I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 346

◈ Episode 346 Non-attribute magical water (1)

A polishing ground where a special lecture on summoning magical beasts is being held.

Unlike usual, the polishing ground was quite crowded.

It was because each of the students gathered at the table was wearing a magic number.

‘I can’t believe everything will be successful.’

Ludger looked at the magical beasts summoned by the students one by one.

Most of them were in the form of the most common beast.

In a way, it was natural.

A magical beast is a companion or familiar born from the magician’s mana.

The perception that a magician possesses a familiar has no choice but to extend to the animal he raises.

Flora summoned a huge blue jaguar.

On Cheryl Wagner’s shoulder next to her, a parrot similar to her hair color was perched.

At that time, a small commotion broke out among the students.

At the center was Erendir.

When I asked why, it was because of the magic hand located on one of her forearms.

A golden eagle that emits a brilliant light.

Even just by looking at him, he was noble and showed the dignity of a king, and he had a splendor that caught people’s attention.

Among the magical beasts summoned just now, it was unrivaled in terms of appearance alone.

Rudger tutted and clicked his tongue.

‘Magic numbers aren’t everything on the outside.’

For students who don’t know that fact, the magic beast summoned by Erendir must be a strange thing.

Rudger glanced at Erendir.

Her face was full of joy as the surroundings began to pay attention differently than usual.

I tried my best not to show it, but I couldn’t stop the cheeks from twitching little by little.

It is to the point of doubting whether that is the bloodline of the imperial family that leads the empire.

‘Well, let’s enjoy it now.’

If it was the usual Ludger, he would have lightly scolded the magical beast by just looking at it and not liking it.

The reason he didn’t do that now was because he had personally seen Erendir’s pitiful situation in Devalk Castle.

Being hidden in the shadow of Eileen, the eldest sister, and even being bullied relentlessly, it must not have been difficult normally.

‘Actually, Eileen herself says it’s an expression of affection.’

The problem was that the way it was expressed was excessive and distorted.

For an ordinary person, the act of pressing with a finger that is cute may be a shock to a hamster that crushes his body.

Rudger left Erendir alone so that he could fully enjoy the feeling of being the main character even at this moment.

But maybe the trick of fate doesn’t want to let go of Erendir?

The eyes and attention of the students soon began to gather on other students.

“Uh, huh? what is that?”

“It’s a magic number… … The shape of a sword?”

Where the eyes of the students gathered, there was Aidan, who was staring at his magical beast.

Unlike the magic number of other students, the magic number summoned by Aidan was in the shape of a tool.

It is also a sharp long sword.

The sword made of faint lines of magic floated still in front of Aidan.

The students stared at Aidan with half-envy and half-jealous eyes.

Seeing this, Leo muttered in a low voice.

“Anyway, I’ve gotten better at getting people’s attention again.”

A cat the same color as his hair was sitting on Leo’s shoulder as he said that.

Leo himself glanced at Tacy, thinking he had summoned a puck or an ordinary magic beast.

Teishi was staring at Aidan’s magical beast with disbelief.

Sunflowers were blooming on Tay’s head.

Is it a plant-shaped magic water?

When I think of Tacey’s usual appearance, I thought that sunflowers didn’t suit her.

However, it is not an ordinary sunflower.

A soft red light circulated, and the part that could be called a petal was made of flame.

Teishi’s magical water was by no means ordinary, considering its appearance.

In fact, Tacy herself was proud of the magical beast she summoned.

With this, he thought he could flatten the bridge of the nose of the guys who usually ignored him.

However, that important role was lost to Aidan, who was traveling with him.

“How can such a magic number… … .”

“Hey, Tay. calm down. Ludgar-sensei said that magic beasts aren’t all about their appearance.”

Aidan tried to calm the distraught Tacy.

“Whoa. okay. Aidan you are right. Appearance isn’t everything. But you said tool-type magical beasts aren’t common.”

“Taishy’s magic number is also worth bragging about. Is it real?”

“… … really?”

At Aidan’s praise, Teishi felt relieved, albeit a little.

However, Teishi’s expression, which was about to brighten, darkened again when she saw Iona.

It was because of the gauntlets on both of her arms.

“how… … There are two magic numbers in the form of tools… … .”

Like Aidan, Iona’s magic number also took the form of a tool.

As Tacey despaired, Leo approached Iona and said,

“The magic number is wonderful.”

“Ah, yes. thank you. Your magic water is cute.”

“It’s cute. You don’t have to speak out of your mouth.”

“It’s real.”

Rudger, who watched the series of events, quietly admired inwardly.

‘Did two out of the four summon tool-shaped magical beasts?’

Same with Martin, who summoned a magical beast in the form of a righteous person.

I thought it would be a lot if even one of the 80 people summoned a unique magical beast, but this was more than expected.

‘Aside from that, the other students don’t have anything in particular.’

Most of them were magic beasts in the form of animals.

Birds, dogs, cats, mice.

Occasionally, there was a magic water that stood out like a turtle or a fish.

‘If I had to pick something unusual, it would be Julia Plumheart’s magic number.’

Some of the students seemed to have similar thoughts to Ludger, and they couldn’t take their eyes off Julia’s magic number.

Considering Julia’s outstanding magic talent, her mysterious smile, and Julia’s attitude that makes it difficult for others to approach her.

I thought that the magic beast she summoned would be a splendid one, even if it was in the form of an animal.

Like a peacock or a snowy white tiger.

But Julia’s magic number was completely different from that.

‘It’s a jellyfish. I don’t know the language.’

It was moving through the pure white air.

But also, from a distance, it looked like an angel in a white robe.

That mysterious atmosphere, at first glance, looked like Julia.

In addition, the other students were mainly in the form of plants.

‘There’s a humanoid figure and two tool figures, so there’s nothing more to be surprised about… … .’

Rudger, who was about to think that way, widened his eyes when he saw the last student.

At the end of that line of sight was Line.

To be precise, the magic beast she summoned.

‘What is that?’

The first thing Ludger thought upon seeing the magic number was doubt.

Rudger did not major in magic numbers.

Of course, compared to experts, the depth and breadth of their knowledge are inevitably lacking.

However, thanks to Grander’s thorough education, Ludger was able to indulge in various knowledge that ordinary wizards do not know, even if he is not an expert.

Even as Ludgar, he had never seen anything like Line’s magic trick.

‘What do you say about that? Figure?’

It was neither an animal, nor a plant, nor a tool, nor a human being.

Literally, it was a form that no magician had ever seen before.

Floating in the air, it was in the shape of a three-dimensional figure.

The translucent figure continued to move, but it was only when Rudger regained his sanity that he could recall where he had seen it.

‘That’s a polyhedron.’

It is also a quasi-regular polyhedron that is not neatly polished.

The overall shape was round, but it was clearly a dodecahedron.

What is even more surprising is that the polyhedron is not a fixed shape.

Even now, it was moving in real time and changing its appearance.

From the cube to the cuboctahedron, and then from the octahedron to the dodecahedron.

Perhaps the person who summoned this type of magical beast was also surprised, and Line turned to Ludgar.

“I am, teacher. my sorceress… … .”

Before Rinne could finish her words, an abnormal phenomenon occurred to Rinne’s magic beast.

The magic beast in the shape of a figure trembled and began to emit a faint light.

At the same time, ‘Changgurang!’ The sound of breaking glass resonated in everyone’s ears.

is something broken?

Before that question could be answered, the surrounding magical beasts began to react violently.

“Uh huh? Come on?”

“Ji, calm down! Do you want to be still?”

“Ahh! Out of control!”

The magical beasts gathered here were like newborn babies in terms of people.

In a way, it was natural for the fledgling magic beasts to react violently to the unknown wavelength emitted by Line’s magic water.

Suddenly, Rudger had such an idea.

Perhaps even a magic beast summoned by a veteran mage wouldn’t have been surprised here.

However, that wasn’t what was important now.

When the magical beasts start rampaging, the surroundings will become a crucible of chaos.

‘The situation must be calmed down.’

Rudger summoned his magic beast without hesitation.

[Ather Nocturnus]

Feeling Ludgar’s will, the guy appeared on his shoulder in the form of a crow, not in the form of clothing.


Rudger said so and held the long staff in his hand.

Ather Nocturnus nodded reluctantly.

The shape of the crow collapsed and soaked into Ludger’s staff.

The most effective control of the magic beast is the master of the magic beast.

However, if the summoning party fails to deal with it properly, then outside intervention is bound to be required.

And, of course, the same magic number was the most effective when it came to influencing the magic number.


The staff holding the Ather Nocturnus stamped the ground.

A black shadow spread from the tip of the staff in all directions.

A black puddle quickly spread around Ludger, as if the whole black paint had been poured into clean fresh water.

Ludgar infused Ather Nocturnus with more magic power.

The shadow that greedily swallowed magic power was now satisfied and increased its size even more.

In an instant, a black shadow engulfed half of the polishing ground.

All the magic beasts who were about to run amok froze.

It was because he felt the existence of a higher magic beast stronger than himself.

Just as they were terrified in front of predators, the newly born magical beasts were helpless in front of the instinct of power.

Some magicians could not stand the pressure and were even reverse summoned.

“The magic beasts have calmed down!”

“Uh huh? What is this black thing?”

Even the panicked students could only then realize that Rudger had taken some action.

“oh my god.”

Flora admired Ludgar quietly.

Beside him, her magic beast frowned and growled as if he was displeased.

There were 80 magic beasts in this place.

More than 70 of those magical beasts panicked and almost went into a riot.

What could have turned into a major incident, Rudger had suppressed with his own strength.

‘Besides, this scent… … .’

By the time Flora sensed the savory, yet familiar smell wafting from the shadows.

Ludger raised his head and opened his mouth.

“entire. Be still.”

Rudger glanced over the crowd with a ferocious gaze.

Not to mention the students, some magical beasts hid behind their master’s back as soon as Ludgar’s eyes could reach them.

‘Oh, what kind of eyes.’

‘You say you can scare magic beasts with only your momentum?’

‘Rather than that, this black shadow is Mr. Ludger’s magic number?’

For the first time, the students were amazed at the majesty of the magic beast that Ludger showed.

How could I make the magic number so huge that it covers the surroundings?

That was almost half of the incredibly wide polishing field.

‘This is the skill of Mr. Rudger that I’ve only heard about in rumors?’

‘Besides, this isn’t full power yet, is it?’

I thought I was already surprised enough, but there was still something else to be surprised about.

The students harbored awe toward Ludger.

It was to the point of death for Rudger, the person in charge.

‘It’s dizzy.’

Ater Nocturnus is not in its original form, and it is not enough to intentionally change it into a different form.

He imbued him with a lot of mana, frightening the magicians.

Even with this simple action, Ludger had to consume a huge amount of mana in real time.

I had to finish the job before this mana ran out.


Rudger slowly approached her, calling her name.

In order not to provoke that unknown magic beast.

Fortunately, Line’s magic beast didn’t react much after the first time it behaved strangely.

Perhaps he was frightened by the presence of Ather Nocturnus.

That time when I tried to think that I was lucky no matter what.

Line turned to Ludger.


Her pupils pierced Ludgar’s sealing magic and contained a brilliant light.

At the same time, a tear ran down one of her cheeks.

“Why are you showing me that feeling?”

“… … .”

Just when Rudger was about to say something, Line fell down like a doll with a thread cut.

When the owner lost consciousness, the unusual magical beast was also reverse summoned and disappeared.

Ludger summoned a shadow to support Linen before she collapsed.

Looking at his condition, his breathing is even and his complexion is fine.

It was a simple faint.

“… … .”

Ludger retrieved the shadows he had scattered all over the place.

wow oh

As if going back in time, a black shadow was sucked into the tip of Ludger’s wand.

The shadow changed into the shape of a crow at the tip of the staff.

Everyone’s eyes were focused on Ludger who was chasing the shadow being sucked in.

No one could open their mouths.

“Today’s class ends here.”

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