I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 320

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◈ Episode 320 The Apostle in the Document (2)

New First Order.

At those words, Rudger naturally looked at the Zero Order.

His gaze was asking if that statement was true.

Zero Order nodded silently.

‘The Order Synod said they would find a new First Order.’

I can’t believe it’s an existence called a devil in the world.

Besides, from the way Helya treated her, she seemed to know that Ludger had an undercover identity.

Maybe that’s what Zero Order told me.

‘What a strange day. I can’t believe I’ll meet as many as three demons in this short amount of time.’

Demons are mentioned only in ancient texts and legends.

Of course, people of this era dismiss the word devil as nothing more than an absurd story.

Even though they hide in the shadows of the world.

‘Such a demon gradually began to appear.’

Zero Order, Basara, and even Helia.

Demons in the world, beings called apostles by their true names.

They won’t stop at just three.

If so, here comes the problem.

Basara said he had a mission.

As an apostle serving God, it was said that the mandate of heaven given to that apostle exists.

Since the two of them were also apostles, the possibility was high.

Perhaps feeling Ludger’s gaze, Helya smiled brightly.

The sight of her smiling with her back to the moonlight was dreamy, like a fantasy.

“He is an interesting person. Even with us in front of them, instead of being scared, they are trying to float. Indeed, it is like the person who defeated Basara. Should I say he deserves it?”

The figure of Helya who had been muttering like that disappeared like a mirage.

Eventually, Helya appeared behind Ludgar’s back.

Helya stroked Ludger’s shoulder with a hand clad in a black cotton glove.

“Besides, the face is pretty good too. In my long life, there have been very few people who are this handsome.”

Ludger’s eyes turned to Helia.

The move Helya just showed.

In an instant, her figure disappeared and reappeared like a mirage.

Just as Basara is specialized in spirit, this must also be a kind of authority held by Helya as an apostle.


“… … Hehe.”

At Ludger’s sudden words, Helya removed her hand from Ludger’s shoulder.

Her round eyes were full of surprise.

It’s like seeing it once and wondering how you figured it out.

“Amazing. Ordinary people are easily fooled even if they know it.”

After muttering that, Helya changed her position to the window again.

In the first place, she never moved from her seat. She just pretended to appear behind her, almost behind her, as she disappeared in an illusion.

“It is not a simple illusion, it is an illusion that can be touched and felt properly. It’s my special skill, but someone who saw it once saw it through. Are you a little proud of yourself? Oh, do you like playing cards?”

Saying so, Helya created a pile of cards in her hand.

He was also an illusion, but of course it was a tangible object.

In other words, Helya’s vision was an illusion, but it could be called real.

Helya wanted to propose a bet to Rudger, whether his pride was hurt by his ability being discovered at once.

It was Zero Order that set out to stop it instead.

“Helia. just let it go there Because I’m having a conversation right now.”

“Huh. Are you ordering now? You probably don’t know that I don’t have to follow your words, right? We are equals.”


Zero Order called out Helya’s name with a chilled voice.

It was only the voice that changed, but the atmosphere in the room settled down even more heavily.

Rudger, who is sitting across from him, also has weak skin, but enough to make chicken skin appear.

Helia, who received that gaze, was still smiling with a smile on her face.

Let the two demons stare at each other for a moment.

In the end, it was Helya who raised the white flag first.

She sighed and shrugged.

“okay okay. Please don’t stare at me like that. I was bored, so I only tried it once.”

“… … .”

“I am Are you afraid that someone might not be a traitor, so you’re thinking of killing the same apostle if you get into trouble?”


“Oh. look at my mind Didn’t I say something like this?”

Helia winked one eye and stuck out her tongue.

Seeing that, Zero Order shook his head, as if he was tired of even preaching.


Rudgar pondered what Helya had said.

“Don’t do that too much. It’s already difficult to maintain a barrier of illusions around this room. If I run amok here, I might get caught?”

At the word illusion barrier, Ludger looked out the window.

The scenery outside was nothing special.



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However, when I strained my eyes and observed it closely, there was a subtle misalignment.

‘Is it because of that that I was able to sneak in like this in the middle of the night?’

But was it really necessary to hide here while spreading the barrier?

Ludger’s doubts were immediately resolved by Helia’s words that followed.

“It is a strange thing in the first place. Why is that monster in the capital? You disappeared for a long time after you said you were going to destroy the Bretus Castle about 20 years ago.”

Helia grumbled.

Ludger realized at once who the monster Helya was talking about was.

‘I was talking about Master. Do they know each other?’

Besides, seeing them talk about the 20-year hiatus, they seemed to have no trace of it since Grander picked him up.

It was clear that Helya was unaware of her relationship with Grander, seeing as she was openly talking about monsters here.

It was the same with Zero Order.

Rudger kept his mouth shut, thinking that it would be right to hide it for now.

What bothers me right now is that Zero Order was called a traitor by Helya.

‘Is there some kind of conflict between the apostles? They were also hostile to each other.’

Looking back, Basara didn’t have any particular sense of fellowship with the other apostles.

After all, the apostles were separate beings.

However, that wasn’t too surprising.

Because people don’t all get along just because they’re the same person.

“So what are you going to do?”

What opened her mouth was the zero order.

Zero Order questioned Ludgar again if he had decided to ignore Helya.

Maybe it’s that we’re going to hold each other’s hands.

“I’ll withhold the answer.”

“Still, are you saying that? To be honest, I didn’t expect a positive response, but I guess I’m just glad I didn’t get rejected outright.”

“… … .”

“But we will eventually meet again, on the same road, someday.”

Zero Order was sure that it would happen.

Rudger didn’t bother to refute that.

Because, vaguely, he felt it too.

“Zero order. What do you want?”

“You must have heard it too. They say that the apostles have a mission.”

“Vasa said that it was her mission to eliminate humanity. Are you saying you want to say that you are just like him?”

Zero Order shrugged.

“Otherwise, there is no way I would have planned such things.”


Rudger severely cut off Zero Order’s answer.

“If you really wanted to destroy humanity, or even destroy the world to that extent, you wouldn’t have let Basara die like that. No matter what anyone said, they would have understood each other.”

In particular, Basara’s abilities show overwhelming performance against humans.

Because both the Sword Master and the Lexorer-class wizards collapsed in front of his mental attack.

The decisive reason for Basara’s failure was only because of an individual named Ludger.

The mental wave is not working, and even in the mental world, which can be called its own domain, it has not been able to win.

In the past, Basara was an existence that could only be sealed at the root of the World Tree.

He skipped a long time and was resurrected, only to be defeated by one person.

“Didn’t you just watch Basara’s death in the first place?”

“I couldn’t help it. He died before I could do anything about it.”

“He is also a sophistry. In the first place, you knew that Basara was sealed underground in the capital city. But even though I knew it, I didn’t try to release it from the seal.”

If Zero Order really wanted chaos in the world, he should have unsealed Basara right away.

Not doing so was eventually interpreted to mean that Zero Order had a different purpose from Basara.

He created a secret organization called the Black Dawn and drove the world into chaos, but he could not erase the perception that even that was a process toward his hidden purpose.

“Rather, it seems that you wished Basara to die… … .”

“stop. until there.”

Zero Order cut off Rudgar halfway through.

“… … .”

“Let’s stop talking about non-productivity here. Because I don’t have much time left now. I’ll just keep it straight and to the point. Do you know that the Bretus Castle is moving again?”

“Know. Haven’t you recently opened a door that was closed long ago?”

“Especially because of what happened in the capital this time, they will try to interfere in all kinds of ways with the Exsilion Empire. Just like it has been for a long time.”

“The empire won’t just sit still.”

“Of course I will. As the years passed, the prestige of the Bretus Castle decreased, and on the contrary, the status of the empire increased. But you should know that. The scary thing about the Bretus Kingdom is that it doesn’t come from national strength.”

Rudger knew what Zero Order meant.

“Is this the power of religion?”

“That’s pretty much right too. But their powers are far more terrifying than that. Why do you think such facilities are abandoned underground in the capital in the first place?”

Zero Order suddenly brought up the story of an underground facility.

“Do you know who built those huge cavities and underground ruins?”

“… … I know that it was created by an old kingdom in the past, before the Exilion Empire entered.”

“okay. And you know that the kingdom had a very large power at the time. To the extent that even the Holy Kingdom of Bretus at the time could not carelessly do it.”

Rudger sensed something strange about those words.

The Bretus Holy Kingdom didn’t carelessly?

However, according to the story I heard from First Princess Aileen, the leadership of the country all changed overnight… … .

“The Holy Kingdom of Bretus has historically possessed great power. In general, what magicians use is called magic, and what they use is called holy law.”

sex law.

Divine magic by another name.

Sex law was evaluated as a miracle of God in the past, but in recent years it has been called divine magic, a sub-class of magic.

However, Rudger was well aware that its fundamental power was different from magic.

“The holy relics based on that holy law, and even those who were created through those holy relics. The scary thing about them isn’t their physical strength. Rather, it is the psychological part.”

“Is it fanaticism bordering on brainwashing?”

“Before the empire was formed, the old kingdom didn’t want countries to be controlled by Bretus Castle. So I tried to experiment in secret. While holding hands with the sub-species.”

Ludger recalled the dead World Tree in the underground facility.

Why is there such a thing in the basement?

“Did you join hands with the elves?”


The World Tree is a tricky species that is impossible to farm unless you are an Elf.

So, weren’t many wizards surprised when I first said that the root of the world tree was underground.

However, if it was the elves who were involved in it, the existence of the World Tree was fully understood.

“But it is strange. I know the elves consider the world tree sacred and worship it. Those elves took part in increasing the world tree?”

“Like the human world, elves were once different.”

Apparently, the elves of the past were very enterprising, unlike now.

Those elves had such a past.

Perhaps the reason why the elves are holding on to their conservative attitude now is because of what happened that day.

“For the Holy Kingdom of Bretus, the action of the kingdom joining hands with the elves must have been tantamount to heresy.”

“that’s right. But the kingdom tried to hide it somehow. really well hidden The problem is, Basara noticed the process.”

In order to carry out the mission, the demon Basara attacked the kingdom.

In the end, the kingdom that joined hands with the elves fought against Basara, and managed to seal him at the root of the world tree.

However, in the process, the Holy Kingdom of Bretus smelled.

In the end, the heads of state were all replaced with the authority of Bretus Castle.

Without resisting even once.

Rudger once again felt a sense of incongruity there.

“There is no guarantee that something similar will not happen this time around. So be careful.”

“Are you trying to use me as a messenger? Let me give that warning to the Exilion Empire.”

“Don’t feel too bad about it. Neither you nor the Empire will like Bretus Castle very much.”

Zero Order was right.

To be honest, if you ask Rudger which one he hates more, the Devil or the Holy Kingdom, Rudger will, without question, pick the Bretus Holy Kingdom.

I hated the devil, but I hated the Holy Kingdom even more, which committed all kinds of evil in the name of God.

One of the reasons was that he was from the Seongguk, so he knew the dark side of the Seongguk better.

“It’s about time.”

Zero Order stood up, putting the mask on his face that had been placed on the table.

Rudger didn’t bother holding him.

He wasn’t a man who wouldn’t go just because he was told not to go, and there was no reason to hold on to him.

Zero Order spoke to Rudger before leaving.

“Soon the Order Synod will reopen.”

“Why do you say that?”

“just. I want you to know.”

Then it flew out the window with black smoke.

Helya also waved goodbye to Rudger and disappeared like a mirage.

When the two demons disappeared, the illusion barrier surrounding the hospital room disappeared as if it were melting.

Rudger stared at the wide open window in silence.

The stories the two demons left behind were enough to make his head complicated.

‘But that doesn’t change what I have to do.’

It was then.

that someone knocked on the door.


“Who is it.”

Rudgar asked, and a soft voice could be heard crawling through the door.

“It is me. Flora Lumos.”

Unlike usual, a cautious tone.

Rudger, who wondered how she got here in the middle of the night, soon changed his mind.

Flora was also present at the scene at the time, so it was no surprise that they were in the same hospital.

It was then that Flora, who was hesitant outside the door, cautiously opened her mouth.

“… … By any chance, can I come in?”

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