I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 318

◈ Episode 318 Life of Salvation (2)

“Flora. Keep an eye on it.”

Before entering the full-scale battle, Rudger called Flora by name.

Flora stared at Ludger, wiping her tears.

“Look. What?”

“The magic I will use from now on will be different from what I have shown you in class.”

“It’s different, isn’t it? Are you referring to the light you saw a moment ago?”

“okay. The other guys don’t know how much I look at it, but if it’s you, I’m sure you’ll know. Your talent is so great.”

“that… … .”

“So, take a good look at it. Maybe one day you too will be able to use similar magic.”

For a moment, Flora did not understand what Rudger was talking about.

Can you use similar magic?

myself? The miraculous power that Mr. Rudger unleashed?

There’s no way it’s possible. I can’t imagine imitating such common sense-destroying magic… … .

But Rudger’s voice was overly serious.

It wasn’t just word of mouth.

In the first place, Rudger is not the type to try to talk while looking at the other person’s mood.

In the end, everything Ludger said was sincere.

He truly believed that Flora could learn from his own magic.

Because I believed in her talent and will to go further.

It was to show off magic that other students hadn’t seen.

“… … !”

Flora managed to swallow what she was trying to say.


No tears this time.

The tears shed so far were enough.

Flora stared at Ludger’s back with determined eyes.

Perhaps feeling that gaze, Rudger smiled faintly and floated into the air.


Soon, his body was entwined with purple lightning and he flew like a shot towards Basara in the distance.

Flora couldn’t take her eyes off the scene.

Even a single blink was a luxury for her now.

‘You’ll see. I have to see them all and make them mine.’

Flora had no idea that Rudgar would be defeated by the devil.

It was really strange.

In such a hopeless situation, to think that Rudger would win of course.

Beyond that, I even felt joy at the thought of being able to learn the magic Ludger was about to show.

The sadness is gone and all that remains is longing.

I want to be like that too.

The goal of a new life, to go further and surpass that person, was engraved deep in Flora’s heart at this moment.

‘Don’t miss a single one.’

Before long, Rudgar, who had turned into lightning, struck Basara from far away.

Although the distance was so far, Basara’s size was so large that he could clearly see it.

Even if it wasn’t because of that, Ludger’s attack was so powerful that he could feel it even from a distance.

[Ah! Why do you keep interrupting me?! why!]

Rudger sneered at Basara, who was blaming himself, and raised his right hand toward the sky.

A huge force gathered in the pitch-black air, and before long, a dazzling spear of lightning was held in Ludger’s hand.

It was just a fake imitating the original through myths, legends, and handed down stories.

In this mental world, even a single firm belief has the power close to ‘real’.

Exactly, like this lightning spear.

“good. The cry of thunder.”

The spear of lightning left Ludger’s hand and disappeared with a dazzling light.

Basara tried to follow the position of the spear, but bowed his head at the pain he felt in his stomach.

There was a huge hole like a tunnel in the chest of the body like a mountain.

When? Or rather, what does this power mean?

Even if the statue of Buddha was hit with long blows in succession, his body, which had only been slightly damaged on the outside, received a huge blow.

Basara gritted his teeth and raised his regenerative power.

As long as this one doesn’t break their heart, they can regenerate any number of wounds.

In this world, Basara was theoretically immortal.

Rudger also took it for granted that Basara was recovering from his wounds.

okay. It’s no fun when it breaks so easily.

“I came out laughing in front of my pupil, but wouldn’t it be more embarrassing if it ended too easily?”

Rudgar was not at all happy about hurting Basara in this world.

No exhilaration, no joy, no joy.

There is only calmness, that I just did what I had to do.

That was enough.

With Basara’s shout, dark red magic burst out and tried to swallow Ludger like a tidal wave.

Now, he was full of willpower to quickly eliminate Rudger by pouring all his strength into it.

Rudger raised both hands this time.

Flames began to rise above his head as he took the posture of grabbing something in the air.

It was no ordinary fire.

The fire that burns far more fiercely than the flames of hell.

It was once a demonic sword wielded by a giant to burn all nine worlds.


The great destruction that set the world on fire unfolded at the hands of Ludgar.

blah blah!

And the world split.

Pillars of fire soared high into the sky following the path Ludger swung his sword.

It moved in a straight line and cut Basara’s attack in half.

The flames didn’t stop there, and completely cut off Basara’s right arm.

Basara opened her eyes and looked down at the cross section of her severed arm.

I tried my best to regenerate it, but the wound didn’t even budge.

[how… … ?]

Why doesn’t the severed arm regenerate?

Basara did not understand.

“Even if you ask me why your wounds aren’t healing, wouldn’t you know the answer?”

Rudger said that and attacked Basara by summoning the elements of the five elements in succession.

Water, fire, wood, metal, rock.

The five elements hit Basara’s body like a meteorite.

Blocking the attack, Basara fell into confusion.

would i know? What does that mean?

However, even if he tried to deny the truth, he could not completely turn away.

[Am I afraid?]

This is the spirit world.

As long as Basara’s heart doesn’t break, it has the immortal power of never dying.

In other words, the moment the heart collapses, the immortality disappears.

[I’m just afraid of humans?]

He is an apostle who controls emotions.

A being that incites people’s fears, holds their hearts in their hands, and stirs up unholy emotions.

Even though I was the object of fear for someone, I had never felt the emotion of fear for someone until now.

—And it should never have been.

Basara tried hard to deny that she had never been terrified, and that the reason why her wound hadn’t healed was because of the mysterious magic Ludger was using.

That is, until we saw Rudger about to launch his next attack.

Blinding lights flashed in succession.

The sound of thunder that encompassed the heavens and the earth was now held in his hands.

Attribute is lightning again.

Similar to the lightning spear used earlier, this time it took the shape of a ‘weapon’.

However, it is not a window.

Unlike weapons that specialize in piercing through something, this time it was a more blunt and heavy image.


It was a hammer made of lightning.

And it possessed power comparable to that of the lightning spear of the moment ago.

Basara stared blankly at the sight and opened his mouth in vain.

At first, she was swayed by Ludgar’s magic, but did not realize the true nature of that power.

But now I could feel it.

What kind of power is that magic ultimately trying to implement?

[You bastard, how can a human… … God’s power?]

that is the power of god

Unlike the hated Lumensis.

There was something qualitatively different between the guy’s strength and the thunderbolt hammer that Ludger was using.

But even so, there was no dispute that the hammer was forged by the power of a god.

[A human who is not even an apostle! How could you use such power!]

The power Ludger used touched Basara’s evil and instilled fear at the same time.

[Oh oh! My mighty god! God abandoned by wicked Lumensis! help me! Help your apostle!]

Basara started to talk nonsense.

“There is no such thing as pretending to be crazy.”

That action did not delay Ludger’s action even for a second.

Following Ludger’s gesture, the thunderbolt’s hammer fell vertically toward Basara’s forehead.

Instinctively in fear of death, Basara raised her remaining arm and created the strongest shield she could use.

On top of it, a hammer that was not blue but glowed white collided.

There was no explosion created by the collision of huge forces.

On the contrary, Basara’s unfurled shield turned to dust in front of the hammer so easily and disappeared.


Basara’s two eyes captured the shape of the hammer.

brainstorming hammer. I saw something in the power of the great beings beyond.

It is the eternal heaven.

The power that came down from the beautiful paradise where the one he served once resided.

[I wanted so much… … .]

Right after that, white lightning exploded and swallowed Basara’s huge body.

The dark world was filled with pure white flashes.

A violent storm raged.

After the explosion, the light subsided and a quiet rest came.

The center of the explosion where even the flower fields evaporated.

Most of her body had been lost, and now there was Basara, with only her head remaining.

[It’s really amazing.]

Basara honestly admired Rudger.

His hair was slowly falling apart from the tips.

There was no anger in his voice.

He has completely accepted his death.

[For humans to handle the power of God. It’s something you can’t do unless your mind is broken. No, maybe that’s why he was fine with my attack.]

“… … .”

[This is ironic. It must have been humans who defined everything as evil except for the seat of heaven. To think he was using the power of heresy.]

Basara realized that Ludgar’s power was not Lumensis’.

[Perhaps it was inevitable that I woke up like this, met you, and was defeated.]

“Is that all you have to say?”

Basara, who had almost lost half of his head before he knew it, smiled at Ludger’s relentless words.

[You can see how thorny your future path will be. It’s a pity that I can’t see it in person, but it wouldn’t be bad to leave it as a feeling of anticipation.]

“When you’re done talking, go.”

[Beware of the apostles.]

For the first time, Rudger responded to a proper warning.

[I could feel it with an expanded sense while occupying Flora’s body. It was very weak, but there are other beings you call demons in this world besides me.]

“Looks like you aren’t close to each other.”

[You humans have tied us together as beings, but we are originally separate beings. not even hostile to each other. But in other words, there are times when we hold hands.]

“How many of those apostles are there?”

[I don’t know the details either. It just doesn’t matter that it exists.]

Basara left her final words as if she had done everything she could with that alone.

[Whatever it is, you can do it. Shake the world hard once. hero.]

After those words, all of Basara’s body turned to powder and scattered.

Rudger watched the end of Basara and replied.

“What is a hero? I am just a teacher.”

Rudger muttered that and looked back.

Perhaps noticing that the fight was over, Flora was running towards her.

Flora, gasping for breath, stood in front of Rudger and took a moment to catch her breath.

Her clear eyes turned to Ludger.

When he was in class, he always had a fresh and brusque face, but now he shows a faint but respectful attitude.

It was a natural reaction.

Wasn’t that why he defeated the devil while showing real magic?

Rudger saw a field of flowers slowly beginning to crumble.

With the original owner of this place gone, this world was also facing its end.


“Yes, teacher.”

“Let’s go.”

* * *

Mandelina and Aidan looked at the black storm with anxious eyes.

As given the signal, I tried to strike as hard as I could, but after that it was a problem.

The storm stopped for a moment as if it had been hit, but quickly repaired the damage and began spinning more violently.

It doesn’t grow in size like before, but I can’t just let it continue to whirl around the center of the plaza.

Mandelina was at a loss as to how to stop that.

Even with an attack that raised the level of anti-magic to the extreme, it only delayed a few seconds.

If that thing moves again, then there’s nothing you can do about it either.

It was then that Mandelina was trembling and nervous.

“Master! Look over there!”

Aidan raised his finger and pointed to the center of the storm.

Mandelina also noticed a change in the storm.

“Is the storm abating?”

The black storm that seemed to never stop began to slowly lose its power.

Even the black smoke disappeared as if it melted into the air, and the scenery inside was gradually reflected.

Before long, the ones who appeared were Flora lying in a fainting state and Ludger standing still covered with scars.

“Stop, sir!”

“Oh! hey! Aidan!”

Even though the storm had not yet subsided, Mandelina ran with Aidan, saying that he would not be able to stop him.

Rudger looked back to see if he had noticed this too.

“Finally, it’s over.”

After those words, Rudger collapsed as if fainting.

* * *

Rudger opened his eyes.

It was the middle of the night, so the surroundings were dark, so it was difficult to tell the difference.

After a while, my eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness.

Rudger raised his upper body from the bed and looked around.

A hospital room equipped with many things for individuals.

The VIP room of the capital’s central hospital was evident.

Looking at the condition of the body, there are no minor wounds and no sore spots.

It seemed that he had finished the treatment while he passed out.

However, the reason Ludger opened his eyes was not because everything had been restored.

Rudger slowly opened his mouth at the presence felt right next to him.

“I didn’t expect you to have enough time to visit patients in the middle of the night.”

“It can’t be helped. Because if it’s not now, there won’t be a chance to come.”

Something shook in the dark and took the shape of a person.

A man in a black robe with a mask on his face.

Rudgar turned to him and said.

“Zero order.”

“this. Aren’t you even talking to me in a respectful way?”

Zero Order smiled under the mask and said playfully.

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