I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 381

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◈ Episode 381 Hidden Space (1)

There was just one problem.

Leaving a seat at will is what bothers me.

Everyone is sensitive and sharp, but they move separately here?

If it did, it would be like confessing that this side was the culprit.

“I can’t stand it any longer!”

The moment Ludger and his party were about to move, a roar of anger erupted from one side.

When I looked to see who they were, I saw truth school magicians with distorted faces.

“We will move separately!”

A curly old man with a beard declared so.

A middle-aged wizard stood up and said at the sudden declaration of arbitrary action.

“What are we going to do now? Don’t you know it’s more dangerous if we scatter in this situation?”

“Other than that. In a situation where you don’t know when you might leave, to stay still here without moving?”

“Shouldn’t everyone put their heads together and find a way?”

The door won’t open, but there won’t be a way to escape.

The wizards here thought so.

In such a situation, the School of Truth said they would take individual action, so it was only natural to stop them.

The more knowledge is shared, the more it shines.

However, the wizards of the School of Truth thought differently.

“Why us?”

“yes? what is that now… … .”

“Why do we have to butt heads with you? Even having a head-to-head is only possible when the level and class match.”

“… … .”

The middle-aged wizard’s face hardened.

The words of the wizard of the School of Truth were tantamount to insulting him and the other wizards here.

“Aren’t you saying too much?”

“why. Did we say anything wrong?”

“No matter how seniors you are, there are some words that you cannot pass over after hearing them.”

It cannot be denied that the School of Truth is smarter than other magicians.

But taking it out in the open is another thing.

Rimray, who was watching the scene from a distance, clicked his tongue and shook his head.

“Eh. Tsk tsk. It’s like old people who have wasted their age. What to do if you have knowledge You must have wisdom.”

“… … .”

“what? Why are you looking at me like that?”

“… … it’s nothing.”

Rudger looked away from Rimray and looked at the still-irritated Truth School.

The other person’s words and actions became more and more elevated, perhaps because the other party was angry with the truth school’s words and actions.

If we keep going like this, we’ll pull out our wands and start fighting each other.

While everyone was watching nervously, Ludger carefully examined the wizards of the School of Truth.

‘The number of people in that meeting is 20 in total. That’s the maximum number of people that can walk around in the mansion.’

Are the battle mages who came with me waiting outside the mansion?

Then it would have nothing to do with the killer group.

There are 10 murderers at most, and considering that some of them have already escaped the mansion, 5 would be the limit.

The School of Truth may not have much to do with the Black Dawn.

However, it must be because of his unique arrogance that he is trying to move separately like this.

‘It’s better. It’s better to tear each other apart than to sit around and find a way to escape.’

Even if it wasn’t, I was looking for a way to get back to the library.

Fortunately, the School of Truth created a justification on its own, so all I had to do was get on board with that flow.

As Ludger predicted, the magicians of the School of Truth left the hall to move separately.

no one caught them

It was better for them to find their own way than to catch those wayward ones.

However, the actions of the School of Truth were enough to cause cracks in the group of survivors.

“We also move separately.”

“We too.”

“It’s difficult anyway if there are too many of them.”

Those who had noticed began to leave their seats one by one.

“Everybody started moving separately.”

Rudger nodded at Arfa’s words.

In the first place, most wizards are like that.

Very few of them work in concert with one another.

Especially if you don’t trust each other like now.

Rudger opened his mouth, carefully examining the wizards passing through the hall.

“Let us move too.”

In a situation where everything was torn apart, there was no one who refused to say that.

The party left the hall again and walked down the hallway.

Naturally, it was Arfa who took the lead this time.

“We’re on our way, right?”

Roina asked cautiously.



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Even so, there was still concern in his voice.

“In case you get lost… … .”

“Have you not seen it? Arfa knows how to find the location of the library.”

“But the mystery of the mansion… … .”

“Just because it’s a mystery doesn’t mean it’s omnipotent. If you know how to analyze the flow and pattern, it becomes a tool that can be used in reverse.”

Those who visited this mansion a long time ago said.

They said they covered some of the mansion’s functions to keep their records.

Given the use of the mystery of the mansion, it was clear that some of the rules that existed in this mansion were made by them.

What that meant was great.

Just as even a terrible poison can become a medicine if used according to the situation, if you can handle the mystery of the mansion, you can try a twist.

Even if it is a mystery full of unknowns, it is easy to respond if you understand the principle or usage.

Just as mankind in the past was able to manifest the unknown power of mana through magic.

“Here it is!”

Arfa said that and opened the door wide.

“You arrived right.”

“The library is so easy… … .”

Roina was shocked to see Arpa easily find the library again.

Even if you’ve already done it once, it’s a whole different thing to do it consecutively.

I was dubious about the analysis of the moving patterns of the rooms inside the mansion, but this time it became clear.

Arfa really has a clever brain to analyze the location of the study.

‘Does this make sense? That’s not something you can do simply because you’re smart.’

It was during the attack of the Cheshire Tiger that Arfa first showed his abilities.

At that time, Arfa showed tremendous strength and took down the Cheshire Tiger.

Is there anyone of my age who can do that?

With that alone, Arfa would have become a tremendous talent once he grew up.

But that’s not enough, to even remember everything you’ve seen once.

‘Are you a person?’

Roina wanted to ask about it, but the situation was not good enough to do so.

It was the same with Sempas and Limray.


Ludger, who looked around the inside of the library, stuck his tongue out at the neatly arranged scene.

“All the books piled up before coming out have been sorted out.”

“okay. I can’t even go out with things, and things that messed up before go back to normal once I go out.”

Rudger glanced at the bookshelf.

Even the positions of the books on the bookshelf were all reversed.

‘It’s already daunting to have to go through that many books again, but fortunately there are veterans who can find them.’

Rudger tried to tell Rimray to find the book, but immediately shut up.

Instead, he came up with a proposal that was different from the original plan.

“First of all, let’s all scatter and look for books by ourselves.”

“What. Do you want to do it separately?”

I asked if Rimray felt something too.

“You know how to find books anyway, don’t you? If so, it’s much more efficient to find them scattered. Especially when time is tight, like now.”

“… … okay. Even so, I have no intention of teaching you my [book-picking] magic.”

“Just let me know what I have improved. And, I don’t need to tell you, Roina-san here seems to have already learned how to use it.”

At those words, Rimray’s bewildered eyes turned to Roina.


Roina unknowingly shrugged her shoulders.

However, he did not deny or deny what Rudger said.

“… … okay. This child is also a Lexler, so it’s worth it.”

“Sempas, let me tell you.”

“Do whatever you want.”

Rimray replied curtly and disappeared beyond the bookshelf.

Ludger taught Sempas magic tricks.

“It will not be difficult to follow. Compared to Rimrey-sama’s [Book Picking], it’s modest, but it’s probably better than blindly looking for a book.”

“… … It’s a strange feeling. I never thought I would be taught magic directly like this. It won’t be easy to teach you the magic you’ve discovered.”

“Because it’s a tense situation.”

“… … .”

There is no magician who can teach the magic he has realized just because he is in a dire situation.

But Sempas didn’t throw up.

I had already realized that I shouldn’t expect a common sense reaction from this man.

Isn’t he the one who sees Rimray’s magic with his own eyes and creates magic on the spot in his own way?

With this level of ability, there was nothing strange about treating the search magic to find this book as ‘something like that’.

“Thank you for teaching me. I will try hard to find it.”

“I-I’ll look for it too.”

That’s how Sempas and Roina left for the area they needed to find.

Now, only Rudger and Arfa are left.

At that moment, Arfa, who was still, called out to Rudger.



“no. It seems that you strangely changed your attitude a little while ago. Wasn’t he originally trying to say something to Grandpa Rimray?”

“It was like that until right before.”

“yes? But why… … .”

“Arfa. Did anyone come after us while we were out of the hall and on our way here?”

Arfa thought for a moment and shook his head.



Arfa was puzzled by Ludger’s strange attitude.

But Ludger couldn’t answer Arfa’s curiosity right away.

Because he had other things to do.

‘Is that so?’

Rudger looked at the ‘man’ standing behind him and asked himself.

Pale expression, blurred, unfocused eyes.

And even the translucent body.

It was the person I met as soon as I entered this library.

However, Arfa was unable to see the man in front of Ludger.

It was the same for Roina, Limray, and Sempas.

This man was only visible to Ludger.

Like the transparent frame, one of the mysteries of the mansion.

‘Looking at the outfit, it looks like a scholar from a very long time ago.’

Why did this man who did not know if he was a ghost suddenly appear in front of him?

Rudger found the reason in a book he read in the library.

‘It was you. 500 years ago, the person who sneaked into this mysterious land and stayed in the mansion.’

I asked, but the man didn’t answer.

But Rudger had a hunch that he was the author of the book he had been reading.

Looking at the mysterious phenomenon, I thought it was like a haunted mansion, but I really thought there were ghosts.

Why did he appear in front of you?

And what do you want

Rudger stood still and stared at the man.


The man raised his hand helplessly and pointed to one side.

Is there something over there?

Rudger followed the touch.

When we arrived at the direction Ludger was pointing at, the man appeared there like a mirage and pointed us in a new direction.

As if they were guiding us to where we should go.

Is it a trap or is there really something else.

Rudger intended to see it with his own two eyes.

As soon as we arrived at the end of the study, the man slowly disappeared into the back of the bookshelf.

‘Is this here?’

Rudger approached the bookshelf where the man had disappeared and examined the books carefully.

Calling this place meant that there was a hidden place somewhere here.

That action was correct.


From the cracks in the bookshelf, I could feel the slight but slight flow of air.

It was such a faint flow that it would be hard to understand if I hadn’t come closer and looked at it.

Rudger touched the books placed nearby along the grain of the flow, and found a book with a different texture.

That’s it.

When I lightly pulled the fake book that imitated its appearance, the bookshelf was pushed aside.

A secret space hidden inside was revealed.

“and. How the hell did you find this?”

Arfa was surprised and asked, but even Ludger could not give an answer.

It couldn’t be said that a ghost that could only be seen by one’s own eyes informed them.

When Rudger entered the hidden space, Arfa followed suit.

“leader. For others… … .”


When Rudger said that, Arfa immediately shut up.

Even Arpara, who was unaware, felt something in Ludger’s behavior to hide this fact from his other colleagues.

The hidden space wasn’t that big.

It’s just the size of a small office with a work desk and other miscellaneous stuff.

Unlike other places in the mansion, it was characterized by being unorganized.

As if to prove it, the air inside was musty because of the dust that had accumulated for a long time.

Rudger saw a skeleton sitting in front of his office desk.

The ghost stood still beside the skeleton.

“This. It is you.”

At that, the ghost nodded and disappeared like a mirage.

Rudger approached the skeletal body in silence.

There were several books on the desk.

A book in a hidden room.

You have to read it to know how important it is, indeed how high it is.

Rudger, who was about to reach for the book, felt something strange.

‘There is no dust in the book.’

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