I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 286

◈ Episode 286: Attack on the secret branch (1)

After raiding the secret branch of the Liberation Army, Ludger immediately looked around.

Dozens of people were huddled inside a shabby building that seemed empty.

All armed with firearms, they opened the door to the floor and the secret passageway, preparing to rush in.

Perhaps if Ludger had been a few minutes late, the liberation army would have been scattered in all directions through the tunnels dug underground.

“A lot of people gathered. They stick to each other like cockroaches. Hateful bastards.”

Rudger stared intently at the knife as he said that.

The other guys were still at a loss for what to do with the sudden attack, but Carl didn’t.

He was clearly looking this way.

Looking at the reaction different from the other gossips, it was clear that he was at least the person in charge of this district, or had some ability to do it.


“It’s you.”

It must be obvious that he was the one who threatened Leo.

“… … !”

Carl’s lips trembled as Ludger’s gaze narrowed.

He shouted at his subordinates who were still undecided.

“What are you doing! The enemy has invaded!”

The liberators, who finally came to their senses, grabbed their weapons and pointed them at Ludger.

From sawed-off shotguns to pistols and automatic rifles.

They were weapons that would freeze your entire body the moment you met them, but Ludger was different.

As if he knew this, he used the magical power he had prepared in advance to activate the spell.

Seeing this, Carl exclaimed inwardly.

‘You idiot! Silence of fire is of no use here!’

The gunpowder they use is a special product that cannot be suppressed by the silence of fire.

For those who don’t know that, they believe in the silence of fire, so how can it not be funny?


Of course, there was no need to wait for the magic, so Carl gave the order to open fire.

The trigger was pulled, the detonator ignited, and a bullet was fired at Rudger.

It was the moment when the gun, which could not lift its head in front of the wizards, saw the light for the first time.

But that time was too fleeting.


The flying bullet bounced off the air as if it were blocked by a wall.

Carl’s eyes widened at the sight.

The magic Ludger used was not the silence of fire.

He spread a physical defense barrier using magic.

“Uh, how?”

Carl knows.

How arrogant wizards are.

They are mostly about efficiency.

That’s why wizards use fire silence instead of defensive magic when facing gunfire.

Because it consumes less mana and manifests faster.

But Ludger didn’t.

It wasn’t because he didn’t value efficiency.

It was known.

‘How did you know the gun would fire in the silence of the fire?’

Rudger was aware of the existence of the special gunpowder they were using.

Without that, there was no way he could be confident without a change in his expression even after seeing the bullets being fired.

did leo say No way. This was a secret even from him.

“You look curious about why I used the magic barrier. Did you think I wouldn’t know your shallow intentions?”

Carl gritted his teeth at Ludger’s arrogant remark.

“Shoot them all! Push with the volume!”

As long as Rudger was already caught, the operation was over.

It wouldn’t be possible in this branch, but I had no choice but to pray for success elsewhere.

So, the only way left for Carl was to kill that man in front of him by any means.


The firearms held by the liberation army spewed fire.

Rudger watched the scene and snapped his hand.

Magical power flowed out.

Ludger’s magical power did not draw fancy spells in the air.

Just lightly, like a flash of light, it just crossed the air in a straight line.

Even so.

The magic manifested itself.

A translucent plate of magical power appeared in the air.

Dozens of plates stood obliquely near the muzzles of the guns from which bullets were fired, deflecting the bullets that ran over them with great ease.


Plates of magical energy that appeared in all directions ricocheted the bullets here and there.

The ricocheted bullet hit another magic plate and changed its direction.

change and change and change again

In the end, the bullets that ricocheted were poured straight towards the liberators.



As the bullets they shot poured down, the liberation army couldn’t come to their senses.

Carl, who had been unharmed from the ricochet of bullets, widened his eyes.

At first glance, it seemed like a very basic magic, just creating a magic board in the air, but I could see the knife.

The magic Ludger showed me was a very complex collection of many magics.

Calculate magic quickly with [source code], and use [coordinate designation formula] to create a board of magic in the air.

It didn’t just stop there, but through [reinforcement], he made the magic plate strong so that it would not be broken by bullets, and made it oblique to bounce off the bullets.

Looking at the magical power contained in the bullet that ricocheted off, it was clear that the magic plate itself was strengthened in the bullet the moment the bullet bounced off the magic board.

That alone is surprising, but Ludger skillfully adjusted the angle of the magic board to send the bouncing bullets back to the shooter.

‘Is this possible? It would be impossible without knowing the angular positions of all the muzzles and bullets!’

Besides, it didn’t take long for Ludger to come in and the other side to fire back.

In that short amount of time, Rudger calculated everything and created this situation.

‘It’s a monster!’

No matter how great Seorn’s teachers were, there was no way this would be possible in real life.

Even if a teacher named Rudger Celish was from the military, he only served as an officer, and even that period was not long.

Even a War Mage, a war mage who has been in the military for more than 20 years, would not even attempt such an eccentricity.

because you won’t succeed.

But Rudger did it.

‘I can’t believe it, but it’s already happened!’

Carl gritted his teeth and threw the bomb right away.

If the bullets didn’t work, the plan was to destroy them with the explosive power and flames of the bombs.


There was a rush of heat with a strong explosion bursting nearby.

Carl faced the heat, but did not look away to see the end of Ludger.

So Carl could see.


The sight of red hot flames suddenly stopping expansion and then being sucked into a single point like a whirlpool.

“What, what is it?”

Carl’s voice trembled.

It was the red jewel placed on Ludger’s right palm that absorbed the flames.

“A gem that sucks up fire?”

The sight in front of his eyes made it difficult for Carl to accept the reality.

It would be absurd even if it was a great artifact, but a gem with no decorations sucking in fire.

On the other hand, Ludgar put the jewel left behind by Quasimodo back into his pocket, recalling the performance he had shown earlier.

‘Instead of artificial flames of magic, it blocks real fire well.’

The red jewel still sparkled as if it wanted fire, but Rudgar ignored it.

What he was convinced by this was that bombs using special gunpowder were of no use to him.

Full immunity to attacks with firearms.

Today’s Ludger was like a nightmare to the liberation army, who even used special gunpowder.

“Wait a minute! If you kill me like this, the safety of the hostages cannot be guaranteed!”

Carl quickly judged the situation and shouted to Rudger.

“I guess Leo told you everything? But in case you forgot, his family is now in our hands!”

“Not underwater. It’s just that I have someone to watch over.”

“That surveillance agent is no ordinary person. He is a former knight who is unmatched when it comes to using a sword! Do you really think you, the wizard, can save the hostage against the knight? No, you won’t be able to get there in the first place!”

“There is no need for that. Because the person who is good at using a knife went separately.”


“He was a former knight who could not be matched by anyone when it came to using a sword.”

At that absurd statement, Carl’s mouth was left open and could not be closed.

* * *

Pyrene was a knight who did not mind killing people for money.

As a result, even though he had the skills of a regular knight, he was kicked out of the knights and became a wanderer wandering the world.

Contract killings, mercenary work, human trafficking, and more.

He took care of his dirty work in the underworld and naturally came into contact with the Liberation Army.

And now.

Pyrene was quietly following a mother and daughter without being noticed.

This was a mission given to Pyrene.

The mother and daughter he is now following are the families of intelligence agents under special management in the Liberation Army, and Pyren had to kill them when he received a signal.

It was very cruel to kill a mother and daughter who were not related to the Liberation Army, but Pyrene accepted it willingly.

‘Killing people is the best. Especially if the other person is a woman.’

That mother and daughter don’t know about Pyrene’s existence. They wouldn’t even know what situation they were in.

It didn’t matter even if I knew.

Pyrene thought it would be better if he knew.

That way, you’ll be able to enjoy watching them break down in fear.

‘I hope the signal comes soon.’

After following him for so long, I was already itching from the savory taste.

It was because I was sore from doing this for weeks.

But his expert senses were telling him that the longed-for moment was approaching.


That was the moment.

The two mothers and daughters, who were about to buy fruit at the fruit shop, took advantage of Pyrene’s watch as they loosened and hid as if they were hiding in an alleyway.


Pyrene smiled at the sight.

It was a very sullen smile with sunken cheeks and protruding cheeks.

“What, were you paying attention? It’s not like he’s not paying attention, and his head seems to be spinning quite a bit.”

But it was rather a handshake.

If I had rather pretended not to know the existence of this side, there would be no reason to touch it.

“If I run away, it’s no different than saying, ‘Catch me on your own.’”

With this, you can kill without receiving a signal. It’s because you can run away and look around because you can’t help it.

Pyrene grinned and entered the alleyway where Leo’s sister and mother disappeared.

It was only natural that even if the two ordinary people ran away, they would not be able to escape the knight.


In less than five minutes, Pyrene found the mother and daughter stopped in front of a dead end street.

The two of them shuddered when they saw Pyrene.

“Is the option of running away a dead-end alley with no people at the end? You can’t do that. Wouldn’t that be better for me?”

Pyrene licked her lips with her tongue.

It was when the expression of the two mother and daughter hardened at the creepy appearance.

“okay. A place without people is better for me.”

“… … !”

Hearing the voice from behind, Pyren drew a dagger from his waist and swung it like lightning.


The dagger aimed precisely at the opponent’s neck, but was blocked in the middle.

The man who spoke lightly grabbed Pyrene’s wrist.


No matter how strong it was, to be caught so lightly.

However, Pyrene was also a pro in this area. He drew another of his daggers from his left hand and was about to slash his opponent’s wrists.

Only then did the uninvited guest let go of Pyrene’s hand. Not only that, he even launched a counterattack on this side.

Pyrene managed to step back and glared at the intruder.

“Who are you?”

The intruder was a handsome blonde man.

A librarian-like style with gorgeous blonde hair tied around her neck, with a soft impression that makes it hard to see that she has blocked her attack.

But Pyrene knew.

‘That man. it’s a knight The same as me.’

A knight who fights rationally rather than a fair confrontation.

Not only did he not feel his presence while approaching, but he was clearly talented.

While Pyrene was on guard, Pasius approached Leo’s family and checked the condition of the two.

“Are you okay?”

“yes yes. are you okay.”

“I’m glad. It’s not too late.”

Pasius smiled softly and turned to Pyrene.

Pyrene let out a laugh.

“Huh, what is it? Were you here to rescue those two women? this is true Carl must have been fooled too.”

Pyrene shook her head and fixed the daggers in both hands.


A bluish sword rose above the dagger, making the dagger longer.

Pyrene swung it lightly once.


One of the pipes on the outer wall of the alley had been neatly cut.

“You seem to be a knight too, but you’re out of luck. You should have killed me when you had the chance a moment ago.”

Pyrene knew that Pasius had nothing in his hand.

There is no sword at the waist, no hidden weapon.

Literally naked.

He knew that he was a skilled knight in his own way, but he had nothing to fear without a weapon.

No matter how superhuman a knight may be, the existence of a weapon is of course important in a fight between the same knight.

‘Of course, don’t be careless. It’s a moment, but he lightly caught my attack. It sounds like you’re doing it one way.’

Pyrene inhaled lightly and bounced from her seat.

And like a surprise, it was shot straight ahead like a bullet.

The movement was so fast that it gave the illusion that the body was lengthening.

Stopping in front of Pasius’ nose, Pyren quickly swung the daggers in both hands.


A dagger that strikes from both sides at the same time.

One aimed at the neck, the other at the chest.

However, Pasius easily avoided the surprise attack by taking only two steps back.

As a Pyrene, it was like cutting open air.

‘Then let’s see if this can be avoided!’

The muscles in his arms twitched and released energy.

Let’s go!

Pyrene’s hands moved quickly and flamboyantly, drawing countless traces of sword energy in the air.

That swordsmanship was directed at Pasius.

The sight of a sharp blue light covering Pasius was like a huge blue shark devouring its prey.


Leo’s younger sister, who was watching from behind, shouted, but Pasius did not back down this time.

Instead, he just took a light step forward.

What Pasius did was simple.

I just raised my right hand as a sword and swung it lightly horizontally.


The countless sword blades wielded by Pyren were all shattered with a single blow from Pasius, scattering blue fragments.

The pure white sword did not stop there. It jumped over her shattered fragments and landed on Pyren’s body.


A huge mark was carved into the narrow wall of the alleyway.

The aftermath spread out behind Pyrene’s back and continued.

“what… … .”

Pyrene looked down at the feeling on her chest.

Following the trajectory of Pasius’ hand, solid red lines began to be drawn.

Fasius opened his mouth to Pyrene, who was looking at him in disbelief.

“I had a chance, but there’s no reason why I didn’t kill you.”

He lightly brushed off his blood-stained hand.

The pure white black energy that rose from her fingertips disappeared as if it were dispersing.

“A chance like this? You can make it whenever you want.”

That was the power of a knight who had reached the level of a master beyond the rank.

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