I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 34

◈ Episode 34 Steps towards the truth (3)

Rudger still can’t forget that moment.

Those clear eyes that looked up at her injured mother while licking her.

The innocence of smiling and thanking her even though she used magic to kill herself.

can’t forget

never, never forget

“Mo, I don’t know! How do I know! More than that, who the hell are you!”

“I don’t know?”

Rudger threw Bellbot Rickson, who was holding him by the collar, to the floor.

Bellbot, who was in poor health due to his old age, clutched at his waist as he collapsed on the floor.

“Kheuk. you, what are you?”

“Do you know what this is?”

Rudger took out one of the experimental drugs he had prepared in advance from his pocket and threw it in front of Bellbot.

A red liquid that looks like melted ruby ​​contained inside a transparent glass tube.

There was no way Bellbotte, who had given the order to make this, would not have recognized it.

“This, this.”

“Do you understand now?”

“My, what do you want from me? Are you asking for money?”

Belvote realized that his opponent had a weakness and went out in a low profile.

In addition to being a skilled person who could sneak into his room, he even had a drug from an experiment he was involved in, although I don’t know how he got it.

Could it be the Security Agency’s Nightcrawler Knights?

‘damn! How the hell does that bug brother handle his business!’

What do you think this side has invested a lot of money for?

Don’t you miss the escape of the test subject, don’t you make this unidentified human come to his residence.

However, I couldn’t express my dissatisfaction right away.

I don’t know who the man in front of me is, but there’s no doubt that he’s holding onto this side’s lifeline.

“Now, I won’t hold you accountable for sneaking in. And seeing that you secretly came to see me, you must have something you want, right?”

“What do you want?”

“okay. what do you want Is it money too? ‘Cause I have a lot of money I can give you anything you want.”

However, the answer that came back to Rudger was far beyond Belvote’s expectations.


“What, what?”

“Answer the question I just asked.”

“That’s the question you asked.”

Bellbott shook his head as much as he could, recalling the question Rudger had asked.

What was the 7-year-old doing?

Belvote opened his mouth, just in case.

“Were you the one who got rid of the escaped test subject?”

“… … .”

“haha! I see! It was you! Didn’t you say this Big hum. What threw me out of nowhere, let’s say there was a misunderstanding. Thanks to you, the situation didn’t escalate much.”

“For now, answer whatever I ask.”

“Oh, okay, okay! That 7-year-old is a test subject, right? What’s wrong with that? He’s already a monster, and he’d be better off dead before anyone else finds out.”

“… … .”

“Aren’t they the lower class people who don’t even know that people exist anyway? No matter how many of those guys died, what’s there to be sad about? Rather, they gave up their lives to produce great results, so they made a noble sacrifice.”

noble sacrifice.

Belvote Rickson sincerely thought so.

Workers and the poor, even if a few of the lower classes who wallow in the mud of society die, what does that have to do with you?

Low things that don’t help anything in society.

Rather, if they become the cornerstone of completing a drug that brings youth to humans as experimental subjects.

Isn’t that the way to contribute to oneself and to humanity beyond that?

“Even if a filthy lowly citizen works in a factory sweating profusely for a hundred days and a thousand days, how much money can he really get?”

Rather, it is far more productive to use that meaningless life more valuable.

That someone becomes a test subject for drug development.

That was what Bellbot meant.

“Are your answers good enough?”

“okay. Enough.”

“then… … .”

“It was too cold and overflowing.”


Rudger grabbed Bellbot by the neck.

Belvote widened his eyes and grabbed Ludger’s forearm with both hands, but his violent hand was so powerful that his old body couldn’t resist.

“Kreuk! Why why!”

You answered correctly!

Bellbot’s eyes were protesting towards Ludger.

Rudger didn’t answer, but instead held the bottle of the drug he had brought in front of Belbot’s face and poured it over his mouth.


Bellbot tried desperately to resist, but even that was impossible as his throat was held.


The red drug flowed down Belvoort’s throat.

At the same time, changes began to occur in Bellbot’s body.

“Oh! Aaaaaaagh!”

Along with the pain as if his body was being torn apart, Bellbot’s body began to swell slowly.

Ludger let go of Belvoort’s throat, then stepped back and watched the scene.

Faced with the wind and waves of the years, the wrinkled skin became taut, and eventually it split left and right, and a great number of hairs grew.

But his transformation did not stop there.

The growing hair fell out, revealing reddish bare skin, which began to swell like a bubble.

Bellbott drank the entire bottle of medicine.

In fact, in the case of the test subjects, only a small amount of the drug was administered, considering that they could not handle it and severely mutated.

The dose that Bellbot drank, who had grown old, had already far exceeded the standard.

“Aaaaaagh! why! why!!!”

Even in the midst of his body being torn and twisted and changing, Bellbot could only shout that to Ludger.

When his face contorted strangely, half-mingled with the figure of the beast.

What flowed down Bellbot’s throat was neither human cries nor animal cries, but something else.


“No matter what I say, you won’t even understand what I’m saying, let alone repent.”

Then you don’t have to understand.

Instead, feel the pain you have caused others.

Rudger canceled the sound blocking magic he had spread.


At the same time, an alarm in response to magic resonated throughout the mansion. After that, Bellbot’s screams, which became a monster, lingered.


“what is this sound?!”

“It’s an intruder! I heard it at Bellbot-sama’s residence!”

“Mr Bellbot! Bellbot!”

thud! thud!

A guard from outside knocked on the door.

Before long, the locked door broke open and sturdy men rushed inside.

Among them was a freelance wizard hired to guard Belle Votte.

“A monster, a monster!”

“Where is this monster?”

“Everybody get out of the way!”

The wizard immediately set fire to the monster and set it on fire.

Contrary to its bizarre appearance, the monster was easily burned.

How tenacious the life force was, the body was regenerated while burning, and the process of burning it continued.

The wizard also felt a sense of crisis and poured all of his magic power into flames.

when an hour passed like that.

The body of the monster, which could no longer be regenerated, disintegrated.

“Huh. omg. It’s finally over.”

“Who is Bellbot?”


No matter how bad a person he is, he was an employer who paid them a salary, so people were frantic to find Bellbot Rickson.

But no matter how much I went around, Bell Boat was nowhere to be seen, and no trace of him could be found.

Everyone in the field had no choice but to come to that conclusion in the end.

That Bellbot Rickson was eaten by that monster.

A very odd situation.

At the same time they didn’t know.

A secret safe hidden inside Bellbot’s room.

A safe containing Belvote’s wealth hidden in a secret compartment behind a large portrait.

that it was stolen by someone.

* * *

“Are you here?”

The hideout Hans had told me about was a shabby house nestled deep in an alleyway in the commercial district of Leatherbelk.

Worn out signboards, creaking doors, and greasy exterior walls and windows.

However, the serious thing was only the exterior, and when I went inside, there was no smell and the interior was very clean.

It looks like an ordinary pub from the outside, but it’s just a gimmick.

“You picked a pretty good spot.”

“It’s a commercial area adjacent to the factory area. I had a hard time trying to save it.”

“What are the surrounding locations?”

“It hasn’t been confirmed yet, but it’s certain that the ecology of the Ledervelk back alley is quite complex. We need more time.”


Rudger said so and put the safe he had brought on the floor.

With a thump, Hans’ eyes widened.

“What is that? It must have taken a little effort to bring it.”

“not really.”

“So this, a safe? It just happened.”

“okay. It was secured by magic, but it was turned off on the way, so you can open it right away.”

Hans didn’t bother to deny that.

After opening the safe and checking the contents, Hans immediately closed the safe.

“… … Are there too many?”

“Use some of it to work. Hide the rest in a suitable place for now.”

“Well, in that case, I don’t care. Would you rather go now?”


“You look a bit tired, but take a rest. I even set aside a room for you.”

“Check later. I think I will come back sooner or later anyway.”

“What identity will you come by then?”

“It suits you best when moving in the back world.”

“Oh, you mean that?”

Hans didn’t ask any more. More than anything else, Rudger must have been pretty tired from today’s fight.

“Get some rest. I will finish my work as soon as possible.”


Rudger came out of the hideout with weary steps.

The air in the back alley, where people don’t come and go, melted into a gooey consistency that stuck to my skin like glue.

Every time I walked down the musty-smelling road, I could feel the gaze searching this way from beyond the darkness of the deeper alley.

Hyenas in the back alley.

They glanced over at Rudgar, then realized that they were not meant to be touched and withdrew.

When he was completely out of the alleyway, Rudger took off the hood over his head and lowered the hood that covered his mouth and nose.

As I was still gazing at the Lemzier River, where several steamboats sailed, a loud bell rang from the clock tower that stood tall in the center of Ledervelk.

dang! dang! dang!

It was the sound of midnight.

Ludger continued to stare at the dark Lemzier River.

Until the memory of the eyes a child showed him was completely washed away in the river.

* * *

[Death of Bellbot Rickson, the rich man]

It was the headline on the front page of the newspaper issued to the city of Lederbelk the next day.

The death of Bellbot, a vicious entrepreneur and one of Leatherbelk’s most wealthy men, was enough to heat up Leatherbelk.

Even more so if his death was from a werewolf attack.

The monster was exterminated by the wizard who was guarding the inside of the mansion, but the death of Bellbot himself was a fairly big issue.

Some said that Belvote was punished by God, and others said that Bellebot used evil black magic and was not able to control it, so he suffered misfortune.

Reporters clamored for days and days in front of the Rickson mansion to let them in.


Then a black car stopped behind the reporters.


Reporters stared at the man who got out of the car with questions.

Who is it?

There were a total of three people who got off, and all of them were unified in the same attire.

Black uniform with golden epaulettes.

Reporters’ eyes widened as they recognized the uniform, commonly called the black coat, that only those with permission could wear.

“Bo, security!”

“That’s the Nightcrawler Knights too!”

The Security Agency is not a particularly secretive organization. Rather, it had a tremendous reputation in the sun and a fearsome notoriety even in the dark.

Reporters gulped.

I came to the entrance of the mansion simply for gossip, but if the Security Bureau stepped in, the story would be different then.


One word kept ringing in the reporters’ heads.

‘This is not like this. I can’t go inside anyway, so I have to write something related to the Security Bureau.’

‘It must mean that it is a serious matter to the extent that the Security Bureau steps forward. Even that person in the lead… … .’

Cool silver hair in perfect contrast with the black coat with gold and red thread in harmony.

The sharp-looking woman who flipped it over her forehead was a very famous person.

Terrina Ryan Howl.

He is the head of the Marquis Lion Howl family, which symbolizes the protection of the empire.

He was the leader of the Knights of the Nightcrawler, which belonged to the Security Bureau.

Her widely known nickname is Lord Protector.

The lion’s cry, which has cut down countless menaces to the empire, has become a symbolic word for her.

Reporters split left and right to get out of the way as she saw Terina moving with unstoppable steps toward the mansion.

Possessing sharp charisma, she was the idol of all female knights in the empire.

“Open the door.”

When the Security Bureau stepped in, even the guard guarding the entrance had to break into a cold sweat.

“I-don’t let anyone in… … .”


Terrina said, pointing at the guard.

“open it.”

“yes yes!”

The contemplative guard immediately moved.

The gate of the Rickson Mansion, which had been firmly closed, was wide open.

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