I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 270

◈ Episode 270 Black Lion (1)

A large number of wizards gathered in the central plaza where the fountain was located.

They were people who came to serve as mentors.

Seorn’s students recognized the wizards gathered in the plaza.

Since they were students who were taught with a passion for magic, I could tell at a glance.

“Me, that one. Are you Caroline Monarch?”

“Huh! There’s even Whiron!”

“Roina Pavlini? I read all of his thesis! It’s the first time I’ve actually seen it!”

“If you have an iron mask, you have hardness!”

The mentors gathered in the plaza were no different from celebrities to students exploring magic.

With all those people gathered, it was reminiscent of an all-star game of role models.

“I heard that great people are coming, but this is on a different level.”

“oh my god. My head is already dizzy.”

I heard advice from seniors in advance that famous people would come, but it wasn’t to this extent.

It was natural.

The number of wizards who applied for field trip mentors this year tripled compared to last year.

In the case of high-ranking wizards, there were far more applicants.

Rather, the applicants were so strong that considerable manpower had to be spent on weeding out the right people from among them.

Aidan and his friends recognized the wizards as well.

“omg! It’s Whiron!”

Aidan’s eyes lit up when he saw the huge muscular body that was uncharacteristic of a wizard.

Seeing that, Teishi asked in an absurd voice.

“Why do you like it so much?”

“That’s because he’s the person I respect the most!”


It was a word that didn’t quite fit to come out of Aidan’s mouth.

No, Aidan, who usually likes magic itself and longs for it, can respect someone.

However, Aidan was an omnivore who liked everything, not one side.

Perhaps, no matter who was present, Aidan would have said that he respected him with his eyes shining.

It was quite strange to Tacey that Aidan had pointed out one of these prominent people.

“why? Is there any particular reason you like it?”

So I had no choice but to ask.

Is there any special reason?

To that question, Aidan answered as if it were natural.

“That’s right, my magic basically requires me to move my body, right?”

“That’s right.”

Aidan’s magic was anti-magic, but it wasn’t omnipotent, dispelling all magic as the name suggests.

In order to use anti-magic, Aidan had to use a staff made in the form of a sword and wield it like a weapon.

Perhaps because of the nature of magic, Aidan had to train his body unlike a wizard.

“So, I have to train my body, but Whiron-nim is a high-ranking magician and her body is perfect.”


Tracy looked at Whiron.

Huge physique, bulging muscles, thick neck and angular chin full of masculine beauty.

She felt more like a knight than a knight, or rather stronger than that, and her head felt dizzy.

muscle? good to have

However, if there are too many of them, the opposite is the case. To be honest, it’s disgusting.

From Tacey’s point of view, Whiron’s body was rather excessive than perfect.

“Aidan. Do you like that?”

“huh. Isn’t that obvious? that overflowing power. I think I want to be like that someday.”

“… … .”

Tess thought.

Aidan’s muscles overflowing.

Thinking of that naive face and body full of muscles made Tacey unknowingly get goosebumps.


“uh? what.”

“No way! It’s the opposite of building muscle!”

Seeing Aidan bewildered, Tacey put her hands on her hips.

“Anyway, don’t get too excited. Today’s field trip is important, but there’s more to worry about, right?”

“huh. It is.”

Aidan also nodded, and Aidan blamed himself for being too excited.

Come to think of it, there was nothing wrong with Tay’s point.

A field trip is also a field trip, but Aidan and Taysh decided to find out what happened to Leo, who had recently been in bad shape.

When he was inside Ceorn, Leo would avoid it here and there, but if it was a field trip, he would not be able to escape because he would follow the prescribed route.

But you’re already looking away.

“Aidan. Because you’re so anxious, I need to do it properly. In the first place, I’m not a child, and I really liked that I met some seniors in the industry… … Kyaaaa!”

Tayshe, who was about to say something, spotted one of the people gathered in the plaza and involuntarily screamed like a girl.

“Tacey? are you okay? What happened all of a sudden?”

“oh my god. is it true? That’s Casey Selmore! A person I respect! Great detective of the century!”

“uh… … Tacey?”

“Crazy, crazy! How could Casey get here? This must be a dream!”


“What do we do? What should I do? I want to get your autograph right now. Aaaaa! I can’t be bothered like this!”


When Aidan raised his voice, Tacy, who had fallen into her own world, belatedly regained her reason.

When she remembered her ugliness, she blushed and coughed.

“… … that, so this. It’s because of the feelings of respect I’ve had for a long time.”

“huh. okay.”

Although Aidan remembered what Taish had said just a moment ago, ‘I’m not a child’.

Here, out of consideration, I decided not to bring up the story.

Aidan also developed a sense of notice while going through various things.

When the students admired their mentors, the mentors, on the contrary, focused their attention on one person.

It was Ludger Celish, who followed as a leading teacher.

Rudger was unaware of the stares flying towards him.

‘Everyone seems to be very hot.’

That was the case with high-ranking magicians.

High-quality personnel who are evaluated as executives in a huge group of wizards.

Even if someone earnestly invites them, they can cancel the appointment at any time if they don’t feel like it, and they have the position of absolute power that makes the other person bow their head in embarrassment.

Such people gathered together in the role of mentors.

No matter how Seorn is said to be the best magic academy on the continent beyond the empire, this situation was obviously strange.

Rudger knew all too well why.

‘I taught you how to make magic suppressants, but it probably didn’t work out as well as I thought.’

There was a reason why Rudger disclosed the data to everyone in the Arcane Chamber.

Even if you know the recipe, you are sure that you cannot make it as it is.

Several magic academies, including the Old and New Magic Towers, made magical suppressants according to the data Ludger told them.

However, after seeing the results that fell short of the actual research, they realized.

Something important is missing in this recipe,

And Rudgar Chelsea knows something more.

But now I couldn’t even ask if I was cheating.

At the time the information was already disclosed, Ludger’s name value had risen considerably in the magic world.

Some wizards who were thirsty for knowledge would have tried to win it even with dirty tricks, but that was something they had to do while watching their opponents.

So what’s the rest?

It seemed good somehow, so I had no choice but to listen to Rudger himself.

That’s why he sent a high-ranking wizard as a mentor.

In a way, it’s an obvious behavior.

Of course, not everyone came with a dark heart.

Whiron was a prime example of such a person.

“ha ha ha! Mr Rudger! long time no see! How have you been?”

When others were paying attention to the cause somehow, Whiron strode forward as if it didn’t matter at all.

When Whironin handed him a handshake, Ludger took it and shook it.

“This is the first time since we met in Arcane Chamber.”

“Yeah, you must have been busy!”

Knowing that the other person did not have dark feelings, Ludger gave the right words.

“You seem to be in better shape than before.”

“haha! is it? I changed my weight method a bit lately. To realize this, after all, Sensei is not an ordinary eye! Have you ever exercised?”

“It’s just about increasing your stamina.”

“Ha ha ha! In a yard full of wizards who don’t even do that, there’s no need to be ashamed! On the contrary, I am even jealous!”

“You mean jealousy?”

Rudger asked back as if he was puzzled by the sudden story.

“then! Originally, research to increase the amount of mana emission was the wish of our school!”

“If it’s Whiron’s school… … .”

Rudger swallowed back his words because he had something on his mind.

Despite his size, Whiron is a wizard who has trained his body to the limit.

As for why he became like this, it was literally part of the research.

<Muscle Life School>

It was the school that Whiron belonged to, but unlike its mischievous name, it boasted a surprisingly large scale.

The magic they pursued was simple.

That is, the strength of the body.

-Because the body of the wizard is weak, the amount of mana emitted does not increase!

– Strong mana dwells in a strong body!

If the school of ordinary wizards is a place where all kinds of books are piled up and quietly explored.

The School of Muscle Life lifts a barbell, beats a punching bag, and squats.

It was a place full of sweat and spirit.

“It is not enough to achieve the longing we hoped for, even to be humble! Is there anything in the world to be ashamed of? But if good wind blows in the magic world, that’s enough! I will surrender cleanly!”

Even if he said that, Whiron rather recognized Rudger.

“Of course I have a better face, but I mean. You, too, work hard and become as wild as I am. Well, I’d love to grow a beard.”

“Thank you for your generous understanding, but I don’t have the time to do that yet.”

“Then why don’t you visit our school once! As you can see, the quality is not enough, so it seems overflowing!”

Whiron scanned Ludger’s body with the eyes of a hawk.

Other people would not have known, but Whiron knew.

A very well-trained body hidden behind a black frock coat.

“I said it humbly, but I can tell. Your body is full of muscles!”

Whiron’s eyes lit up.

I thought that most of the magic academy teachers were insincere, but to think that such a bright gemstone existed.

That’s why I was greedy.

“How is it? How about a dumbbell together?”

“… … Thanks for the suggestion, but I’m a busy body.”

In the strange heat felt in Whiron’s gaze, Ludger felt a sense of crisis that he might be in danger if he did something wrong, and immediately expressed his intention to refuse.

Whiron nodded as if he couldn’t help it, but licked his lips as if he couldn’t help it.

“Sorry. I could have made your body truly beautiful to the utmost.”

“… … I will accept it from the bottom of my heart.”

“ha ha ha! Usually other wizards break down their expressions when I invite them like this, but the teacher is also very polite. I felt it even then, but I can feel the rigidity. cancer! If you are a man, you should!”

Whiron left with a big smile, saying he would go see the assigned students.

Rudger shook his head.

Unlike other mages with a dark heart, Whiron was very straightforward and honest.

That’s why there was something that made people tired of words and actions without adding or subtracting.

‘Because there are more people to care about here anyway.’

Ludger, who was looking for mentors who were trying to talk to him somehow, met Casey’s eyes.


I’ve felt this since the last time I submitted a mentor application, but Casey’s behavior was somehow strange.

Should I say it’s not like her?

Even now, when our eyes met, Casey averted her gaze as if it had never happened.

‘I thought I’d brazenly come and get into another fight, but that’s not it.’

If so, for what purpose did you take on the role of a mentor?

It was something that Rudger didn’t even know he knew.

At that moment, someone recognized Rudger and started talking.

“oh! Mr. Ludgar Celish!”

Rudger’s gaze naturally turned toward it.

And as if he had found an unexpected person, Rudgar opened his eyes slightly wide.

“Isn’t that Mr. Veronica?”

Veronica Deville.

The vice-captain of the Cold Steel Knights, who are in charge of the mountainous regions of the Aret Mountains in the northern part of the empire.

“haha. You remembered me.”

With her dark hair tied back in a ponytail, she recognized Rudger and approached with a smile.

“Long time no see. How have you been?”

“yes. I’ve been fine, but what are you doing here, Veronica?”

“Isn’t today the day we go on a field trip from Ceorn to the capital? For that reason, the imperial family dispatched us so that future talents would not get caught up in an unexpected situation. It’s practically a policing operation.”

“Are you talking about someone like the vice-captain?”

“Of course, besides me, our knights are also here.”

Veronica explained it that way, but Ludgar still didn’t quite understand it.

“Then there will be a big gap in the security of the Northern Mountains.”

“Oh, that’s fine. Since the kingdom of Utah overcame the aftermath of the civil war and finished internal maintenance, it was rather less work because we strengthened security through cooperation with them.”

It has been quite some time since the civil war in Utah Kingdom ended.

This time, the newly enthroned princess showed outstanding abilities, restored the scars of the civil war, and raised the country to the stage of stabilization.

But even with that alone, Rudger’s doubts were not easily washed away.

The Cold Steel Knights are one of the three major knights of the Empire.

Calling such people for students?

‘Was there some kind of deal between the imperial family and Seorn?’

However, even to him, the head of the planning department, this story did not reach his ears.

That means the president personally contacted the imperial family.

‘Or the arbitrary actions of the imperial family.’

Rudger thought it was more likely the latter.

As for that, the term “police activities” seems to be right at first glance, but it is highly likely to be a lie.

“Oh, and the Knights of Cold Steel aren’t the only ones gathered here. Those who guard the sea did not come, but other knights were dispatched.”

Speaking of knights dispatched by the imperial family, there was only one thing that came to Ludger’s mind.

“ah. He comes over there just in time.”

At Veronica’s words, Ludger’s gaze turned to one side of the plaza.

A group of knights could be seen in the distance.

Knights in black uniforms, the exact opposite of the Cold Steel Knights, who wore snow-white uniforms.

Considering that they were moving in the darkness of the empire, it was a color that really suited them.

The Nightcrawler Knights of the Security Agency.

The figure of the person standing in the lead caught Rudger’s eyes.

‘Terrina Ryan Howl.’

Pure white gray hair and a charismatic impression.

A knight who has reached the level of a master who protects the empire.


It was a bad fate that Rudger faced when he was active as ‘Arsene Lupin’.

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