I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 29

◈ Episode 29 People who see, people who solve (1)

Aidan and Leo only looked at each other.


The culprit who drove Seorn into chaos this time is now over there.

But, no matter how you look at it, it was a baby. It was clear that he was hurt somewhere, even as he grunted.

“I found it by accident a while ago.”

Why was Tacey screaming? It was because he wandered around without much thought and suddenly found a werewolf.

Tacy, who blushed as if she was ashamed of that fact, immediately raised her nose.

“how is it? Did I win the bet?”

“You just found it. Wasn’t the bet catchy?”

At Leo’s point, Tacey was immediately furious.

“okay? So right now I… … !”

“Tacey. Wait a minute.”

Aidan tugged at Tacey’s back as she tried to descend into the basin.

“Keck! What are you doing!”

“Oh sorry. even I did not know.”

“Aren’t you being too rude to Lady?”

“That’s not what’s important right now.”

“Otherwise what!”

A sneer tugged at Tay’s lips as if she realized something right away.

“Hehe. Aidan, are you impatient because I found that werewolf? You were secretly pretending not to be, but you were also concerned about losing to me.”

“Tacey. Didn’t you feel something strange?”

When a serious question came back in response to this provocation, Tacey pouted her lips as if she had lost steam.


“That’s a werewolf’s baby over there. Aside from whether it’s possible for werewolves to have offspring, the offspring over there right now don’t look good at all. I can’t seem to move properly.”

“okay. But why?”

“But look. There are fallen leaves all around. Besides, around here, it’s a clever location that doesn’t stand out from people. No matter how large Seorn is, I haven’t heard of a place like this in the forest.”

“No, so what is that about?”

“Do you think that baby werewolf settled here by himself and gathered leaves?”

When I said that, Teishi also realized something and kept her mouth shut.

In other words, Aidan’s words can be summarized as follows.

An injured baby werewolf couldn’t have come all this way alone.

It sounds like there is something more that helped.

“Who the hell?”

“I don’t know who it is. perhaps… … There might be another werewolf.”

Even as Aidan said that, he did not take his eyes off the werewolf baby.

Just in case, they might notice the existence of this side and suddenly rush at it.

Although it is a pup, it is larger than most large dogs.

A risk factor could not be ruled out.


Aidan, who was closely examining the werewolf, found something strange.

It was as if he saw something glistening in the moonlight near the nape of the werewolf’s neck, covered in fallen leaves and only his torso visible.

When I strained my eyes to see, I didn’t see anything wrong.

‘That’s a leash… … Is it the same thing?’

At that moment, Aidan decided that the werewolf was not simply a natural occurrence.

“Aidan? What are you doing?”

It was the moment Leo called when he felt that Aidan’s expression was unusual.

Aidan slid down the basin as if he had made up his mind.

“Aidan! Hey, hey!”

Leo was taken aback, and so was Tacey.

The two hurriedly ran after Aidan. Aidan, who descended to the center of the basin, which was more than 5m tall, slowly approached the werewolf cub.

“Aidan! What are you doing! Dangerous!”

“There is something strange about it.”

Aidan wanted to see it with his own two eyes.

At that moment, the werewolf baby, whose eyes had been closed, widened his eyes and stared at Aidan.

Aidan hesitated as he cautiously approached.

Their gazes intertwined in the air, and a suffocating tension lingered.


Aidan swallowed dryly and held out his hand slowly.

“are you okay. I don’t hurt.”

I said that because I saw the werewolf’s eyes.

no hostility no intent to kill

Those transparent and clear eyes staring at her were full of naivety like that of a country dog.

A werewolf with eyes like that attacked people and sent the two of them to a hospital room?

Aidan didn’t think so.

Leo and Tacy didn’t even think of stopping Aidan.

The cub, who had been staring this way, immediately turned his head and closed his eyes again.

Aidan let out a sigh of relief and moved closer to the pup.

As expected, the guy was calm.

As I ran my hand through my hair once, it even made a grunting sound as if it was in a good mood.

“It hurts a lot.”

Aidan said that while examining the wounds exposed outside the leaves.

‘Aren’t you bitten by a beast?’

The marks on the body were not caused by being attacked by other beasts. Rather, it was more like a cut on something.

As I ran my hand through my hair, I felt the touch of hard, cold metal.

I wasn’t wrong either.

‘I thought it was just a werewolf, but there’s something more.’

It was when Aidan thought that far.

In the darkness, I heard the sound of something speeding toward me.

Leo, who grasped the abnormality first, shouted.

“Aidan! damage!”

The moment Aidan heard the sound, he flew in the opposite direction from where the sound came from.

Immediately after, a huge shock hit his body.


Aidan, who bounced more than 3m and rolled on the floor, corrected his dizziness and looked at the unknown being who had blown him.


The guy who hit this side with his shoulder at the speed of running was an adult werewolf that was more than 1.5 times bigger than the baby werewolf.

The guy glared at Aidan as if he were going to kill him, then stood up as if he were protecting the baby.

“Jee, he’s a real werewolf.”

Teishi trembled at the sight of him, and then, as if he was prepared for something, he raised his staff and used magic.

The werewolf also glared at Tacy, as if he thought she was up to something.

“Hey, hey! What are you doing!”

Leo tried to stop him, but Tacey didn’t listen.

A werewolf is right in front of you. The source of all these situations that drove Seorn into chaos.

If you don’t have them, just deal with them.

You can revive the family line.

A ruined family. The look of a mother who smiled hard at herself, saying that it was okay.

Trash-like people who turned around right away when their family collapsed on a topic that they usually clung to.

I have to do it.

Only I can resurrect the Freead family.

The werewolf in front of him was a sure footing for that.

Just hunting down a werewolf won’t bring a ruined family back to life.

Even Tacey knows that. But every little bit is good.

It’s okay to receive a shop, collect a bounty from Ledervelk City, or get your name known.

To do so, he learned magic and came to Seorn for success.

‘I am… … !’

The werewolf lunged at Tacey.

fast. And very menacing.

Tacy tried to concoct a spell, but she made a mistake without realizing it because of the force of the werewolf rushing right in front of her eyes.


Because of the haste, the spell was out of order. The mana he had managed to gather was pointlessly scattered.

Beyond the formula disappearing like water-soaked paper being ripped apart, I could see the werewolf approaching with its teeth bared.

ah. is it the end

The moment she thought so, Teishi felt her body push her sideways.

The werewolf’s sharp claws passed through the air right in front of her nose.


Tacey, who had rolled on the floor with someone, was dumbfounded.

“Uh, huh?”

“Tacey! are you okay?”

“no way… … step?”

It was Aidan who saved her from danger. He’s a boy who keeps bothering him and asks him to fight.

Had he been a little late in pushing her, Tacey would have been blown off her head.

“I’m glad you’re safe.”

“you you. why me… … .”

“Your friend is dangerous, and you can’t just watch it.”


At that word, Tacey was speechless.

Aidan looked at the werewolf, not paying attention to Tacy’s reaction.

“There is something strange about the movement. I think something is seriously injured. Maybe that’s why he was able to avoid it.”

As expected, there were three large holes in the werewolf’s chest that had not yet been healed.

Aidan sighed and opened his mouth.

“Sorry. It wasn’t intentional. We have no intention of doing any harm to your offspring.”

“Aidan? What are you doing! You can’t talk to a werewolf!”

Tacy shouted from behind what a fool she was, but Aidan was serious.

Aidan continued talking while staring at the werewolf in front of him with an unwavering gaze.

“you. Can you understand us?”

“What is that… … .”

Leo and Tacey looked puzzled.

But the werewolf’s reaction was strange.

The guy who had been glaring at me like he was going to kill me calmed down and went towards the baby again.

Leo, who watched the scene, couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

“… … Do you really speak the language?”

“A little while ago, I overreacted because I was afraid the baby would be in danger.”

“But Aidan. He attacked as many as two students. Right now, it’s quiet because of the baby, but you don’t know when it will suddenly show its true colors.”

Leo’s point was valid, but Aidan felt something indescribable.

It was Aidan who had faced the werewolf’s offspring up close, so he could tell.

The moment he looked into the pup’s eyes, Aidan must have heard something.

Say please help.

“Leo. Tacey. I know my words are far-fetched. But trust me just once.”

Aidan said that and slowly approached the werewolf.


The presumed mother looked at Aidan and threatened him with his gums exposed, but Aidan raised his hands and gestured that he was not in danger.

“are you okay. I don’t get through.”

With that thought in mind, as the distance narrowed little by little, the werewolf that had been glaring at Aidan also stopped showing hostility.

Rather, it was because the condition of the cub was not good.

“Write this.”

Aidan pulled out a small vial of medicine from his pocket.

It was a very basic recovery medicine that I perfected while taking the curse and Haeju class of pharmacy.

It won’t be able to perform properly due to lack of skills, but at least it will be of sufficient help to improve the condition of the young child who is currently out of breath.

It was the moment I tried to approach with that thought.

A white ray of light flew in from somewhere and penetrated the body of the mother.

“Uh, huh?”

Aidan, who was slowly approaching, and Leo and Tacy, who watched the scene holding their breath from behind, were shocked and embarrassed.

It was a silvery metal that penetrated the mother werewolf’s body.

Thought to be a sharp spear at first, it eventually collapsed and turned into a net, binding the mother’s body as it was.

Is that metal magic using <Alchemy>?

who the hell did this?

As everyone panicked, a black shadow fell from the sky.

“you. What are you doing here?”

What I thought was a black shadow was a person.

Also someone they know well.

“Rudger, sir?”

Ludger, who subdued the werewolf with a surprise attack, narrowed his eyes, saying that he hadn’t known that there were three students here.

“It all looks familiar. Aidan. Leo. and Tacy Freeard. What were the students in my class doing in a place like this at this late hour?”

When their names were called, the three of them trembled.


I never thought I’d get caught by a teacher in a situation like this! Even the opponent is Ludger Celish, who is evaluated as having no blood or tears.

“I will hold the three of you accountable for this later. Step back for now.”

Tacey and Leo complied.

But Aidan was different.

He got in between Ludger and the werewolf and blocked Ludger’s path.


“… … Aidan. What are you doing now?”

Aidan trembled at Ludger’s cold voice, but did not back down.

“Miss Rudger! Now, wait a minute!”

“Can you wait?”

“Something is wrong with that werewolf right now! No, not exactly… … It seems to understand people! So please take a second to reconsider killing that werewolf!”

Aidan spat out what he had learned like a rapid-fire cannon.

If I didn’t, it seemed like Rudger would cut off the breath of that werewolf hat right away.

“You understand what people say? What nonsense are you talking about?”

“It’s not bullshit. Maybe that werewolf… … .”

“I hate to hear it. back off.”

“Miss Rudger!”

“I was told to leave.”

Despite Ludgar’s bluffing, Aidan did not step aside.

While staring at Aidan, Ludger spotted a werewolf baby licking his mother’s face with her tongue over his shoulder.

There is no violence whatsoever, just innocently worrying about his family.

The baby that was lying down got up. When the leaves covering the whole body are pushed away and the rest of the body is exposed.

Rudger watched.

His eyebrows were very slight, but wriggling.


Aidan, who was staring at Ludger, immediately noticed the subtle change in Ludger.

why is the teacher like that?

Aidan tried to look back without realizing it.


At that moment, his body flew through the air as if it had been pulled strongly by something.

Aidan’s body, pushed back, landed lightly on the ground without any injuries.

A buffering effect using the magic of the wind.

It was all Rudger’s doing.


What you see is the back of Ludger wearing a black frock coat.

Werewolves are hidden there and cannot be seen.

The moment Aidan is about to say something.

Ludgar’s magic was manifested.


A hot fire that rises in an instant.

It swallowed the two werewolves in an instant and scattered dazzling light in all directions.

You can feel the heat even though you are far away. It was definitely an offensive magic that would surely kill the opponent.

There was no scream from the werewolf who was swallowed up by the flames.

Without a chance to do that, without even feeling the pain, he turned to ashes and disappeared.

Eventually, when the magic fire completely subsided.

There was not even a trace left where the werewolf had been.

It was just full of black ash.

“Go back to the dorm.”

Rudger said so without looking back.

“I will hold you accountable for your deviant behavior tomorrow.”

There was no emotion contained in that voice.

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