I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 371

◈ Episode 371 Proof of the Wizard (2)

astonished distrust. surprised.

Most of them were emotions contained in the gaze toward Rudger.

However, very occasionally, disparate views were mixed.

Interest, curiosity, sympathy.

Those who saw Ludger’s ability, rather than being surprised, passed it off as just a little peculiar.

Most of them were on the list that Arfa said.

‘The problem is that I still can’t tell who Leslie is here.’

I thought that if I showed a performance like this normally, I would get a different reaction.

So I even gave instructions to Arfa to look carefully, but looking at Arfa’s reaction, it seemed that no one was like that.

At that time, Arfa approached Rudger and asked quietly.

“leader. Is it okay to attract attention like this?”

“No way. Originally, I intended to stay quiet.”

“I didn’t see the suspicious person the leader said. Wouldn’t that be a problem?”

“Maybe it’s there, but it’s not revealed. I will change my plan.”

“How are you going to change it?”

“If you can’t find it even if you try to find it, you have to make them come.”

Originally, Ludger wanted to find the people of the Black Dawn who hid here.

The best was Leslie himself, but if not, his subordinates were good too.

However, if you try to force contact on this side, you will rather arouse suspicion from the other side.

Then I decided to turn around and think about it.

It’s not that this side is looking for it, it’s just to make it come from that side.

“I’ll have to make it louder for that.”

In that sense, the fact that Sempas gave them a fight was no different from a very good opportunity.

It’s because you planted enough of your presence around you.

And this was just the beginning.

Then a wizard approached Rudgar.

When I looked to see who it was, it was a familiar face.

“Lu, Mr. Ludgar Celish. long time no see. It’s really nice to meet you here.”

Royna Pavlini.

Her face was full of relief at the fact that she met someone she knew in a faraway land.

‘… … I didn’t want this side to come.’

Roina Pavlini came close to Rudger like someone who had found a savior in hell.

“Hehehe. What is Mr. Rudger doing here? Are you joining the expedition right now? If you don’t mind, can I join you?”

“Mage Roina Pavlini… … .”

“Please feel free to call me by my first name.”

“… … Didn’t Roina-sama have a party with her?”

Rudger said so, and glanced sideways at the wizards who were with Roina.

“Oh, it is.”

Roina stuttered as if she noticed.

“Hey, with those over there… … Should I say he’s not friendly?”

“Aren’t you from the same school association?”

“Well, it’s the same affiliation. Not all of them are friendly though. Besides, should I say it’s burdensome? They were people I had no contact with in the first place, and some people were forced to join me on the other side… … .”

Roina’s words were incoherent, but to sum it up, it was uncomfortable because they weren’t close.

“In short, you’re saying it’s frustrating to be there because you’re not close.”

“Well, I didn’t say that. … … It’s similar.”

If it’s similar, doesn’t that mean you actually said that?

“I understand that you came to visit me because you are not close to the other side. But I am puzzled.”


“We aren’t particularly close, are we?”

“… … !”

At Ludger’s words, Roina looked shocked.

A person who witnessed the sky fall would have a look like this.

“Wow, weren’t we close?”

“… … .”

For a moment, Ludger wondered if he had really been close to her.

It was because Royna was sincere.

‘But no matter how much I think about it, we’ve never been close to each other.’

In the first place, this was the 3rd time I saw his face.

Haven’t we even had a conversation worthy of a conversation?

“Why do you say that?”

“That, that’s right. Mr. Rudger saved me and the students from the capital that day.”

Just for that reason?

no. You can think so. Because it usually wasn’t a big deal.

In fact, if Rudger hadn’t come to the rescue, Roina would have been seriously injured.

His magic power is almost exhausted, so he might be dead.

Rudger appeared miraculously there, so it is not wrong to say that he is a life saver.

But isn’t there a huge gap between the words of a life saver and a close person?

When I pointed out that part, Roina asked innocently.

“yes? Wouldn’t it be nice if you saved her life?”

“… … .”

Rudger had forgotten all over again.

That there are only strange people among the wizards who have reached the 6th tier, the rank of [Lexorer].

The 6th egg was such a step.

A state that can only be reached when there is a twist somewhere compared to ordinary people.

It is safe to say that Roina, who was the youngest among the Lexorer class to win the title, was more twisted than the other Lexorer mages.

This lack of sociality must be proof of that.

“If he saves his life, he is a friendly person.”

Beside him, Arfa heard the words and chanted in the same way.

Rudger quickly corrected it because it would not be good for Arfa’s education (?).

“It’s true that I helped, but that doesn’t mean we became close. Just because you get help from the police or guards doesn’t mean you become close with them.”

“yes? Aren’t we getting to know each other?”

“… … yes. no.”

“That, that’s all. The magician who helped me with my dissertation in the past when I was at a conference called me a friend.”

“A friend?”

“yes. So I continued to help with my thesis or research. It was difficult, but you are my friend to me, right? Because I helped Since I became a Lexarer, I haven’t heard from you because I’m busy, but it’s a pity.”

“… … .”

That’s not a friend, it’s just a hodgepodge.

Rudger was about to say that, but he decided to just let it go because he thought it would hurt a naive person even this brain.

‘Coming to think of it, I think someone similar was taking my class.’

If I were to be a friend, I would remove all of my liver and gallbladder, but since my scary sister has her eyes open, it should be fine.

‘How do I kick this out?’

When Roina is attached to this side, the eyes of other wizards naturally gather.

‘for a moment. Eyes converge?’

In the first place, what Rudger wants right now is to draw attention on purpose.

Even Leslie wouldn’t be able to care if a First Order like her was making noise in the area of ​​operations.

‘Thinking of that.’

Rudger glanced at Roina.

Roina was looking up at Ludger with a desperate expression.

Her bangs were so long that she couldn’t see her eyes, but she couldn’t hide her gaze.

That means he doesn’t want to be at the Scholar Association meeting right now.

“All right. Since Roina Mage-nim says so, it would be good to move together.”

Roina’s face brightened at Ludger’s words.

“However, there is a possibility that the other side will say something to me… … .”

“Well, you don’t have to worry about that! I will tell you well!”

Roina shouted and quickly ran to the place where the party was.

Unlike a moment ago, his steps were as light as if they were flying in the sky.

Roina came back soon.

“It’s okay!”

Are you really okay?

In the distance, the Wizards of the School Association were looking at Ludger with uncomfortable eyes.

I want to argue with you right now, but I can’t help it because of Roina.

Roina herself would be uncomfortable with them, but on the other hand, Roina is a 6th tier magician, so she must be a target to respect as much as possible.

“Well, as long as it’s okay over there, it doesn’t matter. i look forward to.”


Roina was delighted and nodded her head.

“We’ve become friends now, right?!”

“… … .”

* * *

Sempas, the mad dog, seemed to be arguing with other wizards after Ludger, so small disturbances broke out everywhere.

However, the wizards who frequently visited this place regarded it as an annual event.

There are many things to care about beyond that, so it would be correct to say that you are not interested.

It’s fun to watch other wizards fight, but in terms of importance, exploring the mysteries of Kasar’s Basin comes first.


When the time came, the expedition departed under the command of the leader.

Only the wizards gathered at the outpost easily exceeded a thousand units, and among them, only the number of wizards moving toward the mysterious mansion was a whopping 300.

If this is a number, it is enough power to respond to pretty much anything.

In addition, there were excellent talents mixed in the middle, so the prestige of the expedition was majestic.

“Are we going this way?”

Arfa asked Rudger as he watched the forest getting closer and closer.

Rudgar didn’t know the geography of this place, so he couldn’t come up with a proper answer.

Instead, it was Roina who answered.

“yes that’s right. The mansion we are going to is beyond this forest.”

“You know me well.”

“Even though it looks like this, I’m in my 5th year here.”

Roina put her hand on her waist and pretended to be proud of herself.

Five years is not that long.

If you look at the number of days, it’s only 15 days.

‘Still, it must be much better than the first person.’

Besides, isn’t she a 6th tier wizard with exceptional talent for magic theory and analysis?

It was natural that he knew a lot more than other wizards.

okay. Fortunately, Rudger asked a question, thinking that it was helpful in this area.

“As far as I know, the animals living in this forest have adapted to the environment of the Kasar Basin, so I heard that they are not ordinary animals. Then isn’t it dangerous to go this way?”

“That’s dangerous.”

Arfa asked.

“Why is it dangerous?”

“Perhaps because of the magical energy overflowing in the air, the animals and plants that inhabit this place have gone through their own mutations and evolutions. Animals living in places like this are dangerous, even seemingly cute rabbits.”

“Is it so hard for a wizard to deal with?”

“It depends. Small animals are easy to deal with, but when they form a group, they become difficult to deal with, and on the contrary, large predators are very dangerous. Nearly 100 deaths occur every year in 「Mysterious Night」. Most of them account for the highest percentage of magical disasters, but there are not a few damages caused by beasts.”

Is it 100 people?

Even with the mage involved, the number was this much.

That must mean that behind the beauty of this land lies a great danger.

“Among them, there are about 10 casualties a year due to the attacks of branch life. At least the outpost is surrounded by a barrier, so it’s okay, but it’s not outside it.”

“Then isn’t the forest more dangerous?”

I wouldn’t know if it was an open place, but if it was a thick forest like this, there would be far more animals living there.

It becomes dangerous if you are surprised even in a place where your view is blocked by trees.

The beasts here won’t stick their teeth and claws out normally.

“The forest is better. There are traces of the roads that have been pioneered for a long time, and serious magical disasters do not occur, perhaps because of the trees in the forest. Of course there are beast attacks. But it is possible to respond.”

“Sometimes it sounds like something is going to happen that you can’t even respond to.”

“If that sounds like it, then you heard it right. Fortunately, that doesn’t happen in this forest. First of all, at this scale, I think it’s pretty safe.”

Ludger opened his mouth while peeking at the slow-moving group of wizards.

“That’s why there are so many wizards specializing in combat.”

At those words, Roina looked up at Ludger with a surprised face.

It was how did you know that.

From Ludger’s point of view, it was easy to infer that there were a lot of people like War Mage.

Of course, it was the artifact worn on one eye that helped the most.

It was because he was able to see the magical power of the wizards who had been roaming around the battlefield to strengthen themselves.

“Because you can clearly stand out from a wizard who only explores and analyzes.”

“that’s right. They are not going to check the mystery of the mansion, but they are combat agents to prepare for an unexpected raid.”

“Does a battle mage really need to come here?”

“Because they also need knowledge of magic.”

Rudger nodded as if he understood.

“Scholars and researchers are guaranteed safety, and battle mages receive data from them.”

“that’s right. It’s kind of like a trade relationship between a crocodile and a crocodile bird.”


Kreureung. I’m sorry!

From beyond the dense forest, the cries of beasts came like an echo.

Arfa wondered what kind of animal it was, but Roina thought it was because she was frightened by Arpa’s behavior and said as if to reassure her.

“are you okay. I was hit because I didn’t know before. Right now, the raid response is going well, so there shouldn’t be a problem. In particular, this expedition will be safer than before because it is a large group of over 300 people.”

After hearing the explanation, Rudger asked.

“It’s not uncommon on a scale like today.”

“It usually increases every year, but until last year, there were a little over 200 people. There are a lot of them this year.”

“Is that so.”

Rudger scanned the expedition with a sharp gaze.

Roina thought it was no big deal, but Rudger knew that it was no mere coincidence that there were so many people gathered this year.

“Still, the more people there are, the better, right? After all, you will be able to safely pass through the forest.”


Arfa asked from the side.

Eyes full of curiosity.

Roina looked at Arfa with a happy face and calmly explained.

“Even beasts endowed with magical powers have wild instincts. For an enemy you cannot handle, it is nature’s order to run away.”

It was then.

Rudger stared out over the dense forest.

As if you felt something out of place.

“Mr. Rudgar? Can you see something?”

“Miss Royna.”

Rudger said with a stiff face.

“A little while ago, the sounds of the surrounding animals suddenly stopped. Even the sound of insects.”

“yes? what is that… … .”

“I mean, I think we should prepare for it.”

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