I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 283

◈ Episode 283 Unequal Equality (2)

Casey and Ludger stared at each other wordlessly.

At first glance, it would seem that people who happened to meet on the road were facing each other, but Pasius knew.

The complex and subtle emotions in Casey’s eyes looking at Rudger.

‘Hmm. this again… … .’

As if interested, Pasius stroked his chin.

It was quite strange that Casey Selmore had such a reaction to Rudger.

‘Casey Selmore. A magician who uses a single attribute element who received the title of color in the Mage Tower. He has a better reputation as a genius detective, and I heard that his personality is selfish and quite eccentric.’

What should I say about Casey’s expression when he looks at Ludger?

There seemed to be a complex mixture of several emotions.

Should we call it a love-hate relationship?

‘But in the case of Mr. Rudger, there is no change in his expression.’

Ludger’s expression, facing Casey, was the same.

His eyes were so calm that he didn’t know what he was thinking, and his emotions weren’t revealed.

Do you really have no feelings, or do you hide them and not show them?

Pasius decided to observe this interesting confrontation for now.

“… … .”

“… … .”

Casey and Ludger remained silent.

It was also because he was standing still like this, so Rudger opened his mouth first.

“Mentor Casey Selmore. They put a lot of effort into taking the students on field trips.”

The atmosphere, which had been strangely full of tension, was relieved a little with those words as the starting point.

Casey nodded in agreement.

“It’s because I do it for my juniors. It wasn’t that hard.”

“Is that so?”

“yes. Not so. Rather, where is Mr. Rudgar going in such a hurry?”

“It’s not really urgent.”

“Does the person next to you look like that?”

Casey asked, glancing at Pasius.

He didn’t recognize that the opponent was a Royal Guard, but it was clear that he was a great person.

I don’t know about anyone else, but Casey’s keen eye analyzed Pasius at once.

“You are a knight. He also has considerable skills.”

“what? Did I introduce myself?”

“no. It’s just visible. Judging by the moderation in his standing posture, he must belong to the imperial family. The etiquette is ingrained in me.”

Pasius was surprised inside.

He had lightly changed his outfit before leaving the imperial family.

It was because walking around outside while wearing the Royal Guard uniform drew too much attention.

Even though the sword was hidden from view, Casey recognized it at once.

Pasius realized that she wasn’t called a genius detective for nothing.

“… … Aren’t you going to do something dangerous?”

Casey asked, looking at Ludger.

He tried to ask in a normal way, but the subtle concern in his voice was enough that even Rudger could feel it.

“Even why you ask that. Were you even worried about me?”

As Ludger looked at him incredulously, Casey, realizing his mistake, blushed slightly and was embarrassed.

“I-I was just asking!”

“Is that so.”

“yes. Besides, it seems like something happened.”

Saying that, Casey looked at Ludger and Pasius alternately.

The Pasius that Casey saw was clearly a knight from the imperial family.

He has considerable skills, and judging from the gentle flow of his prayers, he is at least a high-ranking knight.

A person like that moves with Rudger?

Rudgar is a criminal who hides his identity.

It didn’t make sense that such a person would move with an imperial knight.

If it had been taken, I would have thought that this man had finally been exposed, but if that wasn’t the case… … .

‘I’m still in the position of a teacher, so I’m going to work with someone in the imperial family.’

If so, what is it?

Casey hadn’t noticed that far, but she was also aware of the unusual air currents flowing throughout the capital.

That’s probably the reason why members of the Knights of Nightcrawler and Knights of Cold Steel caught a glimpse when walking around the area.

‘Is Terrina here too? If you ask, you’ll understand why, but I can’t see Terina right now.’

So what’s left is to guess with these few clues.

The problem was that the man in front of him was highly likely to know about it.

“that… … .”

Casey opened his mouth, then closed it again.

I really don’t know what to say.

The fact that Casey applied for the role of mentor unlike himself was actually to create an opportunity to meet and talk with Rudger.

However, despite several chances in the middle, Casey couldn’t do it.

Every time I see that face, my heart keeps breaking.

Why does the subtle smile he made while falling from the waterfall that day keep overlapping with that expressionless face staring at him?

With himself, who is praised by people for kicking out the criminal of the century.

The figure of Ludger quietly walking away from the backstage alone.

The stark contrast of the scene never left Casey’s mind.

In fact, the person who should be praised more than anyone else is that man, but people don’t know.

Caught in a lie, they were just glad that it was good.

“Tell me.”

As Casey kept stuttering, Rudger suggested.

“… … no. nothing. I just want to check this one.”

“What are you talking about?”

Why didn’t you tell yourself the truth of that day?

That’s what she wanted to ask, but Casey knew she wasn’t ready to ask the question yet.

So I decided to ask another question.

“Is something happening in the capital lately?”

Casey asked in a low voice that would not be heard by the students waiting behind.

Not a question.

She was asking that question even with some certainty.


Rudger thought for a moment.

Here, I thought about what would happen if I answered yes to Casey Selmore.

‘It will definitely help. Her ability will be optimal for finding those hiding under the ground in this capital.’

Rudger looked over Casey’s shoulder at the students.

Most of them were looking at me with curious eyes, but their expressions were bright.

Probably because Casey took her around and told her many stories.

Some of them looked familiar.

They were Julia Plumheart and Sedina Lawchen.

‘If only I could get away from here with Casey Selmore.’

The students will finish their long-awaited field trip.

Rudgar’s gaze returned to Casey.

“no. Nothing is going on.”

“… … is that so?”

“yes. I have to go to check if the other mentors are doing well in class, so I’ll go.”


Before Casey could say anything, Ludger passed her with Pasius.

Casey couldn’t help but look at Ludger’s back as he left without a word.

The hand he was about to reach out stopped involuntarily, as if hesitating.

Rudgar is estranged from a group of students led by Casey.

Pasius, who was looking for an opportunity just in time, asked.

“Are you okay?”

“What do you mean?”

“If I had asked Detective Casey Selmore for assistance, it would have been of great help to this side. Wouldn’t she have to go over there as nothing special?”

Pasius assumed that even if Rudger did not ask for support, he would give it.

When Pasius asked why he hid the truth, Ludger replied as if it was nothing special.

“It wasn’t me, but she would have noticed.”

“Why do you think so?”

“Because she is a smart woman. She’s even persistent. Since she already sensed the anomaly, she wouldn’t have believed it even if I vehemently denied it.”

“Isn’t that a guess?”

“No, I’m sure. Even if we say no, he is the one who will move on his own.”

Pasius’ eyes narrowed.

It was as if he was teasingly asking how you knew that.

Rudger ignored that gaze and continued.

“Above all, this is a mission for the two of us. There can be no borrowing of other people’s hands.”

“Even if it might help?”

“If it is difficult with our own abilities, then we will need help.”

“It’s full and overflowing with power anyway.”

“Aren’t you confident?”

Rudger turned around and asked, leaving Pasius speechless.

Then he smiled and shook his head.

“this. You ate one.”

Pasius realized again.

This man, his skill at grabbing someone is not normal.

I thought I’d stab him once, but I didn’t expect it to come back stronger.

‘In addition, the ethos that can be felt subtly. I’m not an ordinary person at all.’

The mediocrity Pasius thought of here was due to lineage, not ability.

Pasius, who had been living in the Devalk Imperial Castle for a long time, had met many nobles and royalty.

Because of that, even when Pasius met a nobleman who hid his identity, he could guess the identity of the person only with his dignity.

Rudger was well suited to such a sensor of Pasius.

‘That’s strange. According to the princess, he’s definitely a vagrant who goes around hiding his true identity. Why does this person exude the dignity that can only be felt from royalty?’

Pasius could hardly understand it.

His behavior was too strange to be a member of some royal family.

‘But even if I don’t know anything else, I can understand why Princess Eileen kept coveting her.’

After thinking that far, Pasius suddenly thought of Casey Selmore, whom he had just met.

“Miss Rudger. I have more questions than that.”

“What else?”

“Didn’t you meet Detective Casey Selmore a while ago?”

“It was.”

“How exactly is your relationship going?”

“… … ?”

Rudger glared at Pasius with a gaze asking what kind of question he was asking.

“… … Didn’t you hear everything from the princess?”

“yes. Considering what happened three years ago, I can roughly guess, but looking at Detective Casey Selmore’s reaction… … You seem to have a vague idea of ​​Mr. Rudger’s true identity.”

“Does that matter?”

“no. No problem. It’s just that something is strange. If you’re a detective and you know the identity of a criminal, shouldn’t you be grinding your teeth? however… … .”


“Detective Casey Selmore’s reaction was, what should I say. It seemed very complicated. Should I say that it’s not just that I hate it?”

“… … .”

Rudger didn’t answer that.

But I had a vaguely similar feeling. There is no way that the person concerned is unaware of the change in Casey’s attitude, which had been impatient with not being able to eat herself until recently.

“Maybe I accidentally learned the truth about Mr. Rudger.”

“… … What difference does knowing that make?”

“hmm. Still, wouldn’t it be better than not knowing?”

“I’d rather not know.”

I don’t know how Casey learned the truth about the past.

Knowing doesn’t change anything.

the past is the past

It had already happened, and the spilled water could not be put back on the plate.

“Because knowing doesn’t change anything.”

When Ludger had said this so firmly, Pasius did not dig further.

But from Rudgar’s reaction alone, it seemed clear that he had something to do with Casey Selmore.

It’s a secret relationship hidden between a man and a woman who are quite famous in the world.

It was quite a personal interest for Pasius, but he decided to focus on his job for now.

“So, what do you see around you?”

While Pasius spoke to Ludger normally, his eyes continued to look around.

Just passed the students led by the mentor a moment ago.

If so, obviously there is.

The remnants of the Liberation Army, hiding and secretly spying on others.

“Sir Pasius. Can you see it in front of you?”

“Where are you talking about?”

“At one o’clock. A man sitting in front of a fruit shop reading a newspaper.”

“Has confirmed. There are also middle-aged people leaning against the lamppost at 7 o’clock and looking at the clock.”

“The number seems to be about two.”

“We are both just in time.”

“I’m in charge of the fruit shop.”

“I’ll have to deal with the gentleman over there then.”

The two of them moved at the same time, regardless of who they were.

Pasius moved stealthily and hit the middle-aged man on the back of the neck, causing him to pass out lightly.

“this. I will help you.”

The way he naturally supported him and led him to the alleyway was an unmistakable companion.

On the other hand, Rudger was a little different.

He openly went to the fruit shop and bought an apple from the owner.

The Liberation Army intelligence agent who was sitting nearby glanced at Ludger and then naturally got up and went out into the alleyway.

He realized at once that Rudger was Ceorn’s teacher.

The moment I was about to go to the secret branch to deliver the news right away.

In front of him, the shadow of the dark alley suddenly rose and blocked his eyes.

“Ugh! What, what!”

That was his last cry.

The stretched shadow split in an instant and turned into countless ropes, tying the man.

Rudger gently trampled on the back of the man who had fallen to the ground motionless.

“Did you catch it?”

“yes. What about that one?”

“I am here too.”

Pasius brought the stunned Liberation Army agent and dumped him beside the Liberation Army, who was bound by the shadows.

“You got it sooner than I thought. What now? I don’t think they’ll divulge information easily.”

“I have to make it happen.”

Ludger’s eyes suddenly shone viciously.

Tied up in the shadows, Ludger’s eyes met the Liberation Army’s effort to pretend to be calm, but cold sweat ran down their cheeks.

“Which method do you prefer?”

“Normally, it causes physical pain, but recently I wanted to see if I could touch the mental part with magic.”

“You look like me. I have the imperial secret secret torture method. It makes the other person go through without telling them what they know.”

“Do the Royal Guard learn anything like that?”

“I learned it on my own. It is a necessary skill to do this. But, it turned out to be a lot more useful than I thought. Of course, most people become disabled after going through it.”

“It won’t matter anyway.”

Two people who casually spit scary words to each other.

The magic that flowed from Ludger and the aura that flowed from Fasius engulfed the space.

The complexion of the liberation army bound by the shadows turned pale.

It was an unbearable pressure for ordinary people.

Oops! town!

He twisted his body and tried to shout something, but he couldn’t say anything because his mouth was also gagged by a shadow.

“oh. I wonder if this person wants to say something?”

“It would be bullshit. Or you promise to never blow it.”


“Looking at you desperately twisting your body like this, it looks like you have something you really want to say?”

“I don’t know if the Liberation Army would say such a thing. They may use deception tactics.”

“But wouldn’t it be right to give it a chance?”

town! town!

At the words of Pasius, the liberation army desperately nodded.

Rudger snapped his fingers, and the gag that bound his mouth came off.

“No, I will tell you! I will tell you everything!”

Ludger and Pasius looked at each other at the same time and nodded slightly.

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