I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 321

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◈ Episode 321 A Midsummer Night’s Meeting (1)

Flora’s behavior in the middle of the night made Ludger questionable.

why now?

Rudger was about to say no, but was silent for a moment.

Normally, I would have mercilessly drawn a line not to come in.

However, while fighting Basara, Ludger learned what kind of child Flora is and what kind of wishes she harbors.

If I push Flora away from here, she will be hurt again.

You’re already a babysitter.

‘It can’t be helped.’

Rudger let out a small sigh and opened his mouth.

“Come in.”

At those words, I felt a flinch on the other side of the door, and then the door opened cautiously.

Rudger sat still and stared at Flora like that.

Entering the room, Flora carefully looked around and found Rudger sitting still on one side of the room.

Flora, looking at Ludger, had a blank look, like someone dreaming somewhere.

In the middle of the night, through the wide open window, the soft moonlight pours like a waterfall.

Ludger sat quietly in his seat, carrying the blue light behind him.

It was like looking at a dreamy masterpiece somewhere.

“Come and sit down.”

Ludgar’s voice brought Flora’s reason back to reality.

Flora belatedly realized her ugliness and quickly took a seat across from Ludger.

Her face was slightly flushed red.

“I… … .”

Flora tried to say something, but no voice came out of her mouth.

There were many things I wanted to say before I came in, but seeing them face to face made me feel like my hair was turning white.

Flora bowed her head and wiggled her fingers under the table.

If we continue like this, we will continue to face each other and the awkward atmosphere will continue.

In the end, Rudger spoke first.

“Are you feeling well?”

Flora lifted her bowed head at the unusually soft voice.

Then he made eye contact with Rudger and replied in a slightly crawling voice.

“… … yes. are you okay.”

“Is there anything else that hurts?”

“yes. I had a diagnosis, and they said there was nothing wrong with it. On the contrary, he said that he seemed to be healthier than before.”

“I’m glad.”

Rudger looked closely at Flora while answering that.

The only light was the bluish moonlight filtering through the window, but not so much that it interfered with seeing anything.



“The color of your hair has changed a little. It’s a little bit, but it’s black.”


Flora realized what Rudger was talking about and nodded.

“yes. Perhaps because of the influence of the possession, the hair color that was dyed once did not completely return to its original state.”

Flora’s hair was bluish blue.

But now the color was darker.

It wasn’t completely black like when Basara took over the body, but it couldn’t hide the subtle black light.

“Wouldn’t that be a problem? Should I dye my hair?”

“You won’t have to. It’s not too different from before, and there won’t be any disadvantages from that.”

Rather, the change in the color of Flora’s hair was evidence that her talent had blossomed more than before.

A physical change caused by Basara, who took Flora’s body, forcibly awakening her potential.

Looking at the results alone, it could be said that it was a sign of gaining a chance.

“… … !”

At those words, Flora managed to suppress the smile that was about to spread across her face.

To be honest, I thought a lot before coming in.

He wondered if the fact that his hair was darker than before was a sign of a curse due to demonic possession.

If so, it was time to dye my hair.

Flora, to be honest, didn’t want to dye her hair.

Seeing it in person, it wasn’t bad, but it was a little bit more similar to Rudger’s hair color, which made me happy.

In such a situation, how could I not be happy when Rudger told me that it was okay.

‘Does the teacher think similarly?’

Of course, Rudger, who didn’t know that, was just purely saying that he was fine as an advisor.

“okay. I’m glad to hear you’re not sick anywhere. So, why did you come to see me this late at night?”

When Rudger brought up the main topic right away, Flora asked, slightly embarrassed.

“Do I have to do something?”

“… … Flora. Ordinary people don’t come in the middle of the night unless they have work to do.”

“… … ah.”

Flora too belatedly realized her mistake and blushed.

Flora said, trying to make an excuse, twisting her hair with her fingers.



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“Then, can’t it?”

“… … .”

“Can I come over at this time?”

“Can not be done.”

Rudger said firmly.

Flora pursed her lips as if hurt by those words.

It was something she wouldn’t have done normally, but the current Flora didn’t add or subtract.

To that extent, Flora was mentally feeling closeness to Rudger.

To the point where he naturally does things he wouldn’t show even to his old friend Cheryl.

“joy. all right. Since the teacher says so, I’ll just get straight to the point.”

“Are you upset?”

“I’m not spouting.”

“Then let’s do it like that.”

“… … What if you actually pouted?”

“I heard it wasn’t before.”

“I suddenly changed my mind.”

this is true

What tune do you want it to fit into?

“First of all, I wanted to say thank you. At that time, thank you so much for saving me.”

Flora said that and bowed her head.

“If it weren’t for the teacher, maybe I would… … .”

“It was a thank you. As I said then, I just did what I had to do.”

“… … You don’t usually do it because it’s what you have to do, right? It was very dangerous.”

“Anyway, aren’t we all safe as a result?”

“That is true. Anyway, I wanted to say hello, but I thought tomorrow would be difficult, so I came here as soon as possible.”

“Why tomorrow?”

“Anyway, you did a great job in resolving this case. Starting tomorrow, all sorts of people will come to see you, and then it will be difficult to find time for you.”

It was as Flora said.

Right now, because of his injury, he’s in a private room, but maybe by tomorrow, all sorts of people will come to know that Rudger is fine.

‘Fortunately, there are not many people who have seen that scene directly.’

Rudger recalled the eyewitnesses.

How could other people be blunt, but Casey Selmore was on my mind.

‘Still, looking at the fact that she knows my identity but hasn’t disclosed it to the people around her yet, it means that she also has a purpose.’

Except for Casey, there didn’t seem to be much of a problem.

It was enough to receive Eileen’s help in this area.

If she was competent, she would quickly notice and take credit for this incident naturally as if someone else had done it.

However, Flora, who did not know that this side had some kind of pipeline with the first princess, firmly believed that Ludger would be busy from tomorrow.

Rudger didn’t feel the need to correct it.

“okay. I can see why you came in the middle of the night. So, is this the end of business?”

“Isn’t it?”

As Flora furrowed her brows, Rudger crossed his arms and insisted on saying more.

“Yeah, you know… … .”

“What do you mean?”

“Mr. Rudger in my dream… … No, should I call it a dream or what? Anyway, you showed me that unusual magic.”

“It did.”

“What is that?”

Rudger, not understanding the gist of the question, asked back.

“I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“No, so there is that. It was used by Mr. Rudger.”


“What was that?”

“You are asking a strange question, Flora. If you ask me what magic is, what answer am I supposed to give?”

“That was magic?”

Flora asked back with a sad face.

Rather, Rudger did not understand that attitude.

“Didn’t I tell you that I’ll show you magic?”

“Yes… … Joe.”

“If you said and used it like that, what would it be if it wasn’t magic?”

“… … .”

Flora was speechless at the perfect logic.

Flora managed to move her trembling lips to speak.

“So, is it really magic?”


“But such magic… … .”

“Never heard of it. Am I right?”

Flora nodded.

“Of course. It’s not a pre-existing magic, it’s something I made myself.”

“You made it? But wouldn’t it be normal to create such a level of magic?!”

“The magic I use is simply unaffected by hierarchy. It is a power that literally miraculously requires no spells, chanting, or handcuffs.”

“How could you do that… … .”

“It is faith. Flora.”

Rudger stared straight at Flora.

The moment she met those blue moonlight-like eyes, Flora felt as if she were walking in a dream.


The two words that Rudger had spoken were deeply embedded in his mind and could not be erased.

“Belief in magic. A mind seeking mystery. sincere will to implement it. All of that makes up the real magic.”

“It is true magic. It must sound like nonsense, but when the teacher says so, I strangely believe it.”

It’s not a level of trust.

Didn’t you see it with your own two eyes?

What kind of look did Ludger show in that red flower field?

“Flora. You must have seen it. No matter how much I try to deny it, it’s magic.”

“… … Yes, it is. I was also perplexed, so I just asked to confirm. That’s right, it’s magic that has never been revealed before.”

“understood. So how was it?”

“What was it like? that magic? That’s it, I don’t need to say more. It’s really hard to put into words.”

She tried to keep her words calm, but Flora still felt her skin tingle just thinking about the scene.

My fingertips are shaking, and my body is numb.

It’s not fear.

This was the excitement towards a new mystery.

A shudder ran through my body like a course horse on a meadow, and chicken meat sprouted on my skin.

My heart thumped like an active volcano, and my head was burning hot like an overload.

As a wizard, seeing the magic of the century with my own two eyes, I couldn’t help but feel uplifted mentally and physically.

“Flora. Why do you think I showed it to you?”

The moment Flora was asked Ludger’s question, Flora swallowed without realizing it.

“Why, why?”

“I know the value of my magic. That must be hard for people in the world to accept.”

“… … It’s not like that, it’s almost a revolution.”

“A grandiose word like a revolution, a force hard to accept. To me, this or that is all the same.”

“Ah yes.”

Flora felt the hot excitement cool.

okay. This teacher was such a person.

Flora now found herself slowly adapting to Ludger’s eccentricities.

“Let me continue with the question from earlier. Do you think you know why I showed you the magic?”

“that… … .”

Flora thought.

Why did Ludger show himself such an amazing magic?

The answer immediately flashed into Flora’s mind, but she hesitated to answer.

If yes, what if no?

Then I might die of shame.

Flora didn’t like the feeling of anticipation.

She lived a life betrayed by expectations all her life.

Because I expected it, rather, I repeated disappointment and despair at the result that fell short of it.

Maybe it’s still the case now, I didn’t know.


This time, he didn’t push his opponent away like a porcupine with spikes.

Flora took a few deep breaths before opening her mouth.

“Because I can use that magic?”

“That is correct.”

“… … !”

At Ludger’s answer, Flora held her breath.

“This magic I use is not something that can be easily copied just because someone does it. Even a Lexarer-level wizard who is said to have great talent will repeat failures like a newcomer who has just started magic.”

“But why me… … .”

“Because you have a talent that goes beyond that.”

“Well, even so, it is strange. Do you just show that you can learn it?”

“Can’t we?”

“Of course not!”

“It’s my magic, so it doesn’t matter if I do whatever I want.”

“that… … !”

Isn’t it different from common sense?

Flora, who tried to argue, realized that it would be a meaningless cry.

In the first place, Rudger was not a person to be evaluated with basic common sense.

“Considering the talents you have and the path you have to take in the future… … It was my judgment that ordinary magic would be insufficient. so i showed you Magical new horizons. the way you should go.”

“… … Why are you even doing that?”

“Didn’t you tell me? I can’t accept that a magician with talent like you is suppressed by people who don’t know its value. Yeah, even if others pass it on, I can’t just sit back and watch it.”

Flora had to manage to suppress the joy that was about to overflow violently at those words.

Otherwise, she might have jumped up and let out a cry of joy.

I didn’t want to show Rudger an unsightly side more than that.

“I have told you all the clues about the new magic. All that remains is how you use it.”

Rudger appreciates Flora’s talent.

She was the only student who could easily use the coordinate designation magic she had used.

Now that her potential has been forcibly bloomed by Basara, Flora’s possibilities are far more wide open than before.

Maybe Flora could pioneer a stage that she hadn’t been able to go to.

He said he might want to see it.

Rudger thought so.

“… … all right. If the teacher says so, I will try hard.”

“It is not enough to work hard. Do your best to die.”

“Even if you don’t say so, I will.”

Rudger nodded his head in satisfaction at that enthusiastic answer.

“So, did you ask all the questions?”

“… … Actually, there are still many more things I want to ask. Like that stigma on the back.”

“It’s my family business.”

“all right. It will hurt the teacher too, so I won’t bother taking it out. Instead, I have just one question.”


As if this was the main topic, Flora narrowed her eyes and asked Rudger.

“With the child named Rine… … What are you doing?”

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