I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 391

◈ Episode 391: What rises from the rubble (2)


Dust poured from the ceiling.

The secret mansion that had been firmly guarded for hundreds of years was now facing its end.

Unsolved secrets.

countless mysteries.

As a wizard, it was a pity that the still unsolved mysteries disappeared.

However, I thought that Rimray was rather refreshed.

Now that the situation has reached this point, my head is clear, and I have organized what to do next.

He still had work to do.

And that will be his last.

‘The state of the body… … Not very good.’

The cut from Rudger was bigger than I thought.

He drank the recovery potion, but the blood he had already shed did not return. It was weak, but there was a period of anemia.

‘Goyan boy. No mercy for the elderly. Anyway, young people these days.’

However, it was Rimray’s responsibility to fight Ludger despite knowing that.

Limray did not regret his choice.

It is a body that has become irreversibly old anyway.

“There is nothing strange in thinking that this body, which will soon die, is simply laid down a little earlier.”

Rimray looked straight ahead and asked.

“Don’t you think so when you’ve grown old together? Tortei.”

“Rimray… … !”

I saw Tortey’s face contort in the falling debris.

Seeing that scene, I felt the thrill of making the other person angry rather than the fear of death.

But you can’t be satisfied with just that.

Rimray grabbed the stone scepter and took a stance.

let’s go.

This is the last one.

no one will understand him

The name Rimray will be branded from a wise man to a criminal.

But what is it?

In the first place, it was a false reputation.

He didn’t care if he was humiliated or trampled on by muddy feet.

Because it wasn’t really that valuable.

I saw a flash of light in front of my eyes.

It was the light created by each member of the School of Truth creating magic.

The lights shining like stars in the dawn sky were beautiful and cruel at the same time.

It was death itself, each one aiming for its own life.

It was an unwillingness to dare to block it in the current state of not being perfect.

I couldn’t even step back.

The moment this side retreats, they will choose to run away because they want this time.

So hold on to the end and stretch.

Rimrey kicked off the ground with his magic-enhanced legs and charged toward the School of Truth.

Across the street, the wizards of the School of Truth were perplexed.

The magic that was fired hastily flew towards Rimray without losing accuracy.


Magic passed over the tips of his arms and over his head.

The robe was burnt black by the magical energy that contained the high heat, and the inner skin was reddened.

Even so, Limray did not stop.

“Why, why don’t you stop!”

“Me, that crazy bastard!”

The figure of Rimrey, who rushed toward us with terrifying momentum, was like that of a demon.

“profit! keep attacking! Attack!”

Tortei started to prepare a bigger magic that couldn’t be avoided after screaming and wiping the surroundings.

Perhaps through the shouting, the magicians of the School of Truth hurriedly deployed their magic, and soon an unavoidable wave of coldness approached.

Rimray activated an artifact.

Now there are only a few consumable artifacts left.

Each one is an expensive item, but it was not the time to save it.

A translucent film formed in the air, blocking the cold.

However, the enchantments flew in and were successively inserted into the shield.

The Artifact’s protection was broken without being able to overcome the inferiority in numbers.

Part of the magic that lost its power hit Rimray’s body.

Rimray forcibly endured it by strengthening his body by encircling mana.

An excruciating pain ran through his body.

However, Limray did not stop.

In the slow flow of time.

Every time he passed through the cracked hallway, something flashed in Rimray’s eyes.

It was a landscape he had experienced in the past.

With each step he took, the landscape he saw changed.

I had the confidence of my youth when I was happy to succeed in magic for the first time.

one foot.

He saw himself receiving congratulations from the academic world for his magical thesis.

one foot.

Growing from a young man to an adult, he met a woman.

It was so funny to see myself shyly confessing to her like a fledgling.

one foot.

A child was born. The daughter she held in her arms for the first time was so small and tender. She was confident she was in tears as she was overjoyed.

one more step.

I had the confidence to go on an outing with my wife and daughter.

I had the confidence to count days and nights because I was blocked from research.

My wife passed away due to illness, and I was confident that I was endlessly sad.

He had the confidence to watch his daughter, who was working hard to become a magician, from behind.

His steps contained all the years he had walked.

Just in time, Tortei activated the magic he had prepared.


5th tier magic [Mana Stream].

It is a magic that combines pure mana release with reinforcement.

Its power is above average even among the 5th tier. It was the most powerful magic that Tortei could use right away.

The life that swayed inside of her magical energy conveyed her will to kill Rimray without fail.

‘I just wish I had gone a little further.’

The moment he decided that this was unavoidable, the magic within Rimray’s body went wild, and a colossus came out from behind.


Rimrey’s magical beast, the Colossus, sprang out without the owner’s order.

The sudden appearance of the colossus was not a normal condition.

He had not yet recovered from the fight with Ludger, and his body had been lost from the left shoulder to the oblique line.

Nevertheless, the Colossus punched Tortei’s magic with his last remaining right hand.

Wow wow wow!

The mana stream that collided with the fist of the Colossus fluctuated greatly and changed its direction.

One wall of the mansion was swept away by high-density magic.

Crumbling debris and falling debris were swept away and scattered like powder in the aftermath.

In that devastating sight, Rimray saw his magic beast with trembling eyes.

“You, why… … .”

Magic Beasts do not appear on their own unless ordered by their master.

It was common knowledge.

Even so, the Colossus was forced to come out and blocked the magic with the body that had not recovered.

If you do that, you won’t know that recovery is impossible again.

At the same time, Rimray realized why.

The guy knows too.

That her master was about to face a fierce end right now.

That’s why he blocked magic on behalf of Rimray.

To push the back of the owner who has been with us and to say goodbye.

─Thank you.

Rimray left behind the Colossus, who disappeared after being turned into powder.

This was enough to say goodbye to a close friend who had been together for a long time.

Thanks to the colossus blowing his body, Rimrey was able to reach the truth school.

Right in front of me, I saw Tortey reciting an incantation.

The moment he stabbed the stone pole toward Tortei, a magic barrier blocked the two.


At the end of the stone field, the concentrated magic power and the barrier collided with each other, and sparks flew.

Tortei looked closely at Rimray and shouted.

“His body is a mess! Don’t be afraid, push on!”

At first glance, the bloodstains and tired complexion revealed under the robe could not be hidden.

Wasn’t there only half of Rimray’s terrifying colossus magic number left?

“Rimray! You managed to deal with us with that condition!”

Tortei sneered at Rimray.

Normally, the man who would have easily blocked all magic and even counterattacked, avoided all of them or hit them with his body.

It is a severe wound inflicted on an old body.

Even living and breathing right now seemed close to a miracle.

Tortei felt like an idiot for being scared at first.

No matter how 6th tier mage is, if it’s in such a serious state, there’s no way this side will lose.

However, Limray did not respond to that. Instead, the eyes stared at something over Tortei’s shoulder.

“What the hell are you looking at in this situation!”

Tortei frowned in disapproval.

Obviously, he had the advantage, but he couldn’t get rid of the feeling of being ignored.

Tortei looked back, but saw nothing.

Only the hallway of the mansion, which is about to collapse little by little, is spread out desolately.

Rimray laughed at Tortei.

there was no way I could see

What Rimray was seeing now was like an illusion that only he could see.

The child was over there.

The back of the daughter who ended her life here, unable to close her eyes until the end.

Could it be the real soul of the daughter trapped in this world?

Or, is it just a hallucination that he longs for and sees at the end?

whatever it was was good

A little bit ahead.

If I went a little further, I could reach the place I wanted so much.

“Rimray. The time I spent hanging out with you was really disgusting.”

Tortei implemented the spell with the intention of putting an end to it.

A circle of magic rose around him, and magic began to form in the center.

The mana that was concentrated to the limit in the center of the magic circle was eventually released, leaving a long tail along the path the owner had set.

Rimray looked at the scene with blurry eyes.

Right before the magical bombardment that flew with such a force that it would not even leave a corpse was about to reach his body.

Rimrey retrieved the magical power from the tip of the stone pole and wrapped it around his body.

Tortei twitched his eyebrows at the sight.

“No matter what magic you use now, it’s too late!”

At the same time, Rimray activated his magic, burning all his last lives.

It wasn’t my original magic, it was someone else’s magic.

Rimray’s body, wrapped in magic, shrank into a dot in the air and disappeared.

—Ludger Chelsea. You took my magic as you wished.

Right after that, magic bombardment swept the place where Rimray was.

But Tortei was not happy.

“Is it gone?”

The place where the disappeared Rimrey appeared was beyond the magic barrier, right behind Tortei.

—If that’s the case, then I’ll feel relieved if I take yours at least once.

At this moment, the magic that Rimray squeezed out all his strength and unfolded.

It was a space movement magic that Ludger had been studying and using for a long time.

The distance traveled was only 2m.

The result of the magic that the 6th tier wizard squeezed out the soul was only skipping 2m.

Although it was too insignificant to be seen as space travel.

For Rimray, it was a great step towards the end of his life.


The moment Tortei looked back in surprise, Rimray’s sword stabbed him in the back.


Tortei coughed up blood from the corner of his mouth and rolled his eyes as he glared at Rimray.

“Uh, how do you build a barrier… … .”

Instead of answering, Rimray drew a three-scepter.

Tortei collapsed like a puppet with a thread cut off.

The corpse of Tortei, whose eyes widened, could not bear to accept his own death.

“It’s over.”

Limray slumped in his seat.

My eyes were spinning and my head hurt.

My brain felt like it was about to melt from the scorching heat.

It was only 2m tall, but the cost of using space movement magic was too great.

“Did he keep doing these crazy things…? … .”

Underneath that fine face, what a terrible madness he had kept.

I thought that this side had also walked a pretty rough road, but I didn’t dare compare it with him.

Rimray knew the end of those who had such a fate.

The only thing that exists at the end is destruction.

It won’t be much different from what you are now.

“Well, anyway.”

Rimray smiled with a wrinkled face.

─Try hard.

“Rimray! How dare you!”

In the meantime, the wizards of the School of Truth, who had been frozen, gritted their teeth and prepared magic for Rimray.

Looking at it, Rimray did not try to block or avoid it.

My physical condition made no sense, but it was because I didn’t have to.


The mansion’s vibrations got stronger and the ceiling collapsed.

It was a mansion that was already in danger, but Tortei’s last magic was the decisive blow.

The magicians of the School of Truth realized the situation belatedly, but it was too late.


“Everyone, run away!”

Screams of terror and fear roar.

However, the commotion soon disappeared under the ruins of the mansion.

* * *

Ludger looked back at the mansion collapsing with a roar.

I don’t know what happened inside.

However, the waves of magical energy that erupted from time to time only indirectly informed the situation.

But that too is over.

The mansion collapsed, raising a hazy cloud of dust.

Whoever was in there would have been crushed to death by the massive amount of rubble.

“leader. Grandpa… … .”

Rudger silently shook his head at Arfa, who asked him.

“ah… … . okay.”

“But I would have gone without regret. At least I think so.”

I didn’t feel sad or regretful.

Because Rimrey tried to kill people and betrayed us.

Of course, he wasn’t really malicious. If he did, he would have killed Royna and Sempas.

He had the strength, and he had plenty of opportunities.

But the reason I didn’t do that was because of the last remaining conscience.

It’s useless care.

However, because of that consideration, Rudger also silently resigned from the spot at the end.

I received it, so I gave it back.

“My God, the mansion.”

“There are many things I haven’t found yet.”

The wizards looked at the collapsing mansion with empty faces.

In the gap, I could see the familiar face of Samuel.

That guy was really alive.

Just when I thought the guy’s string was really tough, a huge energy surged through the ruins of the mansion.


The blue energy soaring through the ground was a huge mana flowing through the leylines.

The energy of the leylines surging through the sky collided with the dome that covered Kasar Basin.

Small mana shooting stars poured from the air.

It collided with part of the forest, destroying the trees and creating magical sparks.

The wizards stared at the sight with bewildered faces.

“The leyline overflows.”

At this moment, everyone gathered in the room realized.

That the mansion’s collapse was just the beginning of the disaster.

The overflowing leyline energy swept through the remains of the mansion and slowly began to spread around.

“Everyone back off! Back to the outpost!”

“Ah, those who haven’t come yet… … !”

“There is no time for that now!”

The wizards were frightened and withdrew.

The waiting staff who had been watching the situation from the outside hurriedly packed their bags and started the retreat procession.

The expedition group, which was considerably reduced in number, broke through the forest at a much faster rate than when they came to the mansion.

It was easy to return to the path they had pioneered, but surprisingly, there were no attacks by beasts.

The beasts were all crouching and tense.

Even for beings full of instinct, overflowing leylines would be dangerous.

In a way, it was a fortunate thing out of misfortune.

“It’s here!”

The wizards, who thought they had to arrive at the outpost somehow, couldn’t close their mouths at the scenery that spread out in front of them when they left the forest.

“What, what is that?”

An outpost seen from afar.

From there, black smoke and explosions were coming out one after another.

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