I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 302

◈ Episode 302 Andrei Semov (1)

A simple check that signals the start of a fight.

Andrei Semov gathered mana in his chest and fired it like a pillar.

It was a [Magic Discharge] attack that did not even have an attribute.

However, the enormous amount of magic power itself became a huge violence and tried to devour Veronica.

Veronica swung the sword in her hand from top to bottom at the flying magic power.

Unshakable straight posture cutting.

The frost-like aura on the tip of the sword split the magic cannon in half.


Following the trail of Veronica’s sword, white frost formed on the ground.

Seeing this, Andrei’s eyes shone with interest.

“You are using an unusual aura. Among the articles, it was said that depending on the constitution, the auror itself could retain the attribute, but was it that kind of person?”

“… … .”

Veronica didn’t even respond.

Compared to the moment she fought the enemy, the difference between her usual laugh and a big smile was dramatic.

Instead, Veronica raised the aura of cold air rising from the sword even more.

It’s not even worth having a conversation with.

Andrei also just asked for confirmation, not expecting an answer too much.

Even so, it did not change that he was a troublesome opponent.

Even though the blow from a while ago wasn’t Veronica’s power, it seemed like the temperature around her had dropped to the point where it could be seen, albeit for a moment.

No, it was not an illusion.

Andrei deliberately exhaled through his mouth.

White steam formed in the air and disappeared like smoke.

His wrinkled eyes curled like crescent moons in amusement.

“It is interesting. It’s not just about making ice.”

Besides, this wasn’t just a chill.

The aura particles that flowed from Veronica’s sword contained an intense chill on their own.

Even now, the particles of aura that were scattered like a haze continued to invade the space and dominate the surroundings.

As for the opponent, the colder the longer the time goes by, the more the body becomes dull, and both the physical and mental strength are gnawed away.

It is truly a technique that extracts extreme efficiency in interpersonal warfare.

‘Even so, I wouldn’t be safe in this cold.’

Andrei’s doubts were dispelled the moment he looked into Veronica’s eyes.

“okay. It’s not like I was living in the coldest northern part for nothing.”

Veronica joined the Knights of Cold Steel.

To work in that cold environment.

All of that was to withstand his own technique, which was close to a double-edged sword.

‘It must have been difficult to endure because I only sent second-like test subjects against these guys.’

Andrei smiled self-deprecatingly and pulled out a test tube from his bosom.

It wasn’t Veronica who would leave it alone.

As soon as she gave the signal, the servant wizard waiting behind moved.


A servant wizard wearing a robe stretched out his arms.

A gust of wind rushed towards Andrei, carrying particles of Veronica’s aura.


Andrei snorted and opened a magic barrier to block the attack.

However, the dispersing aura particles froze the surroundings even more and put pressure on Andre.


Frost began to form on the hem of Andrei’s robe.

“It’s definitely a tedious skill.”

But even this chill did not prevent Andrei from taking out the test tube completely and mixing the reagents.

Inside the test tube was a small lump of flesh like a bean. That’s as many as three.

Andrei opened the cap and poured it onto the ground, causing the mass of flesh to squirm and expand like a balloon.

The mass of flesh that grew in an instant wriggled and eventually took on a human form.

The size is about that of an adult male. The eyes, nose and mouth were shaved, and the skin was ivory.

Seeing this, Veronica felt terrified without realizing it.

The knight’s senses were telling him that the test subject was absolutely not ordinary.

‘They haven’t woken up yet!’

Veronica jumped high from her seat and landed on Andrei.

The sword he wielded overflowed with densely compressed auras different from before.

As it was, even if Andrei used defensive magic, he was thinking of splitting it in half with magic.

However, Veronica’s sword was blocked by a test subject that suddenly started moving.


The forearm extended by the subject collided with Veronica’s sword, making a strange noise.

Veronica opened her eyes.

‘A bare-armed attack with this level of aura?’

Veronica was stunned to realize that her blow had not severed the subject’s forearm.

The forearm of the test subject suddenly had a sharp carapace sticking out like a blade.


Of course, the cold air carried by the sword itself could not be helped, and the entire forearm began to be covered in white frost.

Veronica immediately stepped back.

It was because the attack of the other test subjects flew at the place where she was just a moment ago.

The test subject that blocked Veronica’s sword gave strength to the frozen forearm.

hood gain. Ice on the surface fell to the ground. At the same time, the forearm that had been necrotic purple as if bruised quickly returned to ivory.

The frostbitten and necrotic body was restored at once.

It was an incredible regenerative ability.

Andrei said in a slightly proud voice.

“How is it? My proud masterpiece test body. They were people I would never have dreamed of before, but thanks to the life force of the World Tree, I was able to create them. It’s not mass-produced, but it’s worth using… … .”

The servant wizard didn’t listen to the end and this time fired flame magic.

If the cold air does not work, it was intended to burn to death with the opposite attribute.

Waves of fire rushing in like tidal waves.

It was then that one of the three test subjects stepped forward and extended an arm.


The forearms swelled and eventually transformed into a large shield covering the whole body.

Right after that, flames exploded over the shield.

Bright red embers scattered in all directions, and the heat raged.

Eventually, as the flames subsided, what appeared was a test subject standing still.

The test subject slowly lowered the charred shield.

The charred skin peeled off as if it were peeling, and the ivory-colored flesh from the inside quickly sprouted.

Andrei clicked his tongue and shook his head.

“Isn’t that too simple an idea? These specimens are designed to withstand any attack. It is indeed the right indicator for the evolution of life.”

Andrei looked at his test subject with a satisfied face.

“And this is the greatness of life. It is also the direction of evolution that we humans must move forward. It does not burn or frostbite, and it regenerates any wounds.”

Andrei murmured softly.

“And even an incurable disease can be overcome… … .”

Andrei shook his head and looked at Veronica triumphantly.

“How is it? Are you still going to fight?”

“… … .”

Watching Veronica straighten her grip again, Andrei shook his head.

How can you not know? With such a perfect result in front of my eyes, I can’t admire it, but I just harbor hostility.

Andrei raised his hand and tried to give orders to the subjects.

Then, his expression subsided in an instant, and it was then that he looked up with half-open eyes.

The golden-haired knight was falling vertically.

The moment you realize it, it’s already too late.

It was a perfect surprise, impossible to block or avoid.


The sword went right through Andrei’s forehead.

Immediately afterwards, Pasius kicked Andrei’s shoulder and stepped back as if doing a back tumble.

The blade wielded by the test subject narrowly grazed him.

‘Is it okay?’

Pasius identified Andrei’s body.

Standing still with his forehead pierced, he still stood there, looking up at the sky.

Seeing this, Pasius immediately stepped back further.

He was right.


Andrei, who should have died, moved his mouth.

His wide-eyed eyes rolled and turned to Pasius.

“If you were careless, this side was going to surprise you right away, but you are quick to notice. Maybe it’s because he’s a master, his senses are sharp.”

Of course, I didn’t even know that the master would launch a surprise attack like an assassin.

A dejected smile crept across Pasius’ lips as if he had no reason to do so.

“I didn’t know you would be alive even if your eyebrows were pierced. Shouldn’t she have stabbed her in the heart?”

“Even so, it is useless. Because my body has already far surpassed that of a human.”

Andrei turned the head he had lifted back down.

The wounds on his forehead healed in no time.

Seeing this, Pasius murmured.

“That is a bit cowardly.”

“It’s the same with the sword master’s surprise attack. A practical battle that doesn’t care about honor. If it had been me before I gained this power, I would have been struck the moment I felt sorry for myself.”

“That’s an overdeserved compliment.”

“I was honestly surprised. Originally, I had no intention of exposing this trump card right away.”

Andrei stretched out his arm in the other direction, staring at Pasius.

His hand stretched bizarrely long, and then hit the empty space with force.

Ugh right after! With a sound, the man he was hiding in the air flew back and landed on the ground.

Iron Mask Roterone.

He stared at Andrey in disbelief from the inside of his helmet.

“It was a very good method to distort the shape by adjusting the density of the air in the atmosphere, but wouldn’t the air flow change only in that way?”

Andrei’s words meant that the touch of his skin was sensitive enough to pick up even the subtlest currents in the air.

The newly joined Pasius and Roteron stood beside Veronica’s party and adjusted their posture.

Seeing this, Andrei feigned composure on the outside, but on the inside let out a low sigh.

From 6th tier wizards to master level royal guards, and vice-captains of the Imperial Knights to servitor wizards.

Isn’t that a gorgeous lineup?

If he had been before he discovered the World Tree, he would have died several more times even if he had already died.

‘This side can’t be careless either.’

He immediately took out a new tool from within his bosom.

It was a syringe filled with black liquid.

Protected by the test subject, Andrei inserted the syringe into his chest.

The black liquid injected into the body flowed through the blood vessels and reached the heart.

pounding. pounding.

The heart that had already surpassed human endurance began to beat with terrifying momentum.

Dark blood vessels grew and subsided over Andrei’s skin.


The pain felt through his whole body and the huge feeling of exhilaration that followed made Andrei open his mouth involuntarily and let out an exclamation.

His pupils were completely black, and soon a bright yellow pupil emerged from the center.

The people who saw it were very nervous.

The momentum flowing from Andrei had changed quite a bit.

If it had been a difficult existence to deal with before, this time it gave off the feeling of an absolute being that was really hard to get along with.

“is it. Indeed, with this much power, I think I can do anything.”

Refined demonic power.

Even if it was purified, it was rather close to diluting the power extracted from the World Tree until it stabilized.

The power created while mass-producing the second test subjects was directly injected into Andrei’s body.

Of course, even if it is a successful work, ordinary people would be torn apart and die if even a single drop was injected into the bloodstream.

It was possible because Andrei was not an ordinary person.

In a situation where he has already remodeled his body with bioengineering technology, he can accept the power of the devil as much as he wants.

Dark magic began to swirl around Andrei’s body.

“ruler. Let’s do our best to fight without weighing each other.”

Right after that, black magic power radiated out in a fan shape.

* * *


At the huge vibration that shook the entire underground facility, Ludger and the others stopped in their seats, thinking that the mechanical device that had been broken down would start working again.

However, I immediately realized that the magnitude of the vibration was much greater, and that the impact sound had come from a little far away.


A wind blew from the end of the dim aisle and brushed past the party.

It was a shock wave from some huge explosion.

Terrina frowned at the ominous energy that seemed to be carried by the shockwave.

The sword master’s senses expressed a fierce resentment towards this foreign and eerie aura.

It was the same for others who sensed the ominous aura.

“It looks like the people who arrived first started fighting, not us.”

Everyone nodded at Rudger’s words.

They also moved without a break, but time was delayed considerably due to the intensive sabotage of the test subjects, probably because of the number of 5 people.

What’s more, if it’s a strange power with such a loud roar.

It was clear that the warlocks were plotting something with demonic power.

‘It’s annoying if I do this.’

It was the moment when Rudger narrowed his eyes.

A very faint signal of magical power stimulated Rudgar’s skin.

When I turned my gaze, there was a frog made of paper on the ground.

Rudger realized that it was information sent by Sedina and Hans, and immediately picked up a paper frog without anyone noticing.

Her secret actions went unnoticed, as everyone else was blinded by the power she felt at a distance.

Rudger quickly scanned the contents of the unfolded paper with his eyes.

[No additional information can be delivered because the Chimera that this side has taken control of is revealed. A particularly dangerous-looking specimen is currently being prepared in the central cavity. Bioengineering Andrei is wasting time.]

After confirming the contents, Rudger crumpled it up and put it in his pocket.

“We’d better move quickly too.”

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