I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 357

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◈ Episode 357 Hyena and Leash (1)

Several companies in the empire went bankrupt one after another.

Among them, there were many companies that were running in the middle of the day.

Businessmen were unaware of this colossal shock.

I hoped for help at the city or national level, but even that was to no avail.

The Empire completely ignored them.

Anyone with a thinking mind would have noticed, of course, that they wouldn’t help.

It’s famous that companies that are now collapsing due to Seorn’s investment and the royal family took opposite paths.

Investors flocked in from all sides due to the declining stock price, and the headquarters of the company became a gatehouse.

People screaming for my money back.

Occasionally, the atmosphere became violent, and some people drew guns and opened fire.

The police, who were on standby in case of any unforeseen circumstances, quickly subdued such people and took them into custody.

“… … damn it.”

Chairman Ranfaltz frowned as he saw the people flocking to the mansion.

Because Ranpaltz’s stock hit the lower limit every day, people who lost a lot of money came to visit.

Why the hell are you asking someone else to return the money you lost?

Responsibility for investing is entirely your own.

Chairman Ranpaltz, who had thought so far, bit his lip.

Those were also the words he had heard from Duke Cayden Lumos not too long ago.

‘Kaden Lumos. You’re going to use me like this and throw me away, right? Okay, let’s see.’

Drachen Ranpaltz made a resolution at this moment.

I promise to get revenge someday.

Caden Rumos who used himself, Oliver of Royal Street who took away his place, and Ceorn who ignored him.

‘Landpaltz will not collapse. Although it was a painful loss, it can happen again because the core business is still strong.’

I cleaned up all the businesses that were open and barely kept the net exhaust.

If you keep it well and roll it, it will go up to a level where others won’t laugh at it, even if it’s not before.

Drahen thought so.

That is until they discover mysterious guests at the entrance of the mansion.

buzz buzz.


The agitation that spread from the gathered crowd reached Drahen in the mansion.

A heterogeneous scene where people in maddened swarms meekly get out of the way left and right.

Drahen’s eyebrows naturally frowned.

‘Who the hell is this?’

The moment he saw the knights in black uniforms rushing through the road created immediately after, Drahen’s face twisted.

“… … Nightcrawler Knights?”

Why did they come looking for you?

Goosebumps ran down Drahen’s spine.

He didn’t know why Nightcrawler had come to visit him.

Rather, it was a problem because there were too many guesses.

‘no. no. There’s no way he’d been quiet until now and then suddenly came to visit me for that reason.’

Drachen Ranpaltz decided to welcome the visitor for now.

Even the Knights of the Nightcrawler couldn’t possibly think of what to do with themselves.

“Is it Drachen Landfaltz? Get involved.”

However, the Night Crawler Knights immediately restrained Drahen the moment they saw him.

The knight’s superhuman body, which surpassed that of a human, did not even allow Drahen to resist.

The same was true of the servants and guards around him.

No matter how paid he was, he did not dare to fight against the Knights of the Nightcrawler.

The handcuffed Drahen shouted as he glared at the head of the Nightcrawler, Terina Lionhowl.

“What are you doing! You came without a warrant! I will make a formal protest!”

“You seem to have forgotten what kind of people the Nightcrawler Knights are.”

“You have the privilege of making an arrest without a warrant? Even so, innocent people… … !”

“Why are you saying there is no sin?”

As Terrina chinned, Lieutenant Lloyd, who had been waiting behind, stepped forward.

“Drachen Landfalz. Here is the evidence of all sorts of corruption, improper solicitation, embezzlement of public funds, and illegal solicitation that he has committed so far as the chairman of Ranpaltz Corporation.”

Papers that unfold.

Drahen’s complexion turned white as he scanned the contents.

Terrina held one of them in her hand and shook it.

“He also had a hand in arms smuggling, secretly supported it to the mafia and gangs, and even formed collusion with various government officials.”

“That, that… … .”

“Do you think we left you alone until now because we didn’t know this?”

At that word, the atmosphere froze coldly.

Drahen, who was trying to argue, just kept his mouth shut.

No voice came out.

Like a prey standing in front of a lion, his body was consumed by fear.

Terina stared at Drahen with an insignificant and disgusting gaze.

Those eyes, looking at something not worth preying on, mercilessly trampled on Drahen’s remaining pride.

Drahen only then realized.



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It wasn’t that he hid it so well that he didn’t get noticed.

They knew from the beginning.

He kept gathering and piling up materials, and was looking down this way.

It’s just that until now, the company called Ranpaltz was that huge, so I didn’t touch it carelessly.

It was because they brought more money to the empire than the corruption they committed.

But now that Lanfaltz has collapsed, his protection is gone.

Thanks to that, there was plenty of justification for Nightcrawler to step out.

“Since there are things I have done so far, I will not go to the death penalty. But I’ll have to spend the rest of my life behind bars in the cold. With other heinous criminals. take it away.”

When Terrina gave the order, the Templars took Lanfaltz into custody.

Drahen was dragged helplessly like a puppet with a thread cut.

The rest of the Knights immediately began searching Drahen’s mansion.

To completely pull out the roots of the remaining Lanfaltz.

“and. That Ranpaltz collapsed like this. It’s really something to live for and see.”

Next to her, her adjutant, Enya, muttered in a voice still in disbelief.

I had never thought that the head of a large corporation would meet such a pitiful end.

“It just happened that it was supposed to happen someday. It’s just a little bit earlier than it should have been.”

“I see. Don’t you think the captain’s expression looks good for something like that?”

“hey. Enya. Aren’t you quiet?”

“Oh what! senior!”

Lloyd scolds and Enya repulses.

Terrina ignored it, as it always happens.

Rather, I was annoyed because I didn’t like this job itself.

‘What is the princess thinking?’

This time, it was Princess Eileen who gave the order to get rid of Ranpaltz.

Of course, it wasn’t forced. Terina was also determined to one day get rid of the Ranfaltz that was doing bad things behind her.

However, even though they had the same purpose, the intentions of the two were different.

Although Terrina is the realization of justice by getting rid of the leeches that eat away at the Empire.

Because Eileen was something else.

‘In the process, he made a deal with Oliver, the masked man of Royal Street.’

The relationship between the now ruined Landfalz and Royal Street was known to Terina through research.

Starting with Ceorn’s sponsorship case, Ranpaltz’s corruption broke out one by one, and didn’t someone short sell the falling stock price?

Eileen was also involved, so Terrina had no choice but to keep her nerves on edge.

‘I thought it was Oliver.’

The man I met before the street completely changed that day.

The masked man, who said he had burn marks on his face, had something that stimulated Terrina’s instincts.

It wouldn’t be another limb raised by Princess 1.

For that reason, his actions weren’t usually suspicious.

‘I’ll need to keep an eye on it.’

* * *

The downfall of the conglomerate Landfalz did not have any repercussions inside Céorn.

Rumors once circulated that there might be a hole in the budget for the second half of the year due to a lot of investors backing away.

The rumors were neatly dispelled by the arrival of new investors.

In the first place, for students who only care about studying magic and having fun, it was out of their interest to be an investor or budget for the school.

But for those who didn’t, this was a huge ordeal.

“What an idiot!”

Hugo shouted in a furious voice from the lecture hall.

“How much have you learned so far, do you still not know this!”

“… … sorry.”

At Hugo’s reprimand, the commoner student lowered his head.

In fact, what Hugo was angry with now was nothing more than Amon’s fault.

It was not wrong to not know what was not taught.

However, originally, Hugo often did this to students.

Especially for common students.

It was Hugo who took care of the aristocratic students while stamping out the cheeky commoners who were taking his classes.

Usually, at times like this, the aristocratic students would laugh at the commoners.

Did you come to this class just that much?

But unlike usual, even the aristocratic students couldn’t smile today.

It was because Hugo was especially sensitive today.

To the extent that they think that this is not the case.

“listen carefully! You commoners should be grateful just for listening to my lectures here! Even if you can’t do that, do you only listen to the contents of my class with your ears? If you’re going to do something like that, hit me right away!”

“… … sorry.”

“damn. This is why only nobles should have received it. The atmosphere in the classroom only gets worse when a dirty commoner interrupts.”

Hugo tuts, clicks his tongue, and fiddles with his mustache.

The student who was nagging at that figure raised his eyebrows in anger.

Thanks to the friend sitting next to me, I was able to calm my anger.

‘Why is that person like this today?’

‘I don’t know. It was like this before, but today it’s even more chaotic.’

‘Just ignore it. Are you afraid of poop and avoid it? I must be in a particularly dirty mood today.’

Ignoring the students who were whispering among themselves, Hugo left the classroom as soon as the class was over.

He made his way to the office with thumping steps.

Students, servants, and other teachers who ran into each other on the way saw Hugo’s distorted face and got out of the way.

It was a scene where you can know Hugo’s evaluation.

Hugo ignored their reactions.

In fact, I didn’t even have time to pay attention.

‘Landpaltz collapsed? President arrested? Are you completely bankrupt? My last rope was broken so pointlessly! I can’t do this!’

Hugo became urgent.

It was because he saw enough potential to join hands with Drahen, the chairman of Ranpaltz, a big outsider.

But Drahen fell.

Ranpaltz was literally broken into pieces and swallowed by various companies, and the remaining kernels were disassembled by the Empire’s gratitude.

‘Why did I hold my hand while lowering my head!’

I’m honestly embarrassed.

From the point of view of seeing his alliance fall at a rapid pace day by day, I wonder if this is a dream.

But this was a terribly vivid reality.

Hugo became urgent.

There may not be any evidence of collaborating with Ranpaltz, but people won’t know what this side was trying to do inside Ceorn.

It was a situation where we had to hide the relevant evidence somehow and let it go quietly with our heads lowered.

But doing so made me feel sick because I had lost so much.

Many teachers who formed a faction have left, and it seems that students are increasingly ignoring them.

‘Do you think I’m going to collapse like that? How dare I, Hugo Burtegg?’

Hugo entered his office with a sigh and slammed the door shut.

A place several times larger than the offices used by other teachers.

Even without using it all, Hugo deliberately used the large space alone.

As if this were your own authority.

“assistant! Where has the assistant gone!!”

Hugo couldn’t stand it and exploded in anger when he came in but there was no assistant.

I’m already annoyed to death, but where did this bastard go without notice?

“There is no one here.”

a sudden voice.

Only then did Hugo realize that his anger had narrowed his vision.

The desk in the office where you normally sit.

I could see the back of a man with his hands behind his back looking out the window.

“Except for you and me.”

“Lou, Rudger Celish… … .”

The moment he faced the blue eyes staring at him with only his head half turned, Hugo felt a cold sweat running down his body.

He shuddered, but then he made up his mind.

“What is going on here?”

“What is it?”

Rudger muttered quietly, as if it was funny that Hugo would ask such a question.

“okay. What do you think will happen?”

Hard, businesslike words with no respect or courtesy towards this side.

The nuance of subtly descending is also quite thick.

Hugo rolled his eyes at Ludger’s question.

“… … I’m not sure. Are you busy, can you leave? I have a lot of work to do in class.”

“For that matter, the office desk is clean. It’s to the point where I question if I’m working in the first place.”

Ludger turned completely to stare at Hugo.

“So, Mr. Hugo Brutegue. Why do you think I came?”

Ludger’s eyes staring this way were no different from those of someone who knew everything.

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