I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 336

◈ Episode 336: Traces of the Holy Kingdom (1)

“Where did you meet? It’s a shallow question just to encourage religion.”

“Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean it in that sense. It’s just that I remember seeing you somewhere.”

“I must have mistaken it for someone else.”

At Ludgar’s words, Lemlia laughed lightly.

“Well, even the jokes are funny. What I said is… … Mr. Rudger asked if you had ever visited our home country.”

“… … .”

This is the holy kingdom.

With Lemlia speaking so bluntly, it was virtually impossible to intentionally change the topic.

‘Besides, seeing that you ask me so blatantly, does that mean you’ve found something out of me?’

But to be sure, Ludger saw Lemlia for the first time.

As a priest, I knew that such a position existed, so it was only an analogy.

‘At least the people I know in the Bretus Castle… … .’

It is not that there is none.

Ludger in his childhood was not the only enemy in the Holy Land.

Most of them were enemies, but there was one person I was friendly with.

only one.

If you look at the entire castle as a standard, the number is too small.

But at least Rudger received a lot of help from him during that fierce childhood.

As Ludger’s expression grew heavy, Lemlia asked quietly.

“Oh, is there anything that comes to mind?”

“There must be one.”

“Wow, really? something?”

“You’ve heard something similar elsewhere.”

Ludgar told Lemlia the story of his meeting with the parish priest in Ledervelk.

‘A blatant objection here would rather arouse suspicion.’

Seeing Lemlia persistently ask herself that she had never met, it was clear that she felt something.

However, the reason I asked as if to confirm it was probably because I wasn’t sure.

‘The priest is suspicious of me. But it’s literally just deep doubt.’

If so, how to respond has been decided.

Rather than showing a strong denial, it’s enough to half agree and explain what you’ve been through similarly.

He skillfully mixes lies in between the truth.

It is not difficult to naturally turn the other person’s consciousness elsewhere.

“It looks like the Bishop of Ledervelk has seen something similar to me.”

Lemlia clapped her hands at the word that there was someone similar to her, as if her intention had worked.

“She told me I had a little bit of a miracle. Perhaps she felt the same vibe there.”

“Hmm. Is it like that? That’s strange. I was thinking of something else.”

Lemlia tried to think about something more, but eventually gave up as if she couldn’t come up with the right answer.

“Anyway, I’ll have to ask the sisters when I return to my country later.”

This is a bit disappointing.

Rudger managed his expression and asked naturally.

“sisters? Did you have a family?”

“yes. Of course, I also have a family. They are a very precious family.”


“Of course, I have no blood relatives who gave birth to me and raised me. I’m an orphan picked up by the church. Instead, when I say family, I mean sisters like me.”

“If you are a sister… … .”

“I mean the priests.”

Lemlia said as if it were natural.

The priests who were quietly listening to the conversation between the two from behind were startled.

“Le, the priest of Lemlia!”

The priests were flagship, as if this was information that should not be said.

Lemlia didn’t seem to care at all.

“hmm. Oh, was that something I shouldn’t have said? sorry. But when Mr. Rudger asked, I couldn’t answer.”

Lemlia responded by saying that she didn’t understand why she did it after she did it herself.

Ludgar narrowed his eyes at the figure of the priest of Lemlia.

‘You’re obviously seeing me for the first time, but you’re not lying or hiding the truth? If you see something you didn’t realize, it’s not that you didn’t do it, it’s that you didn’t do it.’

The Bretus envoys, including Lemlia herself, didn’t notice.

Rudgar noticed at once why she was reacting like that.

‘I’m instinctively reacting to my birth.’

The blood of Holy King Bretus that Ludgar carries.

It was clear that Lemlia was responding to this cursed blood.

‘The priests of Lemlia and their sisters were raised to maintain a new priestly position in the holy kingdom.’

There was a high possibility that clever brainwashing was done while teaching the children.

Considering the dark side of the Holy Kingdom, it would have been nice to say ‘definitely’.

Among them, if they were at the level of a priest, there would be a stronger and more certain bond.


That you can never tell lies to the blood and blood of a great sage.

Even if it wasn’t brainwashing, it seemed clear that he had received such a hint.

‘Perhaps that’s why he felt something from me and spoke to me.’

Since he discovered the lineage he had to attend and serve, he was instinctively interested.

It wasn’t a very good situation.

It was only natural that the more Lemlia behaved strangely in front of him, the more suspicious the envoys came with him.

However, leaving the place as it is, it bothered me that Lemlia was constantly conscious of this side.

At this rate, when he returned to his home country, he might tell the story of how he met him.

‘If the priest is brainwashed or insinuated.’

Rather, how about using it in reverse?

Rudger immediately put the thoughts in his head into action.

“I heard the story well.”

“Oh, is that so?”

A faint smile formed on Lemlia’s lips, as if she thought she had been praised by her.

“But, as I just said, I have no interest in believing in God.”

“That’s unfortunate. I thought it would suit me somehow.”

“And I have work to do. Isn’t that the same for you?”

“yes. I had forgotten about it, but I remembered it later. Thanks for letting me know.”

“Since each other is in a busy position, let’s go. Oh, and.”

Rudger whispered in a low voice that only Lemlia could hear.

“I’d rather just quietly ignore what happened today.”

Then, to confirm, I asked Lemlia.

“Don’t you think so?”

An implicit question.

But if the other person is hinted at.

This is not just a question, it becomes a command.

“Yes, I guess.”

Lemlia faintly nodded.

He probably didn’t even realize he was nodding his head.

Rudger confirmed that his guess was correct.

At the same time, the hatred towards the Bretus Kingdom that had been suppressed came flooding in.

Even in the past where they stayed.

And even now, 20 years later.

It was doing terrible things under the water without changing at all.

Abominable and disgusting bastards.

But what made Rudger even more ruthless was the reality that there was nothing he could do right now.

‘I’ll just skip it for now.’

But if this side collects everything they want and everything is ready.

‘Then surely… … .’

I will right all these wrongs.

Rudger made a promise deep in his heart.

* * *

“Priest Lemlia. Are you okay?”

After parting ways with Rudger, a priest approached Lemlia, who was still standing in a daze.

From their point of view, Lemlia’s behavior today was unusual.

If something goes wrong with the high priest, it will be difficult for those gathered here to avoid reprimand.

“yes. I’m fine.”

“Then I’m glad, but why did you show so much interest in that man just a moment ago…?” … . If so, isn’t it the magician Naburang?”



“I just felt like doing it. Is it strange?”

“Oh, no, I don’t.”

The priest said so, but there was no way it wouldn’t be strange.

Lemlia is the one who has been thoroughly educated since childhood and became a saint of the church.

Lemlia is not alone in such a person.

All the other priests were just like her.

Be loyal to the school, preach the doctrine, and do not harbor evil feelings.

It was also known as an unchanging truth within the Bretus Castle.

“i know. That my behavior was a little too selfish today.”

It was enough for Lemlia to feel the subtle difference.

Doesn’t it change the destination out of nowhere and go back on the road, doesn’t it kick out the agent who has been with him on the spot?

‘I thought I’d have to replace the agent someday, so I don’t mind too much.’

The important one was a man named Rudger Celish.

He, who said he was Seorn’s teacher, became curiously interested the moment he saw him.

However, when asked why, even Lemlia could not bear to answer.

It’s like an instinct imprinted deep in the soul.

It was not an area that could be judged by reason.

“… … Did you say Ludgar Chelsea? That man from a moment ago.”

“yes? Yes that’s right. The priest may not have heard of it, but it seems to be quite popular among mages.”

“I definitely felt that way from the first impression. You’ll see if you check, but he’s probably not an ordinary person.”

The smile on Lemlia’s lips was erased in an instant.

“Please check.”

“About a guy named Rudger Celish?”

“yes. Instead, it’s very quiet. Please do not inform others. The same goes for my sisters and my home country. Especially for my older sister.”

“yes? ha, but… … .”

“Can you?”

At Lemlia’s question, which asked again with a smile, the priest had no choice but to nod while revealing his embarrassment.

His immediate superior in this position is Lemria.

Even if Lemlia did something different than usual, if she asked directly like that, she had no choice but to listen.

If he was a light-mouthed agent, he would have been bragging about it a long time ago, but the priest had no intention of doing so.

Lemlia knew that, so she asked the priest.

“thank you.”

Upon the priest’s positive response, Lemlia smiled with gratitude.

But instead of feeling relieved by that smile, the priest even felt frightened.

As the priest bowed her head and stepped back, Lemlia stood still, seemingly contemplating something, and then moved on.

The envoys naturally followed her.

Lemlia kept recalling the meeting with Ludgar a while ago in her head while looking at the scenery inside the imperial castle through the tiara.

‘Ludger Chelsea. It’s clear that he’s someone with something.’

He naturally said things that he would not have said if it were his usual self.

What is more surprising is that Lemlia herself did not feel anything strange in the situation at that time.

Even though she had to inform her home country right away, she had no desire to inform it.

But I couldn’t help it as much as personal doubts welled up.

It’s because Rudger didn’t ‘suggest’ this part.

‘Moreover, the pieces inside of me caused a strange reaction.’

A piece that allowed him to rise to the position of priest.

Who did the sculpture originate from?

The fact that the sculpture responded to a man named Rudger Celish meant that the origin of the sculpture was related to him.

‘Big sister.’

The priests called each other sisters.

Among such priests, there was one who was the strongest and possessed great divine power.

The one the priests call the older sister.

The favorite of Bretus Castle, who was raised as a candidate for sainthood since childhood.

Archpriest Catherine.

She was the master of the piece.

* * *

Ludger, who had fully recovered while staying in the imperial castle, came out to the streets of the capital after a long time.

Of course, he had received permission from First Princess Eileen.

‘I’ll be back soon anyway, so what are you trying to hold on to?’

Rudger walked the streets of the capital.

The streets, which had been turned into ruins not so long ago, have been considerably restored in the past few days.

The messy roads were tidied up, and the collapsed houses were being built stronger than before.

People were also working hard and sweating.

‘Is it because the imperial family scattered a lot of relief funds?’

The look of the laborers seemed full of vitality.

Everyone seems to be overcoming the sadness of the day, so I thought the sight was pretty good to see.

Ludger headed to the simple hideout where Hans, Bellaluna, and Master were staying.

Originally, after Ludgar obtained the Relic Fragment, the rest had to withdraw with Leather Velcro.

This side was caught by the imperial family, and Hans and Bellaluna were also staying in the capital without a promise.

As soon as Rudgar opened the hideout door, a huge black figure jumped out from the inside.

Ludger, who was trying to be wary of an enemy attack for a moment, recognized the opponent at once.


“Tongue, brother!”

As soon as Hans recognized Rudger, he burst into tears and grabbed his trouser leg and squeezed it.

“Why are you so late!”

“I should have told you that I had a job. More than that, that disgrace… … .”

Rudger checked Hans’ condition.

The appearance of Hans was somewhat different from the form of the beast he usually changed into.

Overall, it was similar to a werewolf, but it had spines growing on its back, and it also had two tails.

Rudger thought the figure was quite familiar.

It’s not that it wasn’t, but it was the existence that the liberation army saw most often when they staged terror.

“chimera? Could it be that you changed like that with Chimera’s teeth?”


Hans answered with a whimper.

“Did Bellaluna do that again?”

“no. This time it’s not Bellaluna… … .”


Interrupting Hans, the young girl’s voice came clearly to the front door.

Hans hid behind Ludger’s back, bristling his hair like someone who had just met a ghost.

“Tongue, brother!”

“Okay, close the door first. If anyone else sees this, they will be reported.”

Having said that, Hans was still trembling with fear.

With a sigh, Rudger closed the front door with magical power, and then moved to the living room where the voice came from.

“You are always late. I thought I was dying from waiting.”

Grander greeted Rudger by lying on the sofa like a doll.

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