I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 337

◈ Episode 337 Traces of the Holy Kingdom (2)

“Anyway, it looks like you’ve had a comfortable time.”

“Even though it looked like this, I didn’t feel comfortable.”

Grander looked pretty boring, but for being here for a long time, he was very docile.

If it was the usual Grander, he would have done something out of boredom, but to be so calm.

It means that there was an opportunity to fully relieve the accumulated stress.

Ludger sighed as he recalled the image of Hans, whose hair was falling out in clumps all over his body from the stress.

“Are you doing it right? You know you hate it.”

“It’s all because some impious fellow made this master wait for a long time.”

“If anyone sees it, they will know that I earnestly asked Master to wait for me. I didn’t ask you to come, did you just follow me and say that?”

Grander glared at Ludger.

His fever rose when he cowardly and quietly told the truth.

“… … I knew. Okay, so don’t stare at me like that. Why are you angry?”

“I’m not angry.”

“It looks like it’s already full.”

“Because it didn’t happen! Are you really going to get angry?”

“Please be patient.”

Rudger eventually raised the white flag first.

Yes, the Buddha’s disciple should bow his head first. What can I do?

Rudger took a step back, and Grander’s anger subsided as well.

Grander murmured, as if he thought he was a little over-indulgent.

“Rather than that, that child named Hans, even the Chimera, was born with a very peculiar constitution to be able to transform. I thought he was just a regular beast.”

“You can transform into even more.”

It was not surprising that Hans had turned into a chimera.

It was because I had vaguely anticipated it at the point of being able to turn into the monster of the Jebodang.

Grander expressed his desire for knowledge to satisfy his curiosity, but he suppressed it.

Now wasn’t the time to care about that.

“Looks like you’ve finished your work.”


“Looks like he’s had a hard time.”

“If you know that, why don’t you help me?”

At those words, Grander is hot! and burst into laughter.

“help? Did I teach you so weakly?”

“At least you didn’t teach me how to fight demons.”

“Are you rebelling now? It seems that puberty, which is often said, has arrived.”

“At what age am I going to reach puberty? It is a natural protest.”

“Didn’t you deal with it well on your own even if I didn’t teach you? That’s it.”

“It is a consequential story. It was risky on several occasions.”

“To be rude.”

The figure of Grande where even the grumbling on this side is not eaten.

Rudger didn’t even expect it in the first place, so he got to the point.

“So how was it?”

“What was it like? If you don’t say it right, I don’t know.”

“Don’t pretend you don’t know. Didn’t you come to see how well I fight?”

In the first place, there was no way Grander would come to the capital out of pure interest and fun.

No, I can follow, but staying here while enduring boredom is definitely for a reason.

“The sudden appearance of the devil must have been unexpected, even to Master.”

“Anyway, one notice has grown like a ghost.”

“It has been over 10 years since I lived with Master.”

“Has it already been that long?”

“According to the number of years, that is about 13 years. Because when I was over 7 years old, Master picked me up and raised me.”

“okay. I nurtured you with pampering. At that time, you were a complete foolish kid. But now that you’re all grown up, you’re rebelling against Master. It’s sad, it’s sad.”

“Shouldn’t you be straight when you say pampering? You raised it tougher than anyone else.”

“Isn’t that why you didn’t become so strong?”

Grander shamelessly decided to leave.

As usual, if Grander adhered to that method, Rudger was the first to raise the white flag.

It’s because if this side goes out equally shamelessly, then it’s clear that they will really fight.

‘There was a time in the past when I was angry.’

I still get chills down my spine when I think of Grander’s rage at that time.

It wasn’t that his life was in danger or that he was fed up with Grander’s momentum.

What scares me the most is when Grander gets angry like a child with tears in his eyes, then locks himself in his room and refuses to look at his face.

A long time ago, that is, when Rudger was about 17 years old here.

At that time, Ludgar was greatly annoyed at Grander’s unruly behavior and refuted every single thing she said.

It was a word he said with the determination to be beaten by Master.

Rudger was also in a state of annoyance at the time, to the extent that he would not feel relieved if he did not do this even after preparing for all of that.

Grander’s reaction at that time was worth seeing.

My eyes widened, my fists clenched, and my body trembled.

I made fun of my pupil as usual, but it must have been embarrassing to see the pupil light up his eyes and argue.

Rudger thought to himself.

Now, how much more do you want to beat yourself up for using magic training as an excuse?

The moment you wish it would end in moderation.

Grander, with tears in his eyes, shut himself up in his room.

It was a situation that Ludger had not expected at all.

I’m not some kind of child, and I’m saying that I locked the door and didn’t mix words.

The action was absurd, but Rudger thought it was rather fortunate.

Because I thought I didn’t have to listen to the nagging of the teacher who bothered and hindered me anymore.

I thought so.

That is until it lasted for a month.

‘How long were you shut up then? It’s just over a month.’

Grander is a vampire who has lived a long time, so her concept of time is very different from that of humans.

For an ordinary person, it takes half a day at the shortest, and three days at the longest, for the mind to be resolved.

Although it varies from person to person, it usually does not exceed a week.

But for Grander, it lasted for over two months.

Rudger also said that for the first few days, even if Master was angry, he thought he was strong.

However, when there was no response even after a week and two weeks, I began to worry.

I didn’t think that the monstrous teacher was dead, but I wondered if he had a big mental problem.

Aren’t Miu and Gou the masters who raised them?

However, strangely, the food prepared in advance would come and eat, and then disappear again.

Master’s personality is so stubborn that I thought he lasted a little longer than others.

But as soon as it passed a month, Rudger felt that something was wrong.

In the end, it was two months and twenty-one days after the two fought that Grander calmed down and spoke to Rudger as usual.


It will take almost 3 months.

When I think back to that time, I still get dizzy.

Rather, it would be better if he got angry coolly, but rather, Rudger was nervous because he showed it in an act that was completely out of common sense.

‘So, after that, I stopped arguing with the absolute master more than a certain line.’

In the end, that day’s deviation was Ludger’s first and last resistance.

The memory of that day was still deeply imprinted in Ludger’s mind.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

“… … no.”

“No. This is the expression of a guardian who is bothered by an elderly person who is difficult to handle.”

“… … .”

Perhaps it was the same with Grander who lived together for over 10 years, she immediately recognized what he was thinking from Ludger’s expressionless face.

When Rudger didn’t deny it, Grander’s eyes widened slightly.

It wasn’t that he laughed because he was having fun, but that expression he sometimes made when he was displeased.

Rudger calmly changed the subject.

“The Church of Lumensis has moved.”

“They’re moving, isn’t it a day or two?”

Grander accepted Ludger’s words as if he was willing to let go on purpose.

“The case is different this time. They came directly from headquarters, not from a nearby branch.”

“headquarters? You said you came from Bretus Castle? I thought they locked the door not too long ago.”

To say that it was a while ago with something from 20 years ago.

“It hasn’t been that long since they moved again. I recently started working again.”

“Then they must have come to investigate this case. Because the devil descended on the capital of the empire.”

“yes. The priest himself came to visit us.”


Grander did not know what the position of a member of the Church of Lumensis was.

I didn’t need to know in the first place.

To her, no matter who her opponents were, they would all be worms following the same god.

“A priest is a person who holds a very high position within the church. He is also called the human closest to God. Even the Seonghwang and the archbishop who assists him are unreasonable.”

“To be the person closest to God is a cheeky title.”

“He is a talented person who was carefully selected and nurtured even within the Holy Land. More than anything, it’s subtle, but it’s even brainwashed. So that the orders of those who inherit the blood of the Holy King cannot be rejected.”

Grander stared at Ludger.

“Seeing you say that, you ran into the priest.”


“What is it?”

“It hasn’t been caught yet.”

“Seeing that you noticed that you were brainwashed, you must have used it to eat, right?”

“What I bet was just a minor hint. There were a lot of eyes around me. But it will only buy time.”

“You’re saying that hints aren’t enough. How did you come across it?”

“It was a coincidence that we met, but the contact came first. It’s probably because I instinctively sensed the blood of the Holy King in me.”

Ludgar despises his own blood, but he doesn’t deny its existence either.

Rather, he did not hesitate to use it if he could use it, just as he had hinted to the priest of Lemlia in reverse.

“I was told not to tell anyone about my meeting through suggestion. However, among the envoys I accompanied, there were many eyes to see. You didn’t even listen to the whole conversation, but you must have noticed something.”

“Couldn’t you have hinted at the envoy?”

“It was only eaten by the priest. First of all, they will keep their mouth shut because the priest they are supposed to attend is still, but rumors can’t help it.”

“Wouldn’t it be more comfortable if I killed them all?”

Rudgar blinked his eyes as if he was being ridiculous.

“Are you serious? Kill everyone inside the imperial palace?”

“Tsk. A hated boy. You mean you don’t even have the guts to do that?”

“Master is leaving too soon.”

“Can I?”

“It’s because he’s the best wizard on the continent. Besides, the priest himself must have recognized that I was suspicious. Even though it was hinted at, what I prevented was the outward bragging. I can’t stop myself from having a strange sense of incongruity.”

Grander asked with a surprised look.

“You rate the other person very highly.”

“If the other person is stupid, worrying like this is meaningless, so it would be fortunate. However, a priest is a person who was created with great care in the holy kingdom. He proves that his skills are not lacking at the point he has risen to that position.”

“iced coffee. okay. I vaguely remember The Church used to do a lot of suspicious things by taking orphaned children in the name of support.”

The Heretic Questioner who is considered the most insane in the Bretus Holy Kingdom.

With madness beyond faith, they were an organization created by raising orphans brought from the Holy Land.

“yes. Depending on the level of the children, Seongguk grants them appropriate positions.”

If you lack the ability, use a suitable servant or servant.

If you’re a little better than that, go to Priest or Sister.

If you’re better than that, go for a paladin or a heretic inquisitor.

The sisters who rose to the position of priests were among them the children with the most potential.

‘Are they children with outstanding talent?’

Rudger thought of the students he taught at Ceorn.

Children gifted with magic.

However, students who do not just believe in talent, but try themselves.

I had a sudden thought.

What would have happened if the freshmen who had just entered Seorn had no talent for magic?


Wouldn’t he have become one of the children taken from the Bretus Castle?

Rudger recalled the past 20 years ago.

The expressionless children, wearing white clothes, silently followed the priest’s guidance.

The huddled appearance was like watching a lab rat.

Suddenly, Rudger remembered a girl.

An ordinary child with nothing special among the children brought from the Holy Land.

He was slow to learn and had a bad personality, so he was often severely beaten by the priest because of his slow absorption of learning.

At the same time, Rudger was the only one in the Holy Kingdom who could openly communicate.

‘What happened to that child?’

Because she had a tender heart and no outstanding talent, she might have become an ordinary priest or nun now that she has grown up.


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