I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 299

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◈ Episode 299 Second (2)

Warlocks, including the Liberation Army, realized that enemies had invaded their castle.

Even before coming here, he was quickly killing the chimeras he had left in the underground waterway, and he couldn’t help but notice.

Judging from this momentum, it was obvious that the enemies would immediately attack the underground facility where they were staying.

So the Liberation Army first tried their hand.

The moment the enemies entered, they changed the terrain to block the escape route, and then sent their troops to eliminate them.

“Is this the result?”

Veronica immediately guessed how things were going.

She drew her sword and stared intently at the enemy in front of her.

His gaze was cold and subdued, different from his usual lively appearance.

It had the same coldness as the long cold wave in the north that would freeze it to the bone.

There is no room for denial that the opponent in front of him is ‘evil’.

The moment she defined it in her mind, Veronica became a sharp sword.

don’t be careless

The Liberation Army must have known that this side was made up of elites.

If that were the case, I wouldn’t have thought of dealing with him as a fool.

As if to prove it in practice, the number of those who appeared to be enemies was not that great.

‘It is difficult for many people to come in at once because the street corner is not wide. If I use firearms at least, it will take time, but guns are meaningless to those with this level of skill.’

So, instead of choosing useless wars of attrition, they must have chosen a sure way.

“Get ready.”

As Veronica stood in front of her, the magician accompanying her, a servant magician from the imperial family, prepared the ceremony.

Although he couldn’t attend the Arcane Chamber, he is a wizard with enough skill to participate in this event.

Veronica has enough qualifications to entrust her back.

The sorcerer ignited a roaring flame, and Veronica’s sword felt cold.

* * *

A roar rang out everywhere.

Rudger looked up and estimated how far the source of the sound was from here and in which direction.

‘It looks like they’ve kept each other as far apart as possible.’

Ludger absorbed the mana scattered around him again and safely captured it.

The bluish mist was sucked into Ludger’s body like a sponge.

As the fog subsided, the landscape unfolding in front of my eyes was literally ruins itself.

There was no place where the surrounding terrain collapsed or collapsed because of the power adjustment, but the scars engraved here and there showed that the fight was not ordinary.

Around Ludgar, the liberation troops who had been fighting him a while ago were lying down.

That number is five in total.

In the part where they didn’t use guns, they were already strong enough to far surpass ordinary people, but it was too much to deal with Ludger, who showed extraordinary combat.

‘You’re crazy.’

Chris, who watched Ludgar’s fight from a distance, recalled the battle that had just happened.

Ludgar’s fighting style was that of a wizard, but not like a wizard.

Usually, a magician casts magic while drawing a spell while being fixed in place.

According to modern combat manuals, wizards are like cannons sweeping enemies with powerful firepower.

Of course, not everyone was like that.

Even though they were magicians, there were also those who moved and stirred the enemy camp.

Representatively, there were war mages who entrusted themselves to the military called War Mage.

However, there were many parts of Ludger’s fighting method that were not understood even from Chris’ point of view.

It was because the War Mages ended up at a more advanced level as mages, and they didn’t feel fundamentally different like Ludgar.

‘He said he served in the military, but even taking that into consideration, can he show that level of skill?’

Rudger’s fight was quite colorful.

At first, it was scary to see the enemies from a distance, so they shot magic straight away.

Attribute is fire.

It was a magic suitable for burning enemies all at once on a small road.

Naturally, the opponent started to defend as if he had already expected it.

Two of the five were wizards, and the two wizards joined forces to defend against Ludger’s attack by using a barrier.

And the moment the hot flames roared and covered the view, Ludger jumped into the middle of the enemy camp.

The flames are a trick to obscure their vision and make them unaware of our approach.

The moment he entered the inside, Ludger let the mana of his whole body flow to the outside.

A dense blue mist spread around, obscuring the enemies’ vision.

And there Ludger went between the enemies and engaged in magic and close combat.

Rudgar did not use large-scale magic.

Rather, it was really basic magic that was used, for example, only things that were no more than 1st and 2nd tiers.

However, even though he used simple 1st level magic, he gained the upper hand with ridiculous control.

‘It’s not that the power of magic is strong. Unbelievable cohesion and utilization of magical power, combat sense, and accuracy that does not allow even 1 cm of error. What the hell is this guy… … .’

Moreover, the power to control the mana he scattered was unbelievable.

That you can spit out magic fog like that and retrieve it perfectly?

I couldn’t believe it even when I saw it with my own eyes.

Even when Ludger sparred with the teachers at the magic festival, I knew he was a great talent.

This was on a different level.

‘Are you saying that what you showed back then wasn’t your true skill?’

However, instead of being surprised and embarrassed, Chris has now entered a kind of resignation stage where he naturally understands.



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“Cleaning is over. Unfortunately, Mr. Chris never had a chance to come forward.”

“… … done. I had no intention of fighting by forcing the wrong sums anyway.”

Chris gives a blunt reply to Ludger, who turns around and speaks.

Bellaluna, who had been hiding behind Chris and closely watching the fight from start to finish, suddenly fixed her gaze on the corpse.

“… … !”

It was the moment when Rudger and Chris, seeing Bellaluna’s urgent gaze, were about to ask why.

Bellaluna took a vial from a small pouch at her waist and threw it straight at the corpse.

The medicine bottle with some kind of device exploded while flying, and the transparent liquid inside was splashed onto the corpse.

At that moment, something surprising, or in other words, very unpleasant, happened.

The corpse that came into contact with the liquid rapidly melted, causing bubbles.

Rudger and Chris were surprised to see that, and tried to ask what was going on.

However, the moment they saw the corpse that had not been touched by the liquid jump up from their seats, the two of them had no choice but to keep their mouths shut.


The corpse moved grotesquely, twisting to and fro.

Her skin turned purple, her eyes red, and black blood flowed from her mouth.

The change simply did not end there. Sharp thorns sprouting from the back or nails growing longer.

It was surprising that the dead corpse was resurrected, but the guy was even mutating.


That number is 2 in total.

Even then, the ambush failed as he backed away to avoid the liquid.

If Bellaluna hadn’t melted the corpse beforehand, the enemies who thought they were dead would have risen all at once and attacked.

“What is this… … .”

Chris’s voice trembled when something contrary to common sense had happened.

Conversely, Rudger strained his eyes and glared at the resurrected enemy.

‘The black magician looked at his hand. He seems to have used necromancer to move the corpse, but he wasn’t the only one using it. I mixed a lot of other things.’

It is the same just by looking at the body of the corpse facing a change.

Pure necromancy only resurrects the corpse itself, but does not change its form.

“… … Apparently, these guys came with the intention of dying from the beginning.”


“That power wriggling in their bodies. Similar to Chimera. He probably injected the factor obtained through chimera research into his body.”

“You did a human experiment? Even in your own living body? Who the hell would do such a crazy thing… … .”

“Isn’t it right in front of you? I can’t explain it otherwise.”

“… … damn. That too.”


At that moment, the enemies who seized the opportunity rushed at Rudger and Chris, now losing even human language.

Its open mouth was full of sharp teeth.

Now, even the human form was thrown off, and it was a figure that could be called a monster.

Rudger said in a relaxed voice while such a guy rushed at him with his mouth wide open.

“Isn’t that fortunate? Because Mr. Chris is finally able to fight.”

“Are you in a position to say that now?”

“Didn’t you regret it a little while ago?”


“Then now is the time to show it. Because Bellaluna-san is watching from behind.”

“This child… … !”

Chris was furious, but he didn’t take his eyes off the enemy who was close by.

Chris’ hand moved faster than he could speak.

In an instant, he grabbed the reagent bottle between his fingers and threw it at the enemy in front of him.


The monster that was running towards Chris saw the flying reagent bottle and lowered his body to the limit to avoid it.


You don’t know what effect the reagent has, but you’re avoiding it.

Moreover, the bizarre movement that was visible even though it was momentary.

I guessed from the body parts that mutated, but they had already become beings that far surpassed humans.

While gritting his teeth, Chris activated the magic he had prepared in advance.

The reagents thrown away were just a trick to buy time from the beginning.

The real thing was magic prepared in advance.


The ground shuddered between Chris and the monster, and a sharp rock awl rose up.

An attack that can never be avoided by a monster that has lowered its body.

However, the guy pushed the ground with his outstretched arms, and before long his body floated into the air.

The rock awl missed its target and pierced nothing.

“what… … !”

Chris did not expect that he would avoid even the magic prepared by this side.

The monster floated in the air and crashed toward Chris, arms wide open.

Sharp blades protruded from the ends of the long arms.

The mutated bones were changed like blades.

“Don’t look at me lightly!”

Chris opened his eyes and swelled up.

His hair fluttered violently due to the magic power, and a translucent figure floated behind him.

A huge flower bloomed from behind Chris, possessing light green magical energy.

It was named Lau Bloume, and it was [Magic Beast] handled by Chris Benimore.


Innumerable vine stems erupted from an unknown flower and caught the monster in the air.

No matter how good the reaction speed is, there is no way to avoid an attack in the air without a foothold.

The monster caught in the vine struggled, but the vine did not budge.

Before long, the flower buds opened wide as if they were in full bloom, and began to contain magic power in the center.

The bright yellow mana gathered at one point, was compressed to the maximum, and shot forward in a large fan shape.

The monster swept away by the trail disappeared without leaving a trace.

After defeating the monster, Chris took a deep breath as he released the magic number.

“ha. ha.”

“Have you got everything sorted out?”

Rudger approached Chris and asked.

Chris stared at Ludger in disbelief.

Over Ludger’s shoulder looking this way, the monster that had attacked him was dead with a hole in his forehead and heart.

“When? No, how else?”

“I just caught it with magic.”

“… … .”

To say that this side worked so hard to get rid of the guy they caught so easily.

Chris said it was ridiculous, but he tried hard not to show it off.

“Rather than that, was that a magic beast?”

“… … okay. I didn’t want to use it much because it ate too much mana.”

Besides, there was another reason why Chris didn’t use his magic number very much.

it’s a flower

It didn’t fit.

He didn’t want to show it to anyone, that his magical beast, which should have been cool and intelligent, had the appearance of a flower.

“One power seemed great. You can also catch enemies with vines. It looks pretty useful.”

“… … Well, because it consumes a lot of mana.”

Then Bellaluna approached and said.

“oh my god! What was that magic number just now? It was so cool!”

“Is that so?”

“yes. I don’t know if it’s because I’m an elf, but it felt very familiar, and somehow it was really cool to get along with Mr. Chris!”

“Hmm. No big deal.”

‘… … .’

When this side asked, he averted his gaze in order not to explain, but when Bellaluna asked, it was clear that he was impatient.

Now that he is used to this temperature difference, Rudger naturally looked at the corpse he had subdued.

‘As he comes back to life, reason disappears, but his physical abilities transcend. Perhaps because of that, his intuition is very good, and his reaction speed has gone up to the limit.’

The reaction speed is also fast, but the movement of instinctively recognizing the opponent’s attack and trying to avoid it was very annoying.

Besides, they can even make movements that would be impossible for a normal human being.

‘If I’m not very fast, I won’t be able to catch it.’

What bothered me more than anything was the weak but felt alien power of the corpse.

‘No matter how you look at it, this must be the power of the devil.’

Warlocks were able to manipulate demonic powers to the point of injecting them into human bodies.

And even more serious.

The point was that they weren’t going to stop here.

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