I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 39

◈ Episode 39 Flora Lumos (1)

Ludger’s magic gently wrapped around the mana that was about to explode.

Blue magical energy wrapped around the white light that seemed to explode soon.

Expansion in all directions, the overlapping elements that seemed about to explode soon gathered into a circle and gradually began to stabilize.

Seeing the scene, Flora felt her breath stop.

At that moment, Ludgar’s voice awakened her spirit.

“It’s not over yet. Don’t lose focus.”

Ludger’s thick and warm hand that held his hand and the reprimand that came flying like an accusation.

Flora came back to her senses and focused on using magic.

“If you stop here, your magic will disappear without accomplishing anything. Is it still good?”

At that, Flora gritted her teeth.

The magic that was trying to deviate gradually regained stability, but if it stopped here, neither one nor the other could be achieved.

said Rudger.

Since you’ve come this far, see the end.

‘okay. I’d rather leave it as it is… … !’

He couldn’t let the magic he was trying to spread disappear like this.

Flora responded by squeezing out all her remaining magic power.

In order to live up to the expectations of Ludgar who helped him, he had to complete this magic now.


The three rounded elements gradually decreased in size, and eventually began to take on the shape of something faint.

Flora widened her eyes at the sweet scent that brushed her nose.


The scattered and wild colors return to their original places.


Beyond that, they began to harmonize beautifully.


With trembling lips, she gazed at the magic that was manifesting in front of her.

The first start was because of Ogi and sudden greed.

Triple stacking of attribute elements that had previously failed.

The reason for challenging it was, in fact, like a child’s childish behavior to get words of praise to come out of Ludger’s mouth, who had ignored him.

For Flora, who was born with a talent for magic, even difficult high-level magic was something she could eventually achieve.

That’s why magic was so easy and natural for Flora.

I was not happy with my success,

I didn’t dwell on failure.

Because it was something that could come naturally someday.

I think that mindset has not changed even now.

Even if you succeed in what you have failed so far, there will be no joy.

I thought so.

“You succeeded.”

At Ludger’s words, Flora’s voice did not come out.

It felt like something was pounding in my chest.

Her gaze was fixed on the finished element as if it had been nailed down.

Centered on frozen flames like sharp awls, white winds rotate fiercely in atomic orbits.

Three stacked elements of fire, ice, and wind combined into one.

Flora felt the delusion that her soul was taken away beyond her gaze at the brilliant beauty it evoked.


Cheryl, who was watching the scene nervously from the side, said so.


The magic she wanted to create was as beautiful as seeing a piece of art by itself.

In particular, Flora’s reaction was much more passionate than the other students.

What excites her is more than simple visual and olfactory pleasure.

It was a feeling of spiritual exhilaration, bubbling like a bubble from deep within the chest.

The sense of accomplishment of overcoming the wall you feel when you complete a magic that you have never been able to do before.

Even though it is said that he did not achieve it by himself, he could not deny this joy.


The magic that exerted all its power eventually turned into a colorful powder of light and disappeared.

As I watched the scene as if possessed, Ludger opened his mouth.

“Flora Lumos.”

“yes. Mr. Rudger.”

Flora calmly answered Ludger’s call.

But she was only on the outside, not on the inside.

If Rudger uttered words of praise here, she might burst into tears of joy.

She was so excited right now.

“You did something stupid.”

“yes. … … yes?”

However, at the cold words that came out of Ludger’s mouth, Flora belatedly realized what she had done.


She almost endangered all the students in the classroom for her own greed.

Facing the reality she had forgotten in the joy of succeeding in magic, Flora could only bow her head gloomily.

“Anyone who tries a new magic and fails can do that. However, the one who has to bear the price of that failure must eventually be himself. Not the other students, but you.”

“… … sorry.”

Rudger was right 100 times.

She almost endangered her classmates.

At the end, he felt responsible and put on a magic barrier, but could he have completely blocked the damage with it?

If Rudger hadn’t stepped forward.

someone might be dead

“But above all, what I rebuke, Flora Lumos, is your inexperience in magic.”


It’s magic immaturity. What do you mean?

“When you first cast Element Stack, you mixed the elements of fire and ice, right?”

“yes. It was.”

“Fire and ice are at odds with each other. So it’s hard to mix them together. Beyond making sure that each other’s spells don’t collide, they have to harmonize with each other to produce a stronger effect.”

“yes that’s right.”

And Flora Lumos has done just that.

It is the materialization of one magic by mixing the opposite powers.

“… … Where do you think my magic is immature?”

There was no choice but to mix sadness in his voice.

If you’re just going to reprimand yourself, all you have to do is use unreasonable triplex magic.

Why are you pointing out the overlapping elements of fire and ice that this side has achieved perfectly?

Flora thought that Ludgar might be trying to undermine the evaluation of the existing overlapping elements by using his mistake as an excuse.

‘No, but still… … .’

when she is in danger.

Ludgar helped her overcome the magic barrier she had created and control the runaway magic.

Beyond understanding magic and penetrating the structure of magic formulas, a situation in which the person himself could be in danger if he did not excel in mana control.

Rudgar helped her by taking that risk.

There was no reason for Ludger to just mercilessly cut her down.

But still, there was nothing unfair about it.

I just wanted to hear the compliments.

Just as he was about to be disappointed, Ludger created a sphere of ice and flame with magic.

“I will show you why I am immature.”

Rudger merged the two elements he created into one.

Adjust the formula so that the magic of both attributes does not collide.

Combining two spells into one.

Implement overlapping elements to harmonize with each other.

Flora stared intently, not wanting to miss it.

The whole process was obviously similar to what she had tried.

But the results were not the same.


Because Flora’s overlapping element, which simply made flames as beautiful as ice, and Ludger’s overlapping element were fundamentally different.

Flora Lumos compared the overlapping elements she created with those created by Ludgar.

A combination of fire and ice.

In terms of elements, there is obviously nothing different.

However, the results of the two elements were very different.

appearance? That is true, but fundamentally, the aura of the overlapping element itself is different.

Flora, who is especially sensitive to magic, could feel it more clearly than anyone else.

The color and smell itself were different from hers.

It is clearer and more fragrant.

“Flora Lumos. Do you know what this nesting element I created is?”

Flora hesitated for a moment, then nodded.

I couldn’t have known if I didn’t know.

“… … yes.”

“Then please explain.”

“… … The overlapping elements created by the teacher have different magical wills. The spread of the flame and the power to devour the surroundings coexist with the coldness of the ice attribute.”

“On the other hand, what about yours?”


“I asked how about yours.”

Flora only pursed her lips, but was speechless.

In the end, Rudd opened his mouth instead.

“Flora Lumos. The overlapping element you created is just beautiful in shape, magic with no practicality.”

Flora flinched at that sharp word.

You don’t have to be so harsh.

Those words reached her throat, but the moment she met Ludger’s sincere gaze, they went in.

“Magic must be practical. If not that, at least, meaningless magic shouldn’t exist. That is the basic proposition of all magic.”

Rudger said this before entering the class.

That magic should be used in a better way.

Not to kill something, but to create and achieve something.

That it leads the world in a more right direction.

“But Flora. How was your magic?”

“I am… … .”

“Frozen flames. It’s a form of the basic blazing form of flame, with the element of ice heavily wrapped around it. okay. sure it’s beautiful Because it froze the shape of the burning fire.”

Rudgar said in his usual voice.

“But that is all.”

“… … .”

Flora had nothing to say even with ten mouths.

Because everything Ludger said was true.

“Are you planning on getting a job at a circus with this magic? Or, did you intend to go to the Crystal Palace in the capital and put your magic on display beautifully?”

“… … It’s not like that.”

“Then what is the purpose of your magical existence? Is it just self-aggrandizement, to show off that you can use nesting elements?”


Rudger’s point was irrefutable.

I don’t know where I can use it, just beautiful magic.

I was bragging about being able to use elemental stacks, nothing more and nothing less.

“I would appreciate the fact that he mixed the wind with it and gave it some intention. Even that failed.”

At the words of the last wedge, Flora bowed her head.

Sheryl, who was sitting next to her, looked at her with a worried expression, but even she couldn’t bring comfort in this situation.

Rudger sprayed the [Scorching Cold Air] he created into the air.

The superimposed elements that went up close to the high ceiling of the lecture hall exploded like fireworks.


For a moment, all the students in the classroom had the illusion that they heard the sound of ice ‘burning’.

The cold air, like pure white frost, spread widely throughout the lecture hall without even reaching the ceiling, blowing soft sleet.

It fell and melted away before reaching the students.

However, all the students gathered here could feel it.

That, in terms of spreading flames, is magic that is the opposite of anything else.

That it is the most optimal magic for extinguishing fire.

“Flora Lumos. The overlapping of the four attributes was quite interesting. I’ve never seen a mage with that level of skill at that age.”

Flora’s eyes, distracted by Ludger’s magic, returned to Ludger.

The moment I face the face of the man who is looking at me with a pitying look.

She felt guilty for nothing, and her heart was full.

“But the direction of your actions is wrong. I’m not discussing your skills. We are talking about something far more fundamental than that.”

“… … .”

“Don’t use magic just for show. Rather, Flora, it lowers your value.”

“My, is it worth it?”

“okay. This is heartfelt advice for you.”

You mean discussing the value of this side of the story so far.

But Flora had no choice but to agree with Ludger’s words.

He said that the magic he created was just a show-off to show off his skills and elicit praise from others.

Conversely, what Rudger created was much more practical, even though it overlapped the same elements as hers.

The power of flame lies in its firepower, but once attached, it does not go out properly and spreads in an instant.

Big events that happen with fire always happen with a big fire.

Rudger put that characteristic into the cold.

The moment it explodes, the cold chill spreads and spreads like an infectious disease.

Its purpose was to extinguish the spreading fire by swallowing it in reverse.

Considering that the magic until now was to make ice purely in the form of a weapon and shoot it out, or to make a blizzard rage over a wide area.

What Rudger created was very practical.

‘Again, I lost.’

I thought I would get recognition this time, but it wasn’t.

Far from being proud, Flora realized how impatient and foolish she was.

‘It’s never been like this before.’

Above all, the sincere gaze that Rudger showed towards himself.

It didn’t go out of my mind.

An attitude of genuine concern, not ridicule or contempt for this side.

‘Has anyone looked at me like this?’

There was no

There were always only two eyes on her.


and jealousy.

Not to mention the family, the brothers and sisters you don’t want to see.

Beyond her classmates, even her seniors were jealous of her.

And so did the teachers in Seorn.

Even after years of learning magic, Flora’s talent quickly caught up with it.

Every time that happened, the eyes of the teachers were always engulfed in unbearable flames of jealousy.

Flora knew that, but didn’t show it.

Because that’s what real talent is. There was no need to flinch at the gaze of those who were jealous of his talent.

But I had no intention of letting go.

So it gave a more overwhelming appearance and trampled on their pride.

I thought that was natural.

But today.

For the first time in her life, Flora was taken aback by Ludger’s unfamiliar attitude.

‘Mr. Rudger.’

Rescue her from almost failing magic.

It helped me to cross the wall of the triple element element that I hadn’t been able to cross so far.

And he looked straight at her and even gave her a tingling admonition.

Flora suddenly realized belatedly that she was dizzy and short of breath.

depletion of power.

He had consumed too much mana to realize triple-layered elemental magic.

‘I think I’m going to die of exhaustion, but I wonder if the teacher is okay?’

Even though Ludger, who had suppressed the exploding mana, would have consumed much more mana, his breath was not disturbed.

First time.

Feeling the real ‘wall’.

And the wall was so high and thick that I wasn’t sure if I could get over it.

Still, I didn’t want to give up.

Flora was pleased.

Flora strongly promised herself that she would definitely surpass him next time.



Rudger, who secretly hid in his mouth, chewed on the magic recovery pill, shuddered without realizing it.

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