I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 268

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◈ Episode 268: An Unexpected Gift (1)

Rudger went to work in his private office and went through the papers lying on his desk.

It’s time for field trips to come.

This task was virtually finished as long as the paperwork that was almost sorted was sorted out.

‘I think this is enough for the mentors.’

After checking the list of mentors, Rudger decided that it did not matter if he proceeded as it was.

He was bound to be busy after becoming the head of the planning department, but Rudger wasn’t too busy after his first inspection.

Most of the work is done by subordinates.

Rudger just had to sign the payment file that came up above.

‘A lot of outstanding mentors gathered this year.’

Originally, many famous wizards often participated as mentors during Seorn’s field trips.

Seorn is the best magic academy in the empire.

Among the famous magicians, there were many graduates, and there were plenty of people willing to step out for their alma mater.

‘Besides, being a mentor to three students is a proof of recognition among mages.’

It was natural for wizards to apply regardless of you or me.

However, for a regular event held every year, the competition this year was particularly fierce.

There were many familiar names on the culled list.

The Old Magic Tower, the New Magic Tower, and even the Association of Schools.

The magicians of the corresponding group always applied, but this year the ratio increased more than three times compared to last year.

‘Perhaps it’s because of me.’

Most of them must have listened to his lecture in the last Arcane Chamber.

It was clear that it was an action to somehow make contact with them and make a kite, or to show off well to Seorn.

‘Rather than that, I managed to make a list among these outstanding applicants.’

Rudger admired the ability of the Planning Department staff to handle their work.

It was a fairly perfect edge to subtract or add someone here.

At first glance, that is.

‘Isn’t it just working in the planning department? Ruining this ability is a waste of manpower in many ways, so I’ll have to do more work in the future.’

Had they heard this news, the Planning Office staff would have foamed at their mouths.

Lately, they’ve been busy with Rudger.

A life of living with coffee in your mouth every day and being buried in piles of paperwork.

Seeing him walk with a staggering gait, his soul coming out of his mouth, he now thinks of the Planning Office before graduate students.

Perhaps because of that, rumors that zombies have been circulating near the planning office have been circulating for about a week.

“Miss Rudger.”

Just in time, Sedina came from the teaching assistant’s room with a pile of final approval documents.

“Here is the final payment document.”

“Good work. Did something else happen?”

“Ah, I have one thing to report to you. A teacher in charge of alumni came to the Planning Office.”

At the sudden report, Rudger lowered his rimless glasses slightly and looked at Sedina.


“They said they thought a graduate student who escaped the lab escaped here. I think I was mistaken because of the rumor that zombies appear every night.”

“… … .”

Rudger thought for a moment that he had heard something wrong, but after seeing Sedina’s serious expression, he confirmed that he had heard it correctly, and put his glasses back on.

“… … When this job is over, I need to give the people in the planning department some time off.”

If you think about it, it was all because of Rudger himself that the staff members of the planning department were busy.

There were a lot of things I was asked to do when I was newly appointed, but this mentor list tended to attract a lot of applicants because of Rudger.

Because of this, the planning office has been in a night castle where the lights do not go out for over a week.

“Still, the cleanup is over, so there won’t be any more… … .”

At that moment, the door to the classroom was thrown open.

To open the door without knocking

At the same time as thinking that he was a fairly rude guest, Rudger felt a strange sense of deja vu in this situation.

There have been cases similar to this in the past.

It was three years ago, when he was working at Ord University in Delica Kingdom.

“Excuse me.”

A woman enters the classroom with confident steps.

okay. It was like this even then.

Like clear water flowing in the forest.

Her hair, shining bright blue, swayed as if it were fluttering in line with her footsteps.

Rudger stared silently at Casey Selmore, who had come to visit him.

Normally, everyone averted their gaze, but Casey did not lose and stared at Rudger.

“I want you to knock on the door when you come in. It is basic etiquette.”

“Isn’t it surprising now?”

Instead of replying, Rudger glanced at Sedina.

Since this happened often, Sedina naturally dropped the papers and withdrew to the assistant classroom.

“If you pretend now, you pretend.”

“Thanks to whom.”

“I wonder who that is. But my business is this. Rudger, Director of Planning.”

Saying that, Casey held out a document.

Rudger looked at the papers she held out and then looked up at Casey.



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“… … A mentor application?”

What Casey put forward was an application for a mentor to guide the students on this field trip.

Rudgar narrowed his eyes.

It looked like this bold detective was plotting something else this time.

“It looks like this bold detective is plotting something again this time.”

“… … I never thought of that.”

“I can tell without even looking at it. Well, I understand that looks suspicious. To be honest, I would have done the same. So, what are you going to do?”

“You always make unreasonable demands.”

Ludger, who was talking while shaking his head, hesitated involuntarily at the fact that he used an old way of speaking, albeit for a moment.

It’s been a long time since the two of them had such a meaningless conversation, and the habit of that time came out without realizing it.

‘I thought it was just acting, but wasn’t that the only thing?’

Perhaps he was genuinely enjoying the chatter he was sharing with her then, not as James Moriarty.

But that day will never come back.

Because the relationship at that time ended in the worst form.

Now, even though there is no venom at that time, the hostile relationship with each other has not changed.

But curiously.

Contrary to Ludgar’s concerns, Casey did not express his anger at using the tone of Moriarty.

Rather, it just revealed emotions that were not expected at all.


A reaction that seems somewhat gloomy but full of regret.

Of course, it was just a moment, and Casey returned to his original form as if he had never done it.

Rudgar knew at once that something had happened to Casey.

‘Could it be because of the assassins? Could it be that the warning I sent you was too late?’

The only thing that came to mind right away was this.

“… … Anyway, I will apply for this.”

“I refuse.”

Casey was furious at Ludger’s words.

“why not!”

“The application period has already ended. It’s late, so I can’t help it.”

“Ha, don’t you know who I am? I am Casey Selmore. It’s a secret magician!”

“Even if you’re a magician with a title of color, there’s no turning back.”

“It’s possible enough to vacate a seat at your own discretion!”

A smile appeared on Casey’s lips as if he had suddenly remembered it.

“Oh yeah. You haven’t signed the payment documents yet, have you? Then it’s still invalid.”

“No, still not.”

“Why again!”

Rudger quickly scribbled his signature with a pen directly on the folder in his hand.

“Payment just finished.”

“Are you being mean like this?”

“I’m going to do this, what’s the problem?”

“Is this how it comes out?”

Casey’s eyes widened and his magic powers up.

When Ludger was nervous about what he was going to do again, Casey’s subtle magic erased Ludger’s autograph.

“Oh my goodness. The sign is gone.”

Black ink was also a liquid, so Casey evaporated it using his magic power.

It was impossible for a normal wizard, but it was possible because it was Casey.

Rudger flicked the pen again, but no more ink came out.

It has not been used for a long time, but there is no way that the ink has run out.

Tingle, Ludgar glared at Casey.

“You’re doing something nasty.”

“I’m going to do this, what’s the problem?”

Taking back what he had said, Rudger sighed and took off his glasses.

“Is that all you came here for?”


“… … .”

“Why are you meekly accepting? The reason I came here is this. Not yet.”

“Not yet, is it?”

Rudger laughed when Casey warned him to do something outright.

Normally, I would have been annoyed by this kind of thing.

Rudger had a strangely strange feeling of anticipation.

It’s funny even when you think about it yourself.

Such a foolish idea, right in front of the evil relationship that boasted that he would catch himself.

“Seeing you say that, something must have happened recently.”

“… … okay.”

The look on Casey’s expression when he said that was momentary, but it was just as sad as the one he saw earlier.

Just when I was wondering why Rudger was making such a face, Casey out of the blue put out a mentor application.

“… … .”

Rudger glanced at Casey and accepted the application saying he had no choice.

“I know you’re going to do it, so I’ll leave.”

As if that was the end of her business, Casey immediately turned her back and left the classroom.

As if running away from something.

It was completely unexpected for Ludgar, who normally would have done something more to find a gap in this side.

It was pretty clear what had really happened.

“It’s the same when you open the door and come in, and when you leave without closing it, it’s the same as back then.”

Rudger muttered that and wrote his name on the application form Casey handed over.


“Yes, sir. Did you call?”

Sedina, who was waiting in the assistant classroom, answered the call.

“One new person has been added to the list of mentors.”

“… … You are just that wizard.”

“okay. No matter what you do, one skill is real.”

Sedina also nodded as if she understood.

Casey Selmore is someone she knows well.

As a single attribute element user and a wizard who received the title of color in the Mage Tower, how could he not know?

And if she said that she would participate as a mentor, it would be something that Seorn would welcome with open arms rather than refusal.

“Can you make a suitable vacant seat?”

“I can’t go any further than this. It’s because we’ve already taken more than we originally planned.”

“Then I guess I’ll have to push a person out and sit him there.”

“Yes, I will have the planning office do it.”

“I think the planning team’s vacation should be postponed until a little later.”

At Ludger’s words, Sedina expressed her condolences to the people in the Planning Office who had a new job added.

But what can I do?

It is the fate of salaried workers to do as they are told from above.

For a while, complaints about graduate students appearing near the Office of Planning will not cease.

It was then.

I felt someone’s presence through the still open door of the teachers’ room.


Rudger and Sedina’s eyes turned to that place at the sound of a light clearing of their throat deliberately intended to inform themselves.

“Second, President?”

Sedina asked back in surprise, and Ludger also opened his eyes wide in surprise.

President Elisha asked playfully while standing outside the door.

“Miss Rudger. Are you busy right now?”

“This is the car that just finished work.”

“Can I go in if I’m not busy?”

“Yes, of course. Assistant Sedina, I will make a cup of tea for the president.”

“Ah, yes.”

“No no. are you okay. I’m just going to do my business quickly and leave.”

At the word business, the president gave off an air of wanting to talk with Rudger alone.

Sedina knew that too, so she looked at Ludger’s eyes, and Ludger nodded slightly.


When Sedina quickly left for the assistant classroom, President Elisha entered the classroom, closing the door with magic.

“Were you surprised by the sudden visit?”

“There’s nothing strange about saying you’re coming. So what are you doing?”

Rudger looked at the president as he asked.

President Elisa had a different atmosphere than usual.


A person who was always full of leisure was doing something called tension.

Perhaps because of that, a huge force emanated from the president, which made even Ludger slightly nervous.

It was the first time Rudger had ever seen a president react like that.

‘Have I offended you by any chance? Or was the gift you gave me too much?’

again. again.

The chancellor walked straight toward Ludger.

Naturally, the momentum of that rage never subsided.

On the contrary, the closer he got to Rudger, the greater the momentum emanating from the president, as if accelerating.

oh oh

Like a person facing the enemy of a lifetime, the president made up his mind on something and then opened his mouth.

“Miss Rudger.”

“… … Yes, President.”

Rudger had a hunch that something was up.

Did a new force infiltrate Seorn by any chance? Or what Hugo Brutegue is doing behind the scenes without knowing the subject?

Or the possibility that this side’s identity was completely exposed could not be ruled out.

Rudger waited nervously for her next reply.

“… … .”

“… … .”

The two continued their snowball fight without looking away for a while.

Tick ​​tock.

Only the sound of a clock ticking in one corner of the room echoed quietly.

As we continued to look at each other with a lot of tension, Ludger was about to feel the pressure.


President Elisha put something hidden behind his back on Ludger’s desk, and then quickly left the office without even looking back.

“… … ?”

Left alone, Rudger didn’t understand what had just happened.

Rudger silently looked at the items on the desk.

It was a letter envelope with a seal on it.

Rudger examined the contents of the envelope.

Inside was a ‘Voucher for Meal with the President’.

It is also written in the letters that the President seems to have written with his own hand.

“… … ?”

Rudger still couldn’t understand the situation.

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