I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 345

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◈ Chapter 345 Objection (2)

“Oh no, how is this… … .”

Martin looked at the magical beast who suddenly appeared and stuttered.

No matter how hard you rolled to summon a magic beast, did you succeed in such a short period of time?

‘It must have taken at least half a year, but can it be this short?’

Martin looked back at Ludger with a bewildered face.

Ludger’s eyes were fixed on the student who summoned the magic beast.

‘Is it Flora Lumos after all?’

The first to summon the magic beast was Flora, who was known to have the best talent.

Originally, he was full of talent, but with the influence of this possession, he even brought the possibility of a future that would bloom in the future.

‘Even taking that into consideration, it’s hard to succeed if you don’t get a good sense of summoning a magic beast.’

Flora seemed quite bewildered at the fact that she had summoned a magic beast.

Ludger carefully examined Flora’s magic number.

Flora’s magic beast had the form of a beast.

It was a jaguar with dark blue hair similar to Flora’s.

The jaguar, quite large, was roaming around and rubbing its head around Flora, who was curiously looking at him.

‘Is it the form of a beast? the most harmless I thought Flora might give birth to a slightly different and unique magical beast.’

Of course, I couldn’t hastily judge the number of magicians based only on their appearance.

Magic beasts are, after all, beings made of mana.

Its ability is affected by innate mana, so it is difficult to guess the ability until you see it yourself.

‘Except for that, she surprisingly resembles Flora very much.’

Considering Flora’s sharp eyes and usual behavior, she is oddly cat-like.

Perhaps the characteristics of such an owner were reflected, and the magicians born were cats and beasts.

It was too big for a cat, though.

As far as I remember, I heard that the jaguar is the second largest animal in the cat family after the lion and the tiger.

‘I guess I’ll go in after eating one intimidating feeling.’

The students around Flora also looked at Flora’s magic water in wonder, but did not approach it.

It was because Flora’s magic beast growled with its golden eyes shining.

“Martin Kandak.”

“… … yes? yes.”

“Let’s go back to our seats. The things you worry about won’t happen.”

“Ha, but I… … .”

Martin realized that Hugo’s plan was completely thwarted when Flora summoned the magic beast.

However, even taking that into account, he had already shown signs of protest to Rudger in front of everyone.

Although it was done under compulsion, Martin had a certain degree of shame about what he had done.

There was no way I could take classes as naturally as before.

“The conversation you just had with me has been blocked by magic. The students don’t even know what we were talking about.”

“Even so, Sensei and I… … You know.”

“I mean?”

Rudgar immediately canceled the sound blocking magic and said to Martin with an expressionless face.

“I don’t quite understand what you are talking about. Martin Kandak. You must have been quite tired from the class, so go take a break and get your senses about magic water.”

Martin’s eyes widened at the intentional hint.

Rudger was quicker to say something than Martin was about to say something.

“As a member of the Kandaq family, wouldn’t it be unfair if I couldn’t summon the magic beast? Go back to your seat.”

“… … yes.”

Ludger stared at Martin’s back as he walked back to his seat with weak steps like a dreamer.

‘I thought he would raise his head again after a reasonable amount of time.’

Since taking the position of Director of Planning, Rudger dealt a major blow to Hugo’s influence.

It’s not like the principal ordered it.

Since he had already hated Hugo and other aristocratic factions, it was necessary to cut off their hostile forces a little.

In that part, Hugo’s weakness was caught and he was used, so the noble faction was unable to speak out as loudly as before because of internal rifts.

‘I thought it would take quite a while to solidify the bond between the cracks and tissues like before. Have I been too complacent?’

Or, was Hugo’s charisma in manipulating people better than he thought?


Hugo, who has nothing to brag about other than his birth family, could not have the qualities of a leader.

But that doesn’t mean he’s not a blind person either.

A person who knows better than anyone that now is the time to buy something like this?

‘The reason why I was quiet until now, but suddenly moved, was a terrorist incident that happened on a field trip after all. And if you think about what the president said then.’

The answer came to Rudger’s head.

‘Hugo Burtegg. I got a back boat.’

The backing ship is probably the sponsor who provides huge amounts of money to the Seorn Academy every year.

I don’t know if it’s a majority or an individual, but it seemed clear that Hugo had joined hands with them.

‘It must have been an unlikely alliance for Hugo, who wanted to solidify his position within Ceorn.’

Now that the balance between the general faction and the aristocratic faction has completely collapsed because of himself.

Hugo would rather have borrowed the devil’s hand.

That’s why I couldn’t bear to refuse the hand that the sponsor offered me.

‘If I can’t have it anyway, I’ll bring in an outside force.’

In the chaos that resulted from it, he must have thought of taking advantage of it even a little.



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‘Abandon your pride as an aristocrat and take advantage. In this respect, he is a person with a good mind to judge the true situation.’

The thoughts of the sponsors who supported Hugo were also obvious.

Ceorn is a huge organization.

As it is such a place, it needs a huge amount of money, and there are many sponsors.

But not all sponsors are the same.

Of course, the sponsors are also divided according to the amount of support.

‘Those who are like major shareholders in terms of corporations.’

And these people don’t support Seorn just because of goodwill.

What they do is ‘investment’.

And they want to get a corresponding reward for their investment.

Right away, it was the authority to intervene in Ceorn.

‘Until now, there was a lot of noise inside, but it was Seorn who was definitely blocking the outside force. But this field trip incident has caused a big crack.’

Rudger thought things were going very strangely.

If he had been in the position of a new teacher, he would not have had to worry about this.

However, now he has become the head of the planning department of Seorn, and he has nothing to do with this incident.

‘Who the hell is this? It wouldn’t be the imperial family. The same goes for the Mage Tower.’

First of all, considering the personality of the first princess Eileen, the imperial family decided that they would not hold hands with Hugo.

Eileen also wanted to keep Ceorn under her influence, but considering her proud personality, she would have taken a slightly different approach.

On the contrary, the magic tower is a method that can be taken sufficiently, but I thought it would be difficult because of the check.

The New Magic Tower, the Old Magic Tower, and the School Association.

Their influence on Seorn is equal to each other.

The stake was perfectly shared, and when I thought about the field trip, I couldn’t help but get impatient.

If even one of the three decides to go crazy, the other two organizations will even interfere.

However, the three of them are not going to do something like this together.

Rather, while pretending to be united, they will think of betraying each other.

The relationship between the three organizations was so antagonistic that, in a sense, even Rudger had no choice but to trust deeply.

Although the elimination method cut out quite large elements, there are still many suspects.

Ludger shook his head, saying that there was nothing he could do about it now that he lacks clues.


Then Flora’s voice came along with a purring sound.

“It worked.”

You don’t have to say what.

Flora tried to speak calmly, but her expression was slightly twitching as she couldn’t hide her joy.

Other people didn’t know, but Rudger knew.

“okay. You succeeded in an earlier time than anyone else.”

“Of course it is. Because I was born with the best talent.”

“Your success will set an example for other students. Just don’t be too arrogant. The process of summoning a magic beast is difficult, but it’s true after the summoning.”

In other words, Flora was now standing on the starting line.

Flora didn’t know that either.

I just said this because I wanted to be praised by Rudger.

“… … all right.”

Flora felt that Rudger was savage for no reason.

Still, I thought we were open to each other to some extent, but was that just an illusion of our own?

Just when I was about to turn my back in a little bit of regret, Rudger spoke in a small voice that only Flora could hear.

“Good job.”

“yes? what now… … .”

Flora tried to ask, but Ludger had already moved on.

“As you can see, training in this way guarantees its efficiency. You guys are also in the process of getting your senses, so it probably won’t take long.”

Flora’s success actually benefited the students around her.

There was something suspicious about this class, but Flora graciously washed it away.

Of course, some students still couldn’t get rid of the suspicion that Flora was able to do it quickly because she was a year older and a genius.

Still, it was clear that the class atmosphere was much better than before.

The students closed their eyes again and went into meditation.

Is it because the fact that someone has succeeded has inspired hope?

There was not a single person who did it roughly.

In particular, Martin Kandak worked the hardest, holding on to his seat longer than anyone else.

That effort has finally seen the light of day.

“Uh huh? Martin, you!”

His usual friends stared at Martin with amazement.

But Martin couldn’t listen to his friends’ reactions.

This is because the mysterious creature that appeared in front of his eyes was deprived of his gaze.

It was the figure of a girl smaller than a human head.

The body was small and short, and the head was exceptionally large, but because of that, it had a strong cute impression.

The magical girl wandered around looking at Martin with transparent eyes.

“In the form of a righteous person.”

At that time, after seeing Martin’s success, Rudger approached and said while looking at his magic number.

“A righteous man, huh?”

“okay. Magic beasts take the form of beasts, plants, and tools, but occasionally, beings similar to humans appear like this.”

Ludger carefully observed Martin’s magic number.

“Usually, it’s a rarer case than the tool type. He might be a magician worthy of Kandaq, who made puppetry his family business.”

“… … Do you know about our family?”

“okay. Now, with the development of mechanical engineering, automatons have developed more than dolls, but at one time, I heard that Kandaq had no one to follow when it comes to doll manufacturing.”

Martin was very surprised that Rudger knew about it.

It wasn’t just empty talk that he remembered all the students in his class.

In fact, Martin’s family was on the decline due to the development of automatons and steam golems.

Because it was too old-fashioned to manipulate puppets with magical powers like before.

Martin’s father tried to make several changes to build the family.

But change requires a lot of energy and money.

There was no way the Kandak family was in decline.

It was the Burtegg family that supported it, and that’s why the Kandaq family owed a great debt to the Burtegg.

“If it’s a humanoid magic beast, is there something special about it?”

“The magic beast’s ability comes from the user’s will and magical inclination, not appearance. However, since it is not usually rare, there is a high possibility that it has a special ability that others cannot. Until now, there have not been many times where the magic beast in the form of a righteous person has been weak.”

Martin’s expression brightened.

If Rudger, who usually doesn’t say nice things, would say that, it must have been a really unusual case.

“Don’t be overjoyed. Even if the magic beast is summoned, how long it will be maintained and how much the magic beast’s ability will be raised will depend entirely on the wizard’s own efforts. On the contrary, we have to work even harder at times like this.”

“yes! All right!”

Martin nodded with a serious face.

Judging by the expression on his face, it seemed that there was no need to nag him anymore, so Rudger nodded once.

Martin’s success literally poured fuel on the will of the students.

Even Flora is convinced that she is so talented, but I never thought that Martin, who had no special presence, would succeed.

The students turned on the light in their eyes and tried to summon the magic beast.

Rudger didn’t even tell him to, but he didn’t mind running on the polishing ground to consume his mana.

It was something even Rudger hadn’t expected.

The result was the same.

Three days after Martin and Flora’s success.

All the students in Ludger’s special lecture succeeded in summoning their own magic number.

It was a feat accomplished in just 15 days.

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