I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 386

◈ Episode 386 Breakthrough (2)

Rudger and the others were able to save their strength thanks to the magic beast Roina summoned.

The slug magic beast moved slowly, but it was like an unstoppable tank.

Being slow is also something like that compared to its size, but for a human, it was at the level of walking a little fast, so the speed wasn’t too bad.

If it’s the biggest feature, should I say that it gradually grows in size while sucking the magic of the shadow knights?

It used to be huge, but now it has grown to the point where it almost fills the hallway.

“Even though the name is strange, the ability is amazing.”

Arfa managed to get the word out.

Sempas and Ludger flinched involuntarily, but fortunately, the things they were worried about did not happen.

There was no reaction from Roina, who was following Kniness.

no. In fact, there was a reaction.

A tightly clenched fist or a shivering shoulder.

It was clear that he had heard Arfa’s words.

But I deliberately pretended not to hear, pretended not to hear.

‘I know I’m ashamed too.’

The appearance is gross, but the name is also ridiculous.

Even if the form of the magic beast cannot be changed by the summoner himself, it is purely Roina himself who has named it.

Perhaps Roina will forever regret choosing that name.

However, the name of a magic beast once chosen cannot be changed throughout life.

The name is close to a kind of contract that the owner inscribed on the magic beast. The moment it is decided, it becomes the essence of the magic number.

If you change the name, you can’t use the ability of the magic beast properly because it negates the essence.

‘Thinking about it, I should have advised the children in class to think carefully when naming magic trees.’

I was busy, so I didn’t pay attention to that part.

Usually, it’s cool on their own, or they build it with their own favorite tone.

Who would have known that we would witness such an extreme example in a place like this.

Meanwhile, the party pushed through the hallway quickly.

Roina’s magic number, Gingingi, stopped growing huge at some point.

Instead, it squirted slimy mucus from its body, soaking the walls, ceiling, and floor.

Arpa freaked out when he saw the sticky mucus sticking to the soles of his shoes.


“This is liquefied magic.”

Ludger realized what the slime that Roina’s magic water was made of was.

It was the result of discharging the mana absorbed by the magical water out of the body in a different form.

Roina, who was leading the way, answered with a proud tone.

“that’s right. It is in the form of a semi-solid gel that is more viscous than an actual liquid.”

“Is this one of the magic beast’s abilities?”

“My magical beast is practically unsuitable for combat. Rather, it is closer to the support side.”


Looking at the slime everywhere, Ludger recalled a disturbing imagination.

“I hope this… … .”

“If you consume it when you run out of magic power, you can recover. It’s practically an impromptu mana potion.”

“… … .”

Rudger was surprised.

It was also a fairly complex reason.

One was the existence of a magical beast that could create mana potions on the spot.

There is a condition to absorb mana, but even taking that into account, the results are outstanding.

It was no different from automatically extracting water by collecting dew in a desert without water.

It was clear that the magic number would be of great help in a moment of crisis.

Among the many magical beasts that Rudger has seen so far, he is definitely one of the few in terms of support.

And in a different way, I was surprised.

The result of that great process was that sticky slime.

“Could it be that mana is restored by eating this directly?”

“of course. Otherwise, mana cannot be recovered. Who puts potions on their skin?”

Eating slime from a giant slug?

It was an option I wouldn’t choose even if I collapsed immediately due to exhaustion of mana.

More than that, Rudger couldn’t wait for Roina’s confident answer.

“… … Have you ever tried it?”

“… … .”

Roina averted her gaze.

However, with her mouth poking out, she muttered a little as if protesting.

“… … It is quite delicious.”

“… … .”

Rudger took a step back from Roina.

Seeing this, Roina screamed.

“Oh, why!”

“Do not come closer.”

“What! My, what’s wrong with eating the result of my magic beast?”

“Eating is the problem.”

“Hey, this was an experiment! Some kind of research! That, so it’s only natural for a wizard!”

“At least I don’t think I will eat.”

“… … .”

Roina decided not to say that the taste was not bad because it was like jelly.

It was because he realized that it was useless to talk about it any more.

“What, are there any other effects?”


Oh, I parted my lips, perhaps thinking of Roina.

“What is it?”

“I applied it on my skin once, and it was pretty cool, which I liked.”

“You mean skin?”

Rudger glanced at Roina’s skin.

For someone who hasn’t exercised at all, her skin is white and beautiful.

Of course, it may be that there are not many waste products in the body because of the powerful mana achieved by reaching the 6th tier.

But strangely, is it a mere illusion that women see a future that seems to cling to Kwingi?

‘That’s not what’s important right now.’

Rudger watched the whimper, which gradually spewed out more mucus.

I couldn’t shake the feeling that something had reached its limit.

It was the same with Roina, the owner of the pet.

“It’s a big deal.”

“Has the magic number reached its limit?”

“yes. Whinning is absorbing mana and draining as much of it as possible, but the amount absorbed is greater than the rate at which it drains.”

Even now, the magic number that was advancing was absorbing mana from the shadow knights.

However, no matter how great a magic number is, there is a limit.

At this rate, the magic beast will be reverse summoned.

Roina picked up the slime flowing on the window sill with one hand, as if she had made up her mind.

“Now that this has happened, I will use great magic once again… … Kyaaak!”


Roina screamed.

It was the sound of Rudger hitting Roina on the head with a sword sheath.

Roina turned to Ludger with tears in her eyes.

Her eyes were filled with the emotion of ‘why?’

“Will you do something that offends me out of sight?”

“Rain, what an insult. What a decision I made and what I did… … .”

“You don’t have to. Because it arrived.”

Gwynn, who had been leading the way while procrastinating, turned his body to the side.

It was because a large space appeared in front of them.

A huge hall similar to the central hall entered through the front door.

At the center was a magic circle.

A crystal was floating in the air at the center of the magic circle, and the shadow knights rose one by one around the crystal.

Among them, what caught the party’s attention were the people lined up around the magic circle.

They are guys.

the culprit in this case.

Just as Ludgar recognized them, the enemies also noticed the intruder’s presence.

“damn! How did you get here?”

“Ignore it! Push with the knights!”

The knights rushed towards the party all at once.


As Roina shouted, a giant slug the size of a house now stood in the forefront and stopped the knights.

The knights attacked, but the damage was not so great because of the smooth skin and huge mass of flesh.

However, the damage steadily accumulated.

It was because the mana he had absorbed was leaking out at high speed through the gaping wounds.

“I can’t last long!”

“That’s enough.”

Rudger stepped out and jumped high.

The cloak of shadows that flowed down his shoulders spread thin and wide, taking the shape of wings.

Ludger, who jumped over the knights and glided through the air, fell into the center of the enemies who controlled the magic circle.


“One! Kill them!”

The Orders of the Black Dawn did not recognize Ludger.

It was because he was wearing a mask of black shadow over his face, which was what Ludger was aiming for.

If they recognized Ludger here and pretended to know him, they would have been in an awkward position.

Staffs were pointed at Rudger from all sides.

All of the remnants of the Black Dawn gathered here are wizards with quite a bit of skill.

They must be the elite under Leslie, so of course the level was high.


The turbulent magic power made Ludger’s skin tingle with the Ather Nocturnus.

high level magic. It is also to prepare for something powerful.

Although it is very dangerous magic to use in a place where they are gathered.

‘For those who are prepared for death, it must be meaningless.’

What made the Black Dawn even more insane was their attitude toward others.

They don’t care if their comrades get caught up in it and die.

It’s not because they’re selfish.

Even if he died at the hands of his comrades, it was close to madness to protect this position without fail.

Some tried to block Ludger’s attack by wearing defensive magic.

The distribution of roles between defense and attack is clear.


The person presumed to be the Second Order shouted that and fired magic at Ludger.

Four pillars of ice were fired at Ludger like cannons.

Rudger, who had been still until then, disappeared as if it were suddenly extinguished under his feet.


The poor pillar swept away the other Orders of the Dawn and the newly risen Shadow Knight.

“It’s gone!”

Confused, the Second Order looked around in search of Ludger.

The action did not last long.


It was because Ludger, who had risen from the shadow behind him, stabbed his heart with a sword stick.

“Uh, how… … .”

“No matter how magical the mansion is, moving this short distance is no task.”

The Second Order died with eyes wide open at Ludgar’s answer echoing inside the mask.

Other wizards who belatedly noticed the death of the Second Order tried to counterattack.

Ludgar’s magic was much faster.

The spell of [Source Code] that manifested at the same time stabbing and killing the Second Order.

A solid line of magic drawn in front of Ludger’s eyes.

However, what is contained in it is a collection of precise and complex techniques like a machine.

manifestation of magic.

Countless magics printed through the source code were scattered in all directions, sweeping away the remnants of the Black Dawn.

“Bah, defend!”

The quick-witted ones immediately went to the defense, but it was a foolish move.

Rudger was not alone in this place.


An explosion erupted from behind, sweeping away the Orders of the Dawning who were about to spark a counterattack.

It happened when Sempas and Arfa joined together.

Roina used magic to open a path, and Sempas and Arpa, who had squeezed through the gap, stirred up the enemies.

It’s not a standard fight, it’s a dog fight where it’s difficult to distinguish between friends and foes.

However, neither Sempas nor Arpa were reluctant to fight in the mud.

The most dangerous thing in a melee is that in a reckless fight, it is impossible to distinguish between friends and foes.

However, it was not a problem for the automaton that clearly distinguishes between peers under any circumstances and the battle mage whose main event is melee.

As if the two were competing, they mercilessly defeated the wizards.

With the Black Dawn Circuit, I couldn’t erase the feeling of being surrounded in front and behind.

This side has more numbers, but we were surrounded.

At first glance, it was a funny remark, but looking at the individual skills alone, it was not wrong.

“Protect! Risk your life to protect this place!”

“You can’t ruin the plan!”

The Black Dawn did not run away.

They gritted their teeth and tried to fight.

However, the powerless people’s outbursts were, in the end, nothing more than a pointless waste of life.

It didn’t take long for all the remnants of the Black Dawn to turn into cold corpses.


Rudgar destroyed the small crystal floating in the center of the magic circle.

At the same time, the shadow knights that were created endlessly collapsed like a mirage.

When the knights who filled most of the hall disappeared, the party could barely breathe a sigh of relief.

In particular, Roina, who was in charge of the knights with the magical beast, suffered greatly.

“It looks like everyone has consumed a lot of mana, would you like some?”

“… … .”

“… … .”

Roina held out a handful of gel in her hand and said.

Rudger and Sempas did not answer.

Arfa turned her head and whistled as if she didn’t mind at all since she wasn’t a magician.

In the end, Rudger put up his arms again and answered.

“it’s okay. It didn’t consume that much mana.”

“Don’t lie. Are you afraid I don’t know that? You spent a lot!”

“… … I have a recovery medicine that I take separately, so I will take it with my heart.”

“If you don’t know, it’s better if you save it. This is a natural mana restorer, so you can eat as much as you like.”

As if Roina was going to boldly go out now, she persistently forced the slime.

At this point, it was clear that he had a mindset that only he could not die.

“ruler. Please eat. Is it really delicious?”

It was the moment when Rudger was about to tell him to stop, as his eyes seemed to be savoring them.


Roina opened her eyes wide, and then she straightened up and collapsed like a doll with a broken thread.

out of nowhere situation.

However, everyone in the seat responded quickly.


Sempas and Ludger’s barriers bounced off the sharp strings of magic that followed.

surprise attack.

A new enemy emerges.

The words popped into everyone’s heads at the same time.

As Sempas was about to launch his next counterattack, Rudger shouted.

“Don’t defend yourself, back away!”

Sempas heard the warning, but it was too late.

After the attack that flew secretly for a surprise attack, there was a huge magic bullet that shattered the opponent’s defenses completely.


The magic barrier shattered, and Semphas, hit by the attack, flew back coughing up blood.

But Rudger couldn’t see his condition.

‘If you reveal even a little loophole, you will be punished.’

The enemy was strong.

Even so, it was clear that if I turned my back here, I would get my neck bitten.

Rudger calmed down and stared at the enemy entering alone.

“After all, you are here.”

There was a weak but bitter emotion in his blue eyes.

“Old Limray.”



Waving a staff in the form of a stone pole, Rimrey appeared.

“I didn’t want to come here, but.”

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