I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 360

◈ Episode 360: Chasers in the Shade (2)

The elven assassins were taken aback by the appearance of Pantos.

‘how? I even spread a barrier so that people around me couldn’t see it.’

That was the reason why there was no reaction from the people around him even in the fierce fight he exchanged with Rudger.

However, that prisoner easily penetrated the barrier.

Another surprise was the incredible speed that did not match its size.

The female elf, the commander, gritted her teeth.

‘Simply by moving, we were all pushed away.’

How on earth could you make such a move with that fleshy body?

Is it just the outside that looks fat, and is it actually full of muscles on the inside?

The elves’ guess was surprisingly accurate.

However, knowing that did not change their future.

“How long are you going to stay like that?”

A large beast with long gray hair.

Pantos provoked the elves.

“Are you scared? After all, you dwarfs are so cowardly that they aren’t even worth hunting.”

“… … !”

At those words, the elves were furious.

How dare you, stinky beast, insult a noble elf?

Even the elves in this place are from the Shade Warden family, the most polarized people.

More than anyone else, they were filled with the idea of ​​a chosen people for the elves.

Pantos’ provocation worked more than expected.


Even facing the fighting spirit surging from the elves, Pantos couldn’t erase the look of disappointment from his eyes.

still lacking

It was a very arrogant act.

Even with enemies in front of them, they weren’t even nervous.

However, Rudger did not reprimand such Pantos.

Because he deserved it.


First, an elf swordsman rushed toward Pantos.

Holding the Elven Sword in both hands, he summoned the wind spirit behind his back to accelerate his speed.

The subtle aura at the tip of the sword is a faint aura that only skilled swordsmen can use.

That’s how much the will to kill the opponent was outstanding.

The distance between the two narrowed in an instant, and the moment the elf’s sword was about to touch Pantos’ skin.


The elf’s head flew off neatly.

The elf swordsman’s body, with nothing left above his neck, collapsed like a puppet with a string cut off.


Fellow elves who were watching the scene from a little distance let out a bewildered noise.

The scenery they needed to see was the image of Pantos, which must be hacked to pieces by twin swords.

In fact, even right before the sword touched his body, Pantos did not move from his seat.

However, the result was rather the opposite.

In that fleeting moment, Pantos’ fist shattered the elf swordsman’s head first.

“What is this?”

“… … .”

The bewildered elven swordsmen and archers.

The only one among them was an elf woman who didn’t open her mouth and broke out in a cold sweat.

Pantos’ gaze reached the elf.

Pantos muttered, ignoring the trembling elf.

“Is it one?”

There are almost twenty people who have invaded, but only one of them has seen his movements.

Pantos Logistics could not hide its disappointment.

“I came running quickly because there was a fight.”

Pantos stared at Rudger with a disgruntled gaze.

If you’re only going to deal with these guys, why did you call yourself?

“There was none but you.”

“Isn’t Alex there too?”

“He doesn’t fight properly with pretty girls.”

“ah… … .”

but. Elves are an outstanding race when it comes to their beauty.

Besides, half of the elves who had invaded were also women.

Elves were a kind of matrilineal society in which no sex was inherent, or rather women held more power.

Of course, Alex wasn’t a very good choice when it came to dealing with those elves.

“Besides, he hasn’t been moving too much lately, so I wanted to check if there was any rust.”

At Ludger’s words, the white ears on top of Pantos’ head pricked up.

“Do you think your senses have dulled?”

“… … My senses have always been the same. No, on the contrary, it is sharper than before.”

Pantos clenched his fists.

“It’s infinitely insufficient to prove it by just catching a few flying insects, but I’ll show you.”

“That’s an answer I like.”

“Instead, next time I’d like you to call a more rewarding gamer.”

“Let’s try.”

The elves, who had been absent-mindedly watching the two people having a meaningless conversation, regained their senses.

“Are you talking casually in front of us?”

“You know who we are!”

The young elves, who had not yet come to terms with reality, were especially emotional.

The captain of the elves had to stop such subordinates, but he couldn’t.

‘Voice doesn’t come out.’

Having witnessed Pantos’ movements with his own two eyes, he completely lost his fighting spirit.

That fat beastman looked ridiculous, but it was a monster beyond imagination.

It was difficult to deal with a human named Ludgar Celish, but with a monster like that, there was no chance of victory on our side.

As commander, I had to order a retreat.

But my body wasn’t listening.

The body, beyond the control of the will, froze before the predator.

‘Something’s strange! Could it be that prisoner?’

As expected of the most talented person in this place, she noticed that Pantos did something to her.

‘They’re concentrating their energy on me without the knowledge of other compatriots!’

It’s a shocking surprise.

Was the momentum of a strong person that an individual possessed something that could be emitted by aiming for just one person?

No matter how much he gritted his teeth, his trembling hands did not know what to do, and the wandering pupil was lost.

Pantos continued to apply momentum to the commander and moved slowly.


The elven warriors, not yet sure of their opponent’s strength, took up their stance and prepared to face Pantos.

However, their efforts were meaningless.

The moment Pantos took a step, his figure from afar came close to him.


With that sound, the elf swordsman’s neck was broken.

Before he even realized his own death, the other elves fell one by one.

In an instant, Pantos passed all the elves.

The elves fell at the right timing, even if it was almost the same time.

There were no living elves except for the elven conductor, whom Pantos was crushing with force.

“It’s sorted out now.”

Pantos lightly brushed his hands.

At the same time, when the momentum that had been sprayed was recovered, the surviving elf coughed and breathed heavily.

“Cheuk! Huh.”

His body, engulfed in fear, forgot even to breathe.

The elven commander looked up at Pantos with a white face.

“Oh, how. Suin has such power. That kind of thing is only possible with the warchief… … .”

Pantos did not respond.

Instead, he turned his body sideways to open the way.

Seeing the man walking towards this direction, the elf commander had a stunned expression.

Shadowed Rudger was clearly visible even in the dark of the night.


Every time the shoes take a step, the shadows covering the body scatter like embers.

The surrounding barriers also disappeared, and the moonlight that rose in the night sky illuminated Ludger’s back.

His face was obscured by the backlight, but those blue eyes were as clear as the wisps of fire.

It was a mistake.

You shouldn’t have touched this man.

I had to watch from a distance and contact the main unit, but I was blinded by the arrogance.

But it was too late to regret it.

All of his men were already dead, and he couldn’t even run away from the two monsters.

“okay. Now we can talk calmly.”


Rudger hit the ground with the tip of his staff, and the ground rose abruptly.

Rudger sat there and crossed his legs.

“Why did you attack me out of nowhere? No matter how much I think about it, I haven’t done anything worthy of incurring resentment towards the elves.”

It is a Rudger who has almost no contact with other races.

If there is a possibility, it would be related to the world tree hacking, as Bellaluna warned before.

‘I didn’t come looking for Bellaluna, I immediately aimed at me. It means there’s something else.’

However, despite Ludger’s question, the elf kept his mouth shut.

Well, I didn’t think it would be an easy answer.

Rudger said to Pantos.

“Bring her.”

“… … .”

Pantos asked with his eyes, ‘Me?’, but the moment he saw Ludger’s determined gaze, he reluctantly left.

Seeing Pantos suddenly disappear, the elven commander wondered who Ludger had called.

It was immediately apparent.


Pantos, which had disappeared, returned quickly.

It’s like wearing something on your side.

Iron puduk.

Bellaluna, who fell to the floor, touched her sore buttocks.

“Hey, what happened all of a sudden? To come suddenly and bring me to a place like this.”

“Bella Luna. I need your help.”


“Because I need to get a confession from this elf here.”

At Ludger’s words, Bela Luna finally found the elven commander and widened her eyes.

“Shah, Shadewarden?”

Recognizing the pattern on the elven commander’s green robe, Bellaluna trembled.

What was embarrassing was the elven commander as well.

“Why is my compatriot here… … ?”

“Lee, leader! Why is he here?!”

Bellaluna looked back at Ludger with a look that wanted an explanation.

Rudger shrugged lightly.

“I do not know either. Because it was these guys who arbitrarily came to me, locked me in the barrier, and attacked me.”

“that… … .”

“I would rather ask. Didn’t you say that the pursuers would come much later? But you came sooner than expected.”

“I-I thought so too… … .”

The elf commander, who was watching the conversation between the two, twisted his lips.

“I see. You were the insolent intruder who sneaked into Shinsoo! A traitor to this clan!”


Bellaluna quickly hid behind Pantos’ back.

The elven commander glared at Bellaluna as if to tear it to death.

Rudger rubbed his chin.

“Hmm. That doesn’t mean they weren’t targeting me because of Bella Luna. There is another reason.”

“… … .”

The elven commander was silent again.

The attitude of not disclosing information no matter what.

“Since he is a pursuer sent to eliminate external problems, he won’t open his mouth with considerable physical pain. So let’s go in a way that’s good for each other.”

Rudger gave Bellaluna a chin.

“Bella Luna.”

“yes yes!”

“Make this elf open his mouth.”

“Me, me?”

“That’s why I called you.”

“It was brought by force.”

Even as Bellaluna said that, she didn’t know that her eyes would fall on the elven commander.

A bright smile lingered in her eyes, and a small smile formed on her lips.

“Well, if it’s the leader’s order… … .”

“What, what is it? What are you planning to do!”

Feeling uneasy, the elf commander trembled, but when Ludgar bound his body with magical powers, he was unable to move.

Bellaluna approached the elven commander and took out reagents one by one from the pouch.

“Hehehe. hey, don’t worry I have no intention of causing you any pain.”

“What, what is that!”

“If you just take it, it’s a medicine that makes you honest. It is also called the medicine of truth.”

“Go, is it okay to do this to my compatriots!”

It wasn’t something I would say as someone who came to kill me, but given the circumstances, I just said whatever came out.

At those words, Bellaluna hesitated for a moment.

Did the elf commander’s affection as a fellow tribesman be eaten by that appearance? I had hope, but

When I saw Bellaluna’s appearance, I realized that it wasn’t.

she was laughing

His pupils dilated, his mouth torn, and he was laughing like someone who had lost his mind somewhere.

“Heh heh heh heh. I-I was actually curious. I wonder if the medicine I make works for elves like me.”

Pure madness overwhelmed the commander.

This crazy elf had no hesitation in using even his own kind as a test subject.

“ruler. Drink it cold.”

“Oops! town!”

Bellaluna grabbed the elf’s cheeks with one hand and poured the capped reagent bottle into her gaping mouth.

“You can’t spill it.”

After pouring all the medicine, Bellaluna covered her mouth with both hands and threw her head back.

The elven commander tried to resist, but it was pointless.

The medicinal effect went right away.

The elf commander’s eyes became blurry, and his reaction became quiet.

“That’s Okay. Now, I will tell you everything you ask.”

At Bellaluna’s words, Ludger asked to confirm.

“name is?”

“Galien Shadewarden.”

“For what purpose did you come here?”

“To punish the traitor of the clan who secretly hid in the sacred tree.”

“How could you move so fast?”

“At the time, it was the Leafre family head of the Root family who was managing the divine tree. He faced the intruder directly and was enraged, so he summoned our Shade Wardens with the authority of the head of state.”

“… … .”

Rudgar glanced at Bellaluna with a sharp gaze.

Bellaluna broke into a cold sweat and avoided Ludger’s gaze.

“… … By the way, why did you attack me directly?”

Gallien answered in a blank voice.

“I could feel the Plante family’s energy in you.”


Rudger immediately remembered what it was.

The Plante family is one of the elder elven families that were in charge of managing the World Tree in the past.

And now it has completely disappeared, it was a place that has been destroyed.

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