I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 343

◈ Episode 343 Special Lecture on Hell (2)

Ludger’s hellish special lectures pushed students to their limits both mentally and physically.

But I didn’t force it like that.

It was because Rudger knew how on earth he knew, and if he wanted to get this far, he let him rest just right there.

If he targeted that part and subtly feigned illness, he noticed it again like a ghost and ordered him to make amends.

After going through that several times, the students couldn’t help but just do their best.

It didn’t matter if it was a commoner or an aristocrat.

At this moment, everyone was equally out of breath and had to run until they were covered in sweat.

And if the class was only physically difficult, it wasn’t.

It’s because during that time when everyone is recovering, you can listen to Ludger’s interesting special lecture.

“Although the magic number is made of mana, it cannot be seen as a living being. Even so, it has a will and exists in reality. The reason is, as I said before, that the wizard’s will dwells in mana for a long time and is created.”

Then a student asked a sharp question.

“In a way, magic water is no different from an artificial life form?”

A pseudo-life that was born with human will infused with mana.

No, can it be considered a living thing?

In other words, it is no different from being created like a homunculus or chimera.

It’s also funny to put it on the same line as the Chimera.

A chimera at least has a body made of flesh, but a magic beast doesn’t even have that.

Rather, in more detail.

The magic number was close to the spirit.

It is also an artificial spirit.

“Depending on your point of view, you can see it that way.”

“A point of view?”

“In the academia of the Summoning School, there is still a discussion about magic numbers. There is an endless debate about whether to view magic water as a naturally occurring creature or an artificially created being.”

“Isn’t it artificially created?”

“that’s right. It is, in fact, man-made.”

“But it’s not intentional, so it’s not artificial, is it?”

“So it’s a natural occurrence?”

“Cryptid is similar. It’s not something I can’t understand if it’s a cryptid that can be tamed.”

Students also shared their opinions.

Perhaps they thought a lot about the magic number, and opinions were divided among the students.

Eventually, they stared at Rudger as if asking for the correct answer.

It was like baby birds asking for food from their mother bird.

“There is a tendency to view the magic number as actually occurring naturally. To use the word artificial, the active will of the maker must be included, but magic water is not something that can be made just because someone wants to make it.”

“Why? Can’t you make magic water artificially?”

“So far, there has been no news of any success that way, so I guess it’s virtually non-existent.”

In practice, similar attempts have been made many times, but all have failed.

There is only one magic number per wizard.

Other magical beasts cannot be born no matter what method is used.

“Besides the magic number, there have been quite a few experiments like that before. There were cases where artificial magic beasts were the first to make the spirits of necromancy dwell in golems, or to create spirits using the power of nature.”

“Are there any success stories in that case?”

To that question, Rudger hesitated for a moment.

As there is no artificial magic number, it is correct that there should be no other examples.

But the rest of the examples did exist.

To imbue a golem with a soul through necromancy.

In a slightly different direction, such was the [Chorus of Steel] project, which forced human souls into automatons.

And what could be called the success of that terrible experiment was ARPA.

The same goes for artificial spirits.

Even if you try to create a spirit by forcibly collecting and combing the energy of Mother Nature, the spirit will not be born.

This is because spirits are not created simply by gathering energy.

However, a small number of elemental magicians were able to create new spirits.

Selina was proof of that.

An artificial spirit created by Esmeralda from part of her pure soul.

Arfa and Selina too.

After all, those who said that existence is impossible in academia.

However, the inside story of how the two were born was not easy to tell.

They were born in the dark abyss submerged under the indifference of society.

It’s ironic indeed.

A beautiful flower that does not bloom even in a flower bed that has been carefully cultivated, blooms on a dirty and messy pile of filth.

It might be proof that this world is not that beautiful or just.

“There has been no success in that area yet.”

However, there is no need to tell such a heavy truth even to students.

“Then, magic numbers are actually naturally occurring?”

“That’s why scholars who insist on spontaneous generation tend to argue like this. Humans are also part of nature, so just because a magic beast is born from such a human, it is not right to define it as artificial. In the big category, everything is as good as spontaneous occurrence.”

The students who listened to the explanation regretted that there were no writing instruments in this place.

There was something about Ludger’s story that caught my attention.

“However, it does not matter if it is a natural occurrence or an artificial one. What you all need to focus on right now is recognizing the existence of the Magic Beast.”

“How do you do cognition? I don’t know if it still exists or not.”

“The magic number is already there from the moment you learn magic. It’s just an egg that hasn’t yet come out of its shell. You must endlessly contemplate mana, find the egg, and hatch it.”

That’s why Rudger called the students to the polishing ground and rolled them.

Because this whole process was the process of awakening the magic number.

However, from the point of view of overexerting oneself, one wonders whether this is the right way.

“So come on, focus. You need to know how to properly check your physical condition before the consumed mana is filled up.”

Of course, it rarely happens all at once.

The majority of students have never experienced horsepower depletion.

It is difficult for those who experience magical power depletion for the first time to remain sane in a state of exhaustion where the whole body loses strength.

Now, most of the students were barely able to control themselves.

However, after going through this state of mana depletion several times, you get used to it.

It’s hard at first, but after that, you’ll have time to pay attention to other parts while recovering your mana naturally.

Usually, you learn this naturally through actual combat, but Ludger wasn’t that kind.

As much as I had to squeeze out the time I didn’t have, it was only natural that pain would follow.

“Don’t focus on recovering mana just because you’re exhausted. You have to deliberately suppress the process. And take a close look at your physical condition.”

The students who desperately tried to get out of exhaustion at Ludger’s instructions closed their eyes and began to concentrate.

Day 3 of training.

The students who listened to the special lecture gradually began to catch on.

No student has succeeded in summoning the magic beast yet, but some students have discovered something in their bodies.


As Flora meditated with her eyes closed, she furrowed her eyebrows at the strange strange feeling she felt inside her body.

3rd day to consume all mana, suppress recovery as much as possible and contemplate inside.

She came to discover ‘something’ hidden inside her mana.

It was like a seed, or like an egg of something.

Maybe it looked like a box with precious things inside.

I couldn’t detect it because of the mana that was usually filled inside my body, but after emptying all the mana a few times, I started to get an outline.

‘This is the egg of the magic tree the teacher said.’

That’s why I can’t perceive

The magic beast’s egg was made of the same mana as the mana inside the body.

Of course, if it wasn’t in a state of exhaustion like now, there was no way I could detect this existence.

‘Besides, it would have been too late to notice if it hadn’t been for the magic discharge experiment.’

In order to increase the amount of magic discharge, it was necessary to find the existence of a mana pass that existed faintly within the body.

However, like finding leylines in the desert, this has never been an easy process.

I needed the help of a magic suppressor, and I had to learn how to handle the handful of magic that could be operated in that state in detail.

If you do it repeatedly, eventually, when the mana pass is pierced, the person learns more about their mana.

What kind of mana do you have?

and how you can use it.

I was able to gain great enlightenment.

The experience at that time has helped enough in the current situation.

‘Small. But it’s that solid. It’s amazing that I didn’t know about this existence until now.’

Flora is in trouble here.

It was good until he found an egg that could become a magic beast.

The problem was that I had absolutely no idea how to do it afterwards.

‘What about the others?’

Flora opened her closed eyes and looked around.

Most of the students were concentrating and frowning.

I couldn’t see the figure of someone who caught the galpi like himself.

‘I must have been the fastest.’

Then a shadow fell over Flora.

I looked up to see who it was, and it was Rudger.

“Flora. I got the hang of it. You must have found that sleeping inside of you, right?”

“How did you know?”

“I knew it when I saw the reaction. Usually, the first thing you realize is to recognize the existence of an egg sleeping inside through contemplation, so I thought you could do that.”

Does that mean you value yourself highly?

Flora was internally happy about that fact, but more than that, she was curious.

“As the teacher said, I felt the existence of the egg in my mana. But after that, I just don’t know what to do.”

“I guess so. It’s because it hasn’t come out of its shell yet. To put it bluntly, you haven’t even stood at the starting line yet.”

“So what do I need to do now to get to that starting line?”

Having come this far, you should be qualified to hear that explanation.

However, Flora’s expectations were shattered by Ludger’s continued words.

“I do not know.”

“yes? Don’t you know?”

“I can teach you how to find an egg, but I don’t know how to wake it. Because there is no set way.”

“There is no set method… … .”

“If you don’t understand, let me tell you a similar analogy. There are 3 people. And each of the three people handed a bird in a cage. And he said: Try to make this bird cry. What do you think then? Did everyone use the same method?”

“yes? Yes, each person has a different method.”

“Yes. Someone will do all sorts of tricks to make the bird cry, someone will inflict pain to make the bird cry, and someone else will wait for the bird to cry on its own. There are 3 ways for 3 people. If so, do you think there are several ways for the dozens of students gathered here?”

Flora understood what Rudger was trying to say.

“In the end, it seems that awakening this egg is within the power of the user himself.”

“okay. It’s not something you can do without someone giving you advice. The egg of the magic beast sleeping inside of you is, after all, only yours. Awakening it is purely your own way.”

“Then let me ask you this one thing. How did Miss Ludger awaken her own magic number?”

Ludger thought of his magic beast, Ather Nocturnus.

Ever since he was taught by his master about magic, he always had to do everything in his power.

It wasn’t that I was forced to do it.

Rudger was acutely aware of his own weakness.

Along with the endless tinnitus of the gods, I had to hide from the assassins sent by Bretus.

So I studied with all my might and learned magic.

“If I had to question it, I was desperate. The egg has awakened in response to that feeling.”

“Desperate… … .”

“Of course, this is just my way. It will be completely different for you. So that you can focus as much as possible. First of all, I’ve got my way, so I don’t have to run the grinding ground anymore.”

Upon hearing this, several students stopped meditating and opened their eyes slightly.

maybe me too It is with the thought of having expectations.

“Did I tell you? Those who have not yet detected the existence of the magic beast must keep running, so let them know.”

* * *

Ludger’s special lecture continued.

The students who still couldn’t come to their senses ran through the grinding ground by Ludger.

Rudger watched in silence.

I have already told you all the ways and paths.

How to walk it was now up to the students.

‘Usually, it takes at least half a year to go through this process.’

Rudger shortened it to fortnight.

half a year to a full moon. A period of 12 times the difference in length alone.

In other words, it also meant that the normal process was concentrated 12 times and the students were rolled.

Perhaps because of that, bad stories about Rudger’s teaching methods started to come out.

In particular, Hugo, the head of the aristocratic clique, thought it was time to bite Ludger.

Of course, I didn’t have the courage to do that in front of me, so I was working behind the scenes.

Rudger knew that too, but he lightly ignored it.

He didn’t care what those people were talking about behind his back anyway.

But the other students in the class didn’t seem to do that.

“I will quit.”

The first giver came out.

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