I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 308

◈ Chapter 308 Teaching (1)

Ruifold judged Ludger’s words as bluff.

real magic?

It was unreasonable to discuss such reckless remarks in front of himself, who had become the ultimate being.

“Where are you going to stop this?”

When Ruifault lightly snapped his fingers, black ripples spread out.

The ripple passed through Ludger.

But Rudger was still standing.

Ruifault narrowed his eyes.

His eyes, which turned black and pupils yellow due to the devil’s power, expressed a feeling of wonder.

“That’s strange.”

Ruifault was annoyed at first, but after that, his feelings were questionable.

The power to corrode and burrow into the heart and weaken the mind.

An attack that can never be defended no matter how much magic power and aura are raised.

That was the demon power he was dealing with.

“If you are a human being, you will inevitably have wounds and weaknesses in your heart. why are you so fine Do you deal with demonic powers too?”

“You talk a lot.”

“Then it’s even weirder. How can mere human power be immune to demonic power?”

Ruifold could not understand Rudger.

A man who was nothing more than an academy teacher withstood an attack that killed even a sword master and a lexar wizard.

And even at this moment.

As far as giving the uneasiness that continues to make your temple tingle.

“I have never been fine.”

Rudgar didn’t answer. Ruifault furrowed his eyebrows.

“That messy power must have burrowed into my heart. It showed me really dirty memories.”


“However, the moment I realized that it was a lie, I woke up right away.”

Hearing those words, Ruifault tried to determine whether Rudger was telling the truth or not.

There was no lie in that bold statement.

In other words, Ludger really resisted the devil’s power with his mental strength.

“Is that possible?”

“What you know is not everything in the world. And thanks to that, I also feel very bad.”

Rudger brushed off the burnt ash from his pipe.

“I’m not in a good mood, but the witness took care of it. The best opportunity has come for me.”

Ruifault rolled his eyes and looked around Ludger.

Ever since he smoked a pipe, overflowing mana flowed out around him, forming a blue mist.

However, the fog did not dissipate, but concentrated more densely and hovered around Ludger.

It’s a strange phenomenon.

Usually, mages cannot deal with all the mana they have at once.

The level of a wizard is not determined by the amount of mana released and the ability to control mana for nothing.

However, Rudger was dealing with more magic power than he could contain.

is that possible?

It was bizarre, like seeing a cart with a fixed maximum size for moving objects still moving even though it contained objects dozens of times larger than that.

Besides, the color of his eyes changed.

No, rather than changing, it would be more accurate to say that it regained its original color.

The reason why his eyes were blue was because he had such a huge amount of mana inside them.

‘That’s odd too. How on earth do you keep that much mana stored even during battle?’

Perhaps the cause of the constant displeasure from Rudger from a while ago was there.

“under. Yeah, it doesn’t matter anyway.”

Louis Fault realized that he had lost himself in useless thoughts and let out a blank laugh.

Rudger’s appearance is amazing, but maybe that’s all there is to it.

In addition, this one has already transplanted the cells of the World Tree and the bodies of several wizards, and even possesses demonic powers.

I know that the magic teacher in front of me is not an average bet, but even so, he is human.

“I admit that I have mental strength strong enough to resist the devil’s power. Fighting isn’t just about mental strength.”

“You’ll know when you see it.”

A firm voice that does not appear to be mere bravado.

Ruifold didn’t like Rudger’s attitude.

To think that his neck was so stiff in front of himself who possessed absolute power.

He even spat out absurd remarks that he would teach as a teacher.

Aren’t you being cheeky?

“First of all, you’ll need to lower your head a little more.”

At the same time as Louis Fault muttered that.

blah blah

The face on his shoulders opened its mouth.

It’s like a signal to activate the magic of the magician you’ve absorbed.

At the same time, hot flames and cold blasts of cold air were activated and fired at Ludger.

Rudger stood still and drew part of the magic fog floating around him.

The flowing magic fog moved, and eventually it became thin and fine, forming a spell.

Flames and cold air that were completed in an instant.

Ludger’s flames dispelled Ruifold’s coldness, while the ice extinguished the flames.

Ruifault watched that scene and fired the next magic.

Blades of vacuum that seemed to have been spread thinly with wind were continuously fired at Ludger.


The ground shook and a wall rose in front of Ludgar.

The vacuum blade was driven into the wall, leaving scars like the claw marks of a beast.

Ruifault made a huge boulder in the air.

It landed on Ludger’s head as it was.

Just before the massive rock crushed Rudgar, the wind whirled around Rudger in the shape of a drill.

A gushing whirlwind pierced the center of the rock and scattered fragments in all directions.

Even in the fierce battle, Ludger did not even move from his seat.

Ruifault didn’t like that.

The face protruding from Louis Fault’s abdomen opened its mouth and widened its eyes.

A magic circle was engraved in front of his face, and a huge wave of water rose like a tidal wave centered on Ruifault and attacked Ludgar.

The fog of magical power wriggled and created another spell.

The stems of huge vines made of magic rose like a tidal wave.

The waves of vines sucked in the water that Ruifault had created, increasing their size and trying to swallow Ruifault.


Ruifault was dumbfounded by the sight.

Even so, it immediately started a fire and burned all the plants.

Amid the countless embers scattered in the air, Ruifault stared intently at Ludger.

“Were you hiding your power?”

Rudger didn’t answer.

His will soon turned into magic, and the spears of light that plagued Ruifault several times were fired countless times.

Ruifault knew very well that light magic was the most difficult.

An attack that is too fast to counter.

Ruifault stirred up the devil’s black magic and wrapped it all around his body.

It was intended to completely block attacks from all directions.

At the same time, Ruifault gathered mana in both hands and caused a thunderbolt.

The moment he was about to shoot purple lightning at Ludger.

Ruifault realized he couldn’t see anything.


Looking around, Ruifault couldn’t hide his embarrassment.


A pitch-black darkness surrounded him.

The ground dug in under the bewildered Ruifault’s feet.

Unprepared, Ruifault lost his balance and fell into the pit.

Beneath the pit were numerous spear blades made of metal.

Ruifault naturally fell in love with it.


Ruifault grabbed the metal spearhead that had pierced his back and protruded from his chest.

This is no ordinary window.

A magic created by adding metal magic and alchemy, plus enhancement.

When Louis Fault put strength in his hand, the spear pole crumbled and shattered.

“Only with something like this!”

He broke the spears around him by swinging his black magic-enchanted arm, then jumped out of the pit and escaped.

Waiting for such Ruifault was a feast of all kinds of attribute magic.

Tree roots bound his limbs, and a spear of light stabbed him in the stomach.

Just as he was about to sever the root by straining his limbs, a bullet of wind flew and struck him between the forehead.

I ignored it and tried to give it strength, but I felt a huge heaviness behind my back.

A huge rock falling from the air had crushed Ruifault.

‘Response… … .’

Crushed by the rock, Ruifault rolled his head as he fell to the ground.

At that moment, the ground abruptly rose, and a smooth cuboid metal pillar rose up.

Ruifault, which was crushed by a rock and fell, collided while being caught between the rock and the metal.

In the aftermath of the impact, rocks shattered and debris poured into rainwater.

Through the cracks in the debris, all kinds of elemental magic flew like arrows and hit Ruifault without rest.


A storm of magic that does not give even a moment’s gap.

In the midst of it, Ruifault couldn’t even lift a hand and had to be beaten.

‘What is this?’

The opponent is only one.

However, it was he who was struggling more than when he was fighting with several people at the same time.

‘How can humans handle elements of all attributes?’

It was this that Ruifault could not understand.

Due to his common sense, a wizard is limited in the number of elements he can handle.

No matter how many of the 10 elements in the modern world of magic are dealt with, there is no record of anyone exceeding 7.

However, Rudger was using all 10 elements now.

I thought he was a blessed guy from the time he used the rare light magic.

Plants and even metals in the dark.

isn’t this too much


Those short but powerful words lingered in Louis Fault’s mind.

Ruifault did not want to acknowledge the limitations he faced as a mage.

He made a lot of effort and pushed himself to the limit where the battle took place.

Still, there was a wall in front of him.

A wall of talent that cannot be crossed no matter how hard one struggles.

It didn’t take me long to realize that I could never get over it in a fair way.

If so, I’ll take another route.

Even if it’s an ugly and dirty road, if only I could be strong.

What caught Ruifault’s eyes was black magic.

So, Ruifault committed himself to the Liberation Army, made a connection with the underworld, and took himself as a test subject.

The body was strengthened through human experimentation.

He changed the living wizard and transplanted it into his body, and even accepted the power of the devil.

It was all in order to overcome the wall of talent.

Everything was to prove results and strength.

In fact, Ruifault had grown stronger, and now the only thing left for him was to wield this power to his heart’s content.

He intended to feel a sense of superiority by stamping out those who made fun of him.

that you are wrong

In order to be strong, you have to do whatever it takes.

That right and wrong is what the winner tells.

I definitely thought so.

‘What the heck is this guy?’

An ambush appeared in an unexpected place.

A person with real talent who stayed quiet among criminals while hiding his power.

Even if this side is desperate, it uses various magic of various attributes that it has not learned, and it even possesses incredible power to control and emit magic power.

Mental strength that is not affected by demonic power was a bonus.

That caused ripples in Ruifault’s mind.

Can not be done.

It shouldn’t be like this.

The world couldn’t have been this unfair.

The magic Ludger showed did not seriously damage Ruifault’s body.

However, it succeeded in shaking up the inferiority complex nestled deep inside Ruifold.

A person who digs into the minds of others with the power of the devil is on the contrary mentally put on the defensive.

It was an extremely ironic situation.


Ruifault released the demonic power.

Black magic gushed out and pushed away Ludger’s magic.

No, I couldn’t push it away, so it disintegrated as if to cancel out the magic.

The change did not stop there.

Black magic concentrated on Ruifault’s arms and swelled up like a balloon.

His arms, which had grown as large as his own, clenched into fists.

Ruifault slammed the ground with both arms.

Cracks like spider webs snapped on the bare ground, turning the ground upside down.

Clouds of dust rose with the flying debris.

A yellow light flashed once in the dust cloud, and then Ruifault fired at Ludger like a cannonball.

At the same time, black waves were emitted from Ruifault’s body.

Unlike before, instead of scattering them over a wide area, they concentrated on Ludger and shot them.

The wavelength that arrived first passed through Ludger’s body.

Rudger did not faint.

However, the fog of mana he was dealing with was instantaneous, but it could not prevent it from being disturbed.

The spell that was about to manifest failed.

Ruifault was aiming for that part.

Even if he didn’t faint like the others, he judged that if he concentrated the power of the waves, he could destroy the spell.

In fact, Ruifault’s intention worked.

Ruifault, who came close to Ludger, pulled back his huge right arm.

A terrifying smile formed on Ruifold’s mouth, tearing up to the bottom of his ears.

If he just punches like this, Ludger’s fragile body will tear like water-soaked paper.

Admit it.

With magic alone, you are definitely the strongest in this place.

But the fight wasn’t just magic.

The basis of a fight is to use all the power you have.

In that respect, Ruifault had no hesitation in handling demonic powers.

At that time, Rudger showed bizarre behavior.

As if making a final push.

He stretched out his open hand toward Ruifault.

“The meaningless outbursts… … !”

Ruifault’s cry could not end.

Because suddenly a huge pressure squeezed his body from top to bottom.

Ruifault fell flat on the floor like a frog, unable to even swing his fist.

“… … ?!”

Ruifault opened his eyes at a situation he could not comprehend with his head.

In the midst of great resistance, Ruifault was able to barely strain his neck to look up at Rudger.

With his left hand, as if praying, he held the capital vertically and placed it on his chest.

His right hand was still reaching out toward him.

Actions that really don’t matter.

However, the result of the action was beyond imagination.

“A hand sign?”

Similar, but something different.

Ruifault could feel it instinctively.

“Didn’t I tell you?”

Rudger said to Ruifault, who was looking up at him in disbelief.

“I will show you real magic.”

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