I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 306

◈ Episode 306 The Magician of Color (1)

“You are annoying.”

Ruifault muttered that and reached out his hand toward Rudger.

In that state, the moment he tried to pierce Ludger’s heart, Ruifault’s new model bounced sideways.


Louis Fault was taken aback by the pain that shook his five organs.

In the middle of the flight, I turned my head and saw Roteron with an outstretched fist there.

Golden eyes, like the pupils of a beast staring this way.

Roteron punched through the momentary gap.

Perhaps the blow to his body was the blue human figure shimmering behind Roteron’s back.

The blue figure staring at us with a bewildered gaze had a huge presence that touched the soul.

It is similar to necromancy, but different. Rather, it was much higher than that.

That would be a [special] type of magic.

As I thought about it, I felt an intense hunger again.

The hunger he had gathered from the bottom of his soul fueled his greed.

Ruifault wet his lips with his tongue.

if you eat that

Maybe he could get the same magic.

At that moment, Ruifault had to be awakened from his thoughts by the strong presence felt behind him.

To live stabbed in the back.

It felt like countless thin and sharp thorns were piercing through his whole body.

As Louis Fault turned his head, what was reflected in his eyes was a female swordsman with white hair in a black uniform.

Terryna Lionhowl, holding a sword in both hands, brushed past Ruifault.

Along the trajectory she passed, pure white lines like a spider’s web were drawn.

In an instant, splendid swordsmanship covered Ruifault’s body.

Landing on the ground, Terrina wrinkled her expression.

‘The touch felt at the tip of the sword is shallow.’

Even though he wrapped his sword and swung it, he felt tremendous resistance to cutting Ruifault.

In fact, Ruifault’s body had only countless shallow cuts, and not a single one that could be said to be fatal.

Even that wound healed quickly, with a noticeable speed, so there was virtually no damage.

It was then that Pasius, who had been looking for an opportunity, stepped out.

Pasius leaped high and rode on top of Ruifault’s body floating in the air.

After stepping on the abdomen with the left foot and the shoulder with the right arm.

He raised the sword he held in reverse and inserted it vigorously.

Unlike normal auras, a compressed aura that clearly took the shape of a sword formed on his sword.

It was an aura blade that could be called the symbol of the Master.


The shining white aura blade pierced Ruifault’s heart.

Ruifault’s strong body, which suffered only stab wounds from ordinary sword strikes, collapsed helplessly in front of the Aura Blade.

Ruifault, whose heart was pierced, fell to the ground with Pasius.


Dust rose, and incontinence like a spider’s web was drawn on the ground.

Pasius didn’t stop there, but thrust his sword deeper and emitted a powerful aura.


A white aura erupted along the cracks that cracked like a spider’s web, and pieces of the destroyed ground scattered in the air.

A high-powered attack by the Sword Master.

A normal person would have been ground into Aura particles in a cell unit.

If you were an ordinary person.

“It hurts.”

Far from disintegrating, Ruifault glared at Pasius with a frown.

He even grabbed the aura blade that pierced his chest with both hands.

Chii profit!

The gushing aura particles melted Ruifault’s hands.

However, the melted hand regenerated at a terrifying speed, and rather began to push away the aura particles.


The hand stained black with the devil’s magic eventually succeeded in gripping the sword of Pasius completely.

Ruifault tightened his arm and began pushing away Pasius’s sword.

Pasius opened his eyes wide.

I gave more strength to my arms and tried not to be pushed out, but I couldn’t stop the sword from being pulled out.

‘This level of strength with the strength of both arms… … !’

The power of a sword master that transcends humans is being pushed aside.

Ruifault’s physical ability had long since surpassed that of an article.

At that moment, the face on one of Ruifold’s shoulders stared at Pasius and opened his mouth wide.

Pasius clicked his tongue, drew his sword, and stepped back.

Immediately after, a sharp whirlpool soared toward the ceiling of the cavity.

Had it been a little later, Pasius’ body would have been caught in that wind and torn to pieces.

As soon as Ruifault was about to stand up, translucent vines flew in and bound his limbs.

It was Chris’ magical beast, Lau Plumé.


As Chris shouted, the warring mage released the magical power he had been drawing up a little while ago.

The entire cavity was dyed red.

Ruifault could see why.

Because the round sun rose above his head.

The war wizard dropped a huge fireball as if saying goodbye to his fallen comrade.

Ruifault tensed up and tried to get out of the seat by tearing the vine.

However, it was not Rudger who would watch it quietly.

When he thumped the ground with his cane, the ground moved and wrapped around Ruifault’s body like handcuffs.

Even the handcuffs cracked and shattered when Louis Fault gave him strength.

It was enough time for the sun to set after rising over the cavity.

5th tier high-level fire attribute magic.

[Sun Fall]

The sun descended underground.

The sun swallowed Ruifault’s body and landed on the ground.

It exploded with a halo of light like a violent storm.


A huge pillar of fire soared up with an explosion.

The warring mage concentrated on using magic while sweating on his brow.

The flames, which were trying to spread in concentric circles, changed direction and gradually decreased in size while rotating like a whirlpool in place.

The heat that tried to escape outside was trapped inside and burned the inside even hotter.

Even though the spread of heat has stopped, the skin of the people who watch it becomes warm.

Eventually, a sphere of bright yellow flame was formed at the place where the vortex was compressed.

A fireball with a diameter of 3 m.

If you look at the figure, it looks like a small sun set down on the ground.

And, of course, there will be an unimaginable heat overflowing inside.

It was truly a colossal magic worthy of its name.


Bellaluna, who was unfamiliar with magic, opened her mouth in admiration.

In terms of power alone, Sun Fall was comparable to 6th tier great magic.

There was a downside that the preparation time was very long, but thanks to the people around me, I was able to cast it safely.

With an attack of this magnitude, even Ruifault would have been knocked down.

However, no one in the seat was overjoyed.

The chill that made her skin tingle hadn’t gone away for a while.

Rather, it got worse after that little sun swallowed Ruifault.

It was then that the change from the bright yellow sun took place.

Suddenly, a black dot appeared in the center, which gradually expanded in size and eventually swallowed the entire sun.

The dazzling sun turned into a black sphere as if it had greeted an eclipse in an instant.

When the flames died down, what appeared was a black egg forming a hard skin.

The egg cracked from the center and split in half.

Inside, Ruifault stood still.

As if he was newly born in an egg, his appearance was so perfect that he felt a sense of heterogeneity.

The war mage was stunned when the unexpected blow of conversion did not work.

The attack with the highest firepower, which he poured all the magic power he could use, did not produce any results.


It was a moment I couldn’t help but think.

If there was one person who moved in the rigid atmosphere, it was Ludgar Celish.

Countless beams of light bent at various angles and began to strike Ruifault’s body.

Even those who felt despair for a moment barely regained their sanity thanks to the magic.

The dazzling streaks of light that disturbed the eyes drew constellation-like traces centered on Ruifault.

Ruifault tried to ignore it. It was because it wasn’t to the extent that it would seriously damage this side’s body.

At that moment, two beams of light hit his eyeballs.

No matter how strong his body was, he couldn’t help his pupils, so Ruifault opened his mouth to spit out annoyed words.

“this… … !”

A spear of light pierced the inside of his open mouth.

A huge beam of light wriggled in his mouth, burning the inside of his neck.

Ruifault staggered for the first time and dropped to one knee.

Seeing that, Terrina exclaimed.


The fight isn’t over yet.

Terrina shouted and swung her sword straight at Ruifault.

In the meantime, Ludgar adjusted the movement of the light so that it did not reach Terrina.

Ruifault felt the trembling of the air cutting through his body and stepped back.

Immediately after, Terina’s sword cut through the deeply dug ground like chopping firewood.

A crack went off on the ground.

Ruifault, who quickly regenerated his eyeballs, laughed at Terrina.

“Unfortunately, I missed it.”

“no. It is not a miss.”

It was the moment when Ruifault was about to ask what he was talking about.


A rumbling sound came from beneath the cracks in the cracked ground.

The ground started to tremble, and the vibrations eventually grew to the point of resembling an earthquake.


Ruifault’s eyes sharpened as he fixed his gaze on the cracked ground.

Right after that, a stream of water gushed out through the crack Terrina had created.

“underground water?”

Ruifault looked at it and was puzzled.

Could it be that the attack earlier was purposely intended to raise the groundwater flowing below?

“Are you thinking of drowning me?”

The moment he was about to say that he couldn’t do anything about himself with just this amount of water.

Ruifault looked at the stream of water soaring endlessly into the air and felt a sense of alienation.

There was something strange about the movement of the water.

The water gushing out like a fountain had to fall down again.

However, instead of falling, the stream of water that kept gushing out spread like fluttering in the air.

A sight as if the water moves with its own will.

Ruifault frowned at the incomprehensible phenomenon as if he did not understand it for the first time.

It’s not that water is created by magic, but that existing water is moved like that?

A piece of information passed through Ruifold’s mind.

Such wizards existed on this continent.

Before long, Ruifault’s gaze turned to Casey Selmore.

The mana felt in the water and, above all, the color of her hair stood out as if it had something to do with water.

I had just woken up, so it was too late to recognize it.

Ruifault muttered in a voice of wonder.

“He was a dark magician.”

“Call me a genius detective!”

Casey replied as she stretched out her arms toward Ruifault.

The water that fluttered in the air stopped for a moment.

Ruifault widened his eyes.

That vast mass of water turned into countless spears.

Casey said with a grin at Ruifault.

“Of course, I won’t be calling you in the future.”

It was almost the same when Casey grabbed the open hand that had reached out towards Ruifault and countless spears of water rained down on Ruifault.

Let’s go, let’s go!!

With the spears flying from all sides, Ruifault’s whole body was wrapped in black magic.

A spear of water hit it like a shower.

Like rain pouring down on an umbrella, Ruifault’s body, protected by the devil’s power, did not have a single wound.

However, Casey’s attacks showed no end in sight.

This was because the spear, once thrown, went back into the air and turned into a new spear, which was fired at Ruifault.

“Stop being annoying!”

Ruifault strongly expanded his black magic.

A black dome formed around him and the spears bounced off.

The mouth on Ruifault’s body opened wide and the magic was activated.

Huge bolts of lightning, hot balls of fire, and sharp whirlpools spread throughout the cavity.

A multi-element attack with unbelievable power that was launched simultaneously.

Everyone else had to step back to avoid getting caught up in it.

“To think that an individual could show off that much power.”

“Please step back while you mutter those words.”

Rudgar grabbed Chris by the back of the back as he mumbled as if he couldn’t believe this reality.

Even as he backed away, Ludger’s gaze turned to Casey, who stood nailed to his seat.

Huge groundwater that keeps bubbling up from underground.

Using that water with magic and will, she entered into a power struggle with Ruifault in earnest.

Huge fireballs of lightning collided, creating a cloud of steam.

Such a clash of magical powers took place everywhere.

A roaring noise echoed through the cavity and a shockwave that made the skin tingle.

It was like watching huge monsters bite fiercely.

The seemingly equal fight turned in Casey’s favor over time.

Ruifault’s attack had a time limit, but Casey didn’t.

Water was supplied endlessly from the underground water, and the water scattered by various magics gathered again drop by drop and joined the huge flow.

‘That’s amazing.’

Rudger honestly admired it.

This was the fear of a single-attribute mage when the environment was sufficient.

As long as the element exists, their attacks are seemingly endless.

In particular, water is an element that forms the basis of this world.

Clouds floating in the sky.

water vapor in the atmosphere.

rain like a downpour.

flowing river.

Groundwater that collects in underground rock formations.

endless sea.

The greatest strength of water lies in its circulatory nature, in which all these things revolve endlessly.

And wherever that element is in endless supply.

at least for that moment.

Casey was nothing short of absolute.

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