I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 271

◈ Episode 271 Black Lion (2)

‘The Knights of the Nightcrawler.’

While Ludger was watching them, Veronica said as if asking for understanding.

“I will go over there for a moment. I have someone I know.”

“Yes, please. It was nice to meet you.”

“It was nice to meet you too. I’ll see you later if I get a chance.”

Saying that, Veronica moved to the place where the Nightcrawler Knights were.

At that time, one of the teachers, who had noticed, approached Rudger and asked.

“Miss Rudger. Do you have any idea why the Templars came here? Maybe the president said something else… … .”

“I have never heard anything like this from the president. However, if you listen to Vice-captain Veronica a while ago, she said that an order came from the imperial family.”

“You mean in the imperial family? why… … ?”

“More than that, I don’t know.”

Not just empty words, but sincere.

But if you say you don’t know anything, then again, that’s not it.

‘Veronica, vice-captain, said that the imperial family called the knights directly.’

It was nominally a bodyguard for the students, but there was no way to believe such a comfortable statement.

Who are the mentors gathered here?

Looking at each individual’s power alone, even war was possible.

Since the students are also very talented, it is difficult to regard them as normal children of their age.

The idea of ​​escorting such people was absurd.

‘Of course, I said I’m going to do it, but it’s still the same as strange. No matter how stable the Kingdom of Utah is, it is also true that the Knights of Cold Steel are emptying the borders.’

Ludger’s gaze turned to the knights in black uniforms.

‘Especially if they went up to the Night Crawler Knights.’

The reason they moved must also be because an order came from the imperial family.

It’s too much power to protect students.

Rudger saw some flow in this strange situation.

don’t know what exactly

It was blurry like a mirage over the desert and I didn’t know where it was, but I was sure there was something I didn’t know.

‘There’s something. Is something about to happen in the capital?’

From what we confirmed, there were no reports of the Black Dawn moving.

If so, that means something else.

‘The only ones who can move in this situation are the Liberation Army. Of course, I don’t know anything yet, so I’ll have to wait and see.’

If you went around trying to find out something for no reason, this side could be suspicious.

First of all, the job of the knights is to check what looks suspicious.

Even if it’s just for a cause, I can’t fault it, so I have to wait and see.

Of course, that didn’t mean they didn’t take any action.

Rudger immediately signaled.


This whistling sound made using magical power produced an ultra-high frequency range that humans could not hear.

It’s a sound that ordinary people can’t hear, but Sedina, a half-elf, was different.

Her ears, hidden under her bouffant brown hair, perked up.

Sedina, who was staring suspiciously at the Knights of the Night Crawler, turned to Ludgar.

‘Sedina. send news.’


When Rudger gave an appropriate glance, Sedina, quick-witted, gave a small nod of her head as if she understood.

After a while.

A very small bug made of paper flew out of the plaza.

nobody noticed it

* * *

“Long time no see. Captain Terrina.”

“Veronica, vice-captain?”

It was the Knights of Cold Steel who greeted the Knights of Nightcrawler who entered the plaza.

black and white.

Two groups of completely opposite colors stared at each other face to face without speaking.

Even though it was just that, the tension engulfed the surrounding space.

When people got together, there was often something to talk about.

One was the question of who was better, the Old Magic Tower, the New Magic Tower, or the School Association.

The other was which of the three major knights of the empire was the strongest.

Whenever that happened, people’s reactions were always mixed.

Someone called the Knights of the Nightcrawler.

Because they move in the dark and are ruthless and cruel to their enemies, they are said to be stronger than anyone else.

Conversely, those who supported the Knights of Cold Steel spoke differently.

The Northern Aret Mountains, which are rumored to be rugged, are where the Cold Steel Knights usually stay.

In a barren environment where there are fewer days without snow in a year.

It was said that the Cold Steel Knights, who roamed the place like their own home, were stronger than any other knights.

Of course, there were also people who supported the other Stella Siren.

Perhaps because of the aftermath, the psychology of considering each other as competitors naturally worked strongly among the knights.

like right now

Although they did not draw their swords, the two knights glared at each other intensely with only their momentum.

Perhaps because of the completely contrasting colors of the uniforms, the confrontation seemed to stand out even more.

The heads of the group, Veronica and Terrina, stared at each other with expressionless faces.

How long could the atmosphere where there would be nothing strange even if he drew his sword and swung it right away lasted like that?


Veronica and Terina.

The two of them smiled at each other almost at the same time.

“how are you? Captain Terrina.”

“Is Vice-Captain Veronica doing well these days?”

“It can’t be. We’ve been so busy lately that we’ve barely made time for it.”

“iced coffee. It was said that the northern regions were infested with marauders because of the civil war. There was also a train attack by the Liberation Army.”

“It has decreased a lot now. I’ve heard more rumors than that. These days, the Nightcrawler Knights seem to be busier.”

At that, Terina smiled and shook her head.

“Don’t talk. A lot of weird things happen these days, and our kids are getting tired.”

“Didn’t you say that a huge mafia organization evaporated overnight?”

“That is a nobleman. Because a giant monster appeared in the middle of the city.”

“It’s the monster of the report party. I know it because I read it in the newspaper.”

“When one incident ended, another incident followed one after another.”

“You must be having a hard time with each other.”

Veronica raised her hand as she replied with a wry smile.

The Knights of Cold Steel, who were lined up behind the action, lost their momentum and turned their heads.

It was the same with the Nightcrawler Knights.

Although they were displeased, they did not reject the orders of their superiors.

At the sight, Terrina smiled weakly, as if she had already given up halfway.

“How long are you going to keep fighting this childish spirit?”

“That’s right. Aren’t you lucky though? If you think that the leader of Stella Siren was also involved, your head is already dizzy.”

“iced coffee. I agree with that. It’s a pity that they’re busy and aren’t there.”

This is how far the two groups come together, and if you think that the other one is added to it, then it really hurts.

In particular, the head of the Stella Siren had such a strange personality, that in such a situation, rather than putting out the fire, he was a man who would pour oil on it.

“More than that, vice-captain Veronica. How’s the captain doing?”

“Our captain is always the same.”

“That guy seems to be bothered by everything, but he is faithful to his work. Is that why he didn’t come here?”


“Right. No matter how stable the north is, it would be distasteful to see the greatest force of the knights vacate.”

“Actually, it’s because the captain is too lazy to go all the way to the capital. you know He’s such a lazy personality.”

“Looks like he’s still the same.”

Veronica and Terrina chatted with each other as if they were meeting old friends.

Terrina was the idol of all female knights, and Veronica was also the vice-captain of the Knights thanks to her skills, so the two shared a lot.

Since the entire Knights were in competition, the relationship between the two had no choice but to stand out even more.

Then Veronica lowered her voice and asked.

“Rather than that, seeing that Captain Terina is also here, do you mean something is happening in the capital?”

Is this finally the point?

Terrina said what she knew.

“I haven’t heard much about that part yet.”

“Isn’t that an order from above?”

“It is precisely the order of the first princess.”

“But the captain doesn’t know?”

“The princess only told us to patrol the capital.”

Veronica nodded her head in agreement at the word “Princess 1.”

“If it’s Princess 1, I guess that’s enough.”

“I don’t know what the hell you’re thinking, but the princess isn’t the one who gives orders carelessly.”

At those words, Veronica shook her head with a heavy expression.

“Something might happen.”

“I hope you don’t.”

“You mean that the Nightcrawler Knights don’t even know? Who is the strongest among us in information warfare?”

“It hurts my pride, but it has to be.”

“But the princess knows.”

“It’s because he has a lot of limbs to deal with besides us. In particular, there are those who act separately for the princess.”

“Ah, you mean the blade of the shadow?”

“To be precise, it’s a dagger, but the blade isn’t wrong either. But it’s not that we don’t guess. These days, the movements of the Liberation Army are unusual.”

“I thought I couldn’t see them in the north, but they seem to have gathered around the capital. We came out to prepare for the unexpected.”

Terrina nodded yes, but honestly, she didn’t like the situation itself.

If you go around openly like this, your enemies will rather hide deeper.

In the end, it is nothing more than postponing what will happen rather than solving the underlying problem.

“I feel like I want to get rid of everything.”

“No matter what, what could be better than not having an incident happen?”

“That too.”

“Anyway, I’ll say hello, we’ll just move on. Don’t you need to tell Seorn’s side?”

Terrina thought for a moment at Veronica’s words, then shook her head.

“It’s a long-awaited field trip, so we can’t ruin it.”

“Shouldn’t I still tell the teachers?”

“This is a mission from the imperial family. It has nothing to do with Ceorn.”

“Of course,” Terrina continued.

“Unless they are fools, they must be thinking that there must be something after seeing us gathered. As long as you have a level of alertness, that’s enough. Because the teachers of Seorn are also only talented people.”


After the Knights of Cold Steel left, Terina, who was left in the plaza, looked at the place where the students of Seorn Academy were.

‘Is it Ceorn Academy?’

I visited once not too long ago for an investigation, but there was no income.

It was because Elisa, the president, personally stepped forward to stop her.

No matter how much Terina was, she couldn’t deploy against the president of Ceorn, so she had no choice but to resign.

At that time, Terina’s gaze caught the figure of a person.

‘That man.’

At first glance, he was an eye-catching person.

Long black hair tied back moderately.

Blue eyes that do not lose their sharpness while feeling a sense of decadence somewhere, the sharp nose, and the silently closed mouth.

He was truly a handsome man.

What put an end to the appearance was the garment he was wearing.

The frock coat with silver decorations in a black tone had no wrinkles and further doubled his antiquity.

Is this the beautiful shape that a sculptor carved out after much thought?

Other Seorun teachers also had their own atmosphere, but nonetheless, they stood out because of their unique atmosphere and old-fashioned scion-like appearance.

“It’s Rudgar Chelsea.”

At that time Terrina’s lieutenant, Lloyd, approached her and said.

“Is that person?”

“yes. Recently, the results of research on increasing the amount of magic discharge in the Arcane Chamber were disclosed to everyone. Perhaps because of that, he rose from Seorn to the position of Director of Planning.”

“If you have such outstanding abilities, it is possible. The president of Ceorn cares about people with skills.”

Terrina stared at Ludger even as she said that.

Obviously, this is the first time I’ve seen him.

Even so, a strange sense of déjà vu clung to Terrina’s body like damp air from a moment ago and did not come off.


have you ever met

No one remembered Rudger’s face no matter how hard he looked at it.

At that time, Rudger turned around to where Terrina was, perhaps feeling the gaze from her side.

“… … .”

“… … .”

It was very fleeting, but the eyes of the two met.

At that moment, Terina’s heightened sense of humor was purely a judgment based on intuition.

Time slowed down as if it were slowly flowing, and at the same time, the vision suddenly became clear, and Ludger’s figure in the distance was magnified.

If Ludger showed any suspicious reaction the moment he saw this, he would be able to notice it at once.

“… … .”

Surprisingly, however, Ludgar glanced at Terrina, then turned away without showing any reaction.

Terrina did not catch any abnormalities in the process, which unfolded slowly, as if moving in water.

‘what? Was it just my misunderstanding?’

I watched with the mind to catch even the slightest pupil change, but I didn’t see anything.

It literally turned his gaze away as if he was looking at someone else.

“Captain? What’s your problem?”

“… … No, nothing.”

When I thought about it again, I wondered if I was worrying for nothing.

Rudger is a man who rose from Ceorn to the position of Director of Planning at a young age.

There was no way that a suspicious person with an unclear background could rise to such a position.

More than anything, there is her in Seorn.

Chancellor Elisa Willow.

There is no way that she, who has an excellent eye for seeing people and even a magical eye that attracts people, could not distinguish suspicious people.

‘I think I’ve become too sensitive lately.’

Terrina immediately turned her attention away from Rudger and looked back at the Nightcrawlers.

They had other things to do.

* * *

‘I was surprised.’

Ludger, who naturally caught Terry and Ryan Howl’s gaze, had to calm down his excited mind.

How surprised I was when our eyes met for a moment.

‘In the world, why did you see me?’

Ludgar didn’t know why Terrina would care about him.

It was because he was completely unaware that he had become famous among knights.

Fortunately, Terrina put aside her doubts by looking away without thinking.

Rudger shook his head.

‘You can’t get caught here. I have a place to go right now.’

The only place Ludger needs to go after this is the only place in the capital city.

It was the yellow star.

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