I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 269

◈ Episode 269: An Unexpected Gift (2)

After escaping from Ludger’s office as if she were running away, Elisa walked slowly again after confirming that she was quite far away.

Elisha spotted Wilford waiting for her in the distance and approached with gentle steps.

Wilford asked Elisa in her usual polite tone.

“President. Did you give the gift properly?”

“Yes, of course. Who do you think I am?”

Elisha answered confidently, completely erasing the fact that she was nervous in front of Ludger earlier.

Normally, if I said that much, I would have gone over it, but Wilford felt something suspicious and asked to confirm.

“What did you give me as a gift? I said I would recommend it that day, but didn’t the president say he did it himself?”

“A gift? Why are you asking that?”

“A normal person like Mr. Rudger might not be able to understand easily with a modest gift.”

Of course, this was Wilford’s lie.

Rather, if it were that man, he wouldn’t mind even if I gave him a present.

Even so, it was because of the old lady that I was worried about the unknown.

“So what gift did you give me?”

“Don’t be surprised to hear it. He gave me a ticket to a private meal with me.”

“… … yes?”

asked Wilford, surprised.

“Are you serious?”

“Why is that? It’s a chance to have a meal with me, there’s no way there’s anyone who doesn’t like it, right?”

“… … .”

Wilford let out a small sigh as he realized that what he had been anxious about had become reality.

In fact, I vaguely expected this to happen.

Elisa Willow received a gift from someone since her school days, but never gave it to her.

A gift is, after all, a means to look good to someone.

If you don’t need to look good, you don’t need gifts.

Because, even if it wasn’t, everyone treated her kindly.

Beauty, family, talent.

She was a person who lacked nothing.

Nevertheless, he rose to the position of president of Seorn and wanted all students to receive an equal education, and he pushed ahead with the work accordingly.

Even if the means were not completely clean, it was undeniable that her disposition was righteous at first glance.

perfect superman.

Some people said that while looking at Elisa Willow.

However, since Elisha is also a human being, there is no lacking part.

like right now

‘I’m used to being favored by someone, so on the contrary, I feel awkward doing favors.’

There were times when trying to do a favor didn’t lead to a favor.

To be precise, it was possible to give rewards as a superior, but since it was an equal relationship, he had never given a sincere gift.

I couldn’t help it because of the environment I grew up in.

After all, people are social animals, and the environment is the most important factor that completes them.

It was for this reason that I was nervous when giving a present to Rudger this time.

As Chancellor, Elisa Willow was perfect, but as an ordinary person, she fell short.

“Anyway, it seems that the president needs to learn a little general common sense.”

“Wilford. What a rude joke.”

“I am serious.”

“… … .”

Elisa glared at Wilford with a sullen expression.

Wilford was already worried about the fact that he had a lot to teach.

* * *

“Sedina Rosshen.”

“Yes, sir.”

In the principal’s office, where there were no more guests, Rudger called out Sedina’s name as he laid the last papers on the table.

“You probably know that we are going on a field trip in Ceorn this time.”

“Yes that’s right.”

Sedina couldn’t have known because she was also going on a field trip.

Because of that, the students around me were talking loudly that the day was far away, so I had no choice but to listen even if I didn’t want to.

“But why… … ?”

“If Seorn moves, the Black Dawn cannot stand still. Are they up to something?”

“Ah, that… … .”

Sedina wondered what to say, but soon gathered her mind and spoke honestly about what she knew.

“You may not believe it, but the Black Dawn is currently not moving.”

“… … .”

Rudger raised one eyebrow in surprise, then stroked his chin with his finger.

“Strange. I thought I would take advantage of this opportunity to do something. Were there any instructions or orders from the upper level?”

“yes. I was just told to wait.”

“Wait, ok.”

Sedina is the second order of the Black Dawn, but she has recently gained a considerable position while working exclusively for Ludgar.

Although he is still the Second Order in terms of his status, he has a great reputation as the agent of the First Order <John Doe>.

Thanks to that, Sedina was able to access higher-level information more easily than before, and knew pretty much everything about what was happening in the Black Dawn.

Even Sedina said there was no order from the Black Dawn regarding this field trip.

‘It’s not like I didn’t receive a separate instruction either.’

Of course, since this side had already been ordered, there was nothing strange about not receiving additional instructions.

Rather, the Zero Order might have been more concerned about contacting information because they knew that Ludgar was not the original John Doe.

Rudger thought that far and shook his head.

‘Due to the nature of Zero Order, I won’t do such troublesome things.’

I didn’t know much about Zero Order, but I had good reason to think so.

If the Zero Order cared about that, there was no way he would have let him listen to what others were talking about at the Order Synod.

Nonetheless, Zero Order remained silent in the meeting.

Even knowing that a guy I don’t know who came to take the position of an executive instead.

He simply chose to leave.

That’s why he didn’t know what was inside, but that’s why Rudger was sure.

‘Then is the Black Dawn really not moving during this field trip?’

Then, somewhere crazy, Ludger opened his mouth.

“Sedina. You said you knew something about the movements of the Black Dawn.”

“yes. That’s right.”

“But you don’t know everything. Am I right?”

“… … .”

Sedina hesitated a bit to answer, as if the fact that she had to admit her inadequacies in front of her esteemed Ludgar was quite painful.

“I am not blaming you. Because in reality, the impossible part is unavoidable. In the case of information you may not have access to… … Is Nikolai involved?”

First Order Nikolai.

Even among the executives of the Black Dawn Society, if he had the ability to handle information, it seemed possible to control other information so that it did not spill out.

As expected from Ludger’s guess, Sedina nodded with a slightly stiff expression.

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Right. As long as we don’t fully understand what they’re trying to do, it means that the Black Dawn may or may not move.”

I would like it to go as smoothly as possible without anything happening, but the worst case scenario has to be assumed in everything.

‘There are more things to do.’

Originally, he intended to go to the capital and see an opportunity to steal a Relic Fragment.

Normally, considering the iron-clad security of the imperial family, it would be something that would be out of the question, but it was not something that could not be challenged.

This was because, for this field trip only, students were allowed to tour the inside of the imperial family.

‘The imperial family must have intended to give a good impression to the children who would later become important members of society.’

I understand the purpose.

Thanks to that, I was able to enter the imperial palace, which I thought was the highest wall, under the name of a leading teacher.

However, if the Black Dawn gets involved, the story changes.

‘Judging by Nikolai’s behavior, he’s the type who likes to plot things behind his back.’

Besides, Nikolai was humiliated by Rudger in front of everyone at the last meeting.

Considering his personality, there was nothing strange about taking revenge.

‘Because Zero Order doesn’t stop competition between executives at all.’

From Nikolai’s point of view, if his nemesis John Doe and one of his targets, Theorn Academy, go on a field trip to the capital.

Will he be still?

Of course, I wouldn’t cross the line.

Because to openly spread rumors that this side’s identity is an executive of the Black Dawn Society is tantamount to betraying the organization beyond simply keeping the opponent in check.

Nikolai must have known that, and he would have planned things within the limits of not crossing that line.

Because that would be competition within the limits allowed by Zero Order.

‘Whatever it is, it will be a special field trip.’

* * *

Chii profit!

The train spewed white steam and ran over the tracks.

As the scenery outside the window began to flow quickly, the students seated in their seats made a fuss.

“A field trip is finally here!”

“I’m already looking forward to it!”

“Who are the mentors coming?”

If Ledervelk was adjacent to Seorn, it was a large city where magic, magic engineering, and science had developed.

Lindebrunew was a famous tourist destination full of historical records engraved with the footsteps of the Millennium Empire.

Students who had not yet been to the capital could not sit still with excitement.

“Who makes so much noise on the train?”

At that time, a voice resounded in the heated atmosphere, like blowing ice magic over cold water.

The noisy students recognized the owner of the voice and immediately shut up.

Rudger Chelsea.

Joining as a lead teacher, he subdued the students who jumped out of their seats with a single word and a glance.

Even a noisy vehicle quickly became quiet once Ludger passed by.

Students whispered behind the scenes.

“Still, it’s a long-awaited field trip, so it’s okay if you like it a bit.”

“That’s right. I think Mr. Rudger is too strict.”

“But isn’t it worth it? Mr. Rudger got caught up in a train terror attack when he came for his post at Seorn.”

“Oh, is that so?”

The train, which had been quiet once, arrived safely in the capital.

Students rushed out of the capital’s train station under the guidance of teachers.


“This is the capital.”

“really pretty.”

The capital of the empire, Lindebrunew, was a city that came out naturally at a glance, saying that it was white and beautiful.

The distance itself from the train station to the plaza was like seeing a huge piece of art.

If Leatherbelk, a large city of a similar size, had a strong atmosphere that was a little dark and hard.

Lindebrugne was clear and warm in color, and had a more idyllic atmosphere than Leatherbelk.

The students constantly exclaimed, and although they did not show it on the outside, Ludger felt the same way.

‘It’s been a while here too.’

The first place Ludger came to after escaping from Master’s arms was right here, Lindebrunn.

Even then, Lindebrunn was a fairly large and beautiful city, but now it is showing much more development than then.

‘It’s been more than 7 years, so it’s natural.’

In a world where magic and science are developing day by day, 7 years was not enough time for change.

Still, not everything has changed, so even as I walked down the street, I could see glimpses of the past overlapping.

‘Come to think of it, that kind of thing happened back then.’

The days when I was just out of the world looking for work.

Rudger, who was walking down a dark street at night, bumped into someone at the corner of an alleyway.

He wore a robe over his head to hide his identity, but his unique aura and golden hair were clearly visible even in the dark.

-What are you guys like?

– Who are you?

The two asked each other at the same time.

No matter how dark the alleyway was, Ludger was in a state of high spirits at the thought that someone might be chasing him.

Even so, until they bumped into each other, they didn’t know that someone was coming.

It was the same for opponents.

I was holding an artifact that kills presence and an artifact that finds people around me.

In a place where I thought no one was, I ran into a mysterious man.

Two people holding secrets from each other.

That was the first meeting between the Empire’s first princess and Jack the Ripper.

‘The person who did that is now the first heir to the throne and is called the next emperor in name and reality.’

This was all the more remarkable since the previous emperor was so helpless and weak-minded.

‘I wonder if you’re still working hard in the imperial palace. No, given his personality, he might be plotting something else behind the scenes.’

The image of Princess Eileen, known to the public, is the recognition that she is a fervent empress with benevolence, beauty, and outstanding abilities.

The rumor isn’t wrong.

Actually, Eileen has enough ability to be called that.

However, it’s just that the rumors don’t fully cover the existence of her.

‘Considering his temperament, I don’t really want to associate with him.’

When thinking of people similar to Eileen, Ludger will definitely think of President Elisa and the Zero Order.

A person whose true intentions are difficult to understand, and who evokes a dark force and plots some kind of work behind the scenes.

Even so, a person who is confident and lofty and never lowers or bends himself.

‘I respect you as a person to person.’

I would rather bite my tongue than face to face.

To that extent, Princess Eileen was a tired and reluctant person.

If it hadn’t been for that, he would have had a reliable ally, the next emperor, but he would not have left as if he were hiding his identity and running away.

‘But the other side is the same blood, why the hell… … .’

Ludger’s gaze turned to Erendir, who was eagerly explaining the capital to his juniors.

It seems that he is trying to preserve his dignity as a senior by using what he knows about the capital.

He talked so much that the freshmen listening were more fed up than impressed.

Seeing how Erendir didn’t stop explaining without notice, he wondered if that was really the younger sister of the first princess he knew.

Of course, Ludger’s gaze toward Erendir was cold, as if he was looking at something pitiful and pitiful.

‘Does it look like my father’s side?’

If so, there is nothing you can do

Rudger shook his head and surveyed the city.

‘In the end, I’ve come back.’

Originally, he should have come here as Gerard.

Then, meeting Hans who was waiting here, he would gradually settle down and build a force.

However, the identity he obtained while visiting again was a teacher at the magic academy.

He said he didn’t know what was going to happen, but isn’t it a really interesting twist of fate?

“This is the central square.”

“Very spacious.”

When we arrived at the plaza that looked far away, we began to see familiar figures one by one.

Mentor wizards to greet students.

They joined the crowd.

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