I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 379

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◈ Episode 379 Closed Door (1)

‘This is quite interesting.’

He joined hands with the elves and raised the world tree.

Rudger recalled the base of the dead world tree where the demon Basara was sealed.

[We sharpened our swords in the shadows to resist the Church of Lumensis. In order to stab it firmly in a deep, dark place where God’s eyes can’t reach. But fate denied our will.]

[As we hide in the darkness, a being hiding in the deeper darkness reacts. A being that hid from the eyes of God just like us. It was the enemy of the world, which we called the devil.]

Demon Basara.

The situation was drawn in Ludger’s head.

There was an organization that tried to resist the Church of Lumensis, including the author of this book.

The organization had a national scale, not just a gathering of specific people.

A previous kingdom that existed before the current Exilion Empire entered.

They built a huge facility underground.

It must have been there that the Liberation Army occupied it the other day.

And the elves, to be exact, the Plante family, which had the most power at the time, cooperated with them.

‘And what followed was Basara’s invasion.’

[The devil hated the Church of Lumensis. We did too, but we never held hands. The devil only has degrees, for he hated all mankind. So we fought.]

[Countless warriors and chosen ones fell. The demon’s power was too powerful, and we were helpless before it. But no one gave up.]

[After a desperate struggle, the devil was sealed at the root of the World Tree. But none of us considered it a victory.]

I guess so.

In the position where I had to secretly handle the work, an accident suddenly occurred.

In the process, the elite troops would have been swept away by Basara.

Looking at the material damage they suffered, it would have been difficult to maintain the organization.

[Smells the filthy Cult of Lumensis. They moved quickly and sacked the king. Those who survived had to flee. So did I. But no matter where we went, the Church of Lumensis refused to let us go. The Heretic Questioners were tenacious like hunting dogs. There was no safe place anywhere on the continent.]

Rudger turned the page to the next.

[Even as I write this record, I feel that their pursuit is getting closer. Now we have only one thing left. It is going to a taboo land from which no one has ever returned. Coincidentally, today is the day when the power of the mystery that happens in the land is weakened. If not now, there will be no chance.]

Those who were pursued by the Church of Lumensis were driven to the edge of a cliff, so they fled to the mysterious land of Kasar Basin.

Rudger realized that the book was almost done with its pages.

Rudger carefully read the few chapters left.

[The Taboo Land was indeed a dangerous place to live up to its name. All of my compatriots who came with me thought so. The compatriots who survived the terrible chase died helplessly in the disaster that took place in the taboo land. we were exhausted At this rate, I feared that I might die without even leaving a record.]


Rudger turned the pages nonstop.

[At that moment we saw. A mansion that doesn’t fit here. A first-of-its-kind architecture. However, it was clear that it was built by humans. We headed for the mansion. And we met. The one who is called the owner of the mansion.]

‘The owner of the mansion?’

Rudger was interested in the part of the owner.

This secret mansion is treated as a mystery who does not know who built it.

‘okay. Someone must have built this mansion, and of course there must be an owner. This book must have happened at least 500 years ago, so it wouldn’t be strange if the owner of the mansion existed at the time.’

That’s how Rudger checked the last remaining page.

[The owner of the mansion was an elderly man. He lived alone in this spacious mansion and gave us great hospitality. we were amazed Because he was a chosen one just like us, and beyond that, he was someone who received tremendous learning, skill, and grace.]

[But what was even more surprising was the fact that he was not a living person. It was the remaining thought of a person who had already died and disappeared. We were surprised, but at the same time relieved that there was no hostility. At least they won’t try to kill us.]

[We made up our minds while living in the mansion. We can’t go outside any more. So we had to live here. It’s probably a life of being locked up until I die of old age. But no regrets. If I truly regretted it, it would be to lose all these records and things.]

[We have been entrusted with the mansion by the owner of the mansion, and we are ready. Surely someday, those who enter this place will appear. Because the chosen ones, magicians who handle mysteries, will exist in any era. However, on the contrary, dirty stray dogs from the Church of Lumensis could also come. For that, we had to make arrangements.]

[Using the power of the mansion, they made rules, installed camps, and spread barriers. Measures were taken to prevent unauthorized access to the study where this record was engraved. Those who are not qualified will not even be able to read this record.]

[I finished preparations before leaving, but I couldn’t help but feel regret. Because the most important artifact was divided into 7 pieces.]

‘A piece of artifact?’

Rudger’s eyes widened.

[My compatriots each carried one by one and scattered all over the world, but I am worried that they would have hidden it properly. Perhaps it was stolen by that evil church. The fragments the elves took also bothered me. At that time, they also suffered a great loss in power fighting the devil.]

[But even if we worried like this, there was nothing we could do. In the end, fate didn’t hold our hand. The rest is left to the next generation. If anyone reading this who will one day walk the same path as us, please know. That our will to win freedom is not yet dead.]

The book ended there.

Rudger still couldn’t take his eyes off the book.

Emotions that cannot be expressed in words surged.

With trembling hands, Rudger took out the Relic fragment from his inner pocket and examined it.

seven pieces.

Fragments scattered everywhere.

means to achieve freedom.

Grabbing the fragment, Ludger couldn’t decide whether to rejoice at this strange flow of fate or be angry.

‘Worldly work is really fun.’

Putting the shrapnel back into his pocket, Rudger put the book back in its original place.

It was only one book, but because of this book, many things that have happened now have been neatly organized.

And that what happened in the distant past had been passed down to him as it was, transcending the time span of 500 years.

‘It’s not just a coincidence. I was born in the deepest part of the Church of Lumensis, and the reason I collect these pieces is because I discovered their traces.’

coincidence and necessity.

will and tenacity.

It was possible to come this far because several factors came together.

Rudger regretted why he hadn’t come to the night of mystery until now, but at the same time felt relieved that he was fortunate to know this even now.

‘There is another income. The whereabouts of the fragments yet to be found. I know where one of them is.’

Records say the elves took one of the fragments.

That meant that what he was looking for was at least in the elven kingdom.

‘It would have been better if there was one more in the imperial family’s remarks.’



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It’s the kingdom of the elves.

Isn’t it more than an empire?

I don’t know if it was a long time ago, but now the elven kingdom has become a place where humans can never go.

However, there are humans who interact with elves, and there are also elves who do not hate humans.

At least you can get to the forest.

However, that was limited to the boundary of the forest and the outskirts of the forest.

The hometown of the elves and the place where the world tree grew.


Humans are not allowed to enter there.

‘In addition, the head of the Leafre family, who currently rules Renard-Tirone, is a place ruled by Bentmin, the First Order.’

If you ask if you can’t enter because you’re the same First Order, that’s because you don’t know Bentmin.

In the first place, she never revealed her friendship with anyone other than Zero Order.

Rather, even if you were the same first, you were the one who looked down on you and ignored you because you weren’t an elf.

‘There’s one more thing to worry about.’

Rudger thought so and took out another book.

The truth about this book, you don’t have to tell anyone else.

And he still had more data to find.

A clue to non-attribute magic.

I unintentionally sought the whereabouts of the fragments, but the original purpose was not achieved.

Of course, there were still many books left to read, so the opportunity was not lost forever.

‘But there are still many things left to read.’

Even if you read and turn it quickly with speed reading, there are too many books over 100 books.

There was also a remarkably slow reading speed of the other party.

Even when some interpretations are difficult, they ask Rudger to tell them how to read them, so it is all the more so.

As a result, the progress had to be sluggish, and in the end, I had to meet the end without reading even half of the books I had piled up.

Follow me!

Everyone’s eyes turned to him at the strange sound coming from Rimray’s body.

Rimray pulled out a mechanical clock from within his robe.

“Your time is up.”


Roina suddenly lifted her head, which had been buried in a book.

There is no clock or window in the study, so you cannot tell the time outside.

Since I came here and focused only on reading, it would be difficult to tell how much time had passed.

Taking that into consideration, Rimray must have set the time in advance.

“We must leave now.”

“There are books I haven’t read yet.”

“You can still read that tomorrow.”

“I don’t know how a fluke like today will happen again.”

“Did all this process that happened today seem like a fluke?”

At Rimray’s words, Roina’s eyes turned to Arfa.

Arfa, who was just sitting there, had an expression that he didn’t know why.

“If you leave now, you will be able to join the other expeditions safely.”

“… … An expedition that might have a murderer in it.”

I put it aside to find the study, but the murderers still remain inside the mansion.

Roina couldn’t stand it, but she couldn’t say out loud that she would stay in the mansion.

The party eventually left the library and came out into the hallway.

“Do you know the way out?”

“It is difficult to find a specific room inside the mansion, but it is not difficult to find the door leading out of the mansion.”

Nothing was going to happen in the hallway, so I just had to walk all the way.

As I continued to walk like that, I saw more of the other wizards.

They also trembled when they recognized Ludgar and his friends.

The gaze looking this way was full of the light of the boundary.

‘I guess. Inside the mansion, there will only be competition between each other to see who gets the knowledge first.’

Come to think of it, it was a structure in which there was nothing strange about a murder.

A mansion full of secrets. There is no way to know what is going on here from the outside.

Even if someone dies, the mansion erases the traces on its own.

Under such circumstances, compete with each other to find knowledge first?

It’s a perfect environment for people to die.

Perhaps, of the people missing from this mansion, quite a few were killed by the same wizards.

‘Not all wizards are such psychopaths, but there are some wizards with a particularly high percentage of such psychopaths.’

If I went further from there, I would become a black magician.

Anyway, since other wizards had such thoughts, the wizards were wary when they saw different parties.

Ludger’s party had no choice but to be wary, but it was a natural reaction since there were murderers inside the mansion.

Even if they killed others because of their knowledge, they wouldn’t be able to take it into account, but these guys even killed the people who came with them as soon as they came in.

It is not a quest for knowledge or a grudge.

I did this for some purpose.

‘Still, since most of the people who have entered the mansion soon gather, they won’t be able to plan anything here.’

When the wizards arrived at the mansion’s exit, what they saw were wizards staring at the closed door, helpless.

“What happened?”

Roina asked curiously.

It wouldn’t be strange if everyone went out at this time, but everyone looked embarrassed.

“for a moment! Stay away!”

“Don’t gather more than 20 people!”

“Keep your distance!”

Corridors and halls are places where rules apply, so even if you meet people inside, you shouldn’t get together.

In the end, Rudger’s party had no choice but to hear the news from a little further away.

The first to hear the story was Arfa, who had extraordinary hearing.

“Something seems to be wrong?”

Everyone’s eyes focused on Arfa.

Arfa told the party exactly what she had just heard.

“The door to the mansion is locked and won’t open.”

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