I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 335

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◈ Episode 335: Lion in White Coat (3)

About 15 minutes before facing Rudgar.

Priestess Lemlia followed the agent’s guidance and walked through the corridors of the imperial castle.

“They are truly insolent. How dare you treat the priest of your country like this.”

After the meeting, Princess Eileen did not send them off or provide a guide.

It was made clear that this was an uninvited guest.

“Priest. What would you like? Would you like to go straight to the scene where the incident took place?”

The agent asked in the most polite tone to match Lemlia’s mood.

Lemlia shook her head.

“Looks like you don’t have to go right away.”

“But if we arrive even a little late, the unholy Empire may try to destroy the evidence in the meantime.”

“A truly false being will always take shape, no matter how thick the sand is laid over it. The more they try to hide it, the easier it will be for us to find. So it’s okay.”

“Yeah, but.”

“Besides, it’s been a long time since I’ve come to the imperial family, isn’t it a waste not to see the famous view?”

Lemlia asked with a natural smile.

No one was able to refute that statement.

Lemlia, who handled most of the work through an agent, expressed her opinion directly.

There was no way anyone in this position could refuse her offer of the highest authority.

“The permission from the home country to stay here for a while has been dropped, so let’s take a look inside the famous Devalk Imperial Castle. I’ve been curious about it for a long time.”

“Yes, I understand. Then I will guide you.”

Due to Lemlia’s whim, the Bretus delegation changed their direction from the outside of the imperial castle to another place.

It was an unexpected action that Eileen did not expect.

Lemlia, who was wandering around the castle and looking at it mysteriously, noticed a man approaching from the other side.

On the way to this place, he passed by many servants and the Guardian Knights.

Lemlia didn’t pay attention to them every time that happened.

But that man was different.

Even Lemlia, who was insensitive to everyone except God, had a charm that drew attention without even realizing it.

No, it was fine to call it magic beyond that.

‘Who is it?’

His appearance was a handsome man, as if the best sculptor of the time had put all his energy into it.

Nevertheless, beyond simply being ‘handsome’, there was a unique charisma and atmosphere flowing out around him.

It was only for a moment, but to the point where I mistook him for being of the same imperial family as Eileen.

However, the hair color was different, and there was no reason for a member of the imperial family to walk around alone like that.

If that’s the case, you’re either a guest from outside or an employee of this place.

Just in time, the man also noticed this and stopped walking for a moment.

That action was fleeting, but Lemlia couldn’t help but feel something strange there.

When the man who is moving his steps again passes this way.

Lemlia was the first to speak.

“Who are you?”

* * *

“He brings a subordinate who is just right for him.”

For a moment, the agent didn’t understand what Rudger was saying.

“What, what? Dude, what did you just say?”

I asked the agent, but Ludger didn’t even respond.

Because those sharp eyes didn’t know that they would be separated from the priest a little while ago.

At the fact that he was ignored again, the agent clenched his fists.

In Ludger’s behavior, the insult he had been subjected to by the 1st princess earlier seemed to overlap.

“Can’t you answer right away?!”

At that cry, Rudger turned to the agent and asked.

“It is noisy. I spoke to this woman, she did not say what she said when she saw you.”

“under. this rude bastard Look with both eyes open. I am the representative of the Noble One here! If you want to speak to this person, you must report to me first!”

The agent shouted in a voice full of pride.

It was an attitude that did not feel the slightest bit of shame because he was the representative of the priest.

Indeed, Ludger’s reaction was not so simple, it was even cold.

“deputy? Did you pretend to be so conceited by merely replacing the words and actions of others?”

The agent’s proud expression twisted terribly.

“I am no ordinary agent! How dare you talk about who this is!”

“Should I know that?”

“… … what?”

When Rudger asked so confidently, the deputy priest was rather embarrassed.

do i need to know What kind of obvious question are you asking?

“Well, then, you don’t even know who this person is, and you dare to say such nonsense?”

“That is the wrong word.”

Rudger blew a cynic.

“It wasn’t me who said the stupid thing first, it was you.”

“Hey, you cheeky bastard! You dare to stay in the imperial castle as an employee!”

“employer? Then you didn’t even know who I was, and you said such an absurd thing.”

You said you weren’t an employee?



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Even after seeing the deputy’s expression, Ludger didn’t bother to correct it.

“As you say, the person here is a really great person.”

“I’m not pretending to be, really… … .”

“But authority doesn’t just come from words. Just because you, who claim to be your agent, raise a blood clot in your throat and scream, doesn’t mean you don’t have authority that you don’t have. Haven’t you learned anything like that?”

Words like daggers flying along with a cold gaze pierced the agent’s body.

“And as a citizen of the Empire by status, I am under no obligation to bow my head to anyone except the Emperor. Even if it is an envoy from a foreign country, we must not force it.”

“This, this is the priest of Bretus Castle. It’s different from an ordinary delegation!”

The agent insisted on a vile defense, as if forcibly spitting out words that did not come out.

Even if he thought about it, there was nothing wrong with Ludger’s words, but he had a sense of crisis that he would have to argue like this.


“okay. The priest is an honorable position that only those who have received the protection of saints in the Bretus Kingdom can ascend. I mean, you’re not the kind of person who would dare to mix things up.”

It is true that the Bretus Kingdom almost cut off exchanges with other countries for a long time.

However, their prestige still existed as they commanded the continent for a long time.

It seems that the insolent things have forgotten their situation for all those years, and dare to doubt the status of their home country again and try to overthrow it.

It was a tree I dare not look up at.

The agent said triumphantly and looked at Ludger’s expression.

Have you finally realized your subject?

He was about to ask, but the moment he saw Ludger’s unchanging complexion, he felt something strange.

Despite mentioning the position of priest, Ludger’s face was full of ‘So what?’

“So, are you a priest?”

“I am his substitute!”

“okay. deputy. Parrots who speak for the words and actions of others and have no backbone of their own. you know well So what are you going to do?”

Of course, the agent wanted to bow on his own, but Rudger had no intention of doing so.

They are disgusting from the beginning, and I hate to bow down to them more than to die.

“Above all, if you’re going to act as an agent, you should at least be faithful to that role. Aren’t you really not doing your duty properly as an agent?”

The words were also implicitly sarcastic to him who pretended to be an agent and revealed his selfishness.

“If you truly believe that you are serving someone properly, learn to behave appropriately. Unless you’re going to disgrace your master.”

At those words, the agent’s face turned red as if it was going to explode at any moment.

He clenched his fist as if he would swing it at any moment, but Rudger wasn’t worried at all.

‘He doesn’t know his situation well, maybe because he’s a guy who lived only by being treated well.’

This is a typical example of ho-ga-ho-wi.

Probably no one would have tried to criticize him head-on.

That idiot would have been treated similarly just for being the representative of the priest.

Despite the fact that the authority that the other party bowed down to was the priest, not himself.

He forgot his situation and his brain was choked with the sweetness of power.

‘Originally, there’s no way the original owner would let his agent set it up like that.’

The priest himself, who was at the heart of the incident, was quietly watching the situation.

He doesn’t care what his direct subordinates do.

It was as if he had nothing to do with it at all.

Is the other side thinking the same thing, so they won’t stop it, or is it because they’re not interested in it, so they leave it alone?

‘Seeing the bad expressions of the priests and paladins lined up behind them, this won’t happen once or twice.’

There was no way this stupid deputy had anything to hold on to the priest’s leash, so there was only one outcome.

Literally, the priest is not interested in what his subordinates are doing.

There is no subject, no will.

It was a living, breathing doll.

I thought it was an action befitting a priest of the Lumensis Church.

That’s why Rudgar blatantly ignored the agent and spoke to the priest himself.

“Don’t you think so too?”

Let’s see if there’s no reaction even though I’ve said this far.

The faces of the priests and the Holy Knights, who had been listening quietly from behind, hardened coldly.

It’s not that they didn’t appreciate the deputy’s behavior, but it was problematic for an outsider to speak openly and directly toward the priest.

“yes. Yes.”

But more surprisingly, Lemlia, the priest, answered the words.

Even in the form of acceptance.

“My, the priest?”

The deputy became a devastated face like a puppy abandoned by the owner.

But Lemlia didn’t even look at him.

He didn’t even pay attention to how surprised his closest aide was.

“I had an active and passionate side, perhaps because he had been helping me for a very long time, but at some point I started to cross the line.”

Although Lemlia herself was responsible for coming this far by condoning that action.

No one could blame her.

Because no one was here to hold her accountable.

“My, priest. no. How dare I… … .”

As the deputy tried to protest, the priest stared at his subordinate through the white tiara.

Even though he couldn’t see his eyes, the agent’s complexion was pale.

“I had a lot of trouble taking care of my work for so long. I think you can get some rest now.”

Although it was said in a polite tone, it was practically the same as being kicked out.

The agent tried to shout something, but two paladins came forward and quickly dragged him away.

Priest! Priest!

With an empty, echoing cry, the agent disappeared completely.

Lemlia didn’t even look at the agent she had been with for a long time and smiled at Ludger.

“It’s quiet now.”

“… … .”

Although this was alluded to.

I can’t believe I thought I’d kick it out in front of everyone.

‘Besides, just by looking at what he says, he must be someone who has been supporting him for a long time, but he doesn’t have any hesitation in letting him go. I wonder if emotions even exist in the first place.’

Even that smile she is making now is foreign, as if she had put a mask on top of a wax figure.

“So what is your name?”

“I think it’s polite to reveal your own name before asking someone else’s name.”

At Ludger’s words, life leaked out from the Paladins.

But Rudger didn’t blink an eye.

He even provoked the paladins with his eyes, as if asking them to pull out a sword and wield it.


Then Lemlia opened her mouth.

Paladins immediately gained momentum.

“Obviously I was lacking in manners. sorry. It’s because I’m not used to the way I treat people. I’ll start with my introduction. My name is Lemlia. I am in charge of the priest of Bretus Castle.”


‘Is it that less than 10 priests from within the country came?’

Besides, he looked much younger than the original priest in his memory.

It was said that while he was gone, the priest also had a major replacement.

“This is Rudgar Cellis. As a teacher of Ceorn, I am staying here as a guest.”

“I see.”

“It seems that the questions have been resolved by each other, so I’ll step back and look.”

Rudger decided that he should never get involved with them.

When Ludger tried to leave, blatantly reflecting his attitude that he didn’t want to talk anymore, Lemlia naturally blocked his way.

Rudgar frowned.

“What are we going to do now?”

“Don’t you think it’s hard to go already when you’ve only heard the name? It was fate that we met like this, so let’s talk a little more.”

“It sounds like you have a story you want to tell, but I don’t think so. So get out of the way.”

It was not a suggestion to get out of the way, but a firm command tone.

Lemlia did not erase her smile even when she said that she was in a bad mood.

“You said Mr. Rudger. I sense a very peculiar aura from you.”

You’re talking very much about yourself.

Ludgar was annoyed at Lemlia’s unruly behavior.

Looking at this, I thought I might know who the personality of the deputy who was kicked out a while ago resembled.

“What does that mean? Are you thinking of asking me if I believe in God?”

“Ah, is that okay?”

“I don’t believe.”

“That’s unfortunate.”

At a time like this, Lemlia smiled naturally, even though she was in a situation where she was supposed to be outraged for being disrespectful.

“To begin with, I felt a strange aura. It’s too rough for a reason to catch people.”

“Ah, sorry if that sounded like that. But I really meant it.”

“I also answered sincerely.”

“Besides the unusual energy, I felt something familiar, so I couldn’t stand my curiosity.”

At the word familiarity, Rudger shut his mouth.

Lemlia asked quietly.

“Where did we meet?”

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