I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 378

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◈ Chapter 378: Choosing a Book (2)

“What do you mean by reducing it further?”

Limray shook his beard.

The words seemed to be curious, but Rimray already knew what Ludger meant when he said that.

Even so, the reason I asked was because I wanted to confirm.

“Don’t you know?”

“You want me to tinker with my [book selection] magic?”

Rimrey’s expression crumpled horribly.

Pointing out a spell to its originator is regarded as grossly rude.

“So you meant to point out that my magic is still immature and needs to be remodeled?”

“I guess it could sound like that. But that’s not what I meant.”

“what? If so, what do you mean by that?”

“I will do the cut. So, the wise man just needs to stay still.”

“… … .”

Rather, at this point, it was so absurd that Rimray didn’t even want to get angry anymore.

But I couldn’t help but ask.

“You have only seen my [book selection] spell once before.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“But you’re going to use it? In addition to that, while looking at the extra hand? How is that different from saying that you will change my magic at will?”

“It is not a modification. Rather, I’ll follow what the wise man used, but I’m just looking at my hands a little in my own way.”

“If that’s not a modification, then what is it!”

“It’s just mimicry in my own way. Are you sure you want to stop that?”

“Imitate? You say something funny! Do you think that sounds easier said than done?”

[Choose a book] is a magic that Rimray created by improving the detection magic in his own way.

The principle of operation, the process, and all the results were very different from detection magic.

To see it only once and follow it.

There was no way I could have said such a thing unless I had a fairly large liver.

Even Roina, who admitted that Rudger was a great wizard, thought that this was not the case.

However, Rudger held a book in his hand and said as if he had no doubt about what he had said.

“The detection magic that the wise man used was modified to respond to the letters written in the book. Isn’t it?”

“You can see that, don’t you know? What matters is how. Detection literally only tells you that an object exists, and it cannot distinguish the contents of a book.”

“you’re right. Isn’t that why the magic pattern is modified so that the magic only responds to certain colors? In a book, the white thing is paper, and the black thing is the writing. If magic reacts to a darker color, you can analyze the letters with just that.”

Of course, it’s easier said than done.

It was only possible by pouring magic power between the pages of the covered book, but in order to do so, careful mana control was required.

However, Ludger placed his palm on one page of the book and spread a thin, wide spread of mana over it.

The magic wriggled in response to the ink written on the book.

Rimray said calmly after seeing what Rudger had actually done.

“okay. Let’s say you can do that. That’s great, of course, but my [book-picking] magic isn’t something you can unlock just by completing that one process.”

“I know. The next thing we need is to make the magic react only to certain letters.”

“… … .”

“The response of magical power is different for each type of word, so in this part, you should remember the pattern of magical power that responds to a specific word and just pay attention to it. In order to do that, we have to double the detection magic.”

Rimray couldn’t hide his feelings this time.

“… … How did you know you used double detection magic?”

“At first, I was dubious. However, when I actually tried it, once was not enough. Isn’t it a structure that first reveals a pattern of a specific word, and then uses detection again to generate a [signal] for that pattern?”

In other words, the [Book Picking] magic that Rimray used was a magic that doubled detection.

Rudger saw it and realized it at once.

It was the first time that Rimrey had ever experienced anything like this, so his expression was a mess of all sorts of emotions.

Even though he tried to maintain his rationality, he couldn’t hide his absurdity, and even when he was angry, he felt admiration towards Rudger.

Lim Ray has come up.

okay. Let’s see how far this side of the magic fund has been used.

“so. What next?”

“Since you signaled through double detection, you probably marked a certain number of patterns in red and more than a certain number of times in blue.”

“yes. Because that’s the only way to tell them apart.”

“It wasn’t bad to set the number of times. But if you add a few more specific words here, it will be more discriminatory. “Magic” and “Mystery”, in addition to these two, “Miracle”, “Grace”, “Chosen”, etc. If you put all these words in, you can find it more clearly.”

“What on earth does that word mean?”

“The wizards of old considered themselves blessed to use magic. They believed that they were naturally gifted, gifted, and chosen, not paid for through hard work. That, of course, has no choice but to be buried in their records.”

Ludger created magical energy at the tip of his finger, pulled it out like a skein, and shot it toward the book on the bookshelf.

The magic that touched the book quickly scanned the entire book as it was, and displayed the countless words written in it in various patterns.

Rudger analyzed only specific patterns there and applied secondary processing.

Then, the mana reacted with the book and shimmered and emitted light.

“It’s a win.”

Rudgar retrieved the magical power of scanning the book through the connected thread.

It was an incredible mana control.

“This way, I can find the books I want with greater discrimination than before. Of course, it is not possible to find a large number of books at once like the wise man, but it is possible to further classify what the wise man once classified. It’s all thanks to the wise man.”

Rudger thought of saving face for Rimray and let him go.

The point was that his own magic would be ineffective without Rimrey’s help.

But Rimray didn’t even listen to Ludger’s words.

In fact, isn’t that what Rudger eats the bones of the fish?



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That was really embarrassing for Limray.

But that didn’t mean that Rudger was bad.

I had to honestly admit it.

Rudger went beyond imitating [Book Picking] and even improved it in his own way.

More efficient and cleaner.

Besides, Ludgar could see through the working principle of the magic used by this side just by seeing it once.

[Choosing a book] wasn’t all of Rimray, but he couldn’t help being hurt by his pride.

“Hey, hey… … .”

In the end, Rimray couldn’t hold back his anger and cried out.

“Yeah, you’re great, you bastard!”

It was an act of anger like a child, but at the base of it was compassion towards Ludger.

It was, in effect, a declaration of surrender.

Of course, if you were stubborn, there was nothing you couldn’t fault, but Rimray wasn’t that broken.

Acknowledge what to admit

In the first place, the figure Rudger showed was to the point of forcibly pulling it up even if he didn’t want to admit it.

“You use magic so filthy!”

“Thank you for the compliment.”

“Is this a compliment? uh?! Do you think this is a compliment?”

“This is what the 6th tier mage said, how could it not be a compliment? It’s almost a compliment.”


Roina opened her mouth in admiration without realizing it at Ludger’s shameless side.

Even his natural personality was perfect.

He had no intention of doing that, so he shined even more.

“Let’s get started. They say they still have time to leave the mansion, but time is money.”

If Rimray first filters the books with the [Book Picking] spell, then Ludger filters the books second.

In doing so, the number of books to be reviewed was significantly reduced.

Arpa, Sempas, and Roina took care of the books and neatly stacked them on one side of the library.

The work was completed only after going around the entire study.

“How many are there?”

“There are 132 books in total.”

“There are still many.”

It is great to have selected 100 books out of tens of thousands of books, but even so, 132 books were too many.

Besides, from here on, Ludger had to look at it alone.

Of course, Roina, Sempas, and Rimray did not stop interpreting on their own.

Fortunately, thanks to the data Rudger had announced in the Arcane Chamber, Roina’s work was faster than expected.

‘This is a joke.’

Ludger, who put aside the data that is the basis of modern magic theory, asked Roina, who had her head buried in the book.

“Is Roina okay?”

“… … yes? Did you call me?”

“yes. I called.”

“Why, why?”

“It is said that we came here by ourselves, but Roina-san originally had an affiliation, didn’t she? I’m asking if it’s okay to leave them like this.”

Roina didn’t take it seriously.

“does not matter. After all, the grandfathers of the federation were the ones who forcibly attached themselves to me.”

“Was it not your will?”

“The School Federation looks like a single organization, but in detail, it has countless divisions. And all the people who followed me are from a different faction than me.”

“They were pretending to help Mr. Roina, and subtly trying to take advantage of them.”

“yes. That’s why it’s much more comfortable to be apart like this. Of course, I’ll hear something when I go back, but I can just put up with it.”

I see.

Rudger stopped worrying about Roina and focused on looking at the book again.

For now, the things worth paying attention to are classified separately, but even taking that into account, nothing that appeals to you has yet to come out.

Still, there were still many books piled up, so Rudger picked up the next one.


This book had nothing to do with magic.

Books about magic are correct, but more than that, they put more weight on the other side.

It was a story about a holy war with the devil.

‘Demon… … .’

It wasn’t the material he needed right away, but his curiosity was piqued, so Rudger turned the pages of the book.

‘You’re explaining the existence of demons known to the public. And from a long time ago, religion has been fighting those demons.’

However, when this kind of content comes out, the story usually develops in the direction that religion is good.

But this book was different.

Rather, he was criticizing the Church of Lumensis.

‘The Church of Lumensis at the time was a symbol of absolute power, even holding the right to dismiss. Still writing content criticizing the denomination.’

Rudger turned the next page, puzzled.

[Each demon has its own power. It doesn’t matter how long they’ve lived. Because the innate power itself gave a single demon the strength to fight a huge army. The Church of Lumensis has been searching for traces of such demons for a long time and fighting them. But it was far from realizing justice. It was just to protect his authority.]

[The most famous battle among them was a long time ago between hundreds of Holy Knights led by a saint from the past and Surna, the Great Devil. Surna, the great devil who destroyed more than two small countries, perished at the end of the sacrifice of Saint Arkenis. Since then, the demons who have lost their focus have been hiding in the shadows of the world for a long time.]

‘A focal point?’

It’s a slightly different story from what he said with Helya.

Demons, or beings who call themselves apostles, do not have any fellowship with each other.

However, in this book, Surna, the great demon, was expressed as the central point.

Are the records wrong? Or did Helya hide some truth?

Rudger went straight to the next point.

[After the death of the Great Demon, Lumensis gradually became arrogant and became tyrannical. He intervened in the internal affairs of other countries, and it was not uncommon for him to take property as proof of his faith in God. He even made the princes and princesses of each country hostage. However, no one could resist the Church of Lumensis. It was not because of physical strength, but because they had the power of God. A terrible power that controls human will at will.]

Rudger’s hand trembled as he tried to turn the page.

And realized at the same time.

The fact that this book is by no means ordinary.

Rudger studied the front and back pages of the book and the foreword.

The author never recorded who he was or where he was or what he did.

Maybe he didn’t leave it on purpose.

‘For example, you shouldn’t reveal your identity.’

[That power comes from the Lord Lumensis. Some rulers didn’t believe in God, but I know. That there is a God, and he seeks to oppress us. The Church of Lumensis was a means and puppet for that purpose. So I couldn’t leave it like this. At this rate, we will forever live under oppression.]

[We found a way. To finish all of this, I saved a valuable item. But there was too much to prepare for. So we joined hands with the elves.]

[We built a huge facility and secretly grew the world tree underneath it.]

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