I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 388

◈ Episode 388 Single Bridge (2)

That looks a bit dangerous.

Rimray aimed his sword at Ludger.


And a blue magic cannon that shoots.

The magic cannon even blocked Ludger’s escape route and tried to swallow him.

At that moment, the golden light turned into something.

It took the form of a man, and behind it was full of innumerable golden hands.

Those hands moved and blocked Rimray’s magic cannon.

The hands disappeared one after another, as if they couldn’t block the magic cannon at once, but there were too many of them.

In the end, the magic cannon lost its power and disappeared before reaching Ludgar.

“It’s the first magic I’ve ever seen. It is neither a spirit nor a magic number. It’s literally out of the category of normal magic.”

“This is my original magic.”

“Did you create it yourself?”

“It’s just a humble result of seeing and following the wisdom of our ancestors.”

“Now I understand how I analyzed and used my book selection at once.”

Rimrey said that and began to formulate a spell.

Rudger jumped out of his seat to avoid giving Rimray a chance and rushed towards him.

The Buddha statue behind him gave off a brilliant light.

Rimray was not taken aback by the dazzling light.

He calmly composed the spell without stopping.

It was then that I felt a grip on my ankle.

When he looked down, a long shadow from Ludger’s body rose like a vine and bound his ankles.

It was thanks to the strong light from behind, and the shadows lengthened.

‘Was that light just a means for this?’

Rimray put magic power on his leg and lightly cut it off.

The mighty magic power he possessed eased these restraints lightly.

In the meantime, Rudger took out several reagent bottles from inside the cloak of shadows.

The reagent bottle was entangled in the shadow, and then disappeared like magic.

The reagent bottle reappeared above Rimray’s head, on the ceiling of the wide hall.

Rudgar cleverly transmitted it to a fairly long distance, minimizing the coordinate distortion error caused by Rimray’s magical power.

Even if it wasn’t directly overhead, it wasn’t much different from dropping from a high ceiling.

“joy. Kind of a prank.”

Rimray snorted and shook his sword.

A soft wind blew and wrapped around the reagent bottle that Rudger had thrown, and blew it towards Rudger in the opposite direction.


When Rimray snapped his fingers, lines of magical power were drawn and the reagent bottle was shattered.

The contents inside were splashed on Rudger’s body, but Rudger ignored it and rushed at it.

‘It wasn’t a reagent?’

Rimray clicked his tongue and placed a magic barrier in front of Ludger.

Before long, Rudger, who rushed in, collided with the barrier.

The pitch-black cloak around Rudgar’s back split left and right.

It turned into the hand of a gigantic beast, dug into the center of the barrier, and tore it to the left and right.

It was clear that such a thing was possible even though it was not an ordinary barrier because the shadow itself had the power to distort space.

‘Is that shadow, or is it the nature of magic beasts?’

If you think about it, even when Rudger jumped through space, he moved using shadows as a medium.

Rudger, who tore the barrier left and right, scattered the cloak that eventually turned into an arm in all directions.

Just like a flower in full bloom flutters its petals in the wind.

The black fragments that flew like embers in the air eventually turned into the shape of an evil spirit and surrounded Rimray.

Solomon’s Lesser Key That First Stands.

river drink.

Ars Goetia.

Limray grabbed the stone pole with both hands and stamped it on the floor.

Let’s go!

At the same time, magical threads were shot in all directions like arrows and pierced all 72 evil spirits.

“It’s pretty fun. It looks like a devil, but it’s not a devil, it’s like a summoning, but it’s closer to the material world.”

The tightly stretched threads got tangled together, and eventually 72 evil spirits were tied to one place.

The demons struggled, but the thread was stronger.

At that time, a Buddha statue appeared behind Ludger’s back and stretched out its arms toward Rimray.

The hand that was thrown out quickly aimed for Rimray’s head, but was caught by another huge hand that appeared from the air.

Behind Rimray’s back, the giant raised its upper body.

“that… … .”

“It’s not that I can’t summon.”

Rimrey’s magic beast was a giant god soldier with a bloated upper body.

The white-skinned giant god lifted his arms and caught the golden hand that was being sent out.

Jigsaw Jigsaw!

As the two beings, the Buddha and the Colossus, entered into a power struggle, sparks made of magical power flew around them one after another.

In the midst of that collision, Rimray and Ludger stared at each other from a distance.

Rudger threw out his sword stick, and Rimray blocked it with his sword.

Rimray whirled the sword, spilled his sword stick, and aimed at Ludger’s temple.

Familiar and natural bongsul.

Despite being a mage, Rimray had extensive experience in close combat.

Rudger, who lowered his head and narrowly avoided the stone, stretched out his left hand.


A blade hidden under his wrist popped out and aimed at Rimray’s forehead.

It was a hidden blade mounted on an armrest made by Seridan.

However, Rimray guessed something was coming the moment Rudger reached out.

Rimrey placed the recovered stone scepter in front of his forehead.

The sharpened and hidden blade was blocked by the stone.

At that moment, a hidden wire was shot out and wrapped around the stone pole.

Rudger pulled his left arm, and Rimray had to hold on with strength to avoid losing the medal.

In the midst of an instant contest of strength, Rimray spoke.

“You’ve been hiding all kinds of interesting weapons.”

“Isn’t that the same for each other?”

At Ludger’s words, Rimray put a smile on his lips.

As if to prove it, the bracelet on Rimray’s left arm lit up.

The light hit Rudgar’s wire and cut it in the middle.

At that timing, Rudger stabbed the sword stick, but it was after Rimray’s thin thread had already wrapped around the blade.

It was Rimray’s special skill, the thread of magical power.

Rimray gathered the mana at the tip of the sword, turned it into a spear blade, and stabbed it through Ludger’s heart.

However, the stone did not touch Ludger’s body.

It was the same for this one, because the meaning thread was wrapped around the stone scepter.

It caught the light and shimmered silver, and was different from the magical thread he was using.


“I know how to write something similar.”

Rudger said while pulling the thread made of [flowing silver].

“Besides, mine is better.”

Right after that, the shape of the gift changed, and countless thorns sprouted from the top of the stone statue.

Even if it was Rim Ray, he had no choice but to let go of the hand that held the Scepter.

Ludger snatched the stone and threw it away.

“You’ve lost your weapon, too, so what now?”

“What the heck.”

Rimray muttered that, and then took a stance.

The posture of lowering the body and extending the arms behind it resembled trying to swing something.

Magical power formed in the empty space, and eventually transformed into a huge bastard sword.


The greatsword, whose body alone was over 2m long, contained chilling magical power that made the spine tingle just by looking at it.

Rimray vigorously swung the greatsword made of ice with one hand.

Along the trail, countless ice awls were scattered and frost settled in the air.

In the cold air that pierced his skin, Ludger raised a shadow to block the greatsword.


The cold chill could be felt beyond the shadows, but there was nothing terribly dangerous.

At that moment, Rimray rushed towards Ludger.

As he slammed the ice greatsword into the ground, he raised an ice awl from the ground, and at the same time stretched out his other hand to generate magic.

Jigsaw Jigsaw!

It was a sword of lightning that sent a stinging electric current in all directions.

The curved sword, whose blade was curved like a crescent moon, boasted power equivalent to, or even greater than, that of an ice greatsword.

The barrier of shadow easily collapsed.

Rudgar infused magic into the sword stick to block the lightning curve.


The magical energy collided with each other and a huge shock wave exploded.

Centered on the two, the floor of the mansion split like a spider’s web.

“What do you think I would have been doing as a one-man school? Did you think it was over when you took the weapon?”

“It’s the magic of the Southern Kingdom of Fatima. A skill to fight by embodying highly pure elements into weapons. Was close combat your specialty?”

“I flew a lot in the old days.”

Chae Chae Chae!

Swords collided one after another in the air.

Rimray’s movements were so fast that it was hard to believe that he was old.

Even if he had been strengthened with magical powers, there was no way that such a movement would be possible at his age.

It was probably possible because he trained regularly.

Rudger also faced him without backing down.

The ice picks on the ground were melted using fire arrows, and while doing so, he did not stop attacking by poking loopholes in the middle through the source code.

Rimray also swung his sword to evade the attack or spread a magic barrier in a small area to block it.

At that moment, Rimray reached out to Ludger with the hand that did not hold the lightning sword.

I could see the bracelet on my wrist making a jingling sound.


The moment I realized that, the back of my head rang.

Rudger lowered his head without even confirming.

Right after that, the stone he threw far away passed overhead.


Rimray held the flying stone scepter in his hand and surrounded it with flames.

A lightning sword in his left hand.

A flame spear in his right hand.

His appearance, clad in tremendous magic power, was no different from a warrior who lived for the struggle.

“Did you put such a function on the seat?”

“Isn’t that what you’re talking about?”

Rimray said that, then frowned.

My eyes were slightly blurred, but my body felt heavy.


Rimray saw the eye light inside the crow’s mask curved like a crescent moon.


“… … I see. The reagent you just sprayed.”

Rimray realized what had happened to him.

A reagent bottle that Rudger dropped on his head.

I gave it back to Rudger, but Rudger took the contents intact.

I thought it was just a gimmick when I saw that he was fine, but wasn’t it?

‘Even inhaling what is vaporized and distributed in the air is this much power.’

It’s like enduring a huge amount of magic power doping, and being fine with that poison.

Poison-free constitution.

It couldn’t have been given innately, so he must have gone through something like that.

“You, too, have lived a very eventful life.”

Rimrey converted a part of the magic power that was wrapped around her body into a magic formula.

Accommodation was absorbed into the body through Limray’s skin and began to drive out the toxins in the body.

Rimrey’s breathing, which had been rapid, returned to normal in an instant.

In the meantime, Ludger attacked several times, but due to Rimray’s lightning and fire, he was unable to land a proper blow.

“Do you know how to use decryption magic?”

“Did you forget? To get to this secret mansion, you have to cross a dangerous forest. The forest is also full of flora with all sorts of dangerous toxins. It was a preparation for that.”


As if his energy was exhausted, Rimray reaped the Wind of Lightning.

Instead, he held the flaming scepter with both hands.

The momentum of the flames wrapped around the scepter grew stronger.

The fluttering embers engulfed the surrounding space without disappearing.

unquenchable fire.

Rudger thought that the flame was very impressive and familiar at the same time.

“You embody emotions in magic.”

“okay. This fire is the manifestation of My wrath. It will never go out unless you break my will.”

“Is that why you did this? To avenge the School of Truth?”

“Revenge is just a process to achieve what I want.”

Before I knew it, the space around Rimray was engulfed in flames.

The opposite of that heat was staring at Ludger with cold eyes.

Rimrey wasn’t even vigilant.

He treated Ludger as a strong equal to himself and entered the fight.

“Then what are you fighting so hard for?”

“Did you think that if I asked you something like that, you would give me an honest answer? You, too, are hiding your identity and working behind the scenes.”

“I will not deny it.”

“But before I go, I’ll give you a word as a gift. There is only one reason I fight.”

Rimray swung the scepter of flame with a big blow and spewed out flames.

It hit the golden Buddha statue, which was still struggling, and pushed it back.


The Colossus, whose arms were intact, raised both hands into the air.


grip support.

In both hands of the Colossus, a greatsword made of ice and a curved sword made of lightning were held.

Each weapon showed off its element and ate up the space around it.

Rimray’s surroundings became a place overflowing with such cold cold, scorching heat, and sharp currents.

It’s a completely ridiculous field that can’t even be called hell anymore.

The shadow of Ater Nocturnus shook greatly as if he was intimidated by that.

‘The guy who wasn’t afraid even when he fought Casey Selmore.’

But I understand.

That’s because Rimrey’s momentum was intense, and more than that, his weaponry was outstanding.

“Ludger Chelsea. Don’t ask me either.”

Rimray did not use the term “you bastard” or “youngster” to Ludger.

I just quietly called his name.

However, the meaning of the action was very great.

“What are you fighting for?”

Why are you asking such a thing now?

Saying it doesn’t mean it won’t save you.

“We fight to live.”

“It’s just a superficial reason.”

Rimray did not accept Ludger’s answer as it was.

Because he had lived for a long time, he saw through that Ludger’s words were not the perfect truth.

“I didn’t have to come to this dangerous place to live. yet you came That action is, in the end, a contradiction.”

“That too.”

Ludeuk laughed.

Rimray’s elemental field began to encroach on Ludgar’s surroundings.

“okay. ask again What are you fighting for?”

“I have no reason to fight.”

“Is there anything wrong?”

“yes. For very personal reasons.”

Rimray realized the truth.

To be so desperate to fight for personal reasons.


“okay. It’s personal, so you can fight like that. Neither do I.”


“okay. Let’s finish it slowly. Show me all you have.”

“I was thinking of that anyway.”

Ludger gathered the blue magic fog scattered around and used magic.

Solomon’s Little Key.

“Altar Wine”

Ars Almadel Salomonis.

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