I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 344

◈ Chapter 344 Objection (1)

Rudger looked at the student standing in front of him.

Among the first-year students, it was Martin Kandak, who came from an aristocratic family with a name in his own right.

Rudger glanced around.

A few aristocratic students were cheering Martin’s strong action.

It’s like a representative came out.

Rudger, just in case, lightly fingered! and bounced

A sound barrier formed around Rudger and Martin.

The conversations we have here will no longer reach anyone’s ears.

Martin didn’t seem to notice, but Ludgar thought it was necessary.

Rudger looked at the student standing in front of him.

Martin’s pupils trembled as Ludgar stared silently.

He looked a bit regretful about what he had said, but it seemed that he was going to push through to the end because he couldn’t pick up what he had already said.

“okay. Martin Kandak. Are you going to quit class?”

“… … That’s right.”

“The reason is?”

Should I ask why?

Martin answered the question honestly, despite his internal dissatisfaction.

“It’s because it’s a pity to waste time with such pointless behavior.”

“A senseless act?”

“… … I am a student at Seorn. And even nobles. Why do I have to go through all this hard work, sweating in a place like this?”

Martin grew up in a well-to-do family.

After coming to Seorn and seeing the wide world, I realized that the common people here are not easy.

that can be tolerated

However, this kind of ignorant physical training was unbearable.

Still, the teacher in charge of the special lecture was Rudd, so he endured it, but when the expected results did not come out, his impatience and patience ran out.

“Even if you don’t make it this hard anyway, the magic beast will be summoned someday… … .”

“Martin. ask one Did you feel a threat to your life on this field trip?”

Martin couldn’t answer that.

Terrorism on field trips.

Many students said they were caught in it and injured.

Martin was lucky.

He was not injured in the attack and was able to evacuate to a safe place quickly.

I just heard the news.

Chimeras have come, or a black storm has raged.

That’s why there are many students who end up in hospital rooms.

But I thought it had nothing to do with me.

It was someone else’s business anyway, and it’s because he is fine like this. The fact that no one died did much to make him feel relieved.

“… … Why are you asking that?”

However, admitting it openly hurt my pride.

“Because if you’re a guy who’s been through something really dangerous, you can’t force him to quit this class.”

“that… … .”

“However, I understand your reaction.”

Martin stared at Ludger with a look of surprise.

To be honest, I thought that I would be greatly insulted if I said such a thing.

He said he would quit after being prepared for all of that, but Rudger was saying that he understood.

“It will be frustrating. The agony of the body that I have never experienced before. Even so, to the sluggish process. But since the students in the same class are getting ahead one by one, you must have felt that you were falling behind.”

Martin involuntarily shrugged his shoulders.

Rudger’s words were accurate, as if he was looking into his own heart.

Martin resisted even harder because he didn’t want to admit it.

“I just expressed my opinion that this class is useless.”

“Why do you think there is no meaning?”

“Otherwise, why am I still running here, drenched in sweat?”

“I didn’t do it, so the class was wrong. Do you think so?”

Rudger wasn’t angry yet.

Even as he took it as a surprise, Martin brought up a thought he had kept in his mind.

“I have been trained in magic since I was a child in my family. Although my talent may not be the best in Seorn, I am confident that the process and time I have learned are not inferior to others.”

Martin’s gaze fell on several students sitting in meditation.

Not a noble like yourself.

common students.

Martin’s inner anxiety and inferiority complex originated from this.

Why should the one who has learned more and longer be left behind?

If the opponent is a noble, I would understand. They must have received an early education like myself.

But commoners are different.

Aren’t they the guys who barely take classes while receiving subsidies from Ceorn?

I couldn’t accept the fact that I was pushed by those guys.

“So you want to give up? You worked hard for yourself, but the results aren’t coming out?”

Rudger’s chilly voice landed right on my shoulder.

Martin swallowed and nodded.

I had to clench my fists and muster up the courage to do that trivial act.

Well, the opponent in front of me is that Ludgar Cellis.

Ceorn’s new teacher.

But no one will see him as a rookie.

After he came to Seorn, he taught and publicized all kinds of new magic, and quickly rose to the position of Director of Planning.

The president trusts him, and he is said to have played a big role in this terrorist incident.

At the time, Ludger’s rescue from the Chimera Corps was famous among students.

Because of that, many of the aristocratic students who didn’t appreciate Ludger even had a good impression of him.

His cold and aloof behavior has now become a personality.

Still, Martin had to talk to Rudger.

“yes. I will give up. And the teacher’s teaching method is wrong.”

Beyond quitting, your method this time is wrong.

Clearly, this was a statement that crossed the line.

Martin knew that too.

The moment he said these words, there was no turning back, and that he would be terribly broken by Ludger.

I had no choice but to do it knowingly.

Rudger was silently staring at himself.

The inside of Martin’s clenched fists were wet with cold sweat.

What will Rudger do now?

Will you kick yourself out? Or will you insult me ​​in front of everyone? Maybe forcefully roll more.

All sorts of negative thoughts swirled through my mind.

Martin’s gaze naturally turned to the ground.

Then Rudger opened his mouth.

“i get it.”


Martin raised his head.

He couldn’t understand what Rudger was saying now.

do you accept this? so easy?

I felt like an idiot for worrying about something.

“I’m not heartless enough to force a guy I don’t like to do hard work. If this doesn’t work, it must be me wrong.”

However, Rudger stopped talking and stared at Martin.

Those eyes were so clear that it seemed as if they were looking into the other side’s inner thoughts.

“If that’s your truth, I’ll admit I was wrong.”


“I don’t think that words that are forced out because they are half-forced by others are sincere.”

“… … !”

Martin held his breath.


“Oh, no. that… … .”

Martin thought to himself.

Rudgar already knew everything.

As he said, Martin’s courageous approach to Rudger wasn’t really because this class was meaningless.

How to overwork the body? To be honest, I didn’t like it at first, but as I did it, I felt something.

It’s a little bit, but I’m getting a sense through contemplation.

A commoner who gets ahead of himself?

It is also true that it hurts his ego.

However, Martin understood that when it comes to magic numbers, the realm of talent and senses excels.

Instead, he showed strength in a little more theoretical part, and was actually producing not bad grades.

He’s still a student, but at least he knows what he’s good at and what he’s not.

Even so, Rudger did this.

because of external pressure.

‘To ruin the class?’

Hugo Burtegg, who called himself separately.

Among Seorn’s teachers, he is the leader of the noble faction and one of the elder teachers with considerable authority.

That’s what he said to himself.

Run out of Ludgar’s class saying you can’t do it.

‘Martin students. It’s not very difficult. I just need to say I’m giving up and incite some students.’

‘… … What if I do something like that in Mr. Rudger’s class?’

‘I will help you with that. I will make an official protest to the president regarding this special lecture. They said they overworked the students with too much forced marching.’

Martin knew what Hugo wanted.

He was not criticizing the behavior of the president who abused students.

He is trying to use this case to check the president who is trying to wield his authority too much.

But Martin couldn’t easily dismiss Hugo’s offer.

It was because he had connections with his father.

‘Martin. How is your father?’

‘… … yes.’

‘okay. You should be fine. Thanks to the support of the Burteg family, I was able to grow significantly.’

‘… … .’

As Hugo said, thanks to Hugo’s care, Martin’s family, Kandaq, was able to establish itself in an important position in the aristocratic society.

In other words, he could go back to the past as soon as he was out of Hugo’s eyes.

Of course, once established and rooted in a family, there is nothing to be shaken for such trivial reasons.

There was no way Martin’s father wasn’t prepared for this.

If you think about it rationally, there was a loophole in this threat.

But Martin was still young, and he wasn’t in a position to make judgments that far.

‘Martin students. If you do well this time, I can recommend you as a special student. What is it? After graduation, you will be treated wherever you go.’

‘that… … .’

‘Isn’t it difficult? You just have to be a bit older and run away. A class like this is meaningless.’

Martin couldn’t answer properly.

I have to say no to this, but the words didn’t come out of my mouth.

Hugo looked at Martin disapprovingly, then touched his mustache and clicked his tongue.

‘Huh, Mr. Hugo. I am… … .’

‘The reaction is not very reliable. Tsk. Even if I tried to give them a chance, they said they didn’t like it.’

‘that… … .’

‘Anyway, there are many people besides you who can do this. However, the reason I called you first is because I am acquainted with the head of the Kandaq family. But if my son comes out like this, I’m sure the head of Kandaq will be disappointed.’

Martin closed his eyes.

‘… … I’ll do it.’

I had no choice but to say that.

Martin wakes up from the flashback and returns to reality.

“Well, how… … .”

“A student who has been quietly taking classes so far suddenly says that he is going to quit, but is there anyone who accepts that?”

“Ha, but I’m only one of the 80 students… … .”

“It’s just one. One of 80 students in my class.”

Martin shuddered.

It wasn’t usually embarrassing to act like this in front of someone who knew everything.

How pathetically Rudger must have looked at himself.

How insignificant he must have been, following someone behind him, like a parrot.

Even thinking about it myself, I am really disgusted with myself, but as a teacher conducting the class, I would have done more, never less.

To the pale and speechless Martin, Ludger spoke in a softer voice.

“Martin Kandak. I consider you an excellent student. So, I have no intention of blaming or rebuking you in this situation. However, I want you to answer this one thing clearly.”

“That, what is that?”

“Do you really want to quit this class?”

Rudger asked with a transparent gaze.

Are you really good with it?

Martin resisted saying, “You’ve already answered that question well enough.”

Rudger was not looking for a formal answer.

You want to hear your true heart.

“… … I just thought it wouldn’t matter if I continued this class. However, my opinion is meaningless. If not me, someone will question this class.”

“I guess so. The person who made you do that wouldn’t want me to do well in this class. If you can’t do it, I’ll have someone else do the same. You would have thought that it was better for you to do it.”

Martin nodded in embarrassment.

Rudger didn’t blame Martin for that.

“If my classes haven’t worked yet, that would be true. But, unfortunately, it is no longer necessary.”


“Look over there.”

Martin looked in the direction Ludger pointed.

And Martin widened his eyes in disbelief.

“Magic number?”

A magical beast appeared from among the students gathered for meditation.

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