I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 329

◈ Episode 329 Ovalley (1)

The introduction of the artifact said [flowing silver].

In terms of name, it is similar to Su-eun, but the reality is completely different.

‘It’s liquid metal. It reminds me of the Liquid Golem that Victor Dreadful used in the past.’

The Liquid Golem is also an artificial product created by mixing magic and science to the limit.

The existence of this silvery artifact was nothing too strange.

Rudger lightly reached out and placed it on the flowing silver.

Silver, which was still on the display stand, moved along Ludger’s hand as if it were wrapped around it the moment it touched it.

It was like water flowing backwards in time, and it was like a silver snake that was alive and moving.

Rudger looked down at the small silver puddle that pooled in his palm.

The moment I touched it, I was able to understand how to use it.


The flowing silver expanded in an instant and turned into a sharp sharp sword.

Ludger grabbed the three swords and looked around.

Everything from the tip of the sword to the handle is silver.

However, the sharp anticipation and hardness felt in the hand insisted that this metal was never as soft as silver.

Rudger turned the sword back into a round liquid and lightly flipped his palm.

The flowing silver on Rudger’s palm stretched down.

It feels like a huge lump of mucus has been pressed into the palm of your hand.

As Ludger conjured up a new image in his mind, the silver lingered and blossomed into countless flowers.

‘Is it bigger than the apparent volume and can show a variety of appearances?’

Rudger again clapped his left hand with his palm up, then spread his hands wide open.

Then, the flowing silver became disheveled like a thin skein of thread and fluttered in the air.

When Rudger pulled his fingertips, the silver thread was pulled taut and held tension.

Rudger stared blankly at the gift.

The shining gift itself was no different from a sharp sword.

Perhaps if you bring paper here, it will be shredded as if you put it in a shredder.

Even so, there is no pain or tightening sensation in the part of the silver thread wrapped around the hand.


The second item is set to this.

Rudger recalled the image in his mind.

The flowing silver wrapped around Ludger’s right hand and turned into a bracelet with a simple design.

Rudger looked at it with satisfaction and then moved on again.

I didn’t have enough already, so I got a lot of stuff, but I didn’t want to waste the last option I still had.

again. again.

The sound of Rudger’s shoes echoed softly in the quiet space.

Walking alone in a large empty space was enough to evoke a strange feeling.

‘Is there such a thing as an elixir in a place like this?’

Thinking so, Rudger shook his head.

There was no way the elixir was kept in a place like Vigo.

If he really wanted the elixir, he would have to ask Eileen separately.

‘… … I shouldn’t.’

If it was Eileen, she would gladly give the elixir.

Of course, the moment he accepted it, it was all up to Ludger to handle what would happen after that.

Perhaps they would be bound by a slave contract for at least five years.

She will be treated according to her skills, but Eileen cannot tolerate talented people doing nothing and playing quietly.

The moment she gets hold of her, Ludger will do all sorts of things without a day off.

like graduate students.

‘I can’t do that.’

Ludger erased his desire for the elixir.

It wasn’t absolutely necessary anyway. It’s good to have it, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t have it.

Instead of the elixir, I’m holding out with my weak feet because it’s possible enough.

In particular, the final experimental work created by Bellaluna this time was truly a great success.

Rudger, who was walking like that, could hardly find anything he liked.

‘Should I go a little deeper?’

Otherwise, I didn’t have to choose which one to use.

If you find something that suits the Owens members, you can give it as a gift.

With that thought in mind, there was something that made Ludger stop for a moment.

‘One-eyed glasses?’

From the gold rim to the golden wire ring.

It’s a monocle that’s perfect if you look at it, but there’s no way that an ordinary object could be placed in a place like this.

As soon as he read the explanatory phrase placed in front of the monocle, Ludger’s eyes were filled with interest.

‘The Eye of Possibility. It’s something that measures the potential or current skills of that person.’

Surprisingly, this object is said to be an artifact created by the first dean of Ceorn.

It seemed that he was here because he said he would donate this item to the imperial family after his death.

Rudger grabbed the monocle.

When I put it on my face, the monocle itself was sized just right.

‘The fit is not bad.’

Rudger looked around.

The moment the lens treated with special magic detected the artifact, it showed the magic embedded in it in a bluish color.


Rudger checked several artifacts with an exclamation.

As if measuring something is not a lie, the amount of power contained in each artifact was visually shown.

Rudger tested the efficacy of [The Eye of Possibilities] by checking the objects on display.

And there were a few things I realized.

‘I can confirm the inherent magic, but it’s not perfect.’

For example, one of the artifacts currently has 5 horsepower, and the other has 10.

Of course, artifacts with 10 mana shine much stronger.

However, this 5 Artifact can actually increase its output, and when it does, it goes up to 20.

However, what I could see through the [Eye of Possibilities] was the apparent limit of 5.

‘If someone decides to hide their power, it will be impossible to confirm even with the eyes of possibility.’

Of course, even taking that into account, [Eye of Possibilities]’s performance was very satisfactory.

‘Because just being able to confirm the current power, even superficially, is a significant advantage. All that’s left now is to see the potential or possibility.’

Artifacts are things, so there was no such thing as potential. If you use it, you should use it on at least a person.

Rudger regretted that there was no subject to test right away.

‘Still, this alone is of great use.’

To find an artifact used by the first dean in a place like this.

Is it a mere coincidence or the guidance of fate?

Whatever it was, Rudger headed for Vigo’s exit, thinking things were going to be interesting.

* * *

The huge stone door slid open and Ludger came out.


As if they had been waiting outside, the moment Eileen saw Rudger, she immediately changed her mind.

“How dare you make the imperial princess wait this long. At this rate, she won’t have anything to say even if she’s arrested for insulting the imperial family.”

“You’re welcome.”

“So, what did you bring from inside?”

“Can’t you see it?”

“I do not know. It’s me in the first place, because I don’t know what’s inside the bingo. You will know when you ascend the throne, but not yet.”

“Is that so. I’m sure you’ll know which one to choose.”

“Did you mean that unidentified piece?”

“yes. And the other… … .”

“It’s a monocle. Well, it suits you very well.”

As Ludger placed [Eyes of Possibilities] on his face, Eileen crossed her arms and muttered something like a compliment.

Instead of answering, Ludger looked at Eileen and Fasius with eyes of possibility.

‘hmm. indeed.’

Eileen, seen through [Eyes of Possibility], was a jewel that shone brilliantly.

The supreme treasure that will make you unable to raise your head no matter what jewels you bring to the world.

Even if you give billions of dollars, you can’t find it, and you can’t even dare to convert its value into money.

Rather, the act of setting a price itself feels like blasphemy.

Looking at the other comparison target, Pasius, this one was also quite formidable.

Although the strength he shows on the outside is well hidden, his potential as a Royal Guard is very rich and overflowing.

However, even such Pasius had a feeling that he was lacking compared to Aileen’s light.

On the contrary, it was hard to erase even the feeling that Eileen’s light was wrapping around Fasius.

The wriggling, creeping light encroached on the surroundings, and Ludger’s body was salivating as if it were about to devour it.

“… … .”

Feeling dizzy, Rudger took off the [Eye of Possibilities] he was wearing and stuffed it into his inner pocket.

Eileen narrowed her eyes as if suspicious, perhaps sensing something.

“What is it? I think I just saw something secretly.”

“It is an illusion.”

“What is an illusion? The monocle you just wore looks like an artifact since it was brought from inside. Wasn’t it to see something? answer me What did you see?”

“It’s really no big deal.”

“I told you to answer.”

Is it okay for you to look at others, but is it not okay for others to look at you?

No, maybe it’s because Aileen herself has never experienced such a thing and is not used to it.

No matter how you feel, you cannot express it in a sincere way.

Rudger pondered for a moment before answering.

“I just saw the most beautiful jewel in the world.”

“What… … .”

Eileen’s cheeks reddened even slightly as if she had accepted that answer.


From the side, Pasius let out a heartfelt exclamation of admiration.

Eileen immediately cleared her throat and turned her head away.

“joy. done. So, what did the other one bring?”

Instead of answering, Rudger showed the silver bracelet on his right wrist, and then immediately changed it into a long razor.

Seeing the [flowing silver] returning to the original bracelet, Eileen nodded as if convinced.

“You’ve chosen the items that suit you. So what are you going to do now?”

“Anyway, everything will be over. I intend to take care of my work as a teacher again.”

“There must be no business to take care of right away in the imperial castle, right? Considering the students and the injured right now, we have to stay here for a few more days.”

It was as Eileen said.

If Rudger, the head of the planning department, wanted to do something here, there was no other way than to wait for a call from Saorn.

It was because the imperial family took care of pretty much everything.

“You must have gone through hardships as well, but it wouldn’t be bad to take a long-awaited rest.”

“that… … .”

“Seemingly, it seems that people always live with work, but people sometimes break down if they don’t take a break.”

“… … !”

It was Pasius who was surprised by Eileen’s words to persuade Ludger.

Pasius, who had been listening quietly by the side, opened his eyes wide and glanced sideways at Eileen.

It was as if he questioned, ‘Is that what the princess said?’

Eileen herself was famous for squeezing out the souls of her subordinates and exploiting them.

Since such a person is talking about the importance of rest, Pasius, who was listening to it, must be full of energy.

But if you say it out of your mouth, you can’t take care of it.

Pasius kept his mouth shut because he was quick to notice in this part.

Rudger watched him quietly.

There was a little bit of pity and sympathy in that gaze.

* * *

Aidan and his friends eagerly toured the imperial castle.

Mainly, Tacy Freead took the lead and looked around, followed by Aidan, Leo, and Iona.

Tacey was dissatisfied with the failure of her highly anticipated field trip.

After fainting and waking up in the aftermath of Basara’s mental wave, Tacy, who had fully recovered, forced her friends out to use the remaining time to the fullest.

“… … I just want to get some more rest.”

Leo, who had a lot of work, sighed and grumbled, but even so, he quietly followed.

“More than that, Aidan. are you okay?”

“huh? what.”

“No, that… … no.”

Leo was about to say something.

When everyone who had passed out woke up, Leo saw Aidan, who was the only one standing still.

He doesn’t tie his hair like the others and doesn’t seem embarrassed by the situation.

It was the look of a person who knew what had happened just a moment ago.

Other people may not know, but it was Leo who had been attached to Aidan for a long time, so it was easy to notice.

Of course, when the question was implied, Aidan evaded that he didn’t know.

It was obvious from that appearance, but Leo decided to just let it go.

‘Because there’s no way this guy will do anything bad anyway.’

More than anything, I was very grateful.

Even though it was by his will, he was closely related to the Liberation Army and acted as their intelligence agent.

Aidan helped without a word.

‘And Mr. Ludgar too.’

Until then, he was Leo, whom he called by the name of Ludgar Celish, but now he can be called Teacher.

Of course, it’s still awkward, but after a few times, you’ll get used to it.

Rather than hearing the news, it is said that the Liberation Army suffered a great blow.

As a last resort, something exploded, but even that failed.

Did you say that the Royal Guard and Sword Master, Sir Pasius, took the initiative to organize it?

‘It’s really over.’

It was a really eventful field trip.

There are some injured among the three students, but miraculously no deaths.

I really wondered if it could end well like this.

‘… … What does it matter what other people do anyway? I just need these fools to be safe.’

Thinking so, Leo glanced at Iona.

Her condition seemed odd.

“… … Is this coming?”


Iona, who had always been with me in silence, stopped her steps and stared into the distance.

It was a forest beyond the great promenade of the imperial castle, but nothing could be seen.

“Is there anything there?”



“I’ll go see you for a while.”

Iona left only those words and quickly headed for the forest.

Leaving behind Leo, who was greatly embarrassed by the first sudden action, Iona went into the forest and followed the eyes that looked at her.

“come out. I know you are here.”


At that, the other person showed up right away, as if he hadn’t intended to hide from the beginning.

“… … Mage Roteron?”

Iona recognized him and opened her eyes wide.

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