I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 303

◈ Episode 303 Andrei Semov (2)

“This isn’t very good.”

Fixing his sword, Pasius muttered as he looked at the enemy in front of him.

All around Pasius were full of scars, as if to prove that a fierce battle had taken place.

There were slashes caused by swinging the sword, and conversely, there were craters caused by Andrei’s magical power.

Pasius looked at Andrei.

He stood there as normal as he did before entering the fight.

I thought I fought fiercely, but I didn’t seem to get tired.

‘Even now, I don’t see any gaps. Normally, in situations like this, shouldn’t we be vigilant and deal with it?’

When Pasius was active as the shadow of the first princess, he faced many enemies.

And most of them were overconfident in their skills and died before they could do their best.

Pasius thought that Andrei was one of those people.

Even when Andrei was branded as a warlock and kicked out, he was conducting human experiments that others did not allow.

As usual, wizards who broke taboos because of their desire for knowledge were the only ones who lived for their own taste.

Those who think they are the best and look down on others.

Such people were always arrogant and did not give their all when fighting.

However, Andrei rather used all the cards he had from the start.

He did not spare even the purified power of the devil in the experimental body and the modified body.

Because of that, even when compared to the strength of the four people here, Andrei did not fall behind and was able to respond sufficiently.

‘How can I do up to three test subjects? But the biggest problem is the power of demons. Not knowing what kind of power it is is a big risk.’

Pasius recalled the battle a moment ago as if he were recalling it.

The current master-level knight, Pasius, has the most outstanding anti-personnel skills in this position.

So, while the other 3 dealt with the test subjects, Pasius took charge of Andrei.

Andrei was an excellent mage, but after studying for a long time, his actual fighting ability was a little lacking.

Of course, it was just a very minor gap that he could find because he was Master Pasius.

It won’t be visible to others.

That alone showed how strong Andrei was.

Such a person even became much stronger than before, so it was not usually difficult.

‘The problem is the devil’s power. Whenever I try to strike a blow, my strength is scattered.’

It’s not about nullifying power.

Rather, it is the one that affects the person who handles that power.

‘A black wave that flows out little by little every time you fight. Every time I touch it, my mind is distracted.’

The aura doesn’t form properly and the sword strike becomes dull like rust.

The fighting spirit to defeat the enemy swayed like a candle in the wind.

It is not a physical force.

Rather, that devil’s power was interfering with the mental part of the other person.

‘It’s too bad.’

I’d rather try to find a way to win on the other side if I’m going to have a good time.

That power was very vicious in that it shook the mind.

‘no. So, is it the power of the devil?’

Evil to the devil’s power. Isn’t that the best compliment?

While thinking such a stupid thought, Pasius raised his fighting spirit, which had subsided a little.

Andrei looked at Pasius with a more serious gaze.

‘As expected, sword masters are different, but they are different.’

He strengthened the overall body’s ability to handle huge and dense energy that was incomparable to mana.

In addition, having the power of the devil, he was able to become much stronger than the existing Lexorer class.

A very powerful power that shakes the opponent’s mind greatly by scattering black waves.

Quite a few people would lose their fighting spirit and be terrified or hallucinate by facing them.

However, Pasius, who exchanged attacks several times, continued to try to figure out the weakness of this side as if nothing was wrong.

The former will did not disappear.

Mental power like steel that can only be possessed by a master-class knight.

However, what was more wary than that was the fighting style of Pasius.

‘Unlike other knights, there is no such thing as a straight attack method.’

I’ve been noticing this since the surprise attack.

Pasius did everything possible to win the fight.

Whether it’s an ambush by scattering aura with a dagger, or kicking soil with the tip of your toe and scattering it in your eyes.

If I felt like I was at a disadvantage, I would pull my body back and mix fakes into my attacks, trying to trick them several times.

It was truly a great thing.

Masters are those who have the power to crush anyone from the front.

Knowing their own strength, such people naturally set themselves up for a head-to-head match.

It’s not like arrogance.

They really objectively grasp their own strength, so they can use such a tactic.

But Pasius was completely different.

Honor as a master and all that matter did not exist for him.

‘A master who only uses combat methods to win battles. How could there be such a terrible person?’

Andrei thought that far and smiled bitterly.

It was not what he intended to do after injecting demonic power into his body.


Andrei, who was about to prepare for battle again, swung his arms as he clicked his tongue at the intense cold that was approaching him.


Veronica, who had been hit by an arm engulfed in black magic, bounced back.

However, the feel in the hand was not very good.

Right before the blow, he raised his sword and defended it.

Watching Veronica lightly land on the ground, Andrei furrowed his eyebrows.

Andrei brushed off the frost that had formed on his forearm and cast his gaze toward the place where the test subjects were fighting.

“hmm. You’ve already subdued the test subject. At least it would have been enough to earn time.”

The corpses of the test subjects were seen there, all over the place.

Didn’t you cut and chop it up?

“… … You were hiding your skills.”

At the center was a man wearing an iron mask.

Iron Mask Roterone.

A strange wizard wearing a pure white robe and a helmet on his head.

I heard that he is one of the pillars of the God Magic Tower, but I never thought he would use such a strange skill.

“Is it a [special] type of magic?”

“That’s right.”

As he said that, a translucent figure appeared behind Roteron’s back.

It was a muscular human figure with a long beard and hair.

It is not a magic number made in the form of magical power.

Rather, something else more divine and more powerful than that.

“It’s origin magic.”

Source magic was a unique type of magic that fought by borrowing the power of a great soul.

It was similar to necromancy, but different.

Basically, if necromancy is about summoning the dead’s residual thoughts or faint souls, the source was closer to borrowing the power of past heroes from a place called The Great Flow.

That’s why the source magic of the [special] class was also called by other names.

Myth reenactment.

“The fact that it has not been known so far means that it has been hiding its power, but it is revealed here.”

“It’s perfect against demonic power.”

“okay. And I realize it all over again. Why were you covering your face?”

Andrei muttered that, generating magic.

Apart from the devil’s power, the highly pure magic he possesses.

And the innumerable constellations embroidered in the air showed that the magic he used was absolutely not ordinary.

As it turned into a spell and was about to unfold, Veronica, Pasius, and a servant wizard immediately tried to respond immediately from the surroundings.


But countless yellow eyes rose from Andrei’s blackened forearm and stared at the approaching enemy.

The bizarre waves mixed with the eyes gave the other person all kinds of psychological shocks.

Because of that, there was a gap in the attack for a moment, and in the end, Andrei’s magic was completed.

6th tier earth elemental magic.

[Jincheon Stone Amphitheater]


The ground began to sway like waves.

All those who stood on the ground had a hard time controlling their bodies properly due to the shaking.

The hard earth seemed to have become thin and soft, like water.

Surprisingly, only the floor was swaying like water, but the walls and ceiling were unaffected.

Right after that, something popped out of the shaking ground.

it was a whale

It is also a huge whale made of stones and rocks.


The whale, which swam in the sea of ​​the earth, soared high into the air.

The moment the tip of its head reached the world tree hanging from the ceiling, the whale’s huge body slowly fell to the side.

At the place where he fell, there was Roteron wearing an iron mask.

Roteron tried to avoid it, but the size of the whale made it difficult to escape.

Even the ground constantly rocked, impeding his movement.

Immediately after, the whale fell to the ground as if it were crushing Roteron.

A huge shock wave exploded with an explosion like countless bombs exploded at the same time.

“Mr. Roteron!”

Veronica shouted at the hazy dust cloud.

Shortly thereafter, after the smoke had subsided, Andrei exclaimed in admiration at the sight that appeared.

“Hoo. Did you lose your power in the middle of it?”

Roterone was fine.

His clothes were tattered here and there, and he was out of breath, but he was in pretty good shape for being hit directly by 6th tier magic.

It was all thanks to the power of the great spirit that rose behind him.

Unlike the old man when he threw his fist, Roteron was guarded by the figure of a general holding a shield with an honest impression.

Of course, because of this, Roteron consumed an enormous amount of power.

The shock didn’t stop there.


The helmet on Roteron’s face began to crack.

The gold spread quickly, and then the iron helmet shattered and fell to the floor.

Veronica’s eyes widened, and Pasius made a look of surprise.

Andrei had a smile on his lips.

“I heard that it smells like an animal.”

Roteron’s dark brown hair fell down her back.

Golden eyes and tan skin.

What stood out the most was the beast’s ears growing right on top of its head.

“Could it be that he was a savage prisoner? And that beast attained the rank of Lexorer and occupied the place of the New Mage Tower.”

Somehow, I thought that the great soul I saw when using source magic a while ago resembled a melee fighter rather than a wizard.

Beasts use a special power called spirit, but I didn’t even know that it was related to using source magic.

Roteron groped the part of his face with trembling hands, then raised his head and glared at Andrei.

Its pupils split vertically, like those of a beast, and boiled with fierce, wild hostility.


Pasius pretended to be calm on the outside, but on the inside he shook his head hard.

‘It’s surprising that Roteron is a beast, but in the current situation, it’s not that important.’

Pasius looked at Roteron’s condition.

He looked quite unstable, probably because the mask that hid his identity had disappeared.

It would still be valuable as a force, but it would be difficult to hope for a sharp fight like before.

On the other hand, Andrei was fine, so it was this side that was at a disadvantage as time passed.

‘It’s not good for us if we keep fighting head-to-head like this.’

There is no contest.

It’s the same that Andrei doesn’t have the means to defeat him, but the problem is the current situation.

Andrei was now buying time for the subject to wake up.

However, if this side were to be tied up here, that alone would mean that this side was at a disadvantage.

‘If fulfilling the mission is the priority.’

Pasius’ eyes narrowed.

If he leaves and the other three deal with Andrei.

He can just smash the lab out there.

But if that happened, the close confrontation would turn in Andrei’s favor, and the remaining three would be seriously injured, or worse, someone might die.

At least, the fight was maintained because he, a master-class knight, drew all of Andrei’s concentration.

‘Do you choose to thwart Andrei’s plan by sacrificing the three? or not… … Should we continue the fight until additional support comes?’

If it was the usual Pasius, he would have gone to abandon the party without delay.

He came here only to obey the princess’s orders, and there was no such thing as camaraderie between those who fought alongside him.

It would be regrettable if he died, but it was unavoidable for rational judgment.

If you think rationally, it is right to throw it away.

Even so, the hesitation is probably because of Ludger.

A person who was the former swordsman of the princess and a senior to herself.

After meeting him and having a conversation, Pasius was forced to change his mind in many ways.

‘I shouldn’t have this hesitation.’

Pasius, who was perplexed inside, suddenly brightened his eyes and put a deep smile on his lips.


Andrei did not understand for a moment why Pasius was laughing, and his reaction was delayed.

Instead, it was his blackened arm that moved first.

The innumerable yellow eyes that sprouted from her arms all turned around and stared at one side.

There, a silver-haired knight in a black uniform wielded dual swords.

Even the waves of darkness shaking the mind were useless at the moment.

The moment I thought I felt a presence, Andrei’s body had already been cut.

“what… … !”

Andrei murmured in surprise when he saw his blackened arm split into countless pieces and scattered.

fast. and sharp

There was no carelessness on this side at all.

The entire body was covered with a magical barrier.

However, without a sound or sign, the opponent broke through the barrier and cut off his arm.

If this is possible, it should be master level.



Andrei’s gaze returned to his senses and calmed down.

Thanks to that, I was able to push the subsequent follow-up attack to the outside by releasing black power.

Terryna Lionhowl clicked her tongue in regret and stepped back.

Instead, what flew from over her shoulder was a yellow magic cannon.

A magic focusing cannon created by Chris Vennimore’s magic water.

It hit Andrei’s body hard.

The split stems of magical power scattered back and hit the walls of the cavity here and there.

Chi profit.

Andrei lowered his intact, red-ripened arm.

“Are all the guests finally gathered?”

Andrei’s gaze narrowed as he muttered.

does not exist.

Two of the people who should have been.

‘Where are the other two?’

Andrei’s head turned backwards.

‘no way?’

It was where the laboratory and his men were.

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