I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 327

◈ Episode 327 Parallel lines of friendship (1)

The Devalk Imperial Castle boasts a vast size.

The architects praised the De Valk Imperial Castle until their mouths were worn out.

It wasn’t just because of the huge scale and admirable design.

Practicality is the most appreciated.

De Valk Imperial Castle was famous for not wasting a large site and space.

Naturally, there was a separate living space for outside guests inside the palace grounds.

It is so huge that it can accommodate hundreds of people at once.

Currently, Seorn’s students were staying at that place.

“Wow. Really awesome!”

“Look at this statue! This is the famous Gavid piece! I saw it in a book!”

“Look at the picture here. They said all of these are genuine. It’s full of these things, how could it be like this?”

The students walked around the palace and exclaimed exclamations.

The space where Seorn’s students could roam was limited, but it was hard to feel the restriction because the castle was so wide.

“As expected, it is the imperial palace. There is nothing missing.”

“Honestly, I was worried a lot when I was forced to stay, but I think it’s even better?”

“ah. I really want to live here for the rest of my life.”

Accommodation for guests was huge and well-equipped, reminiscent of a 5-star hotel.

Perhaps because of that, none of the students were dissatisfied with staying in the imperial castle.

The food is delicious, the bed is soft, and all elements of life are comfortable.

Rather, it is my honest feeling that I want to stay here longer.

“… … Still, I’ll have to go back someday.”

“yes. And the bomb of all kinds of tests and assignments… … ugh I really hate to even think about it.”

Back in Seorn, huge assignments and classes awaited them.

Just thinking about the cruel wall of reality that I had put off in the back of my memory took my breath away.

The students decided to thoroughly enjoy this moment.

The field trip, which should have ended happily, was ruined by terrorists, so the students must be very sad.

So, the royal family decided to go ahead and give the students a last-minute, enjoyable experience.

The most comfortable lodgings, sumptuous banquets, and even the right to tour the interior of the imperial family.

Of course, the imperial family did not have to go this far.

Of course, all these things that I am giving now were a kind of calculated gift.

Ceorn is a separate organization that is not subject to the intervention of the imperial family of the Exsilion Empire, and the right to freedom is guaranteed.

It was good to get the upper hand when making some kind of deal with Ceorn later.

Besides, most of Seorn’s students are very talented.

If they graduate, they may become the pillars of the country in the future.

Planting a positive image of the imperial family in such children was a kind of investment toward the future.

In fact, among the students currently staying in the imperial castle, many responded that they wanted to come to the imperial family after graduation.

The intentions planned by the 1st Princess Eileen had worked.

The students were just busy enjoying this moment, completely unaware of the imperial family’s dark intentions.

Sedina Lawshen also decided to get away from work and enjoy a break.

Sedina headed to a park with natural scenery.

Although half, Sedina, with elf blood, always preferred places with plants when resting.

Wasn’t that why he turned his teaching room, which he used alone, into a small botanical garden full of all sorts of plants?

‘If it were another teacher, I would never have allowed it. It’s all thanks to Mr. Ludgar.’

Sedina walked through the park today, thanking Rudger as always.

The trees were so dense that it was safe to say that the area outside the promenade was literally a dense forest.

A normal student would not come to this place because it would be burdensome, but to Sedina, it was rather a cozy place than home.

Sedina squatted with her back leaning against a large willow tree near the lake.

I closed my eyes and felt the wind blowing through my ears.

ah good

To get into a more comfortable position, Sedina released her hands from her knees.


Sedina opened her closed eyes at the touch of her outstretched fingertips on the ground.

What caught on his fingertip was a willow branch that had fallen to the floor.

Sedina held it and examined it closely.

Because it was near the lake, the water-soaked eggplants were quite soft.

Sedina naturally cut off part of the branch, took out the core, and pierced a hole with magic.


When I put the flute made like that to my mouth and blew it, the sound of pi-ri-ri-ri resonated.

Sedina moved her thin white fingers and started playing the willow flute.

Even Sedina herself did not know what song it was.

I just copied the tones that my mother often sang to me when I was very young, before she died.

For Sedina, it was also a memory with her mother, which is not long now.

While singing the willow flute, Sedina felt the presence of people approaching her and removed her mouth from the flute.

“who… … .”

Sedina froze when she saw the person who came looking for her.

The first thing I saw was pure white gray hair that was clearly foreign to the color of the forest full of bluish green.

Julia Plumheart.

A girl who is different from herself, mature and dignified, and gives off a mysterious atmosphere somewhere.

Seeing Julia, Sedina hurriedly got up and tried to leave.

“Are you thinking of running away again?”

However, Sedina had no choice but to stop in her seat at Julia’s words.

Sedina slowly turned to Julia.

* * *

Imperial concubine (祕庫).

Another name for this place, called the treasure house of history, is a place where people have not allowed their footsteps for a long time.

As Erendir said, only one person has been in and out of the imperial family’s remarks for nearly 100 years.

There was only Lutus, the current head of the Royal Guard and the best knight of the time.

Rudger had entered such a place now.

This alone is enough to make it a lifelong side dish and boast of generation after generation.

Even just looking at the entrance of Vigo, there were people everywhere who would bow and say thank you.

However, Ludger, the person in charge, was not very excited.

‘Of course, it’s surprising that it’s full of valuables this much.’

Even if you say that it is great because you entered Vigo, there is no special inspiration.

If you come in, you came in. What does that mean?

Rudger quickly scanned Vigo’s foreground.

The first thing you see is a brilliant golden color.

It was the light of a gold coin illuminated by bright yellow lighting.

It made my eyes hurt from the brilliance emitted by the glittering jewels everywhere.

The value of gold coins and jewels right in front of you is astronomical.

However, Vigo did not end here.

This was just the beginning of this huge secret warehouse.

Rudger inspected the structure inside.

Vigo was more like a giant exhibition museum than a warehouse.

And the ceiling, walls, and pillars were carved with colorful patterns.

It wasn’t just a piece.

It was a kind of magical structure that watched to see if any intruders did anything suspicious.

Besides, the wide is also dirty wide.

Even the size that can be seen with the naked eye is at a level that exceeds Seorn’s magic arena, but this was not the end.

‘All sorts of magical protections are hanging. I can’t escape even if I assume the number of cases and come up with an escape route.’

Rudger wondered if he could sneak in here, but then shook his head.

Space movement was useless if there was such a density of magic protection.

From the outside to the inside as well as from the inside to the outside.

‘I’m glad I don’t have to shave.’

When Aileen offered to open Vigo, the choice to accept the offer was right.

Ludger passed the galleries of gold coins and jewels and went deeper into Vigo.

The color of the lighting, which had been filled with yellow, softened, and the light around it became heavy.

The reason was to highlight the objects displayed here.

The objects periodically displayed on the left side of the aisle clearly revealed their existence under the pure white light.

They were all unusual things.

‘Is it real from here?’

Rudgar scanned the nearest artifact with his eyes.

It was a crown studded with seven colored jewels.

Considering that it contained enormous magical power, it was clear that it was an artifact of a considerable level.

The gloves worn on the hands, the cloak worn over the shoulders, and the full body armor that were not worn now.

It was at least a high-grade artifact, or an artifact equivalent to it.

Ludger had to find the fragment of the Relic he wanted here.

The only problem, though, was where the hell was that relic.

This is not an auction house selling items on display.

Of course, there are no information boards or catalogs about where and what products are.

There was no other way to find what you were looking for here than to go around and check them one by one.

‘Fortunately, there is a description of the name and usage in front of each displayed object.’

Even on that, it was written that the name of the placenta was unknown and the purpose was unknown.

It seems that he didn’t care about the use because he probably collected everything at random.

No matter what the purpose is, it will remain valuable.

‘Considering this size, there might be another relic other than the one I was looking for.’

Rudger continued to walk inside Vigo.

There was no word on when to come out, so I didn’t have to move in a hurry.

I had plenty of time, so I thought I’d take a look around.

At that time, a soft light flowed from the inside of Ludger’s chest.


A reaction I’ve had before.

It was said that there was a fragment corresponding to this relic nearby.

Rudger walked in the direction the light was pointing.

I was able to quickly find what I was looking for.

Under the pure white light, there was a small piece of unknown name and use.

‘at las.’

Rudger reached for the fragment.

There was no such thing as anti-theft magic.

It was because no one could come inside the remarks.

Rudger stared at the shrapnel in his hand before putting it in his inner pocket.

‘There are only a few left now.’

I’ve achieved my intended goal, so I can be satisfied and leave here.

Rudger still had a chance to choose two more of the items here.

‘Are there two things I can choose from?’

In fact, the main purpose was Relic fragments, so I wasn’t thinking about which of the other artifacts to bring.

However, this opportunity cannot be simply thrown away.

Now that he had come this far, Rudger decided to take a look inside Vigo.

‘There are many artifacts here. It’s just that they’re all great. Even if I don’t need anything right now, if I pack something that looks good, it might be useful someday.’

Rudger examined the objects calmly.

I decided to filter out the overly flashy things first.

Things that were studded with jewels or flashing lights, or things that looked precious at a glance, drew attention too much.

It did not fit with Ludger’s penchant for secrecy.

If you have something like that, it’s like advertising to the enemy that this side has an artifact.

‘Even if the opponent is wary of the artifact in advance, it won’t have the original effect. Stealth is essential to maximize efficiency.’

Having thought that far, Rudger laughed as if he was self-deprecating.

‘Even picking up treasure in a place like this is only thinking about fighting. I can see what happened to my hair too.’

But when I tried to think of another way to use it, I couldn’t think of it rightly, like walking through an endless fog.

Ludger’s life up until now had been marked by struggle.

The inside of the fence where he lives is a secret place that no one else knows about.

Dark, cold, and full of soggy mud, it was a world driven only by violence.

Rudger lived there.

She may have been living there at the time she was picked up by Master, or maybe much earlier than that.

it will be like that in the future

He has a goal to achieve, but the road to get there has been long and arduous.

I wasn’t even sure if I could achieve it or not.

So after that, I never even thought about it in the first place.

‘But, really, if I get an opportunity like that in the first place.’

If only I could reveal all of this and live a quiet life.

Can he, who has only fought all his life, lead a normal life like other people?

Preparing for the future, which may come at any time, is too complacent.

He always did his best to live today.

I thought looking into the future was a luxury in itself.

‘But if all of this is over safely, if I can wash my hands and leave.’


What kind of life will I live?

‘It’s a meaningless assumption.’

Being alone in a secluded place must have made me feel vain.

Rudger decided to keep looking around, hoping to find something nice.

At that moment, Rudger stopped involuntarily.

There was one thing that caught my attention.

I don’t know if it’s a relic or an artifact equivalent to it.

‘Looks like I found one of the remaining two.’

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