I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 382

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◈ Episode 382 Hidden Space (2)

Everything else is full of dust, but only the book is clean.

Rudger looked around.

I was distracted by the hidden room and began to see things I hadn’t noticed before.


Several footprints were left in this hidden space, showing that others had entered and exited.

Compared to the dust and footprints that have accumulated in the past, it is not recent.

But it wasn’t even that long ago.

“Arfa. Go out and grab as much attention as possible if anyone comes.”

“all right.”

After sending Arfa out, Rudger opened the book and quickly skimmed through the contents.

The book was a record left by the man who inherited the mansion.

‘indeed. They must have locked the door of the mansion through this information.’

The book described the types of mysteries that existed in the mansion, the magic traps, and how to deal with the function of the mansion itself.

Among them, the reason why the Black Dawn locked the door of the mansion was because it touched an organ existing in the mansion.

‘But why did you just lock the door? If I knew how to use the mystery of the mansion in reverse, I wouldn’t have to do such a troublesome thing.’

Rudger immediately realized why.

It wasn’t that they didn’t take the other way.

that’s what i didn’t do

‘Right. This content was eventually written in an ancient language, so even the Black Dawn couldn’t understand it all.’

Wouldn’t it be fortunate if it was fortunate that the only interpretation was about the mansion’s organ?

If they had intervened in the mansion’s magic traps and mysteries, then this place would be a hellish mansion, not a secret mansion.

Rudger, who was quickly turning the pages, caught his eye involuntarily to another book on the desk in the office.


The leather-covered book felt modest compared to the other books in the library.

However, the important thing about the book was what was written on the inside, not the outside.

It’s definitely not an ordinary book in that it’s not in a library, but in this hidden space.

Ludger, who picked up the book, opened his eyes wide at the words written at the beginning.

[All this knowledge is reserved for those cursed with nothingness. Please help.]

‘Curse of nothingness?’

Rudger felt a sense of déjà vu and immediately turned to the next page.

[Those who are unable to express blessings and grace even though they are chosen. Rather, those whose bodies are broken and who do not pass the age of thirty. The unknown grace they possess is tantamount to a curse to them.]

That’s why the name attached is the curse of futility.

Rudgar realized that these symptoms were very similar to those with non-attribute magic.

Beyond similarities, the curse of futility mentioned here was clearly non-attribute magic.

‘I finally found it.’

Rudger felt a little elated at the thought that he had accomplished one of his purposes for being here.

But it’s still too early to rejoice.

‘You’ll have to read it to know how helpful the contents of this book really are.’

Rudger concentrated and carefully turned the pages.

At that moment, a loud signal was heard from outside.

“ah! Have you already looked back and returned?”

Arfa intentionally raised her voice and signaled to Rudger.

You said you came already?

Rudger looked down at the book in his hand with a moment of hesitation.

Rudger immediately closed the book, put it on the desk, and left the hidden room.

Arfa’s voice was coming from beyond the bookshelf, invisible from here.

But the distance wasn’t that far, and it was still getting closer.

Rudger closed the door to the hidden room.

Rudger, who checked the bookshelf that closed without making any noise, immediately ran into the person who had come this way.

“You came sooner than expected.”

Looking at Rimray who came with Arfa, Rudger said lightly.

In his hand was a book he had just picked up from the bookshelf.

“Did you check all the areas you were assigned?”

“okay. There was nothing useful about it. I was fooling around, but you came here to see if you figured out something.”

Rimrey said and glanced around.

“What did you miss?”


“Tsk. How are you going to get out of here?”

“Where are the others?”

“I’m still in my area. It will take some time. It’s me, I checked right away because of my [book selection] magic, but they’re not.”

“Then let’s go help. I’ve just finished exploring this side, so I have some time to spare.”

Rudger naturally led Rimray and joined Roina and Sempas.

“Did you have any income?”


“This one too.”

“Hmm. That is a very difficult situation.”

Rudger said and stroked his chin.



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The others were sorry for that, but only Arfa looked at Rudger in silence.

As everyone was pondering whether it would be good now, the door to the study, which had been closed, opened.

“It’s a study! There is a study here!”

“Finally found the right one!”

The people who entered through the open door were elderly people.

Rudger and Limray’s expressions hardened, and Roina’s face became blatantly disliked.

That’s because the group of people who entered the study were the [Truth School] magicians who they hated the most.

‘Did you wander around to find the study in this situation?’

Considering their usual words and actions, I didn’t think they would have visited the study to escape the mansion.

When everyone looked at the School of Truth with thoughts similar to Ludger’s, the wizards of the School of Truth also discovered Ludger’s group.


The old man in the lead frowned.

That skinny face was very nervous.

His gaze toward Rudger was not very nice.

For now, since we ran into each other, Rudger greeted them first out of courtesy.

“Nice to meet you, seniors. You have come to the study.”

“What are you?”

It was very rude to ask what it was.

But he didn’t seem to consider it rude at all.

“How the hell did you find this library? Did you come in by accident? no. It doesn’t matter what it is. This is where we came, so you guys should get out of here.”

At those words, Roina cried out in tears.

“What are you talking about now! We were here first!”

“what? How dare you shout so loudly in front of anyone!”

On the contrary, Roina shrugged her shoulders when her opponent came out with a red flag.

“I-I’m a 6th tier wizard… … .”

“It must be a half-tier 6 wizard.”

The opponent didn’t miss the weakening of Roina’s momentum.

As expected of an old man, he cunningly exploited Roina’s weaknesses.

“I heard that he almost died in a terrorist incident in the capital.

“That’s right. What to do when the hierarchy is high I am young and inexperienced.”

“Even arguing with one of the academy teachers.”

Roina trembled with each word.

She then lowered her head.

Seeing this, Sempas widened his eyes and raised his spirits.

“These crazy old people… … .”

The moment Sempa was about to say something, Ludger stepped forward and stopped him.

“… … Rudger Chelsea.”

“Remove your anger. I’m out here.”

“… … You want to leave those rude old people like this?”

“If we fight in a place like this, we will only lose each other. Let me know how to tell you well.”

Sempas tried to say something, but bit his lip and stepped back slightly.

I was angry, but it was possible because I recognized Rudger more than that.

Because Rudger, who is more versatile than himself, who can only fight, will cope better with the current situation.

After calming down Sempas, Ludger immediately stood in front of the wizards of the School of Truth and said,

“Shut that mouth. Wraiths with her hair dried and twisted.”


Sempas unknowingly spewed out at that unconventional remark, and Roina also raised her bowed head.

No, you said you solved it well?

Sempas stared at Ludger’s back with a look full of bewilderment.

What was embarrassing was the same for the magicians of the School of Truth who heard the verbal abuse from the front.

“Boy, what did you just say? uh? What did you say!”

“Are your ears blocked because you’re old? I told you to shut up.”

“this… … ! This guy is crazy! Dare to a senior like the sky!”

The head of the School of Truth shook his beard in anger and created magic.

The fluttering robe fluttered, and magical powers were shaped like flames.

It was the same with the other Truth School magicians who lined up behind them.

Even though they were wizards who focused on research, their rank as wizards was considerable as they had lived for a long time.

However, Rudger did not lose his composure even under the enormous pressure.


On the contrary, he did not even hide his cold ridicule towards the other person.

“Old people who rely only on authority and age without ability are alive.”

“what! This blue guy with no blood on his head is really crazy! my right now… … !”

“Right now, what?”


Rudger lowered his voice and released his mana all at once.

The air collided with the massive expansion of magical power, and the sound of something exploding rang in my ears.

Ludgar, who had released all his mana except for the minimum amount of mana required for the sealing ceremony, spoke with a bluish mist surrounding him.

“Are you planning to fight right here and now?”

No respect or courtesy.

Explicit and direct words.

However, the magicians of the School of Truth could not bear to respond to the provocation.

Those who tried to scare them, rather scared them off.

‘Muh, what kind of mana… … !’

Around Ludgar, there was a magical fog phenomenon that spreads when controlling high-density mana.

Among the magicians of the School of Truth, there was not a single one capable of that skill.

This is possible because Ludger has tremendous control over mana and can increase mana release to 100%.

Even the originally lacking mana, through the recent elixir and various things, caused a rapid rise.

At this moment, it was no exaggeration to say that Ludger’s momentum was more than that of a Lexorer class mage.

“Ooh, do you have the confidence to take care of yourself if you mess with us!”

“Getting behind? Everyone might be locked up in the mansion and die anyway, so I don’t know if that’s necessary.”

Rudger said that and took a step forward.

Then, the magicians of the School of Truth all took a step back.

Only one person overwhelms twenty wizards.

The magicians of the School of Truth felt proud and blushed at that fact.

There are more numbers on this side, so why are they being pushed out of fear?

The moment I tried to come out stronger with that thought, there was someone who moved first.

“Stop it.”


Rimray waved his staff in the form of a stone once and stood next to Ludger.

With the sudden participation of Lexar class magicians in the battle, the magical power of the truth school magicians who were trying to counterattack faltered.

Rimrey looked at those Truth School magicians with a pitiful gaze.

“Are you going to stop here? Or will you do it all the way If you choose the latter, I, too, cannot sit still as a member of the teacher’s company here.”

When the sage Rimray said so, a commotion broke out among the magicians of the School of Truth.

Conversely, Roina and Sempas, who were encouraged by those words, also stepped forward.

Ludgar’s group is smaller in number, but their individual strength is much more overwhelming.

Even the wizards of the School of Truth didn’t know that.

I was proud and acted as usual, but I couldn’t even get my money’s worth.


At that time, the old man at the forefront of the School of Truth opened his mouth.

Tortey, the current head of the School of Truth.

He said, staring at Rimray with more sunken eyes.

“Are you still wandering around looking for false hopes here?”

“… … .”

“Then it is a meaningless action. How could you… without our help in the first place? … .”


Rimrey interrupted Tortei.

He could have been angry at that action, but Tortei kept his mouth shut.

That’s because Rimrey’s expression was unusual.

Rimray was usually irritable and often yelled at, but now the level was different.

Her face was as ferocious as ice, but her eyes burned fiercely like active volcanoes.

It was the first face even Rudger had ever seen.

Tortei shut his mouth the moment he saw Rimray’s distorted expression.

I had an instinctive feeling that if I said one more word, I might die.

“… … joy. stupid guy do whatever you want.”

let’s go!

Saying so, Tortei led the party to another place in the study.

The attitude that he did not want to have any business with this side even showed a willingness to never give up on his mistakes.

“oh my god. How can you be so selfish?”

Roina shook her head as if she was fed up with the attitude of the Truth School, who did not even apologize.

Sempas nodded as if agreeing.

On the contrary, Rudgar pondered over the conversation Tortei and Rimray had just a moment ago.

“Sage Rimray.”

“… … .”

“Were you acquainted with the School of Truth?”

At those words, Roina and Sempas belatedly recalled that and stared at Rimray.

Limray furrowed his eyebrows at the gaze full of curiosity toward himself, but soon relaxed between his eyebrows.

“okay. What are you hiding here?”

He sighed softly and nodded.

“I used to be a magician belonging to the School of Truth. And now, with them, I have a very uncomfortable relationship.”

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