I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 275

◈ Episode 275: Devalk Imperial Castle (2)

‘This is something strange.’

Hearing the truth from the mouse, Hans was troubled.

Usually the rats do whatever Hans asks for.

Of course, there are limits to what a mouse can do, so all Hans does is ask him to go somewhere and tell him what he saw.

But that was enough.

In particular, after transforming into the monster of Jebodang, Hans felt that his control over the beast had strengthened.

Now, it’s not just a mouse, it’s because you can control a dog or cat and even a crow.

What this meant was that now, no matter what Hans said, the mice would faithfully follow his orders.

Hans knew that too, so he sent a rat to check the underground canal.

However, something completely unexpected happened.

‘I told you that you can’t access the aqueduct itself.’

It’s not because the road is blocked or there’s nowhere else to go.

Literally, the rats are afraid and won’t go down any further.

‘Feeling fear beyond my control? If I give a strong command, I can make them jump into a pit of fire?’

But there was no way the mouse would tell lies.

As much as they faithfully obeyed Hans’ orders, the mice only spoke the truth.

Of course, the information itself that the rat asked for wasn’t quite as neat, so Hans also needed to re-verify the information himself.

Even taking that into account, the words that I couldn’t go in because I was scared were the same no matter how I interpreted it.

‘There is something.’

Hans had a hunch.

That there’s something under the capital’s aqueduct.

‘Then, did my older brother’s teacher know about that?’

I remembered Grander’s advice from Hans.

She told me to look at the sewer without any hesitation.

If I hadn’t known something, I wouldn’t have given you this advice.

He was eager to ask how he knew that, what exactly was inside, but Hans struggled to suppress his emotions.

There was nothing to notice about him either.

‘Since he informed me once, he seemed to have no intention of getting involved.’

If that’s the case, no matter how much you ask, the answer you want won’t come back.

Rather, if it offends you, it offends you.

When this happened, I had no choice but to move on my own.

“Write. Oh really. I really hate doing this.”

Hans got up from his seat and put on his coat.

He doesn’t really like moving on his own, but he hasn’t changed his personality enough to run away when necessary.

‘Besides, I’m not going alone.’

In addition to Hans, another member of Owens is here right now.

It wasn’t Pantos from <Herman Melville> or Alex from <Victor Hugo>, who had the strongest actual fighting skills.

Rather, a person who can be said to be unexpected.

no elf.

“Boss. Are you done?”

When Hans called, the door that was firmly closed opened with a squeaking sound.

A muddy-haired elf with messy orange hair walked out.

Bellaluna Petana.

Owens’s code name is Frances Scott Fitzgerald.

Ludgar gave it the name because the drugged elf was very similar to the alcoholic who suffered from alcoholism.

“Did you pack all your supplies?”

“Whoa, whoa. I took care of everything, but… … .”

“Then let’s go.”

It was she who had come all the way to the capital to move with Hans in preparation for an unexpected situation.

Hans put a bread hat on Bellaluna’s head and left the house.

* * *

Crystal Palace Magic Exhibition Hall.

Roina Pavlini took over as the guide with a smile on her face.

“This is a place that exhibits magic and is said to be a magic hall, so you can probably see materials on magic you haven’t heard of here.”

“Are there many strange magics here?”

“yes. The Crystal Palace is a place where the imperial family takes responsibility and attracts children, so I do it with all my heart, not just assortment.”

For that reason, the imperial family brought all kinds of magic and knowledge from the continent and displayed them in the Crystal Palace.

It was the same with the [Special] type of magic, which is difficult for ordinary people to encounter.

“Ah, of course, I’m not going to tell you all the fundamental secrets of the magic. I definitely keep the security in that part.”

“Oh, I see.”

“Rather than that, is Riné really a holder of non-attribute magic?”

Roina asked with her eyes shining.

Seeing that gaze, Rinne smiled bitterly and nodded her head.

“It’s been difficult to use elemental magic since before.”

“Wow, then there must have been a lot of uncomfortable things in class.”

“Yes, it actually was. I try to keep up with the theory somehow, but I also felt some limitations.”

“I-I know that feeling!”

Roina held Riné’s hand and nodded her head.

Roina was a 6th tier wizard, but she had never felt as great as other 6th tier wizards.

“Um, but isn’t Mentor Roina a Lexarer level wizard?”

“Even if I did, it would be nothing more than a stone’s throw!”

“Even if it’s a stone, I think it’s great… … .”

“It’s because I’m very good at the theory, after all, it’s only half the 6th tier.”

Even if Roina was weak in real combat, she was too weak.

It was because of her innately low self-esteem.

Because she was such a Roina, even with the obstacle of non-attribute magic, Line, who was trying hard at Seorn, couldn’t help but look proud.

Although it was inevitable that Linen felt a little pressure.

‘Still, I think you’re a good person.’

When I asked him what I was curious about, it wasn’t enough to give a sincere answer, and he offered to help guide me to the Crystal Palace.

Linen didn’t want this much, but Roina smiled and said that she wanted to do it.

“Rather than that, the student of Line has non-attribute magic, so is Seorn’s life okay?”

“yes. It was difficult at first, but there are many good people.”

“Still, it must have been difficult for you to keep up with the professors’ classes, right?”

“Because there are some professors who pay attention… … .”

“Oh, is it? is anyone?”

“Mr. Rudgar.”


When Rudger’s name came up, Roina was startled.

“Why is that?”

“Uh, um. That Ludger is Ludgar Celish, right?”

“yes. that’s right.”

“I did, but you did a good job? Just looking at the impression, it seemed that the lacking students would be abandoned without mercy.”

At Roina’s words, Line laughed a little.

For someone who didn’t know much about Rudgar, it wouldn’t be strange to think that way.

“Everyone thinks so, but Mr. Rudger cares about his students very much. Of course, he doesn’t show off on the outside, but if someone is having a hard time, he pretends to be reluctant and helps.”

“Hey. That, it was.”

“I got a lot of help too. Advice on non-attribute magic, especially the amount of magic discharge, which was lacking, has definitely increased, making it much better than before.”

“As for the amount of mana released, did you really participate in Ludgar Celish-sensei’s experiment?!”

Roina asked in surprise.

“yes. I happened to… … .”

“I really envy you! To get such a chance at the right time to grow! Wasn’t it scary?”

“Actually, I was worried. This is a study that no one has ever been successful in. But if I don’t do this, I feel like I will always stay there.”

“I am so amazing!”

Along with Line’s courage, her eyes lit up as if she had seen the man named Ludger again.

From Line’s point of view, it was rather burdensome to hear Roina, a 6th-tier magician and a senior in the industry, tell her so much.

However, Roina’s actions seemed sincere to be seen as empty words.

Because Line’s “eyes” were saying that.

Line could easily tell the difference between those who were friendly to her and those who were hostile to her.

The reason why Ludger, who was feared by others, and Line were able to approach without hesitation was thanks to his eyes.

He could tell whether their actions towards him were sincere or false, malicious or benevolent.

It’s so strange.

“That, more than that, the student of Line.”


“Who is that blonde student following us from earlier?”

I looked back to see who Rin was.

The moment she saw the striking blonde hair, Line couldn’t help but laugh awkwardly.

Erendir von Exillion.

The third princess of the Empire, Riné’s senior, and even a friend at the same time, she was secretly pursuing the two of them from behind.

With a burning jealousy in his eyes.

It seems that she thought that she was hiding and chasing after her, but her unique hair color stood out even among the crowd.

“He is my senior.”

“Seo, senior? But why don’t you go alone and join us… … ?”

“Could you wait here for a moment? I will go and get them.”

After saying that, Line approached Erendir, who was hiding in the crowd.

“senior. What are you doing?”

“oh! Lee, are you Lin’s junior? that… … Is it a coincidence? I will meet you all here.”

“You came to meet, sleep, and take mentor classes like us.”

“Oh right. That, was it?”

“So, senior, don’t you watch alone? Is there anyone watching with you?”

“… … .”

When Erendir’s expression turned gloomy in an instant, Line continued to say sorry.

“Then that’s great! I wanted to go with you too! I was looking for it, and it’s a coincidence that I met you like this!”

“… … !”

Erendir’s expression became clear again.

Rene was relieved by that appearance, but thought she was really tired.

After all, she’s both a senior and a princess, so can it be this simple?

Where did the arrogance and boldness shown in the first impression go?

‘Still, it’s kind of like a senior and friendly, so it’s nice to see.’

Since he couldn’t leave Erendir alone, Line took her hand and led her to where Roina was waiting.

That’s how Roina and Erendir faced each other.

“Hey, that’s Lin’s student. this person is… … .”

Recognizing Erendir, Roina started stuttering like the first time.

People who don’t know much about Erendir are overwhelmed by her splendid appearance and unique atmosphere.

In particular, for Roina, who has low self-esteem and a timid personality, it is literally the opposite of the opposite.

Erendir was also nervous.

Even if it looked like this, Roina was a 6th tier magician, an unsung genius in the theory world, and her mentor.

On the other hand, to Erendir, who was weak in theory even though she was descended from the imperial family, Roina was a genius who rose to high ranks with only her own deficiencies.

Looking at the two people who were uncomfortable with each other, Line thought about how to relieve this awkward atmosphere.

‘Even if I try to make them friendly by force, I think I’ll just feel repulsive.’

Just in time, Line’s gaze saw the magic of the exhibition hall.

“Mentor Roina. What is that magic?”

Inside the large glass tube, along with the spell, the form of magic was embodied as illusion magic.

There was an introductory phrase about what kind of magic was written below it, but Line knew it and deliberately asked.

“Oh, that one?”

When Roina was asked, she started explaining because she wanted to be at this time.

Line listened and listened, and Erendir naturally jumped on board and listened to the explanation.

Thanks to that, the stiff atmosphere was relieved and Erendir regained some composure.

“Then shall we go a little deeper?”

Responding to Line’s natural suggestion, the three walked around the Crystal Palace and looked around.

It was almost impossible to tell who was the mentor and the lead, but none of the three cared.

“Ugh. It’s probably this way. A place where unique magic is exhibited.”

Where Roina pointed, she saw magic stored among the crowd.

It wasn’t real magic, it was nothing more than an illusion imitating such magic.

However, because it was very real, people were watching with admiration.

“Magic is basically tied to class and specialization. Among them, magic that is not defined as modern magic is classified as a [special] class.”

“By the way, there are more special type magic than I thought?”

“On the contrary, in terms of diversity, the unique series is much more extensive than the other four series.”

Line stopped in front of an exhibition glass tube.

In it, I could see the figure of a sleeping person and a wizard who had entered that person’s dream.

“<dream walk> magic. It is used by mages belonging to the School of Dreams. It is surprisingly well-known for a unique family.”

At those words, Line recalled the image of Julia.

Come to think of it, that child was also on a field trip right now.

Then, in an instant, Line’s gaze caught a magical figure.

Perhaps feeling Line’s gaze, Roina also exclaimed ah when she saw the magic.

“Ah, that’s divine magic.”

“Divine magic?”

“Although it is a unique series, it is actually the most universally used. It is the magic used by the Paladins, Inquisitors, and Priests of the Lumensis Church.”

“What is an Inquisitor?”

“In other words, it is also called the Heretic Questioner. It’s a dead job these days, but the Church of Lumensis still has people like that.”

“I see. But to use magic.”

“They say it’s not magic, it’s a miracle from God, but according to modern theories, it’s half magic.”

Line stared at the Divine Magic Exhibition Hall.

Inside, I saw a woman wearing a pure white robe holding her hands together and praying.

A beautiful light was rising around the woman, and even though I knew it was an illusion, I was in awe.

However, there was something that caught Line’s attention.

‘What is it?’

Because of the light, the woman’s figure could not be seen properly.

Strangely, Line felt a strange attraction to that figure.

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