I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 334

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◈ Episode 334: Lion in White Coat (2)

A large reception room for welcoming delegations from other countries.

In that wide space, the two groups were staring at each other while dividing left and right.

On one side were the paladins and priests wearing white armor over white priestly robes and robes.

On the other side, the Imperial Family Guard Knights lined up in silver uniforms.

It was a space to serve precious guests, but the atmosphere inside the drawing room was horrendous.

“hmm. The tea tastes good.”

A word from a man who sticks to a relaxed attitude as if it had nothing to do with the heavy and threatening atmosphere.

He was a man with a fairly common impression.

He had dull brown hair and some freckles, and his expression was full of arrogance.

Eileen, who sat across from him, stared at the man with narrow eyes.

“By the way, I heard that there are many better tea leaves in the empire, but it seems that they are not ready yet. Oh, of course, it’s not that the taste of this tea is bad, but isn’t it a little low on my level to drink?”

At that rude remark, the Guardian Knights were furious.

However, no one opened their mouths recklessly as they were well trained.

Instead, he stared at the other person with a murderous gaze, as if pressurizing him.

However, the other person rather stiffly erected his head despite such a gaze.

It wasn’t because he believed in his own skills, but because he believed in the paladins lined up behind him.

And beyond that.

It was also that he trusted the woman who was sitting next to him.

“We have heard of the unfortunate incident that took place in the capital of the Exilion Empire. What a pity.”

“It gives me strength to send a delegation from the Bretus Kingdom and convey words of deep consolation.”

Eileen said without changing her complexion.

“However, it seems that he brought quite a lot of people to help while worrying about unfortunate things.”

Eileen’s gaze couldn’t leave the woman sitting next to the boisterous man.

It was a woman wearing pure white clothes and wearing a tiara around her eyes.

He was sitting gracefully with a soft smile on his lips, and he looked like a mannequin modeled after a human, giving me strange goosebumps.

Eileen immediately figured out what that woman was.

‘Is it the priest of the home country?’

The Holy Kingdom of Bretus established a branch of the Church of Lumensis in each country and sent its own people there.

The parish head said that there must be one in every metropolitan level in a country.

Those who can give strength to their shoulders in their own area.

However, even such a parish head had no choice but to bow his head when he returned to his home country.


In Lumensis, the priest usually plays the role of a channel and communication tool between gods and humans.

That’s why he was evaluated as ‘the most close to God’ among humans.

It was a position that could not be low in the Bretus Castle.

‘But she’s such a young woman.’

If you say priest, you will basically think of an old person, but Bretus Castle did not.

As if they had all promised, women in their mid-twenties were chosen as priests.

The number was less than 10, but it was an open secret that all the priests were women with tiaras on their eyes.

Perhaps knowing that Eileen was staring at him, the unknown priest looked back at Eileen and made the smile on his lips even thicker.

It wasn’t meant to ridicule or make fun of, it was a smile that seemed genuinely benevolent.

But Eileen didn’t like that smile at all.

Perhaps it was because I saw the rough appearance of the original person and spread my influence even in the dark world, but I always felt uncomfortable when I met people like that.

Even more so if the opponent is from the Bretus Castle.

‘In addition, it wasn’t long after the terrorist incident was over, but I visited the capital with this amount of troops. This side had no time to prepare, as if they knew this would happen and made preparations.’

Could it be that he was caught? Or is it simply an accidental overlap?

While Eileen was thinking about the various possibilities, the deputy priest did not hide her displeasure.

“You are rude. Don’t you know who you’re facing right now?”

Yes, there was a guy like that in this place.

A stupid fox who firmly believes that the priest’s power is her own.

“That one is arrogant. Doesn’t he know who he’s facing right now?”

“You are not the emperor.”

“But I can be emperor. Unlike you, who is the deputy priest but cannot become a priest.”

The assistant manager’s face turned red at Eileen’s sharp point.

It was because he borrowed the authority of a priest and installed it arbitrarily, but on the other hand, deep down in his heart, there was a sense of despair that he could never become a priest.

Because Aileen was quick-witted, she grasped the other person’s weakness at once.

The deputy priest tried to say something, but soon had a mischievous smile on his face.

“yes. Well, I’m satisfied with this position. And isn’t that what’s important now?”

“joy. It became a nonsensical turn. Hurry up and tell me the main point that you came here.”

“Didn’t you tell me? It’s to express condolences on an unfortunate event.”

“So, aside from bringing the priest, the paladins too? Anyone can see that they are trying to use force.”

“Of course, force is needed. It’s just that the target isn’t the empire.”

The deputy priest opened his eyes and scanned Eileen from top to bottom.

“But depending on the answer, it could become an empire.”

“… … .”

That’s arrogant.

How dare you speak such absurd things inside the imperial palace, the courtyard of the empire.



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If it was an envoy from another country, Eileen would have pulled out her sword and cut the guy’s neck.

However, the opponent was an envoy from Bretus Castle.

Although it has lost its light compared to the past, the power of the Holy Kingdom of Bretus was still formidable.

‘Especially, the way they’ve been intervening in the heads of other countries for a long time bothers me.’

If it had been a country with strong national power, it would not have been such a headache.

More than that, it had an unidentifiable, gritty power, so that rather acted as anxiety.

That’s why it’s annoying to deal with guys with asymmetric power.

Eileen thought to herself and opened her mouth.

“I don’t quite understand what you are talking about. So what do you plan to use that force for?”

“As I said earlier, we have heard the news about the recent events in the Empire. However, among the reports he heard, he said that there was one unusual thing.”

“Something unusual?”

“A black storm broke out in the middle of the capital that looked ominous at first glance. Do you know anything about anything?”

It was as if his eyes were trying to see through everything he was thinking.

Seeing that, Eileen laughed at the arrogant deputy priest in front of her, even though she thought that something had come.

It seems that you have had the experience of straining your neck a few times in a similar position.

To think that he was trying to equal himself with only that level of skill.

Aren’t you being cheeky?

“Okay. I also heard that a black storm suddenly arose. But it didn’t last long and it soon stopped.”

“Whether it’s short or long, what matters is that it happened in the end. So, do you know what the black storm is?”

“It has only been two days since the terrible incident ended. It’s a very short time to find out anything.”

“Aren’t you ignoring it even though you know it?”

In a way, the words of the deputy priest were tantamount to suspecting that the empire had something to do with the black storm.

Upon hearing this, the Guardian Knights were rather embarrassed than angry.

Even if the other person’s words crossed the line, it was not normal.


Eileen’s expression instantly turned cold, probably because of the rudeness that went beyond that limit.

The assistant priest, who did not budge despite the pressure from the Guardian Knights, felt a chill run down his spine the moment he saw Eileen’s expression.

It’s as if the eyes possessed physical force and were cutting through one’s body sharply.

The area where the eyes could reach was cold and chilly even though he was wearing clothes.

The feeling of an ice pick piercing the skin.

No matter how intimidated the priest’s deputy was, Eileen’s cold gaze was unbearable.


“… … .”

“I will hand over your rudeness just this once. But keep in mind. That there is no next.”

A voice that said that he might commit something with sincerity, not just a bluff.

The deputy priest nodded calmly to hide the fact that he was frightened.

Of course, those were just his own thoughts, but his pale complexion, cold sweat, and trembling eyes clearly showed that he was terrified.

“anyway. We do not know why the black storm occurred. Since the Liberation Army teamed up with the Warlock, they might have done something.”

“Do you think a warlock can use such dangerous magic?”

“I would rather ask the opposite. Aren’t you guys making fun of warlocks too much?”

“… … under. You really try not to lose a word until the very end.”

“Nothing. He is the next emperor, how could he be pushed aside by the deputy priest?”

At Eileen’s sharp blow, the deputy priest’s face distorted, and then he chanted in a low voice.

“All right. Since the Empire is so uncooperative, we have no choice but to find out.”

“Do whatever you want. We have shown you great mercy just by letting you in here.”

“… … Do you think your home country will stay silent when it hears this?”

“home country? Aren’t you the representative of the priests, the representative of the Kingdom of Bretus? Even so, are you putting the name of the country in your mouth? What an arrogant word indeed.”

At those words, the deputy priest became contemplative.

What she said halfway as a threat, Eileen naturally returned to her rudeness.

The deputy priest looked at the priest sitting next to him with an urgent gaze.

That gaze was urgently expressing that he never said that in that sense.

“I heard that the next emperor is very strong, beautiful, and intelligent. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.”

Surprisingly, it was the priest himself who had been sitting still until now who opened his mouth.

“I thought I couldn’t speak.”

“I just didn’t feel the need to do it. But this time, the opponent is the opponent, so I won’t be able to stay still.”


Eileen responded with a smile.

I thought it would not be easy in the part where the priest himself started to step forward.

It must be that the other side is also anxious to entrust the work to that idiot instead.

It’s a pity.

I was thinking of giving it a little more.

However, contrary to Eileen’s thoughts, the priest slowly rose from his seat.

“We will go and see. Even while we are having this conversation, somewhere in this world, a rebellious group must be plotting.”

Is there anyone who is as disquieting as you?

Eileen barely held back from trying to say it.

It was said that the awkward and troublesome guys would take care of it, so I was just grateful.

Eileen clicked her tongue as she saw the members of the Church of Lumensis running away following the priest.

‘For now, it seems that the urgent fire has been turned off, but judging from their reaction, it seems that they are still suspicious of this side.’

I hid it as much as possible for now, but I don’t know what traces they will find when they start investigating.

If you do that, you will naturally extend that magic to Ludger.

From Ludger’s reaction, he seemed to hate Lumensis very much.

If it’s not at the level of water and oil that don’t mix, but with fire and gunpowder that explodes just by touching it.

You never know what might happen suddenly.

‘For now, I sent Mandelina to tell the man to be careful.’

He’s a quick-witted person, so he’ll figure it out and avoid it.

* * *

Rudger looked silently at the group of people approaching in front of him.

The moment I realized who they were, I couldn’t help but feel embarrassed.

‘Are they the envoys from the Bretus Kingdom that Mandelina was talking about? I never thought we’d meet here.’

It’s absurd.

I deliberately avoided the roads where they could move, but I ran into them.

They weren’t looking for anything in particular.

I just happened to come across a situation in a passing car.

‘Let’s just ignore it and move on.’

The moment Ludger was about to leave, the tiara-wearing woman walking in the front turned her head towards Ludger.

Her eyes were hidden by the tiara, but she was clearly staring at Ludger.

“Who are you?”

“… … .”

I deliberately tried to ignore it, but I didn’t expect it to talk to me from over there.

Rudger looked at the tiara-wearing woman in silence.

At first glance, he was the highest-ranking person in the group.

If it was to the point where he would have to go around with an escort like that in his home country.

‘Is it the priest?’

While Ludger had such thoughts, the deputy priest approached Rudger in a fit of fuss.

“hey. This person is asking who you are. Did you even eat the ear hole?”

The deputy priest was not in a good mood right now.

It was because he talked to Princess Eileen, was mocked by her, and did not fulfill his role properly.

That alone was embarrassing, but when someone dared to stay still while the priest was talking to him, his annoyance rose.

“hey. What happened to your ears? Or is it a mouth problem? priest. It seems that this guy is at least dumb.”

“Did you say the priest?”

Rudger stared at the woman wearing the tiara and said.

The deputy priest might not have known that Rudger would suddenly open his mouth, ‘Huh, uh?’ I looked at it with a

“He carries a subordinate who is just right for him.”

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