable to a high-ranking wizard.

Now that it was revealed that Belkat was actually a 6th tier wizard, it was impossible to guess how strong his main magic would be now.

Then Rudger stepped in.

Taking advantage of a loophole created by focusing on Barencina, Ludgar approached Belkat closely and brandished a wand filled with magical power.

Belcart stretched out his right hand without panic.

Metal shards gathered in front of his open hand, and a sword was created.

Magnetar Sword


The two weapons collided with each other.

Ludgar immediately retrieved the wand and tried to use the magic, but the wand stuck to Belkat’s sword and did not budge.

“You shouldn’t wield metal recklessly in front of me.”

Before I knew it, countless metal spears were created around Belkat and shot at Ludgar.

* * *

In Felix City, the closest city to Kasar Basin, a series of abnormal phenomena have occurred.

The wagon, which usually moved well, stopped, and the foggy weather became exceptionally clear.

Citizens were perplexed by the unusual situation, and were greatly astonished that the pure white dome of Kasar Basin in the distance had become paler than before.

But that wasn’t what really surprised people.

“Hey, was there a mountain there originally?”

Overnight, there was a mountain that didn’t exist.

If you were a person with good eyesight, you would have realized another fact.

That the mountain is still moving.

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