I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 332

◈ Episode 332 Wall of Relationships (2)

Rudger and Line were seated on the same bench with some distance between them.

Rene held the hem of his skirt firmly over his neatly gathered knees with his back straight, since he was the opponent.

Her squinting gaze captured Ludger’s figure.

His figure with his upper body slightly bent with his hands clasped together looks as calm as the surface of a calm lake.

Unlike himself, he looks so grown-up.

Perhaps because of that, Riné couldn’t take her eyes off her side profile.

It is undeniable that Ludger’s appearance is so handsome that it draws attention.

But there was something more fundamentally different.

Every time Line saw Ludger like that, he felt somewhere longing and nostalgic at the same time.

I don’t know the exact reason why.

Even though he must have never met Ludger in the past, looking at him makes him wonder if he had ever met him before.

Even so, it seemed that an invisible wall existed between the two.


“yes yes?!”

When Rudger spoke to her at that time, Line was startled, wondering if she had been caught spying.

“… … Why?”

“Oh, no. nothing.”

Looking at Ludger’s puzzled look, it didn’t seem like he was caught.

It was only then that Line remembered that Ludger also had business with him.

“Rine. I think you have a vague idea of ​​why I asked you to talk.”

“that… … .”

“You would have seen it that day.”

Rinne nodded instead of answering.

“The look I showed you that day is one of my magic. To be precise, it is the magic resin I deal with.”

Ludgar said so and summoned his magic beast [Ater Nocturnus].

It was clear that summoning all of them would attract attention, so Rudgar showed off a miniaturized version of it.

A black haze-like crow appeared over the clothes on Ludger’s right shoulder.

The crow looked back at Riné, and Rinne shook her shoulders at the sight, but did not avoid the crow’s gaze.

“Is this your magic number?”


“a little… … Is it unusual?”

“This is Ater Nocturnus. He moves through shadows, and although he now takes the form of a beast, his main form is more like clothes.”

“As for clothes… … ah.”

It was only then that Line was able to recall the image of Ludger drunk that day.

Literally, as if wearing a coat of shadow.

In addition, he was wearing a crow-shaped mask on his face.

what did he say Plague doctor mask?

I saw it in a book and it reminded me of a mask that gave off a very gloomy atmosphere.

Looking at the shadow crow sitting on Rudger’s shoulder now, I couldn’t help but think that it was similar.

“Then, is it this magic beast’s ability that suddenly jumped out of nowhere?”

“Precisely, it came out of the shadows. Since Ather Nocturnus is made up of shadows, I can also move through it.”

“Wow, that’s right.”

It was only then that Line realized how Rudger could come to her rescue in that fleeting moment.

Isn’t that really great?

Rinne asked with genuine admiration.

“Can I touch it?”

“Does not matter.”

Line naturally stretched out his hand toward the magic beast in the shape of a crow.

The crow glared at Rinne with her red eyes wide open, but Rinne only hesitated once.

As Riné stretched out his hand with a gentle smile, Ather Nocturnus tilted his head sideways for a moment.

Then, he lightly rubbed his beak on the hand that was slowly approaching.


Rene let out an exclamation involuntarily at the strange feeling he felt in his palm.

As expected, it was different from the normal crow in terms of touch.

It was as if the sense of touching the smoke was maximized.

Considering that it is not just a shadow, but embodied in magical power, it wouldn’t be a particularly wrong expression.

Ludger watched for a while as Linen strangely touched his summoned beast, then canceled the summoning of Ater Nocturnus.

Line was saddened by the sudden disappearance of the magic beast.

“ah… … .”

“He is not a guy to be called out for a long time. Even if he looks like that, he’s very greedy, and consumes too much mana. Especially under the bright sunlight like this.”

“Ah, that’s right.”

“Are the magic numbers amazing?”

“yes. I’ve heard of it, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it myself.”

“Certainly, magic numbers are unfamiliar to you who are still in the first year. The class to learn how to summon magic beasts in earnest is the 3rd year course.”

“ah. It takes quite a while. I wanted to learn quickly.”

“You won’t have to worry too much about it.”


“This is because there will be significant changes in the undergraduate program in the near future, starting from this incident. Among them, there is a possibility that the magical beast summoning class will be moved to the first year course.”

Rudger said it was a possibility, but in fact he was convinced.

The magic beast is like the soul mate of a wizard.

When summoned, a magical beast consumes an enormous amount of mana, but at that moment, it guarantees tremendous stability and combat power.

It is not for nothing that magicians have their eyes on them, even though there is a certain number of people who can learn from elemental science.

If you just learn it, it will definitely help you later.

What that meant was quite large.

However, summoning a magic number was not simply a theoretical process.

It’s a little more instinctive, intuitive, and it’s a process that requires realization.

That’s why, in the case of 1st and 2nd year students, they usually don’t learn how to handle magic numbers.

This is because they are still inexperienced and immature in magic.

The basis for magic water is that you can barely get rid of it only when you have a lot of reaction with your own magic power.

In that sense, it could be said that it was very unconventional for first-year students to learn to summon magic beasts.

As a learning student, it will be very exciting.

Summoning a special being born from one’s magical powers has a dream and romance unlike a wizard.

Of course, the teacher who will teach it will already be wrapped up in embarrassment.

‘I don’t know who will teach them, but they’re going to have a hard time.’

Rinne nodded her head up and down eagerly as if satisfied with Ludger’s sufficient explanation.

However, what I said now only satisfied the superficial curiosity, but there were still so many things I wanted to ask about Line.


Like the identity of the black fog that tried to attack him that day.

Or the state of Flora who sacrificed herself instead.

“That, Flora-senpai… … Are you all right?”

“You mean Flora?”

“yes. Certainly that day, because of me… … .”

When Rene still thinks of that time, her heart sinks.

What the black mist was aiming for was definitely himself.

If you take damage, it should have been you.

“Flora is fine.”

“Ah, yes. thank god.”

“So you don’t have to worry either.”

At Ludger’s words, as if he had looked into the other side’s inner thoughts, Line kept his mouth shut.

“Do you feel sorry?”

“… … That’s what happened when you tried to save me. I even got lost in that strange fog.”



“It is evil.”

At those words, Line’s eyes widened and she stared straight at Ludger’s profile.

The look in your eyes as if you could say that to yourself.

“Didn’t you already know?”

“yes yes?”

“I’m asking if you hadn’t vaguely guessed. Why do you think the devil would be interested in you in the first place?”

“that… … .”

Riné was about to speak, but her own eyes suddenly came to mind.

The black fog, according to Ludgar, must be the devil.

It was clear that the devil was after him.

It was vaguely guessed that it was because of her eyes that had just awakened.

‘Besides, at that time, the devil told me what to do with the saint.’

Speaking of a saint, it reminded me of the illusion magic I saw at the museum.

Did you say divine magic? The figure of a woman praying, using the magic.

Strangely, I wanted to see that scene, but I wonder if it has something to do with it?

“You seem to have a lot of questions.”

“yes. There are so many things we don’t know. I wonder why I suddenly got caught up in this. still… … .”

“I want to know.”

“… … yes. I don’t know, so I think I need to know more. That way I can at least know what to do. So I want to ask. Do you know about my condition?”

Rinne was staring at us with an unwavering gaze.

Her eyes were shining with a much more beautiful light than they had seen before.

A charm that will make you fall in love just by looking at it.

It was the kind of eyes that Ludger, who had resisted the president’s enchanting demonic eyes, would stare blankly at, albeit for a moment.

Even if you haven’t fully awakened yet, if you’re in this state.

What happens when you have a perfect judgment?

“… … .”


“… … okay. Since you came all the way here, it would be impossible for you to remain ignorant.”

Rudger thought about what to explain first, and decided to just tell it all from the beginning.

In the past, I had intended to keep it a secret, but since I was already more than half awakened, Line needed to know.

“Rine. Do you know what a judgment is?”

“Judgment? It’s a word I’ve never heard before.”

“The judgment eye is the eye that distinguishes between right and wrong. I think it is an eye that sees something a little more essential, not just in the intuitive realm.”


Line nodded as if he could guess Ludger’s words.

From the beginning of the semester, she knew how to sort out those who were a danger to her like a ghost.

On the contrary, I knew how to distinguish those who did not harm me.

It was for this reason that Line could ask Ludger, who was still afraid of the other students, without hesitation.

“And that decision is said to be an inherent power that only saints in the Lumensis Church have been born with since ancient times.”

“Sir, are you a saint?”

Even though the demon Basara said that she was a saint, hearing it directly from Ludger’s mouth felt different.

“Ha, but how can a saintess like that… … .”

“It doesn’t matter what you think of yourself. Almost all owners of past decisions would have been like that. It’s because I don’t have awakening like you do.”

“So, then, is the Church of Lumensis taking me too?”


“Why? That’s because I might become a saint… … .”

“I won’t.”


“okay. I won’t let you do that.”

At Rudger’s words, Line took a deep breath.

As a student, I’m probably saying this because I’m worried, but I was confused when I heard those words in front of me.

“Yeah, but why… … ?”

“You see the Church of Lumensis too well. Rather than worshiping and favoring the birth of a saint, they are the ones who will somehow put chains on them to make them their limbs.”

Line was about to ask how he knew that, but Rudger’s expression was so serious that he couldn’t bear to ask.

It was clear that Ludgar knew something he didn’t know, considering that he knew well about the Lumensis Church, the Judgment Plan, and the existence of the saint.

“Well, then maybe I’m good?”

“Hide it for now.”

“If you hide it, will it be hidden? My eyes stand out no matter how I look at them.”

“That too. Renee, would you like to take a look at this side?”

“Ah yes.”

Line did what Rudger told him to do.

Rudger stared at Linen like that.

Ludger’s sapphire-like bluish eyes captured his image.

It was like looking at your own face reflected in the calm surface of the water.

Line felt something tickle as Rudger stared at her in silence.

“Lu, Ms. Rudger?”

“Stay still.”

Rudger said that and cautiously reached out his hand towards Line.


When Rudger’s hand touched her eyes, Line’s shoulders trembled without realizing it.

Rudger’s hands were hard, soft, and warm.

Ludger’s hand touching this side was even cautious, like touching an old valuable.

Rinne didn’t particularly hate the touch.

If I were to question whether I liked it or not, it was closer to the good side.

To the extent that I wish I could stay like this for the rest of my life.

‘Go, my heart beats so fast.’

Ludger’s figure is close. His chiseled face and the warmth of his hand touching his cheek.

Line wondered what would happen if Rudger found out that her heart was beating like this.

It jumped so loud that I couldn’t control it, and it seemed like it would resonate in Rudger’s ears.

how long was that


With that short word from Ludger, the hand that touched his cheek moved away.

Rinne asked while feeling regretful about that.

“What happened?”

“Will you see?”

Ludgar created thin plates by casting metal magic in the air.

Its smooth surface clearly reflected Line’s face like a mirror.

Line looked into her eyes through the simple mirror.


Surprisingly, the eyes that sparkled like stars were back to normal.

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