I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 330

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◈ Episode 330 Ovalley (2)

Roteron of the New Mage Tower.

Wasn’t he a Lexarer-level magician and a hero who made a great contribution to stopping the terror attack of the Liberation Army this time?

It is said that he received a medal from the emperor, but I would never have thought he had left the imperial castle even after that.

No, that doesn’t matter.

However, why did the author openly call himself?

‘no way.’

Iona narrowed her eyes.

he is a mermaid

Iona herself knows what kind of discrimination a prisoner receives in this world.

Even if it has improved compared to the past, the discriminatory gaze toward the beast is still the same.

In particular, in the case of magicians, pride and a sense of chosenness remained, and such a tendency was strong.

Roteron is a 6th tier wizard.

To rise to that level, you must never have a normal personality.

Iona clenched her fists involuntarily because of the tension.

This is Devalk Imperial Castle.

No matter how Rotteron you are, you won’t be able to do anything to yourself in a place like this.

However, an extreme wizard who hates beastmen might do something crazy.

It was natural for Iona to be nervous.

At that time, Roteron, who had been staring at Iona, opened his mouth.

“You don’t have to worry. I didn’t call you with no idea what to do.”

“… … !”

“From the reaction, it seems like I had no idea. I thought she was a wise and quick-witted kid, but wasn’t that just the case?”

“Who are you… … .”

At Iona’s question, Roteron put her white gloved right hand on the iron mask instead of answering.

And then slowly took it off.

Why is Roteron, who has been hiding his identity with a mask until now, wearing a mask in front of himself?

Iona opened her eyes wide the moment she saw Roteron slowly appearing.

“It’s been a while. Iona.”

Roteron, fully revealed, smiled lightly at Iona.

Brown skin similar to Iona and eyes like a beast.

And long curly brown hair.

The two of them looked so much alike that they could be called siblings.


Iona looked at Roteron and said the name.

Roterone is just a pseudonym.

His real name was Tenaron.

And, as can be seen from the outside, he was half a brother and sister with Iona.

“Why are you here?”

“It’s a long-awaited meeting, are you asking about that first?”

“Don’t talk back. In the first place, you were able to sit in the seat of the next chieftain, but you suddenly disappeared. He said he ran away.”

“I couldn’t help it. The elders didn’t like me learning magic at all.”

“So you abandoned the name of Ovalley and came to learn magic?”

“As a bastard, the name Ovalley didn’t suit me anyway.”

Tenaron was Iona’s half-brother, and was born into the Ovalley family.

He possessed the qualities of an excellent warrior, and his rationality was as calm as that of a wolf leader.

Beast tribes consider the importance of lineage.

Although Tenaron was half of light blood, half of it was from the Ovalley family, so it was not a matter of taking the position of the next chieftain if he had the ability.

But one day, Tenaron suddenly disappeared.

It wasn’t that someone instigated you to assassinate you, or that someone said you weren’t fit for the position of chieftain.

It just disappeared by itself.

Iona didn’t understand that.

She wasn’t too bad with Tenaron.

As a child, Tenaron often played with his half-sister Iona.

Avoiding the eyes of the family elders, he secretly showed the magic learned over his shoulder only to Iona.

“You could have been a chief.”

“no. i couldn’t be Rather, you deserve the position.”

“why? Because of that magic?”

“That’s not magic. And Iona, you’re not in a position to say this. Because you, too, are a member of the beast race and have entered Seorn.”

“that… … .”

I guess I was fascinated by the magic you showed me.

More than that, it was because he thought that the beast tribe should not be confined to the tribe forever.

Iona didn’t say that. It wasn’t a story that Tenaron didn’t even know.

“You still have a face that you don’t understand.”

“Did you see it?”

“Other clans say you don’t change your expression, but those who don’t know you say that. You can’t hide your feelings like this.”

Tenaron smiled and quickly erased his expression.

“Iona. Do you know why I abandoned the position of chieftain and lived my life hiding my identity?”



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“Was there another reason?”

“Because the position of chieftain has now become meaningless to me.”

“… … .”

The chieftain’s position is meaningless.

It was an act of denying the origins of the beast race.

The beastmen formed a tribe led by the chieftain and formed a mighty alliance.

So, all the Beasts were proud of it, and they never tolerated those who insulted them.

But now, in this place, Tenaron, who inherited the blood of Ovalley, trampled on that pride.

“Tenaron. Even though I am in a position to think that the clan should change, there are things I should and shouldn’t do.”

“Iona. you’re not like that To think that he was only having the position of the chieftain and having a good time.”

“… … What the hell happened?”

Rather than being angry, Iona asked calmly.

Why did the promising equipment abandon everything and hide?

Throw away the name of Ovalley.

even covering his face.

Have you lived as a being called Roteron?

“Iona. You know what my strength is.”

“… … The souls of those old heroes that I showed you before?”

Back when Roteron was Tenaron.

He had only shown his true power to Iona.

[Source] Before mastering magic completely, one’s own ability, which was bestowed with power by a great spirit and promised to be the best equipment.

That alone was enough for Tenaron to rise to the position of chieftain.

“It was definitely a strong force. In fact, I still think so.”

“But why… … .”

“Until I met the true ‘monster’.”

“A monster?”

Iona didn’t understand.

Who the hell is the monster Tenaron is talking about?

“It’s something nobody knows. It was really a coincidence that I met him, and it was a desolate plain where no one could see.”

Tenaron still remembers the events of the day when he closes his eyes.

“I have experienced a painful defeat.”

“Defeat? Are you saying you lose?”

“okay. Borrowing the strength of great warriors, heroes, and chieftains, I fought with all my might, but I was defeated. You know what’s funnier? He just fought with his pure skills and brute force.”

“Well, how… … .”

Chiefs can only be the strongest warriors of their time.

So, wasn’t Tenaron considered the next chief?

“He was a beast like me. But he was different. He was a beastman and not a beastman. I thought I had a fair fight with him, but he was trying to ‘hunt’ me.”

“Hunting candidates for the next chieftain? Who?”

“Pantos. He called himself Pantos.”

Iona was the first name I heard.

But Iona noticed that Tenaron shuddered slightly when he said that name.

Tenaron was afraid.

“Long white hair. A massive, muscular body that looks like it was processed from a thousand-year-old rock. And even the ugly eyes that see everything in the world as their prey. He seemed to be a descendant of the White Bear Clan, which is said to exist in the far north.”

Tenaron met and fought him.

suffered a crushing defeat.

Having won the victory, Pantos disappeared without killing Tenaron.

It was as if they had no regard for their lives.

Tenaron felt humiliated by the action, and at the same time gained a great realization.

How narrow a well you were trapped in.

What does the next chieftain mean?

What is the strongest warrior?

The real Choi Kang had nothing to say about himself.


That monstrous beastman is truly the strongest.

“He dismissed the position of the chief of the beast tribe as ‘something like that’. I guess so. With that much power, let alone a chieftain, he would have become a hero who will go down in history among all races on the continent.”

“But why… … .”

“Because he wasn’t satisfied with that alone. Even the position of chieftain was infinitely small to contain the monster.”

“… … .”

“It is as he said. The position of chieftain is an honored position for our clan, but it is so small and insignificant from the macroscopic perspective of this wide world. And I didn’t try so hard just to get to that position.”

“Is that why you left? Is it because the position of the chieftain is not noticed?”

“okay. Because what I wanted was a higher position. So I decided to learn magic. I needed to use my powers more reliably. Before that, I was just a kid wielding enormous power at random.”

So, Tenaron changed its name to Roteron and became active.

this power of oneself.

[Source] To further explore magic and use it properly.

And such magical knowledge was handled only by wizards.

“Of course it was hard. Learning magic among wizards while hiding one’s true identity felt like walking a tightrope on a precipice every day.”

In order not to be discovered as a beastman, he wore a mask treated with magic.

He hid his body odor unique to the beast race and suppressed his feral nature.

While working as a human, he lived a much more restrained life than a human.

Roteron’s eccentricity of wearing a mask on his face was unacceptable even among wizards.

However, Roteron rose to the rank of Lexarer after hard work in such a state, and took his place as one of the pillars of the Tower of Gods.

“But why are you suddenly revealing this to me?”

“I think you are looking for me.”


“okay. Wasn’t that what you came for?”

That’s right.

Iona thought of seeing a wider world, but it wasn’t without reason that she came to the Empire to find Tenaron, the next chieftain who had disappeared.

“I’ll tell you now, but give up. i’m not going back The position of chieftain is no longer attractive to me. To tell you my honest feelings, I hope you will just give up your position as chieftain and live the life you want.”

“… … I decided to experience a wider world to become a chieftain.”

“is it.”

Tenaron. No, now called Rotteron, he shook his head in agreement.

Iona has been such a child since she was little.

He rarely expresses emotions, and he always has no expression, so he doesn’t know what he’s thinking.

In his heart, he had a great ambition to revive his clan.

Although they were two people who came out to see each other’s wider world.

In the end, the goal at the end was the exact opposite.

“So, are you satisfied now that you have reached that position?”

At Iona’s question, Tenaron sneered and shook her head.

“Satisfaction? okay. You’ve risen to a very high position for a beast race. I was able to rise to the 6th rank without using my source magic. But it is still not enough.”

Roteron recalled the fight in the cistern.

He was brutally defeated by Andrei, who was dealing with demonic powers.

His symbol, the iron mask, was broken, and he even used source magic, his secret magic.

Even after doing that, he couldn’t win against Andrei.

Andrei was so strong, but the main reason was that he strengthened his body using the devil’s power and the cells of the World Tree.

It was natural that he couldn’t win.

On the contrary, Roteron was a great strongman just by driving Andrei.

But Roterone wasn’t satisfied.

He didn’t even console himself by saying that losing was natural.

“I am still weak.”

If only it collapses here.

I had an intuition that I would never be able to take revenge on the gray-haired beastman.

‘Besides that man.’

Did you say Ludgar Chelsea?

The first thing I saw was the Grand Hall of the Arcane Chamber.

There, Ludger published his discovery of magic theory, which caught everyone’s attention.

There, I was only concerned about the idea that one individual was holding too much information.

I’ve never really had a personal impression of the man.

Roteron saw Ludgar fighting in the cistern.

His magic that drove Andrei in the middle of each fight.

The magic itself is not unusual.

Aside from the peculiarity of the light attribute, his magic wasn’t even powerful.

Even so, the accuracy and speed of using magic, and even the sharpness to pierce gaps.

It was to the point of staring mesmerized several times.

Roteron saw something similar in the magic.

That beast called Pantos.

A fighting style that doesn’t go well with someone with a gigantic body.

It was quite similar to the fighting method Ludger used.

Was there such a thing among humans?

Roteron also thought the world was wide.

“I still think I am lacking. You must become stronger. Only then will I be able to repay him for the humiliation of the day.”

“… … okay. Having said that, I can see why. But why are you suddenly telling me that here? If it was going to be like this, the opportunity would have been there before.”

“Ludger Chelsea. Because that man knew who I was.”

“You know… … ?”

“The fight in the cistern. There, my mask was removed and my identity as a beastman was revealed. And those present at the scene saw me. Ludgar Chelsea was one of them. I heard that you are taking Ludgar Celisch’s class.”


Roteron nodded with satisfaction at the certainty of the information he had found out.

“I thought I would have told you of the Ovalley family about my true identity. Or, if not right away, I thought I would say it someday. So I just took it out first.”

“uh… … .”

Therefore, Roteron was rather confided in himself, fearing that Ludger would reveal his true identity in advance.

However, Iona heard the story and felt something strange.


At that, Roteron furrowed his eyebrows incomprehension.

“You have to. It is a huge secret that the 6th tier wizards are not humans, but beasts. At least, of course, I won’t tell you.”

Iona was a little dumbfounded, but answered firmly.

“… … He will never speak.”


“So, Tenaron, the reason you confided in me first was because of that concern… … He said that worrying itself was meaningless.”

Iona was sure of this.

Rudger was never the kind of person to spread such information carelessly.

If you ask why, there is no clear reason.

Should I just say it’s a feeling?

I could only think of it based on what Rudger had shown me so far.

“I will ask you one more thing. So, where the hell is that prisoner called Pantos?”

“I don’t know.”

“I don’t know.”

“The guy is so new and rare. He’s a guy who doesn’t have any companions around and just goes by himself.”

“You don’t have anyone to be friends with?”

“That guy? He will probably tell his parents who gave birth to him that he can be proud of him because he gave birth to him. He certainly has nothing to do with being a friend or a colleague. There is no such thing as serving anyone.”

Still, Roteron continued.

“If you’re that strong, you’re sure to be fighting fierce battles somewhere in the world. Not so sure.”

* * *

“hey. hey.”

The dwarf girl Seridan tapped Pantos’ thigh with her leather gloved fist.

Only then did Pantos turn his big head and look down at Sheridan.

“Stop eating. When are you going to lose weight?”

“… … I will only eat this and lose it.”

Pantos, who still seemed like he would roll over even if he fell down, poured the chocolate in his hand into his mouth and made a poor excuse.

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