I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 322

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◈ Episode 322 Midsummer Night’s Meeting (2)


Flora came out, closing the door to Ludger’s hospital room.

For a while she leaned against the door and did nothing.

Flora’s hazy gaze was projecting the scene of the conversation she had with Ludger a moment ago.

-With a child named Rene… … What are you doing?

Flora had a big heart and asked the most curious question.

I regretted that I really needed to ask such a question on the spot.

However, the anxiety that if it wasn’t now, I wouldn’t hear an answer from Rudger was greater.

If he was the usual Ludger, he would have responded silently to Flora’s question, or dismissed it as nothing.

However, perhaps because of work in the spirit world, Rudger quietly listened to Flora’s question, and soon became deeply troubled.

With that alone, Flora realized that Rudger’s attitude toward her had changed quite a bit.

It was a time when I was happy inside because I thought he cared about me more than before.

– I can’t explain in detail. Because this is my personal business.

– So, what do you mean, actually, what is the relationship?

– It’s not a good relationship.

-For things like that, you seem to care a lot about the child.

Flora revealed the sadness she had in her heart.

Something I wouldn’t have done normally.

But just as Ludger’s attitude towards Flora has changed quite a bit.

Flora also became more sincere in the way she showed Rudger.

What happened in the mental world formed a kind of consensus.

No one would know the sight of that day except the two of us.

But even so, the child named Line was quite troubled.

Ludger’s behavior towards Line seemed far from an ordinary relationship.

-It’s a thing of the past. It’s something that Renee can’t even remember.

-Did you two meet before?

Rudgar nodded slightly.

Flora didn’t ask how the two of them met, and what happened then.

I couldn’t bear to ask.

It was just a moment at that moment, but the expression of Ludger.

It was because I was immersed in a deep sadness I had never seen before.

The moment Flora saw that scene, her heart seemed to be broken for nothing.

Although he was helped by Ludger, he was unable to help Ludger.

For the first time, Flora felt her own inadequacies.

At the same time, I felt that way.

If something bad happens to you, would the teacher make that kind of expression?

Flora shook her head.

Let’s not think too negatively. Didn’t you promise to change from now on?

I had to work harder.

It was the first time someone had reached out and had an opportunity.

I didn’t want to waste even a second of every minute I was living and breathing.

After Flora made up her mind, she moved to her hospital room.

that buck that buck

“… … .”

Sensing Flora’s signs of moving away, Ludger sat still and gazed at the window.

Flora’s condition seemed very good, contrary to her worries.

There was nothing more embellished than before in the way he spoke and acted. It was nice to see him show his emotions better.

Even though he thought that was fortunate, Rudger couldn’t help but get confused.

The incident that took place in the capital this time will bring a big wave.

However, Rudger was not concerned about the future that the wave itself would bring.

The only thing that bothered me was Line’s condition.

When he saved Linen from Basara that day, Ludger looked into her eyes.

Those eyes filled with bright light were the sound that the decision had been properly activated.

Basara looked at Line and said she was a saint.

Even Rudger didn’t know what that meant.

Line was born with the qualities of a saint.

The judgment she possesses is not simply inherited through her bloodline.

It’s determined by something a little bigger and fatalistic.

‘The decision that only one person exists in a century.’

And most of the owners of the judgment are not even aware that they have such power.

It’s only when a major event occurs on a global scale that the decision opens its eyes.

However, Rene’s judgment was awakened.

It wasn’t perfect, but at that level, Riné herself would feel suspicious.

‘And most of all, it bothers me that the Zero Order is looking for her.’

Considering that Zero Order is a demon in the literature, it was most likely to seek to eliminate Line with the judgment.

Right now, Rudger pretends not to know and hides it, but one day he will surely find out.

Indeed, will he be able to protect that child in the future?



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‘I just wanted him to grow up normally.’

I hoped that the child would forget everything and live a normal life.

But fate did not allow that easily.

Rudger thought that far and let out a self-deprecating laugh.

okay. Who cares about whom now?

Isn’t it his own responsibility that Line became like that in the first place?

From the day she killed her mother with these bloody hands.

Line has already lived a life far from normal.

In a way, the fact that this side cared about Line was the same as committing a bigger mistake to her.

A selfish act done just to relieve guilt one-sidedly.

Rudger thought so of his worries.

‘But in the end it happened.’

I couldn’t pretend I didn’t know until the end since I came this far.

Besides, as if by fate, there was another person involved in the incident of the day besides Rine in Seorn.

Freuden Ulburg.

The tiny little wolf has grown into a full-fledged adult.

With the hostility towards this side growing even more.

It seems like he hasn’t told Linen about the past yet, but he never knew when something would suddenly happen.


Rudger remembered the last conversation he had with Andrei in the basement.

I couldn’t protect someone, and there was a time when I despaired of it.

Andrei was like that too, and he ended up walking the path of a warlock.

‘Don’t fail, huh.’

Rudger thought the cheering words, not the cheering, were ridiculous.

It’s not because it’s ridiculous.

On the contrary, Rudger was even feeling grateful for those words.

A short word from Andrei that penetrates Ludger’s life.

Ironically, it was because those words gave Ludger’s dry heart a comfort like sweet rain.

‘I thought I’d live my whole life alone, but I’ve been through things like this.’

Rudger thought so and looked at the window.

By now, it was strange that the guest who should have come first than anyone else didn’t come.

‘That’s strange. I know Master is in the capital right now. Aren’t you coming?’

Given Grander’s personality, if he was taken to the hospital because he was injured, he would have come to tease him.

Even in the middle of the night, avoiding the eyes of others.

‘It’s such a selfish personality, so it’s not particularly strange that he doesn’t come when it looks like he’ll come.’

Rudger decided to give up speculating on Grander’s actions.

If you don’t come, what’s good?

* * *

“This is true. I wish we could have chatted a little more. She was a pretty funny person.”

Helya grumbled, spinning the parasol in one hand.

Zero Order responded silently to Helya’s words and took the lead in walking down the street.

The streets of the dark capital were desolate.

There were still no traces of terrorism, so there were no people, and unorganized debris was scattered on the streets.

Helya liked the sight.

Isn’t it as if the world has perished once?

Of course, the world did not perish either. This ruin-like scene will be reconstructed the next day and returned to its neat original appearance.

“It’s good to enjoy it when you can enjoy it a little more… … .”

It was then that Helya muttered that.

Zero Order, who had been leading the way, stopped.

Helya, who was following her, also stopped.

“What? what’s the matter?”

Helya pouted over Zero Order’s shoulder and looked straight ahead.

Then he said, “Kek,” and his expression distorted.

There was a girl in the center of a wide street.

Blond hair that shines brilliantly under the moonlight pouring down like a curtain, and red eyes that look clear even in a dark night.

Although she had the appearance of a young girl wearing a red dress, as tender as a doll.

Knowing Helya’s true identity, her crumpled expression didn’t seem to straighten easily.

“No, why do I have to… … .”

“Do you go out for a walk on a moonlit night?”

As Helya muttered that, Grander broke the rhyme.

“It is a rare thing. It’s not just one of your kind, but two of you sticking together. No, considering what happened today, three?”

Grander’s red eyes shone brightly.

It was as if a drop of water had fallen and rippled through a still pool of blood.

Seeing that, Helya unknowingly gave strength to the parasol in her hand.

Zero Order, who was facing Grander’s gaze, spoke without showing any particular agitation.

“What are you doing here?”

“What is it? Is there any reason why I shouldn’t come to a place like this?”

“Didn’t you want to be quiet? I know you avoided places with a lot of people.”

“That is a thing of the past. It’s been a while since I changed my mind.”

Grander smiled mischievously as he said that.

“So now I am worried. I’m not feeling very well right now. I came here for a long-awaited sightseeing trip, and I ran into two bad guys.”

“You were the one who forcibly came to us, who dared to avoid us. Or are you saying you want to fight right here and now?”

“Is there anything you can’t do?”

A bloody aura began to swirl around Grander like a haze.

Not to be outdone by that, Helya also created black magic and prepared to use illusions.

Seeing that, Grander raised the corner of his mouth as if laughing.

“You dare to deal with me with that crude illusion? I’m sure you remember that I punished you severely once before, but you seem to have forgotten everything.”

“At least we can buy some time and run away.”

“Yena and now, it’s really the same. His attitude of trying to run away from someone stronger than himself hasn’t changed.”

“Nobody usually wants to fight a monster like you, right?”

In response, Grander’s eyebrows rose upward in displeasure.

“A monster?”

“… … Uh, cancel that just now.”

Helya immediately lowered her tail.

Of course, it’s just words.

Around Helya, the illusion slowly began to take shape.

Ancient monsters that look like a mixture of all sorts of beasts and insects.

If Helya gives an order, they will risk their lives to attack Grander.

What came out at that time was the silent Zero Order.

“I have no intention of fighting anyway, so let’s just end here.”

“… … what?”

Grander frowned and looked at Zero Order with a gaze asking what that meant.

Zero Order did not avoid Grander’s gaze.

Their gazes collided in midair.

In the end, it was Grander who reaped the power first.

“joy. My excitement has cooled.”

“That’s good.”

“It hasn’t been that long since I’ve seen you, but you’re still different from the other so-called apostles.”

“They aren’t mutually exclusive.”

“I guess so. An immortal who wants to die and an apostle who doesn’t seek God. I can’t even laugh because I’m so ridiculous.”

Helya was taken aback when the murderous spirit that flowed from Grande completely disappeared.

‘what. Didn’t they fight right away when they met?’

How much did he save himself when he found out that Grander was in the capital?

The reason why he didn’t open the illusion barrier for a long time when he met Rudger was to avoid getting caught by Grander.

However, Grander was quicker than I thought.

Appearing in front of the two who were quietly trying to get out of the capital, they even showed hostility.

However, for some reason, Grander seemed to have no intention of fighting this side.

‘Has that old woman gone senile? If it had been before, I would have rushed at it while spattering blood.’

When I still remember that time, I felt an electric current running through my spine.

Unlike Helia, who was really surprised, Zero Order seemed to have guessed something.

“I found it.”

To the assurance of the Zero Order, Grander responded with a snort.

“What are you looking for? It just put off the goal for a while.”

“is it.”

“Then did you really find what you were looking for?”

“I haven’t found it yet. But we’ve seen the trail, so it won’t be long.”

“You’re faster than I thought.”

“What. What are you two talking about besides me?”

Helya asked, but neither Zero Order nor Grander answered her words.

Helya pouted her lips at the fact that she was treated as an existence that did not exist even though they were in the same place.

“iced coffee. okay. I don’t need to know anyway, right? Then okay.”

Helya spoke as if she was complaining and then disappeared like an illusion.

The illusions of the ancient witches she created also melted into the air like a mirage.

“I’ll try going too. I believe you will keep your oath.”

Saying that, Zero Order disappeared like black smoke.

“Is it an oath?”

After muttering the word oath once, Grander headed towards one place with ruby-like eyes.

In that direction was the hospital where his nerdy disciple was staying.

He said that his pupil was injured and was taken away, so I thought I would give him a visit and tease him as much as he wanted.

“Today is not the day.”

Grander shook his head in regret and walked towards the dorm.

Now that it’s like this, I’m going to make fun of a kid named Hans.

“Still, the disciple picked up a really interesting guy.”

* * *



Hans, who was nursing Bellaluna at the inn, shuddered with a sudden chill.

All the incidents in the capital must have been over, but why is it so uneasy?

‘It’s an illusion, right?’

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