I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 362

◈ Episode 362 Plante (2)

There are only a few days left before the Mystery Night takes place.

After finishing the special lecture on summoning magic beasts, Ludger returned to the teachers’ room and sat down in his seat.

‘The magic number class is now completely on track. It left my hand at the time of summoning it, and its future development is at the discretion of the students.’

The process of summoning magic beasts was complicated, but once they were summoned, they didn’t need anyone’s teaching after that.

Should I be aware of it instinctively?

As time goes by, you will gradually discover the “characteristics” of each magic number.

‘All that’s left is… … .’

and attending the upcoming Mystic Night.

It was about Sedina Rosshen.

“Here is coffee.”

Sedina, who had brought hot coffee just in time, set the cup in front of Ludger.

“What business do you want to report on?”

“doesn’t exist.”

“What else?”

“Things on Royal Street are going well. It’s thanks to senior Hans working hard.”



Rudger took a light sip of his coffee.

Sedina watched him nervously.

I can only drink a cup of coffee, but that in itself becomes a painting.

It was one of the joys of Sedina as a teaching assistant to be able to watch Ludger begin his work in the bright morning sunlight.

‘If you were to get married, who would you marry?’

Someone like Rudger might have lined up really great women.

They must be people who cannot compare themselves to others.

‘I still think the fact that I’m working as a teacher’s assistant is too much.’

Sedina tried to think of who she was.

A member of the Roshen family, but a heretic who hates the family itself.

He has a small body and a timid personality.

The only thing she was born with was the half bloodline of the elf, which she eventually inherited from her mother.

Would a half-elf like himself dare to stay with Ludgar?

Sedina still thinks of Rudger’s offer to her, and it feels like a dream.

“It tastes good.”

Sedina hurriedly responded to Rudger’s praiseful voice.

“Go, thank you.”

“Did you change the beans? It tastes like you’re drinking it for the first time.”

“yes. These are nesarien coffee beans that are grown in a small way in the training room.”

“Nessarien beans? I know it’s not a species to be raised in an assistant classroom.”

“yes. It is important to control temperature and humidity, and it is weak against pests and diseases.”

“But you raised it? I don’t think I’ve grown that long… … .”

At Ludger’s undeserved praise, Sedina shyly scratched her cheek.

“Ah, maybe it’s because I inherited the blood of an elf, but the plants I grow only seem to grow well.”


Rudger stared at Sedina.

Sedina felt that the gaze was strangely heavy.

“Well, as long as I can drink delicious coffee, it won’t matter.”

“is that so?”

“But don’t be too enthusiastic about bean cultivation. Because your duty is to act as my assistant.”

“yes. We will make sure that there is no hindrance to the activities of teaching assistants.”

“okay. i get it.”

Rudger quickly emptied his cup as if he liked the taste of the coffee.

At the same time, Rudger’s head spun rapidly.

‘The fact that plants grow so well is also Plante’s blood, so it suddenly makes sense.’

Suddenly, I was curious.

If so, what are the limits of that ability?

At least in Rudger’s view, Sedina had the ability to stimulate plant growth and bring it into bloom in its best form.

Sedina herself simply inherited her mother’s blood, so all elves would know this.

From Ludgar’s point of view, who had seen Bellaluna and the other elves, Sedina definitely had a special part.

‘Sedina’s specialty is magic that handles paper. Besides, by imbuing paper with your own consciousness, you can watch from afar.’

Sedina was in charge of gathering information from various places with magic and conveying the news.

‘But what if paper magic isn’t just a special kind of magic?’

Rudger came up with one such hypothesis.

Paper is made of wood after all.

Trees, which are raw materials, cannot but fall into the category of plants in a broad sense.

‘If it can promote the growth of plants and make them bloom in an optimal form, Sedina’s magic may not be limited to paper.’

Sedina inherited the blood of one of the great elves and the family that protected the World Tree.

Even if they were of mixed blood, there was no guarantee that mixed blood was weaker.

‘Hmm. I can’t be sure yet.’

In order to resolve doubts in this area, he had to seek advice from an elf with years of experience.

There were no elves that came to mind.

However, it took too many things to visit first and ask if you knew about the Plante family.

‘Although Dentis, the family of Vierano-sensei, is friendly to other races even within the elven society.’

There was no way they could say that Sedina was actually a survivor of Plante, and that the elven kingdom was targeting her.

The moment he said that, Vierano Dentis would rather question Rudger, asking where did he know that.

There is no one other than the president who knows that he has a status other than a teacher yet.

It was better not to do anything that might arouse further suspicion here.

‘It’s funny to say that I overheard the story of the survivors of the Plante family.’

Rudger decided to put this matter down for now.

Because there was nothing that would pose a direct threat to Sedina right away.

“Oh. Assistant Sedina.”

“Yes, teacher. Is there anything else you would like to do? Or would you like another cup of coffee?”

Sedina, who had been watching Rudger finish his coffee, asked with admiration.

“Coffee is over. one drink a day. Anything more is not good.”

“Ah yes.”

Sedina immediately fainted with regret.

Rudger took something out of his pocket and handed it to Sedina.

“Take it.”

“uh? Eh, what is this?”

“It’s perfume.”


What Rudger handed over was really nostalgia.

A translucent liquid is contained in a bottle with beautiful glasswork.

It’s not just perfume, it’s a high-end perfume that is hard to find in the market.

Of course, it was hard to find only in the market, but for Rudger, who had already become the ruler of Royal Street, he could get it whenever he wanted.

“Hey, why did you do this to me… … . omg! Seo, could it be that I smell something from my body?!”

Sedina was hurriedly surprised and smelled all over her body.

Rudger misunderstood that the reason why he gave him the perfume was that it smelled so strong that he had to get rid of it.

In fact, the part I gave in the sense of erasing the smell wasn’t exactly wrong.

“Calm down, Assistant Sedina. You don’t smell strange.”

“Are you sure?”


If I had to pick what it smelled like, it smelled like a grassy, ​​grassy scent.

“But why do you give me this perfume… … .”

“It is a gift.”

“Is this a gift?”

“okay. As my teaching assistant, I suffered a lot until now, but as a teacher, I couldn’t take care of you properly.”

“Then this perfume… … .”

“Because I have no experience of giving gifts to the opposite sex. It is the result of seeking advice.”

Do you have no experience of giving gifts to the opposite sex?

Well, it’s natural.

Ludger would have received a bunch of gifts just by looking at his face.

You won’t feel the need to do it.

Sedina pursed her lips.

don’t you like it? never hated it Rather, it was good enough to die.

Even Rudger said he had never given anyone a present.

‘Yeah, that means… … I was the first person to receive a present from Mr. Ludgar?!’

While Sedina was pondering, Rudger asked.

“I don’t look good. Do you not like it?”

“Oh no!”

Sedina quickly took the perfume bottle from Ludger’s hand, lest it be stolen by someone else.

Sedina held the perfume bottle tightly in her arms with both hands as if holding her most precious possession.

At the same time, he did not forget to make a hasty excuse.

“That, that. I suddenly wondered if I could dare to accept such a gift… … .”

“If that’s the case, you don’t have to worry about it. If the recipient writes well, that alone makes me happy.”

“lol. that, that’s right Oh, do you have any special instructions?”

“Mostly there is nothing more about work because I will soon be participating in the Mystic Night anyway. but.”

“but… … ?”

“Just because it was a gift, I hope you don’t cherish it too much.”

“… … !”

Sedina made a commitment at this moment.

I will spray the perfume Ludger gave me without sparing it.

* * *

The moonlight pouring through the window shatters.

Like sparkling shards of glass, bluish light shone softly throughout the room.

Rudger was sitting on the sofa and relaxing.

Maybe it’s because there’s been so much going on these days, even taking a break like this feels like a long, long time ago.


The inn’s bell rang.

Rudger’s gaze naturally turned to the firmly closed front door.

customer? There won’t be any guests coming this night.

While thinking so, Rudger got up from his seat.

This is Seorn.

It never occurred to him that someone had come to him with the intention of harming him.

Of course, all circumstances had to be considered, so Ludger was ready to use his magic immediately.

As I opened the door, I saw a familiar face.

“Miss Selina?”

“hello. Mr. Rudger.”

Why is Selina, an animology professor, here?

He had such a question, but Rudger calmly managed his expression and asked.

“What are you doing here?”

Saying that, he glanced up at the sky.

“In the middle of the night.”

If it was the usual Selina, she would have blushed or panicked here.

But this time, her reaction was very different from usual.

“Can’t we?”

“… … .”

Selina asked, tilting her head proudly.

In line with that action, her pink hair, which is clearly visible even at night, flutters.

According to Selina’s question, there’s nothing wrong with it.

It’s not like there’s no rule against gathering teachers outside of class hours.

However, it was just a little embarrassing because it wasn’t her usual behavior.

“There is no reason not to. However, if you had business, you could have come to see me separately.”

“Mr. Rudger is so busy. I didn’t have time. I have that too, but I have a class to teach too, right?”

Rudger nodded.

As the class schedule has been so tight lately, the teachers have been quite overworked.

But Rudgar suddenly found a small bug crawling on his body.

Suddenly, I found such a small sense of incongruity.

The figure of Selina smiling and smiling towards this side.

Unlike usual, something is different.

“… … Who are you?”

“ah. I got caught.”

The opponent smiled brightly as if he had no intention of hiding his identity and spun around in his seat.

As if dancing, her appearance changed after a graceful turn.

Black hair and red eyes.

Selina’s appearance, but not Selina.


Selina’s real personality… … .

The First Order of the Black Dawn.

Ludger’s eyes lit up when she appeared in front of her, whom he thought had completely disappeared.

Esmeralda is dead.

Her soul left for the distant side of the light along with the villagers who had been bound by Quasimodo.

There was no way that she would ever appear before my eyes again.

Unless it’s God’s trick.


It could be the devil’s trick.

Rudger’s expression sank terribly.


“what? Did you catch it?”

Esmeralda stuck out her tongue and tapped the ground lightly with the toe of her shoe.

Then, the figure from the tip of the toe to the tip of the head dispersed like a fantasy, and the true figure appeared.

Black and white hair.

Freewheeling fashion.

And even the parasol in my hand.

“Voila. I came to play because you said you were working here.”

“How are you here… … no. don’t speak After all, if it’s your ability, it won’t be a problem to sneak in here.”

For Helya, who can hallucinate like the real thing, sneaking into Ceorn would be a piece of cake.

“So why did you come to me out of nowhere? I remember that this was only our second meeting, and during that time, there was no place for us to get close.”

“Yes? why? Do you really need to be so inconsiderate?”

“It’s not necessary, it’s the reality right now. Isn’t it a relationship that makes friends?”

“I don’t think so?”

Helya smiled coquettishly and put her hand on Ludger’s collar.

The touch was natural and intimate, like a snake climbing a tree.

“Can we be friends from now on?”

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