I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 397

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◈ Episode 397 Bad News (2)

One of the leylines burst.

Two of the five leylines had reached the pre-determined deadline.

“Did you see it correctly?”

“I wish the blue pillar soaring high into the sky was something else.”

Derek’s expression darkened even more at Barencina’s words.

In the end, the situation we feared happened.

“Now is not the time to be like this. If it penetrates that far, then there is really no hope.”

Fortunately, even though two leylines were blown away, the Cassar Basin was still intact.

Of course, that would be a matter of time.

The mana contained in the atmosphere, which was immediately felt by the skin, was becoming unstable.

It is the sound that the energy filled inside is reaching a critical point.

Perhaps, if a little more time passes, the leylines flowing underground may intertwine with each other and cause a great eruption.

‘Which direction did it explode? New mage tower? Or the School Federation?’

It was impossible to give up now.

While praying for the safety of the people who went there, I had to keep moving forward.

Derek knew that too, so he shouted with a hard face.

“Everyone move! We still have a chance!”

That cry awakened the wizards who were already in despair.

But that number was only a fraction of the whole.

“Wrong. It’s already too late.”

“Two leylines have already been broken, so how… … .”

Frustration, despair, and fear of death eat away at them.

Derek bit his lip at the sight.

First of all, the moment I thought to take even those who could move normally, the wizards of the old mage tower showed suspicious movements.

“We are going back!”

The shouts of Gregorium Solut, the field conductor of the Kuma Tower, echoed clearly.

Seeing that, Barencina widened her eyes and strode toward Gregorium.

“Wizard Gregorium. What are you doing!”

“What are you doing? Can’t you see they’re retreating?”

“I beg your pardon?”

“Don’t you know the current situation? Leyline burst. That’s the second one too! Don’t you know what that means? This expedition is practically a failure. Hopeless!”

“There is no hope! Can’t we block that road now!”

“What difference does it make if we block it? Where else? the other one!”

Gregorium thought.

Since the leyline on the other side had already burst, it would be an instant for the other side to collapse as well.

In that case, it would be better to devise other measures right now.

“I didn’t believe in the New Mage Tower and School Association in the first place! It’s because they can’t handle things properly! Do we have an obligation to fight under such circumstances?”

“You must fight to live!”

“under! to live? If we fight against those lunatics, we won’t have any lives left, right?”

“But if the Cassar Basin collapses… … .”

“You can use the leylines in the outpost. It has the largest core among the five leylines. Even if the other leylines collapse, they’ll be fine. If we draw the power of that leyline and open a barrier with the magic circle, at least we will be able to live.”

At those words, Barencina widened her eyes.

“We, you say? Then the people outside the Cassar Basin… … !”

“Why do we care about that?”

Barencina was speechless for a moment.

She asked, her lips quivering, as if she hadn’t expected to hear such shameless words right in front of her eyes.

“Don’t you have any honor?”

“honor? That’s what cares about people who fight crudely like you. Knight Nari. Why should we risk our lives for strangers who don’t even know their faces?”

Gregorium, at least, was quick to think about preserving his own life.

He devised a way to protect their forces even if the Cassar Basin collapsed.

Rather than the uncertain possibility of saving everyone, he put more weight on the certainty that he would at least live.

Of course, the wizards of the old mage tower also agreed with Gregorium’s opinion.

Because they didn’t want to die here either.

“This, this… … .”

Among the 100 people, the exorcism tower occupies a huge proportion.

In the first place, the main one was the Kuma Tower, and there was a structure with free cast wizards and knights as support.

If the core, the Kuma Tower, was missing, it was like losing more than half of its power.

Even if there were 50 people left, considering that they were each playing separately, the actual power drop was more than 70%.

Barencina bit her lip.

There was no time to wrestle with Gregorium and the exorcist tower here.

Gregorium knew that too, so he acted forcefully.

For Barentina, who has been fighting for justice with a sword, Gregorium’s choice was unbearable.

She wanted to draw her sword and swing it right away.


Rudger stepped forward and dissuaded Barencina.

With just one word, Barencina realized that she had almost made an irreversible choice.

She felt ashamed and hopeful at the same time.



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A man named Ludgar Celish was, at least in her eyes, the most outstanding wizard in this place.

Maybe there is a way to convince people including the Kuma Tower.

While watching with such hope.

Rudger looked at Gregorium and said in a cold voice.

“If you are going, just go. Don’t muddy the water for nothing. We will continue our mission.”

“… … joy. It looks like you want to pretend to be a righteous hero. That’s too bad. Going there now is no different from going to die.”

“You’ll have to see that.”

“We fall into it, do you think you can stop it?”

“Then what, let’s run away together? Even if they pretend not to, they seem to be aware that they have acted selfishly. Seeing how they want to share even the smallest amount of guilt.”

“Are you saying you’d refuse even if I gave you a chance?”

“Opportunities don’t come from you. what we give The one who kicked that opportunity was the Kuma Tower, that one.”

Gregorium was furious at Ludger’s provocative tone.

In fact, it was enough for them to withdraw immediately.

Even so, maintaining a pessimistic attitude while mixing words like this was nothing more than an emotional act.

Rudger and Derek, who were more active than themselves, were annoyed.

And the appearance of those who said they would still remain, in contrast with themselves, made this side feel shabby.

Gregorium’s smirking now was nothing more than a lowly act to recover at least some of his damaged pride.

Ludgar knew that, so he wasn’t angry at Gregorium’s actions.

“Turn off. Go, crouch and hide inside your base. I won’t stop But later, when everything is over, you will have to take full responsibility for it.”

“… … .”

Rudger’s words were not a simple threat, but as if he was certain that something would happen in the future.

Even though it couldn’t be, the confident tone made me think that way.

“… … You will regret it.”

Gregorium’s face contorted and his back turned.

The wizards of the old mage tower followed him as he quickly walked back the way he came.

Some of them shook their eyes, as if they were worried about running away, but none of them mustered up the courage to stay.

Rudger looked at the scene and sighed inwardly.

In the past, the School of Truth did the same thing, and because of that, Rimrey lost his daughter.

Human selfishness created something that didn’t have to happen.

Rudger had no intention of sympathizing with Rimray’s actions.

But now that I’ve been through the situation, it’s true that I can understand that feeling a little bit.

“But is there really a way?”

Barencina glared at the wizards of the old mage tower leaving and asked Ludgar.

Did he sense some kind of hope from his confident tone?

Rudger shook his head.

“Is there any way? All I can do is stop them as best I can.”

“yes? But why do you say that… … .”

“Wouldn’t it be as uncomfortable as possible for them to say this?”

At Ludger’s heartfelt words, Barencina’s face became dazed for a moment, and then she burst out laughing.

“okay. Oh. Greetings late. It is called Barencina.”

“This is Rudgar Chelsea.”

“It’s fate that we met like this, but we don’t have time to talk at length.”


Rudger and Barencina simultaneously looked back at the explosion.

Both of them opened their mouths at the same time.

“let’s go.”

* * *

The rest were taken aback, but no one said they would run away.

They know it too.

Even if you run away, there is no guarantee that you will survive.

If so, I had no choice but to fight to the end, leaning on the slim possibility.

The remaining 50 people squeezed their remaining strength and headed towards the place where the explosion occurred, presumably the core of the leyline.

Before long, the tree-shrouded environment opened up to reveal a sheer cliff.

Beyond the cliffs, the beautiful scenery of the Kassar Basin was overlooked at a glance.

There were people moving busily on the cliff.

It was the Black Dawn, intent on destroying the leylines.

“They have arrived!”


The Black Dawn Society shouted, but Ludgar and the others fired the magic first.

Because they had prepared their magic in advance, they were able to continue their attack as soon as they discovered the Black Dawn.

The prepared spells were fired at high speed.

At that moment, light rose in front of the Black Dawn and a magic barrier was created.

They also prepared a defensive magic circle in advance in preparation for such a situation.

However, the number of attacks was higher this way.

The magic barrier only blocked a few spells, but after that it collapsed without enduring it.

The magic that penetrated the barrier swept the enemies.

A scream rang out, and the wizards of the Black Dawn fell one by one.

“order! from now on! Wipe out all those wicked hordes!”

Knights, including Barentina, jumped out like arrows.

It would be suicidal to rush in from a place with no cover, but now the enemy was in a situation where the front lines collapsed in a sudden surprise attack.

The knights, supported by the rear, quickly approached the Black Dawn.

The Black Dawn was also prepared, but the magic they fired was easily blocked by the wizards supporting the knights from the rear.

“Back off!”

The second order came out.

As he wielded his staff to generate magic, a huge earthen barrier was created in front of the knights.

The walls of dirt mixed with stone and gravel were quite high to jump over.

“joy! Something like this!”

A corner of the barrier collapsed as senior knight Varencina swung her sword once.

The Second Order’s expression turned pale.

The knights dug into the breach and cut down the wizards of the Black Dawn.

The fact that the knights came close to the magicians meant their victory.

Barenchina, who was cutting down all the enemies, felt a huge flow of mana directed towards her.

It was high-ranking magic that even a high-ranking knight would not dare to face.

‘It’s late… … !’

It was too late to avoid it, so the moment I was about to raise my aura to the maximum, Derek Olsen stepped in.

4th tier defense magic [Magic Protect]

To block magic, the most effective defense magic unfolded.

However, magic protection magic was basically good at blocking low-level magic, not enough to swallow high-powered magic.

Especially if there is a gap in the power of the caster.

Chae Ae-Aeng!

The Magic Protect was shattered in front of the enormous magical power.

But the brief clash gave Barencina plenty of time to react.

Barencina concentrated the aura on her sword as thinly as possible and swung it vertically.

The flying magic split left and right and exploded.

Barencina’s expression hardened.

Even though he cut down the weakened mana, the impact on the hand holding the sword was considerable.

The tempered knight’s body trembled.

That said, the enemy who fired this attack was not normal.

At that moment, someone slowly descended from the sky and appeared.

“After all, did you come this far?”

He was a middle-aged man with grayish gray hair neatly brushed back and a short gray beard that covered his entire chin.

A gaze as cold as cold iron stared at Barenchina and other uninvited guests.

Recognizing him, Derek’s eyes widened.

“Belcat Benmark? Hey, were you alive?”

Belkat Benmark.

A servant magician of Delica Kingdom, and one of the people who went to the secret mansion.

And at that time, he was a dead man who could not get out of the mansion.

Derek is shocked to discover that Belcart, whom he thought was dead, is still alive and that he was the black man who was involved in all of this.

It was the same with Rudger who joined the scene.

“I’m sure I saw you dead.”

It was Ludgar and the others who identified Belcart’s corpse.

Belkat, who heard the murmur, turned to Ludger and replied.

“Why do you think so? You wouldn’t have seen me die, just a corpse. Could the corpse I saw at that time really be me?”

“… … .”

Ludgar suddenly remembered the moment he found Belkat’s body.

The corpse’s face was so disfigured that it was difficult to recognize.

Of course, there was no choice but to infer the identity of the other person only from the clothes or items the corpse possessed.

Come to think of it, who was it that said that the corpse was Belcart?


At this moment, Ludger realized that the corpse was a fake disguised as Belcart.

It was a mess from the start.

“… … That’s what I was aiming for. You did that to get out of the line of suspicion from the start.”

“There’s nothing easier to do than pretending to be dead.”

A man named Leslie did not imitate Belcart.

Isabella’s fiancé, Leslie, wasn’t even here in the first place.

It was Belcart from the start.

“Don’t introduce yourself again. My name is Belkat Benmark. He was a magician belonging to the School of Truth in the past, and he is also a servant magician of Delica Kingdom.”

He unleashed a mighty magic power.

His rank known to the public was the 5th rank.

However, his power now on the surface was not at all like that.

No matter how low you set it, it’s 6th place.

In other words, he was a magician of the Lexorer class, which is rare even in one country.

“And now I am the executive of the secret society, codename [Leslie].”

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