I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 315

◈ Episode 315: Road in the Darkness (2)

Aidan still couldn’t understand Mandelina’s words.

let’s break through

What is that black storm… … .


Aidan belatedly realized why he had fainted and looked around.

What about Leo? What about Tacey and Iona?

Looking around, Aidan was able to spot his friends lying in a state of fainting.

As soon as he was about to get up and check his condition, Mandelina gently pressed Aidan on the shoulder.

“stop. You don’t have to check the status. Because those kids are fainting right now. There is no danger to life.”


“I was more surprised than that. Even if I hit him hard, he wakes up right away. Did you practice the magic I taught you hard?”

Only then did Aidan realize something and his expression became rather heavy.

“Master. How the hell did this happen?”

“It’s too long to explain. All we need now is to get to that place where the storm is raging.”

Mandelina said that, but the tone herself was not very pleased.

But I couldn’t help it.

‘That man came out and warned me.’

When you notice an eruption of great power in the distance.

Mandelina’s first action was to flee.

Something dangerous exploded. So I’ll hide in a safe place and come back when the situation is over.

Mandelina’s attempt to escape with such thoughts did not last less than three seconds.

It was because of the man in the black shadow who suddenly rose from the ground.

Rudger Chelsea.

The moment he found him, Mandelina froze without realizing it.

– Mandelina. It just went well.

-Yes, Neheb!

– The situation is not very good right now. I don’t have time for a long explanation, so I’ll just give you the gist. I need your anti-magic.

– My magic?

– I’ll make sure to buy time. What you need to do is simple. You just have to open the way.

– It’s long. to whom?

– You’ll know when you see it.

to do or not to

At Ludger’s question, Mandelina broke into a cold sweat.

I ran away because I was scared, but I want you to go there again?

Something you can’t do without being crazy.

However, the moment he met Ludger’s eyes, Mandelina had no choice but to accept it with tears in his eyes.

– Ha, I will.

-good night.

Ludger left only those words and disappeared as if he were permeating into the shadows again.

Looking back, it’s unbelievable magic.

Moving freely through space through shadows?

If this is the case, no matter where they run away, they will be caught up immediately.

– Aaah! it’s annoying!

Mandelina rubbed her hair roughly and then raised her head.


Mandelina moved on.

In the meantime, I don’t know what Rudger did, but the storm that was raging in the distance moved to another place.

Instead, a larger black vortex was born.

It was as if it was going to devour the entire capital.

If this is the case, it is difficult to do it alone.

I needed help from someone who could use anti-magic.

And there was one such person in the capital just in time.

“Aidan. are you going to do it?”

Mandelina looked at Aidan with serious eyes and asked.

To be honest, I need Aidan’s help just in case.

It wasn’t necessarily necessary.

If Aidan said no, Mandelina, at least as a teacher, intended to leave Aidan behind.

But this stupidly upright disciple doesn’t think so at all.

“I have to. Isn’t it dangerous if you don’t?”

“who. your friends?”

“no. Master.”

“… … .”

Mandelina was speechless for a moment.

Mandelina grinned at Aidan’s grin as he looked this way and ruffled his pupil’s hair roughly.


“Don’t make that face.”

“What expression?”

“It’s okay if you don’t know. anyway.”

Mandelina immediately grabbed Aidan’s hand and lifted him up.

“How are you?”

“hmm. I think it’s okay.”

“I don’t care if it’s bad. Since you said you’d do it, I’ll pamper you without looking after you.”

“Master, you really haven’t changed.”

“Are you the same?”

Mandelina put her hand on the cane at her waist.

She was also a staff made in the form of a sword like Aidan’s.

Unlike Aidan’s, which only imitated a sword, it was sharpened metal.

In fact, it was like a real sword.

‘I’m ready.’

Now, inside that storm, the man will be there.

I don’t know exactly what happened, but Ludgar must be fighting a fierce battle.

“let’s go.”


Mandelina heads to the storm with Aidan.

* * *

Rudgar continued to advance through the pitch-black storm in which nothing could be seen.

It seemed as if the world was coming to an end.

Just taking one step makes your body feel as heavy as a thousand pounds.

Even breathing was not easy, and there was little to see.

I felt pain all over my body as if I had been beaten with a club because of the strong wind pressure of the storm.

But what troubled Ludger more than anything else was the agitation of emotions.

Ludger’s mind, which was as strong as an iron wall, began to be affected, albeit little by little, by the constant attack of the mind.

– Why are you still alive?

-You ruined everything!

-Why didn’t you save me?

passed by in the past

Even so, Rudger did not stop and went towards Basara.


Basara expressed his honest feelings.

No matter how great a human being is, it is difficult to maintain one’s ego in a storm of this magnitude.

Where is that?

The moment you let go of the tension even a little bit, you will be swept away by the storm and your whole body will be torn to shreds.

Body and Mind. It’s an attack that blows everything at once.

Still, Rudger persevered.

Where are you holding out? Rather, it kept coming towards it.

This storm has no eye of the storm.

It was said that approaching the center was not safe.

On the contrary, the closer they get, the more rapidly the burden on both body and mind rises.

Coming closer would only make it more painful.

Still, Rudger did not stop.

“Why do you keep coming?”

Basara asked.

It was a pure question.

“Are you trying to be a hero? To protect the world, to fight against me with pure conviction?”

But from Ludger’s attitude, which was felt implicitly, Basara knew that he was not fighting for heroism.

Then what are you fighting for?

Basara did not understand.

Now that he has more emotions, he is curious about what kind of emotions Rudger is moving.

“Or is it because of the owner of the body I occupy?”

“… … .”

For the first time, a response came from Rudger.

Eyes that flicker in an instant.

It was a very subtle reaction that was difficult to notice, but Basara, who had this space itself under his control, could tell.

A long arc formed at the corner of Basara’s mouth.

“ha ha ha. It’s really funny. The motive for a person of skill like you to act like this is only such a trivial reason.”

Saying that, Basara placed her hand on her chest.

“Are you trying to be a teacher now? You didn’t really care what happened to this kid, did you?”

“… … .”

“You don’t know, but I can feel it. This kid hates everyone in the world. That’s right, no one recognized this kid even though he had this talent.”



Flora laughed.

That smile looked somehow sad.

“I was born into a good family, but I was discriminated against because I was an illegitimate child. I received contempt and persecution from people who wanted to be acknowledged. No one around me tried to help.”

Rudger’s eyes widened as he glared at Basara.

It was hard to tell even an inch ahead, but I could tell it was there.

Basara’s words continued.

“Is it the same for you? teacher. Even though she knew this kid was great, she didn’t give her a proper compliment. Did she ever admit it properly in the first place?”

The shadow around Ludger’s body began to fade little by little.

No matter how strong Ather Nocturnus was, it could not withstand the cumulative damage of the storm for a long time.

The storm soon began to tear through his clothes and cut Ludger’s skin.

“Even so, what kind of face did you come to save? While the precious child you think is separate. You should have paid no attention to Flora.”

Basara could feel Flora’s feelings.

Even now, her feelings were seeping into him.

The more it did, the more its potential was maximized.

The storm gradually grew in size and began to engulf the surrounding buildings over the plaza.


The roofs of buildings near the plaza were torn off as if they were being dismantled, and bricks were chipped away.

The same was true of the brass pipes on the outer walls and the sturdy cars.

“Give up right now. Because this kid has already given up. Would you rather be happy now? Because there is only one person who understands. No, not a person?”

Basara laughed as if it was funny even if he said it.

“What if you’re human and what if you’re a demon? It’s important that he understands himself. isn’t it? If neither gods nor people hold the hand, then at least hold the devil’s hand.”

The Lumos family believes in the Lumensis religion that follows God.

They say that God’s teachings are the true truth, and that their actions are not wrong.

like that.

justify evil

Flora Lumos grew up in such a family.

everyone abandoned her

Fathers, brothers and sisters, family members.

Even more so, even the existence of God who has to save humans.

“Considering your skills, I will give you one last chance. go away Get out of here and never see me again. Then I can save you.”

Basara said in an excited voice.

“This is my own reward for the owner of this body. I want to kill you, but this kid doesn’t seem to want to kill you very much. It’s my last mercy. The devil’s mercy you speak of, isn’t it as precious as a mermaid’s tears?”

Rudger came close to Basara before he knew it.

At a distance you can reach by simply stretching out your hand.

Rudger stumbled to a standstill.

Standing within walking distance of Basara, the power of the black storm was approaching its maximum.

Even if I wanted to move on, I couldn’t go, and even holding on in place was a miracle.

Basara suggested it with an expression of knowing that.

“Now, answer me. I will give up.”

“… … .”

“hurry. If you say that, everyone can be comfortable. This child can also throw away expectations and start anew.”

“… … .”

“You just have to answer in a simple way. I will give up. It’s not difficult, is it? Will you save me then?”

The crow mask that had been worn over Rudgar’s face had long since disappeared.

Rudger pursed his lips, bleeding from one cheek.

Basara perked up her ears, knowing that Rudger was about to say something.

From Basara’s point of view, Ludger had already reached his limit.

His body and mind had already worn out, and he would have only been able to stand still.

Rather, the fact that he is still standing on two legs in that state is unbelievable.

But that was over now.


come on tell me I will give up.

With that said, everything… … .

“You talk a lot.”


“If you show off like that, you can’t know if you don’t know.”

“What is that… … .”

Didn’t you say you’d give up even after you came this far?

The moment Basara made a ridiculous expression.

Rudger shouted with all his might.


right after that.


The black storm that was about to devour the capital split in half.


Basara could not comprehend the scene unfolding before her eyes.

It was a storm that went beyond simply the power of the devil, and contained magical power with the power of a body with superlative talent.

Even a sword master cannot stop this storm.

But then the unbelievable happened.

Basara’s gaze turned to the edge of the storm.

There was a pair of men and women breathing heavily.

One is a student in Flora’s memory.

The other was a black-haired woman he had never seen before.

Seeing the incomprehensible power emanating from the tips of the two staffs, Basara murmured.


Magic that nullifies magic.

No matter how big the power, it was a ridiculous magic that occupied an unconditional advantage in the match.

Not even one person who used anti-magic was not enough, but there were as many as two in one place.

Where can such a strange thing come from?


Even that miraculous [special] magic only calmed the raging storm for an instant.

The storm would move again, and the wave of devastation that had stalled would continue.

However, the void created in that moment was enough to change the whole situation of the war.

This was what Rudger was aiming for from the beginning.

“There you are.”

Ludgar was able to see thanks to the blinding storm that had subsided.

Basara’s eyes widened in surprise when he saw this.

Before Basara could resist, Ludger reached out and grabbed Basara’s head with his right hand.

Then, he activated the prepared magic.

“Cast me into hell” (divina virtute in infernum detrude).


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