I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 342

◈ Episode 342 Special Lecture on Hell (1)

The students started running on the large polishing ground.

At first, he strengthened his body with mana and ran, so there was no particular strain.

Even the students who didn’t exercise normally were running well thanks to the strengthening magic.

However, as time passed, my thoughts changed.

Mana is not infinite.

The mana needed to strengthen the body is not that much.

But if you have to run and stay that way, the story is different.

In the end, students who ran out of mana without even turning a few laps began to appear one after another.

The students whose mana was depleted now had to run barefoot.

The body that was protected by the strengthening magic started screaming.

omg. omg.

Heck. Heck.

The sound of gasping for breath echoed everywhere.

In the case of students who usually built a wall with sports, their complexion was pale and reminded them of corpses.

Suddenly, a question popped up in everyone’s head at the same time.

‘Why am I running?’

‘This will help summon the magic beast?’

‘this is right? Really?’

However, no one could stop the running footsteps.

It was because of a man who had been staring at me with an intense gaze a while ago.

Rudger Chelsea.

He didn’t stop staring at the students all the way to see if anyone was playing around.

The students couldn’t stop even if they wanted to stop because of Rudger.

Rudger was like a ghost.

If there was a student who tried to slow down even a little, he sent a dagger-like gaze.

If he still didn’t listen, he called out his name and even pressured him with his characteristic heavy voice.

The student who was dying from that alone jumped like a wild rabbit.

There was no such thing as a female student.

Even aristocrats don’t look at you, so will you look at me as a woman?

Of course, the aristocratic female students had nothing to say.

“Huh. Huh.”

Tacey gasped and ran like mad.

It was time to stop, but Rudger didn’t say anything.

He told me to keep running until he told me to stop, so I had to keep running.

“What the hell, me, why?”

A voice that breaks with every breath.

Even breathing is painful, and the whole body is already covered with sweat.

Tacey wanted to slump down in her seat right away, but she couldn’t bring herself to do so.

It was because of pride.

‘Why is that guy Leo so zealous!’

If it was usual, wouldn’t Leo be the person I would have missed the most?

However, Leo was doing his best in training more than anyone else, as if something had changed since the field trip.

Seeing Leo running without complaining even though he was having a hard time, Teishi felt something boiling inside.

For some reason, if I lose to Leo here, I feel like I will have to live with the label of a loser for the rest of my life.

I don’t know anything else, but I didn’t want to go through that much.

So Tacey gritted her teeth and kept running.

“Tacey. are you okay?”

At that time, Aidan approached, stepping next to Teishi.

I hadn’t slowed down, but I had already caught up with Taycey, one lap ahead.

Tacey wanted to answer, but her breath caught up to the tip of her throat, so she shook her head instead.

“Hold on a little longer. Then you’ll be fine! If you go beyond your normal state, you will be liberated a little!”

Aidan said with a bright smile.

Do you call it consolation now?

Tacey tried to argue, but just breathing was too much for her.

Tacey glanced sideways at Aidan with a renewed surprise.

He was still fine except for a little shortness of breath.

Unlike others, it was thanks to the steady training of the body.

Tacy suddenly remembered Leo calling Aidan a stupid stamina monster.

That’s what I’m thinking now, but I thought it was a nickname that really suits Aidan.

Of course, there were other people besides Aidan who ran well.

This was the case with Iona, who was circling the polishing ground several laps before the others.

Beast races have superior physical abilities.

Among them, Iona was born with an outstanding lineage, so her level was extraordinary.

With each step she took on her outstretched legs, her body moved forward.

Seeing Iona quickly passing by, the male students couldn’t help but look at her from the back with an absurd gaze.

For male students in their prime, being pushed behind by female students in terms of physical ability left a lot of scratches on their self-esteem.

Because of that, the male students gritted their teeth and tried to keep running.

‘It’s like a real monster.’

Teishi stuck out her tongue at Iona’s expression, which did not change.

Just then, a person with blue hair passed by Teishi.


Teishi looked at the back and immediately wanted to know who it was.

It belatedly reminded me that that person was Flora Lumos, a genius in the second year.

Her hair color had changed slightly, so I couldn’t immediately recall who she was just by looking at her back.

‘That senior, was he originally that good at sports?’

Flora ran just as well as Taish thought.

Although he had a natural talent for magic, the perception that he would be weak in physical strength and things like that was surprising.

Difficulties are all the same, but compared to the students who are dying all around them, they are rather brisk.

“Hehe. Hehe. Ph, Flora.”

Cheryl, who was running alongside Flora, cried as she approached her after a lap behind.

“You, what are you? Why are you running so well?”

“Yeah… … .”

Flora couldn’t bear to answer her childhood friend’s question.

Flora was also surprised that her stamina had improved so much.

Honestly, when Rudger told her to run, Flora had a hunch that it would be hard enough to die.

However, when I actually ran, it was worth doing more than I thought.

‘If I had to pinpoint the cause, it would probably be the same reason my hair color changed.’

The demon Basara took over her body and forced her bodily talents to bloom with her own power.

Afterwards, Basara completely disappeared, but the body that had once bloomed did not return to its former state.

For Flora, it was a blessing in disguise.

However, I didn’t expect that only the magical part would improve and the overall ability of the body would increase, but I didn’t expect this.

‘A good thing must be a good thing.’

Reading Flora’s satisfied expression, Cheryl asked.

“Flora, something, you look happy.”

“… … okay?”

“huh. Normally, first of all, you would have been annoyed. panting.”


Flora asked, then shut her mouth.

Cheryl didn’t say anything particularly wrong.

If she had been in the past, she would have bet on Rudger before even starting this simple training.

The reason I didn’t do that anymore was because I believed in Rudger.

‘If Mr. Rudgar ordered it, there must be a reason.’

A change that could not even be imagined if it was Flora in the past.

Cheryl looked suspiciously at Flora.

“Flora you… … .”


Sensing Cheryl’s disturbing gaze, Flora accelerated her run, avoiding her gaze.

“Uh, huh? Phew, Flora! Go with me!”

Amidst small disturbances everywhere, Rudger spoke in a voice reinforced by magical powers.

“Student whose name is being called, stop running.”

When Rudger called their names, the students immediately collapsed into their seats.

The students who kept running slowed their steps, wondering if they were trying to call out their names.

“Who said it was okay to stop? Didn’t I tell only those called by name to stop? Or do you want to stop here for the rest of your life?”

Of course, Ludger’s cane fell like a frost, and he had no choice but to run again.

“For those who are tired, gather in one place and pay attention to mana recovery.”

“Huh. Huh Eok. stand, sir. Does this process really help to summon the magic beast?”

A male student asked, catching his breath.

At that, the other students around him also looked up at Ludger, hoping for an answer.

okay. It’s time to start wondering

“Listen as you recover. You guys don’t know, but the summoning type magic beast is different from general studies.”

Academics basically have a strong tendency to sit down, think with their heads, explore, and calculate theoretically.

Experiments are needed to prove it, but that is also just a process of proving the theory.

But the magician didn’t.

Magic number was far from academic.

“If I had to argue, magic number is a subject that requires learning. There is no need for theoretical ingenuity or change of thinking to summon the magic beast. The important thing is to feel the essence of your magic power.”

“Essence, huh?”

“okay. Your mana, which you normally use without much thought. It is to find the ‘self’ possessed by the magical power that lies dormant within it.”

The students couldn’t understand it any more.

Where is the ego in Mana?

“It seems like everyone doesn’t understand.”

“Yeah, it doesn’t make sense that mana has a will.”

“There is nothing that makes no sense. Mana is originally a mysterious energy and one of the sources of the world. It can never be defined by human thinking. Even the greatest wizards in history couldn’t carelessly define it, so it’s shocking.”

“Yeah, but magic uses that kind of mana, right?”

“Even with that magic, it means that only a part of the concept of mana can be used.”

Rudger kept an eye on the running students while explaining that, and then called the students whose stamina was exhausted and called them to the center of the polishing ground.

The students who had come first to take a break at the scene were quietly admiring it.

Rudger caught the students who had reached their limits like ghosts, like a person with a measuring instrument in their eyes.

When your name is called at the moment when you are about to collapse from exhaustion, rather than feeling relieved, you are startled by its accuracy.

“As you recover, feel your mana rising from the bottom in detail. If you repeat the process, you too will catch something.”

Rudger continued his previous explanation, advising students to take a break.

“As you know, spirits composed of energy are beings made up of the power of nature. Even such spirits have egos. It goes without saying that the higher the spirit, the more complex and higher-level the ego is.”

Rudger immediately asked a question.

“Question here. If so, will the magic number made of mana have an ego or not? If the self exists, what is the reason?”

At that, the students looked at each other blindly and could not answer hastily.

Then there was someone who raised his hand.

“okay. Line.”

Line, who was taking a break with Erendir, answered right away.

“There is an ego in the magic number.”

“The reason is that? Mana is, after all, just a comprehensive energy. Can there be a will like nature?”

“The will of nature will not dwell, but the will of the wizard will.”

When the desired answer came out, Rudger nodded.

“That is correct.”

Oh oh.

Some of the students stared at Line as if they were seeing her again.

Iona, who had been running until the end, took her seat.

Looks like we’re all together now.

“Everyone will be curious. Why am I physically overexerting you guys to this extent?”

It was a car that students were curious about.

“I explained that the number of magic is not a study, but a process of learning. If so, I will ask you guys. Do you know what the biggest feature of Acquisition is?”

At those words, the students were lost in their own thoughts.

Acquisition is, after all, a process that must be practiced directly with the body.

To say it was a big feature of it, it was all that the students felt that it was ‘very difficult’.

“Looks like you don’t know. Let me tell you the answer.”

The students all shut up and waited for Ludger’s answer.

“The biggest feature and advantage of learning. That is, the more you do it, the better you get.”

… … is that all?

The students asked with their eyes.

Although it wasn’t that Rudger couldn’t understand that feeling.

There was really only one thing I could say.

“The longer and more you do it, the more you grow. That’s the biggest advantage you can get from learning. The reason your seniors can summon magic beasts in their third year is because they have grown while learning various magics in Seorn over the past two years. But you don’t.”

If you learn the magic number class in the third year, more than half of the students cannot summon it until the end of that semester.

Needless to say, the current freshmen who had not been through 2 years at Seorn.

“You are overwhelmingly short of time. Unfortunately, this special lecture has a deadline that you must successfully complete before the end of the school year.”

“Muh, do you mean it has to be finished within this year?”

“okay. But I think it’s too long. Considering the bachelor course in the future, you should know how to summon magic beasts at least until vacation.”

until vacation?

The 4th test is still left, but even considering that, it’s not that long.

“Then, how do you think we can achieve maximum efficiency in a short period of time?”

“… … .”

Students could not answer.

It wasn’t that he didn’t know, it was that he didn’t answer because he knew too well.

“The answer is to increase the density of time. Even if you spend the same amount of time, the more effort you put in, the faster you will learn. This is another advantage of learning.”

Increase the density of time.

To put it simply, it simply meant rolling much harder than others.

“Looking at everyone’s expressions, it seems like they’re slowly recovering their stamina.”

The students suddenly felt uneasiness.

Rudger did not betray the students’ expectations(?).

“Run again.”

Hell’s training had just begun.

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