I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 304

◈ Episode 304 Experimental Third (1)

Rudgar and his party, who had entered into a joint, immediately split into two.

Terina, Chris, and Bellaluna went to support those fighting Andrei.

The remaining Ludger and Casey moved in secret, hiding from Andrei.

Casey spread a water curtain to keep out the prying eyes, and the others managed to get Andrei’s attention so they wouldn’t be seen.

‘Is it the power of the devil?’

Rudger saw Andrei’s dark energy and intuition that it was not an ordinary dangerous power.

And I thought I knew why Master insinuated to check the basement.

If it was the power of the devil, Master would be interested in it.

Of course, that power was still sealed in the World Tree, and it wasn’t enough for Grander to move in earnest, so I just moved on to giving hints.

‘No matter what, he has to get rid of everything related to the experiment in a blink of an eye.’

To do so, he and Casey moved separately.

“Are you okay?”

Casey was worried that her comrades fighting might need support.

Perhaps it was because there were only two of them left, and her tone had gone back to being half-speaking again.

“It will be fine. With two masters, the corresponding power was gathered. No matter how much Andrei Semov uses demonic powers, he will not be pushed back.”

“… … okay. I guess so. We will do what we have to do.”

Casey, as if determined, also caught the attention of the warlocks who were busy moving.

Even so, he occasionally glanced at Rudger, but did not ask anything directly.

Given the situation, there was not enough time to have pointless conversations.


“… … okay.”

Ludgar prepared the magic, and Casey also helped.

The spell was completed in an instant, and the magic unfolded in an instant.

At the same time, the water curtain surrounding Casey was lifted and the two figures were revealed.

The warlocks and liberators felt the sudden wave of magic and realized that the enemy had reached this point.

It’s already too late.

The huge flame magic spread wide in the shape of a fan and spread throughout the laboratory like a wave.

Although the range was wide and the power was not concentrated, it could not kill the enemy, but it was enough to damage the culture facilities and test subjects that mass-produced Chimera.


“You must protect this!”

In a situation of crisis, the liberators and warlocks chose to fight instead of fleeing.

Among them, those who had already undergone body strengthening procedures threw themselves to push back the waves of flame.

During that momentary hiatus, the wizards completed their spells and used defensive magic.

The liberators who threw themselves in first were burnt to black, but thanks to that, they were able to protect the rest through defensive magic.

The flames of the flames that Rudger spread were less than half of the original target.

‘To throw himself into the fire, not even caring about being burned.’

There were literally no fanatics.

However, the attack on this side was not a one-time thing in the first place.

The second to move was Casey Selmore.

What came after the wave of flame was a thinly sliced ​​blade of water.

The water’s slash, curved like a crescent moon, contained huge magic power in itself, and cut through anything that stumbled in its path.

Awesome! Smack!

The defense magic broke weakly, and the blades of water began to destroy the culture facility.

A transparent glass tube was cut away, retaining a sharp cross-section.

Along with the unknown liquid inside, the unfinished flesh of the Chimera and the second test subject poured onto the floor.


“These motherfuckers!”

Seeing that, the liberation troops rushed towards Casey with bloodshot eyes.

However, Casey’s attacks did not end there.

A normal mage releases her magic once and that’s it, but she is a single-attribute elemental mage.

Water used once can be reused many times.

Following Casey’s will, the blade of water returned like a boomerang and spun around her at terrifying speed.

The Liberation Army, which was about to rush at Casey, stopped unknowingly at the power of the slash they had just seen.

That moment’s hesitation gave Casey a chance to fight back.

Countless blades of water gathered in one place and created about 10 cannons.

Casey stretched out his hand and pointed forward, and the cannon sprayed water instead of fire.


The water cannon with huge water pressure blew away the liberation army and destroyed the remaining cultivation facilities.

“damn! Release all remaining test subjects!”

“Ha, but it’s still in the tuning stage… … !”

“I don’t have time for that right now, so hurry up and solve it! And the third unconditionally protect! Protect it even if you throw your body!”

In this situation, there was nothing strange about losing the will to fight.

However, the Liberation Army and the black magicians tried to confront them with more intense anger.

It wasn’t that they didn’t know that they couldn’t be opponents of the two.

You know, but you never back down.

In the case of black magicians, the satisfaction of the knowledge that the ultimate test object they wanted to achieve was finally completed.

Because of the hatred the liberators want to perfect the means to kill their loathsome enemies.

It was far from the feeling of conviction.

However, the point of burning a hot fire in the heart was the same.


Poorly tuned subjects rose up and attacked Rudger and Casey.

Its form was incomplete and its body was disintegrating in real time.

At least it seemed possible enough to catch the other person’s ankle.

“I think I bought enough time with this!”

Casey shouted at Rudgar, not taking his eyes off his enemies.

The first attack was Ludger, the second was Casey, and Rudger was to continue the third.

“Why does it take so long for a man with a quick spell… … !”

It was the moment Casey was about to shout urgently.

A blinding light exploded behind her.

Even though we weren’t facing each other, the amount of light that instantly made my eyes dizzy.

If I had looked at this from the front, I might have gone blind in an instant.

In fact, the Chimera and the test subjects that were approaching this way stopped in pain as if they were holding their eyes.

At the same time, enormous magical powers mixed with the light and began to create magic.

exploding light.

The beams of light that spread out in all directions eventually turned into countless spears and moved, leaving white traces.

An enhanced version of light magic used by Ludgar to wipe out the Chimeras from the ground.

A magic that possesses more magic power and pierces enemies with greater power.

5th tier light attribute magic.

[Angel’s Ladder]

It was more like a laser than a spear.

The enemies were so fast that I couldn’t even see their shape properly.

As soon as the enemy recognized the attack, they had to watch as the white traces had already penetrated their bodies.

The black magicians who instinctively applied defensive magic to the unusual amount of light were also affected by the magic.

Their magic was infinitely powerless in front of a high-density calorie window created by concentrated magical energy.

It was not an attack that could be avoided with the blinding light blocking the view.

The light pierced and shone through everything.

Like heaven’s punishment to judge their evil deeds.

The Chimeras and the second test subjects who were the first to rush at the frontline fell one after another.

Soon after, the test subjects with reason, the liberation troops who helped the experiment, and finally the black magicians all fell one after another.

The sight of the light flashing and many people falling down like dominoes was truly a spectacle.

Even Casey, who was trying to ask what he was doing, was speechless at the sight in front of him.

“No, what if… … It should have taken a while.”

At the same time as feeling embarrassed for nothing, I realized once again that his skills that I saw three years ago were not everything.

‘I didn’t even use the black shadow he wore when fighting me.’

To know how to use light magic while casting shadows.

How many elements can this man handle?

‘All? Hopefully not. It won’t be all.’

There are so many wizards that can use a single elemental element, but it’s impossible to count them on one hand, so a wizard that can use all attributes.

Such a thing was truly beyond a legend, a existence that could only be heard in myths.

Casey cleared his mind and checked the situation.

None of the enemies were standing unscathed due to the surprise magic attack that took place a total of 3 times.

Most of the culture facilities and test tubes were also destroyed, and only those that remained were barely able to maintain their shape.

only one.

There was one test tube that was still intact.

Unlike other test tubes, it is a huge glass tube filled with red liquid instead of green liquid.

Inside, a man was still locked with his eyes closed.

The reason it didn’t break even in this chaos was probably because the black magicians were desperately trying to protect it.

Even at the cost of one’s own life.

Ludger also found it and began to gather mana again.

‘Is that the most dangerous experiment object Hans mentioned? It didn’t manage to break, but now that’s the end.’

It was the moment when I was about to destroy it quickly before the test body was completed with no one to protect it.

“You bastard!!”

Andrei, shouting from afar and pouring out black magic, flew towards Ludger.

Ludger naturally switched the magic he was trying to use for attack and used defensive magic.

Andrei’s black arm collided with Ludger’s hexagonal magic barrier.

‘what… … .’

Why is Andrei Semov here?

Could it be that Terrina, Pasius and others were victimized?

Ludger’s doubts were dispelled the moment he saw Andrei’s condition.

The sight of Andrei attacking in this direction was so disastrous that even empty words could not be said to be good.

White frost and traces of slashing all over the body.

It hadn’t even played yet, and Andrei was glaring at Rudger as if he were going to kill him.

“I can never touch that!”

The moment Andrei realized that the detached unit was destroying the laboratory, he flew here without looking back.

Masters Pasius, Terina, and others poured in their attacks to capture such Andrei.

Andrei has come this far, concentrating on avoiding and defending only the really lethal ones among those attacks, while permitting the rest.

Even if you remodel your body and deal with demonic powers, even the pain won’t go away.

To the extent that he could endure such physical pain, Andrei hit the test subject first.

So he was really angry.

The fact that those who don’t dare try to undo the experiments he’s built his whole life.

So, Andrei raised the power of the devil, which he had been dealing with as if he was only partially suppressing it, even stronger.

“I will kill them all!”

The severed arm and all the scars on the body were regenerated.

The black light that had been engulfing only one arm spread to Andrei’s entire upper body.

Some split and merged with rags to form black robes.

The black robe fluttered, and eventually, countless yellow eyes sprouted there.


The pupils trembled and shot out dark waves.

An attack that shakes the opponent’s mind. This could not be easily blocked by any defensive magic.

At that moment, Casey stepped out.

She spread a thin film of water. It stretched one layer, two layers, and in an instant, more than 10 layers.

The power of the waves that spread through the medium of air greatly decreased each time they passed through the water barrier.

The power of the waves that crossed the 10-layered curtain was considerably reduced compared to the beginning.

Still, the demon’s power was terrifying, and Casey had to feel his head pounding as he opened the barrier.

A lot of tinnitus started popping up in my mind.

Hallucinations, delirium, fear.

In the midst of all the negative emotions growing up, Casey shouted.


The call was directed to Rudger, and Rudger answered the call.

He completed the ceremony in no time. The magic constructed in an instant through the source code was fired at the test subject at tremendous speed.

It doesn’t matter if the power is low.

It was enough to destroy just that test tube.

“No way!”

Andrei did not leave it unattended.

He quickly concocted a formula and spread defensive magic in layers around the test tube.

The purple magic barrier succeeded in blocking the magical bullets fired by Ludgar.

‘Dealing with demonic powers and even magic? Is it because the two are literally separate powers?’

Just in time, reinforcements arrived.

Andrei, who was competing with Casey, was cut in the back by a sword wave that was swept away by the compressed aura.

“They are like dogs of the damn Empire!”

Even when he was directly hit by the sword contained in the Sword Master’s aura, he did not die, only bleeding black blood from the corner of his mouth.

Along with the modified body, his body protected by demonic power has long since transcended that of humans.

Even if the heart and brain are destroyed, it does not die, and the source of its regeneration is the black magic that flows endlessly.

But there was no one in this room who felt defeated.

Above all, their first and foremost goal was not to kill Andrei, but to thwart his experiments with demonic powers.


Thanks to the arrival of the reinforcements, Ludger, who bought time again, used his magic again.

“No way!”

Andrei built the magic barrier even more firmly.

No matter what magic he uses, he focused only on strengthening the barrier while his body was being hacked to pieces so that it would never break through.

But before long, Ludger’s magic opened his eyes wide.

It was because the magic of Ludger’s completed technique was created in front of the coffin containing the test object, jumping over his own barrier.

“What is this?”

Andrei’s futile muttered for a while.


Ludger’s completed magic, the spear of light, shattered the test tube and pierced the heart of the test subject sleeping inside.

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