I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 288

◈ Episode 288 Chimera Corps (1)

The remnants of the liberation army were scattered throughout the city center through pre-dug tunnels.

Dust dripped from the ceiling, obscured by the old scarlet lights, but they moved swiftly as if it were their own front yard.

“They said that Branch 1 was attacked.”

Behind the Liberation Army first-class agent who was leading the way, an intelligence agent told me the news she had just heard.

“What about the knife?”

“Looks like you’ve been captured.”

“I never thought they would move so fast. How many people came?”

“That, that… … It is said to be one.”

“what? Only one person?”

“yes. It was also said that one of Ceorn’s teachers, Ludgar Celisi, himself came forward… … .”

Not just an individual, but a teacher. Also a wizard.

The first-class agent shook her head.

No matter how famous Ludgar Celish was, there was no way that an academy teacher could raid a branch by himself.

“… … It must have been a surprise attack from a distance. If that were the case, I would have been able to subdue him before he could shoot.”

“What would you like to do? do you back off? I guess I was caught.”

“no. We proceed with the operation as is. If you come this far and quit, you don’t know when you’ll get another chance. It has to be now.”

When the first-class agent said that, the liberation soldiers who followed also nodded with firm faces.

In their eyes, a greater hatred for this world than fear burned like a flame.

The cause they hoped for was already underway.

Having come this far, it was unacceptable for me to retreat out of fear of failure.

In the first place, all of them were willing to die.

“For a better world.”

At the words of the first-class agent in the lead, the people behind me muttered the same thing as if repeating themselves.

The liberation troops, who had made up their minds, scattered again at the fork in the road.

Forming groups, they inspected their weapons and then came up to the ground.

Climbing stealthily through a hole disguised as a manhole, they looked around.

On the bright roadside, many people were peacefully enjoying their daily lives.

When I saw that, my booa rose up for no reason.

‘Dirty children! Some people want to die because every day is hard!’

Wilhelm, a member of the Liberation Army’s action squad, gritted his teeth.

Still young, he has been living with his ailing mother.

Wilhelm worked every day to somehow buy medicine, but his salary was less than a pittance.

In order to earn money for medicine, he cut down on sleep and starved himself to death, but he could not achieve the goal he wanted.

His old mother died just like that.

Wilhelm still remembers the day he cried as he held his dead mother in his arms.

He hated the world.

Did those who were born with everything struggle desperately to survive like they did?

Have you ever stayed up all night touching machinery full of oil in a factory, and carrying heavy mounds of dirt while sweating profusely?

Workers sleep in coffins when they sleep.

that was better In serious cases, they leaned on a single rope and slept like a corpse.

But the wealthy will not have such an experience.

Aren’t you just born good enough to be born?

The world is so unfair

And Wilhelm knew that this unfair world would not change unless someone stepped up.

So he joined the Liberation Army and was prepared to sacrifice his life.

‘Not yet.’

The people they were targeting were different.

And the target was seen approaching in the distance.

The students of Seorn Academy, led by a wizard who came as a mentor, huddled together behind him.

They were the targets the Liberation Army was aiming for today.

Children of nobles and wealthy merchants.

Commoners like Wilhelm might be among them, but Wilhelm didn’t consider that.

The hatred had already reached the very marrow of his bones, and he hadn’t even thought about it.

Perhaps even if he had known, he would have rationalized himself somehow.


Wilhelm exchanged glances with his compatriots hiding in another alleyway.

They nodded their heads with stiff faces.

It was the moment when the three students were about to come within their attack range.

“I pause here for a moment.”

The mentor wearing an iron mask at the front said so and slightly pushed the students back.

Iron Mask Roteron, a wizard belonging to the New Mage Tower.

The Liberation Army, who knew him as a 6th-tier magician, was troubled by his sudden and sudden action.

‘What should I do?’

‘Should I wait?’

‘And what if I miss the opportunity?’

When I couldn’t do this either, the person in charge of the site and the highest level agent gnashed his teeth and sent a hand signal.


It was the judgment that it would be difficult if we delayed further here.

As soon as the Liberation Army personnel received the signal, they rushed out of the alleyway.

Suddenly, a group of people poured out of the alleyway, and passers-by stopped walking, wondering what was going on.

They did not know the malice of those who suddenly burst into these peaceful streets.

The enmity towards those who have it was soon triggered by the act of pulling the trigger.

By firing a bullet called hatred.

Tuta Tata!

Countless muzzles fired fire.

A barrage of bullets rained down as if they were going to kill everyone in this place.

And the place where the bullets were mainly fired was where the three students were.

But not a single person was knocked down by bullets.

“What, what is it?”

A liberation soldier who had consumed all his bullets muttered as he looked at the emerald-colored barrier spread out in front of his eyes.

The barrier that stretched out to surround the entire liberation army blocked all the bullets they fired.

What made it possible was the only 6th tier wizard in the field.

The iron mask was Roteron.

“Hey, how did this happen!”

“It’s a different story!”

The Liberation Army panicked.

I knew that Roteron was capable of stopping firearms like this.

But the question is, why did he not use [Silence of Fire] and unleash a magic barrier that blocks physical attacks?

And similar situations have occurred in other parts of the capital.

“Uh, how!”

The large-scale terrorism that the Liberation Army was trying to stage ran into great difficulties from the start.

The bullets they fired were blocked by the barriers spread by the wizards, so no human life was taken.

Surprise was useless.

Rather, the wizards defended the guns of the liberation army as if they had waited and responded immediately.

The knights who were waiting moved as well.

The Knights of Nightcrawler and Knights of Cold Steel, who were hiding in a crowded place, stormed the scene as soon as the Liberation Army appeared and subdued them.

With superior physical abilities to wizards, they did not even give the liberation army a chance to resist.

“What is this!”

The Liberation Army panicked.

It was because this situation would be impossible unless the other side penetrated both the movement and the trump card.

The wizards were aware of the existence of the special gunpowder, and the knights knew where they would strike.

“Oh really.”

It was the same with Caroline Monarch who encountered the Liberation Army.

The little girl stood in an awkward posture and let out a sigh of annoyance.

Around such Caroline, broken liberation soldiers were lying on the floor in one or two places, groaning.

Caroline grabbed a gun that had fallen to the floor and pulled the trigger.

The bullet fired hit the ground.

“It was real.”

One hand of hers held the fire silencing spell.

Indeed, the liberators used gunpowder unaffected by the silence of fire.

‘What if the moment I saw the gun, I didn’t respond with a magic barrier and tried to use it from the silence of fire?’

Even a 6th tier mage would have been seriously injured if he had messed with it.

At least that’s about it because it’s a superhuman level 6th tier wizard. What about a wizard with a lower rank than that?

He may have died without really doing anything.

Caroline felt goosebumps running through her body the moment she remembered it.

Silence by fire is the most basic rule of thumb used by modern wizards when they have a firearm in front of them.

But that common sense has now collapsed on the spot.

She recalled the contents of the communication sent to all the mentors a while ago.

– This is Rudgar Chelsea. I have something to tell my mentors.

A portable communication device that was carried as an emergency contact network in case of an emergency.

Rudger conveyed what he learned to his mentors.

– There are liberation troops hiding in the capital. They are now moving in the dark and plotting terror. Of course, the target of terrorism is the students of Seorn.

Mentors were taken aback by the news that a terrorist attack might happen soon.

But the agitation was short-lived.

After making sure that the students had not heard the communication, they waited for Ludger’s next words.

– Terrorists use special gunpowder. A gunpowder that cannot be suppressed by magical powers, and of course firearm bans through Fire Silence are not affected.

At that, the mentors were taken aback.

It was surprising where the terrorists got such a thing, but how he, a mediocre teacher, knew about it.

The only mentor not surprised was Casey Selmore.

‘The man.’

Casey remembered the encounter with Rudger.

I was moving with an unknown knight, but I never thought he was doing this behind the scenes.

– Mentors, please prepare for an unexpected raid. If you want to inform students, you can. All parts will be left to the autonomy of the mentors.

He tells the information he has found out, and even so, the response itself does not interfere excessively by handing over autonomy to the mentor.

Even if Ludger rose to the position of leader of Ceorn, most of the mentors were Ludger’s seniors in magic.

After considering that part, the mentors even felt admiration.

Rudger’s actions were really neat, nothing to add to, and in the meantime, there was even consideration and respect for this side.

-However, if you happen to be fighting terrorists, please remember this one thing. May you never show mercy to those who dare to take the life of an innocent person.

Rudgar’s communication ended with that.

“Huh, true.”

Whiron, who was sweating in the gym, laughed as he inserted the communicator.

There was no risk of terrorism because this side was not going around outside, but it was not someone else’s business.

The important thing was that something was happening in the capital right now.

And in this situation, the high-ranking wizards in the capital couldn’t sit still.

Whiron looked back.

All of Seorn’s students who had followed him were sprawled out on the gym floor, gasping for breath.

However, there was only one among them who could stand on two legs.

“child. He looks like a parasitic brother, so his spirit is amazing.”

“Huh. Huh.”

Freuden Ulburg gasped for breath, but did not avoid Whiron’s gaze.

Truly a lofty wolf itself.

Whiron nodded as if he liked it.

“good night. If it’s you, you can take responsibility and take those guys.”

“Huh. What do you mean?”

“Soon there will be an uproar. This gym has my name on it, so most guys can’t even touch it, but the guys who are moving this time seem to have quite a swollen liver.”

It is not that Freuden was not blind, so his eyes became serious.

“Take the students with you.”

“Where can I go?”

“To the imperial palace.”

At the word imperial palace, Freuden’s eyes widened.

A safe place is certainly safe, but it was a place where one could not enter without permission.

“how… … .”

“I do not know either. However, according to the communication, I was told to come there, so it would be right to go.”

“Where are you going, mentor?”

“Because I wasn’t feeling well from the exercise a while ago.”

Whiron grinned and put on the outerwear he had taken off.

“It’s been a while since I’ve sweated a bit.”

* * *

While the other mentors and knights moved, Ludger and Pasius did not sit idle.

Ludger went to the nearest branch to the 1st branch he had raided and attacked the liberation army waiting there.

Pasius approached and said.

“This has been sorted out. What about that one?”

“It’s over. This is practically the end.”

Liberation Army terrorists who couldn’t pull out their guns were lying around the two.

Just the two of them subdued more than 30 terrorists at once.

“Wait, how?”

Most of them lost their minds, but only one.

The person in charge of the scene, Agent 1, managed to keep Rudger in place without knocking him out.

He looked quite bewildered, as if he couldn’t believe that their plans had gone awry and scattered before they even started.

“Your terror is over. Special gunpowder that cannot be suppressed by magical power has never seen the light of day.”

When the story of gunpowder came out, the first-class agent’s complexion darkened.

Since the other side already knew our secret weapon, it was natural that even terrorism close to a surprise attack would be meaningless.

Indeed, most of the terrorists were subdued and they did not kill anyone.

At least there were those who wanted to die together by detonating the bombs, but due to the quick response of the knights gathered at the scene, it ended with destroying a few items.

The unprecedented horrors that may have occurred in the capital of the empire were easily ended by a single person.

“You knew everything.”

The first-class agent bowed her head.

Looking at that appearance, Pasius thought that everything he had prepared for a long time was in despair.

But that wasn’t it.

“Quit, cu cu.”

When the first-class agent began to laugh, Pasius, noticing the strangeness, frowned.

“So I’m glad.”

The face of the first-class agent, who raised his head again, contained joy and a smile, not the despair he had shown earlier.

“Because I don’t think I knew this.”

At the same time, the manhole cover of the nearby sewer exploded.

Rudger and Pasius’ eyes naturally headed there.

Inside the hole in the open manhole.

There, with a strange sound, the beast started to jump out from inside.

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